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Watch Drew Brees on Letterman

It’s no secret that Drew Brees is a very frustrated individual. Between the contract nightmare he’s going through with the Saints and watching Bountygate unravel and destroy the reputation of a team that he had helped rebuild, I can’t say I blame him. After a whole lot of silence, though, Brees finally vented a bit on the "Late Show with David Letterman" Thursday night. He went onto the show to discuss PACE, a program for concussion testing, but ended up discussing Bountygate more than anything else.

Brees was finally able to let off a little steam, saying that he felt that it was more of a “media” campaign than an attempt to bring truth to the matter.

During the interview, which can be found hereBrees says that he feels like the American public (himself included) is tired of hearing about the Bountygate scandal.

“We don’t want to talk about it anymore," he said. "Put forth the facts, the truth, and if indeed there was a pay-to-injure scheme, then people will get punished, and if there’s not, then let’s exonerate these men because, at this point, it seems like it’s a smear campaign. We’re dragging them through the mud, we’re ruining their reputations and careers with no true evidence.”

He isn’t the only person who believes that the scandal is turning into a smear campaign either, as former Saints (now Browns) linebacker Scott Fujita said something very similar when The Associated Press asked him about the scandal.

In a bit of a humorous note, David Letterman also offered to get Drew Brees a roster spot on his hometown New York Jets.

“If you’re fed up, I can get you a deal with the (New York) Jets,” Letterman said.

“They have enough quarterbacks,” Brees answered with a smile.


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  • to bad this little prima donna wasnt on the recieving end of those clowns. would have loved too have seen him carted of the field or have to wear a neck brace or a knee splint. as fan of the bucs it was plain this was going on. in a game in tampa one of the saints tried to take the knee of josh freeman. it was blatant also very poor acting. after 2 seconds a safety tried to plow into his knee while out of bounds. if freeman had not seen him coming he would have been carted off the field. this disgusting thing was for real no matter what te primma donna feels about it. whats the penalty if he had taken the knee out? in the game it was 15 yards for his career it could have been forever.
  • Appears that football is too much for you. Try watching dancing with the stars this looks like it would fit your wussy Style.
  • and I bet you are an armchair qb/player!!! He wasn't telling them that they aren't guilty, he's saying show the proof, give the punishment, if not, exonerate...but whatever it is...let's move forward. The media is doing what they do best, creating sensation. I have seen Brees carted off and on the receiving end, as with all other qb's. Football is a PHYSICAL sport, if they do not like it get out. They are taking precautions to amend serious, life-long injuries. But for you to call people names when you, yourself no nothing about what is going on, who these people really are...SHAME ON YOU!!
  • what kind of class does it make to take a player out for money.your man my have been another room watching film. but what they did in the other was class less and even worse they wished to try to end players career for extra cash. i know some got paid from the pool. you cant buy class so my guess a humvee or some other stupid crap. sure wasnt given to the person in a splint or neck brace. yes that bull sh*& safety did try to get freeman off the field. now who has class?
  • Hey Carl. Wishing someone to get hurt in a sport is a sign of how much a low class character you are. Drew Brees is a class act. Check his NFL stats you dumb*ss.
  • what do stats have anything to do with class? you're full of it. Having class is how they stand by not only their teammates but how they are fair and considerate of the other guy. No I dont mean being a ***** but if someone does wrong a class person stands up for what's right.
  • Lawrence Taylor was a class guy on the field. He played hard, hit hard but when he crushed Theisman he was the one waving to the skins bench and even with his pads and helmet on u could see the concern in his face and body language. That my dear fellows is CLASS
  • Since when does a "class act" have anything to do with NFL stats???? The Saints simply got caught in the act and Brees needs to get over it.
  • what the fans are getting tired of is Mr Brees and his angelic manner and lying face!!!
  • wow. you people are real winners. let me put it to you this way - why do you feel you're qualified to give an elite QB like drew brees career advice? and you don't give any evidence to support your claim that brees is a prima donna...i have doubts you know even what that means. my theory? you're a pissed-off falcons fan that doesn't like brees because he almost-singlehandedly turned the league's worst joke of a division into a competitive division everybody in the country is keeping an eye on. last but not least, brees is OFFENSE. bountygate has absolutely nothing to do with the offense. you're acting like brees was the one who busted out his checkbook and asked people to take out the competition. get a real opinion before you just let out all of this general, misdirected hate into the universe, toolbox.
  • oh, haha, didn't even see that in your original comment. you're a /bucs/ fan. /that/ explains all of the hate and frustration. i get it, man, but why don't you focus on complaining about your own team's lack of a QB instead of generally whining about what Brees is saying about /his/ team in a non-football interview? if the saints had broken freeman's leg, they would have been doing the city of tampa a favor. put /that/ in your pipe and smoke it, suckaneers fan.
  • Well, maybe the Saints opponents this year will treat Mr Brees like the Saints defense have been treating opposing QBs, and he'll have the pleasure of being carted off the field and out of football.
  • you like everyone else blamming with no proof!
  • There's PLENTY of proof in the game films, for anyone who's interested in the truth, which a lot of you obviously aren't.
  • Excuse me but who made you God. This bounty problem has gone on for years. But since someone decides to blow the whole bounty thing out of control, it looks like all the other teams are prima's and blame the Saints for all the injuries.
    Bree's is right, the media take a story and blows it way out of portion. The people wrong are taking their punishment. Drop it, let's play football. I've got a great idea why don't you suggest every team that has cause a injury on the opposing team have a back ground check. Would you be happy then?
  • bree says he doesnt know about the bountys? bs something that bad cant be kept as a secret, prob all teams does it, they just havnt been caught. YET!!!!
  • He is manning up! Have you seen the evidence? No one has. All they have is allegations. ESPN did a study about how many cart off injuries were caused by the Saints players during the periond in question and they found none with the exception the play off games when Kurt Warner got hurt and Mr. Iron man Bret Farve kept getting up like Rocky. Check it out. The proof was on the field. How many players seasons or careers were ended. Zip, None, Nada. Got it?
  • seems to me like they had a few players admit it. or dont they count?
  • You only see what u want to believe!
  • amen. numbers dont lie, and the numbers say that the saints "brutal, violent bounty program" ended how many people's career? none. how many people did this vicious defense send off the field on a stretcher? one. woooo...the big bad saints defense, killing people on the field....
  • what is wrong nobody believed the Saints wpuld every win aSuper Bowl.The Saints & their fans didn't act like a fool and go out and destroy everything in site when they won,they were just a happy bunch of fans enjoying their teams win and wanted to party with everone,so these people who put the Saints down all the time couldn't down them so they come up with something else. Football is a contact sport and you play you are going to get hurt.Why don't they talk about hockey.Each player knows the deal when he signs up to play,goes with the game.Goodell has know right to hear the appeals as he is the one who handed out the punishment.Brees is agreat person and will never let the fans down on any team he plays on.
  • Wants to put it behind him ? fat chance; this group of thugs (aints) parlayed their dirty play into a championship. Give back the trophies then maybe discuss sweeping under the rug.

    Fortunately / hopefully he'll get his 200M contract and be on the other end. Not even Sir jonathan vilma gonna be able to stop the carnage.
  • lol...every single team in the nfl has been under suspicion of bounty programs for years. why do you think this is such a big deal? because its nothing new. the saints just happened to be the scapegoats that got caught. NOBODY at this point is defending the saints' bounty program...but how can you just say the whole team is a bunch of thugs after this? especially after goodell was only able to punish 4 players out of a team of 60+...and you know if he'd had the evidence to do it, he'd have suspended the whole team. a couple of bad apples, man, and you're going to talk about a whole team being thugs. you may as well be a nazi - because their group contains a few "bad ones," you're ready to exterminate the whole team. well done, hitler.
  • all i know is-the Vikings would have gone to the superbowl that yaer and won, had the officials been doing there job!
  • I agree that players who participated need to be punished, but I thinik the officials who allowed this to happen should ALL be barred for life!!!!!!!
  • cheating is cheating-if you get caught or not
  • Had the officals made the right calls that season, a lot of games would have had a different outcome! But that is water under the bridge.
    You say cheating is cheating, then why did the media stop printing stories about the Patriots Spygate within 2 weeks of us finding out about it?
    All of this is nothing but excuses for a media story.

Brees' franchise tag arbitration hearing held

NFL Players Association attorney Jeffrey Kessler says an arbitrator expects to rule within a week on arguments presented Wednesday concerning the Saints' use of the NFL's franchise tag on quarterback Drew Brees. Arbitrator Stephen Burbank is handling the matter of how to interpret language in the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, which requires any club that designates...

Drew Brees gets behind the wheel of a New York City yellow cab

Drew Brees got behind the wheel of a New York City taxi cab and picked up unsuspecting passengers around Manhattan to help raise awareness about head-related injuries. In a video titled "Who Dat Cabbie" posted on YouTube, the New Orleans Saints quarterback drives your typical yellow cab adorned with a gold number nine (his jersey number) hanging from the mirror, a Drew...

Video: Drew Brees helps spread concussion awareness as NYC cab driver

    With the number of lawsuits by former NFL players against the league over concussion-related problems growing by the day awareness for head injuries is at an all-time high in not only the NFL but all sports. Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation has teamed up with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees to promote PACE [...]

Drew Brees Drove a NYC Cab in a Concussion PSA

New Orleans Saints Drew Brees apparently drove a cab in concert with Dick's to raise concussion awareness. Dick's passes along this note: "The Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation is proud to have... Full story at Bob's Blitz ~ http://www.bobsblitz.com

Ruling Could Affect All Franchised Players

Drew Brees has been designated as a "Franchise" player again, but this time it's his third such designation. If that's the case, Brees could stand to reap millions more in his next deal -- a deal that wil affect other Franchised players. Perhaps the Saints should have acted sooner.

Drew Brees Is A Hack – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

Ha ha, it’s funny because hack is outmoded slang for a taxi driver. Anyway, Drew Brees drives the Cash Cab in a video to promote concussion awareness issues for youth athletics. You can tell this was really spontaneous and not at all scripted by the fact that you can see the police escort for Breesus’ vehicle in every shot. – Ocho proposed to his fiancee while playing Call...

Drew Brees Concussion Trivia: Who Dat Cabbie?!

Drew Brees Concussion Trivia: Who Dat Cabbie?!Fan of Drew Brees? Concerned about the safety of football players and the concussions  they face? Well, than this is your video. Everyone else will give this about a 2 minute watch before moving on. Drew Brees’ passion for educating the public on the misconceptions of concussions and the severity of the injury has branched out to...

Daily Haze: Drew Brees on David Letterman

Happy Friday y’all. For your viewing pleasure today at work (because I know you have time to kill on a Friday), here is Saints’ quarterback and fantasy football stud Drew Brees on David Letterman last night: If you are a Tweeter, follow The Hazean on Twitter. If it is a good chuckle you desire, check out The Hazean’s Facebook page. Remember to follow (Twitter) and become...

What they might be thinking: NFC South

New Orleans Saints Whether we agree with Bountygate or not, we have to accept the consequences and move on as best as we can. Our first order of business is to get Drew Brees locked down with a long term deal. Make no mistake about it, Brees will be on the field with the Saints this season. Our coaching situation presents a unique challenge, but we're a veteran team, and we think...
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Donovan McNabb, Randy Moss: Coaching is Cowboys' problem

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Jones-Drew, Schaub believe London deserves NFL team

It's not just NFL higher-ups who believe the sport should be expanded over the pond. In an interview with BritviewNFL.com's Neil Reynolds, Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew opined that London deserves a full-time franchise. "You know what? I think they deserve one," Jones-Drew said, via NFL.com. "It's just the toll it takes on the body because...
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Masahiro Tanaka reportedly has a partially torn UCL

Oh man, this is bad news. Masahiro Tanaka, the New York Yankees’ stellar Japanese hurler was placed on the disabled list yesterday with “elbow inflammation,” but after an MRI the news got much, much worse on Thursday. Tanaka has reportedly been diagnosed with a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. That injury almost always leads to Tommy John surgery...
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Favre jersey retirement called off in 2014 over fear of booing?

A time will come when Brett Favre has his No. 4 jersey retired by the Green Bay Packers. That time just doesn't appear like it will come in 2014 though.Packers president Mark Murphy talked about the matter recently with ESPNWisconsin.com, and despite continually saying that the franchise plans to retire Favre's jersey, Murphy admitted it was highly unlikely such an occurrence...
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Paul Azinger: Tiger has become worse in quest to get better

SOUTHPORT, England – Paul Azinger said Thursday that a quest by Tiger Woods to make his swing better has backfired on him. Woods has gone through four swing changes with three coaches during his career, each time saying the objective was to get better. In a conference call for ESPN, Azinger said that in his quest to get better, “I think he’s actually gotten a little bit worse...
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Boston Celtics still looking to trade Rajon Rondo?

The Boston Celtics have been one of the more active trades on the free agent and trade market so far this offseason, and they are reportedly still looking to trade Rajon Rondo. According to a report from CelticsBlog, there appears to be a very likely chance that he will end up being traded at some point in the near future. There have been rumors surrounding Rondo about the Sacramento...
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NFL teams split more than $6 billion in revenue last season

Anyone worried how all the bad press the NFL has gotten for its treatment of former players and worries about concussions would impact the league’s bottom line can stop worrying. It’s doing just fine. According to financials released by the Green Bay Packers on Thursday afternoon, the NFL’s teams split more than $6 billion between them last season, which was a record amount...
Via Midwest Sports Fans
15 hours ago
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