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Found December 02, 2011 on Sportress of Blogitude:

Via Sportress of Blogitude:

Evidently, sweets can soothe the savage beast (mode). Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch had a monster performance (22 rushes, 148 yards, 2 touchdowns) during Thursday night’s 31-14 thrashing of the Philadelphia Eagles, but what drew the most attention was the unique way Lynch chose to refuel after scoring a touchdown: by munching on Skittles provided by a trainer. During the broadcast, it was reported that the tradition goes back to his younger days when his mother would give him Skittles after every touchdown he scored, and it looks like he has maintained the sweet habit.


Video below.


Well, it looks like Lynch’s choice of sideline snack might be paying dividends as reports indicate that Skittles has offered Lynch a 24-month supply of the candy as well as a customized dispenser for his locker because of the incredible exposure the candy company received as a result of Lynch’s sweet tooth. Not too shabby. Now, Lynch is free to enjoy his favorite candy at any time. Somebody should probably buy him a new toothbrush, too. Just in case.


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  • So I should buy Skittles because Marshawn eats them? Does that also mean I have to buy a Buick because Tiger drives one? It is a sad state of affairs indeed when people buy products based solely on celebrity endorsements. I would write more on this subject but I have to run now-I'm looking to buy a Toyota Sierra Minivan because Snoop Dogg Tweeted about it.
  • Please shut up, you sound like a hater.
  • I got your Uncle Bone right here!
  • It is a sad state of affairs when idiots don't understand advertising. No one is saying that you should eat Skittles SOLELY becuase he does. That is not how adveritsing works.

    Your ignorance is the sad state of affairs.
  • I sell (TOYOTA)cars and there is no such thing as a toyota sierra dumbass, it is a Sienna minivan(SWAGGER WAGON). Sierra is a GMC truck..lmfao
  • Hey cynical what a horrible sour beast you are, no where does it state we should all run out and buy skittles. If you think you know so much maybe you should read the post twice before you post your ignorance. Seems like you were never rewarded when you were younger for doing right maybe that is why you sit behind that keyboard of yours and bash something when it isnt to your likeing. It was merely a company rewarding a player for advertising their product. I say if all it takes is a few skittles for the Seahawks to win then by all means... Next time think before you open your mouth. Oh and Merry Christmas
  • The purpose of celebrity endorsements is to get exposure to the masses. You don't buy because of celebrities in most cases. Most cases you learn about companies and products because of the exposure a person like Lynch brings during a national televised game. But what do I know, I'm sure you're the one with the marketing degree and resume
  • Hey why don't you stop breathing since everybody is doing it.
  • When my band got endorsed by Rockstar all it did was make it so I drank more Rockstar since I was getting it free. Never seen any fans drinking them who did not before.

    Now, following this line of logic how about this. I think the Skittles CEO has a rampant hatred for the Seahawks and wishes only to make Lynch fat and out of shape by making the candy much more available.

    Kind of like if you give a group of alchoholics an unlimited supply of booze it is a sure thing at least one of them will drink themselves to death.
  • Nobody told you to buy Skittles. It's not like Marshawn scored the TD, turned to the camera, flashed a cheesey grin and said "Taste The Rainbow", he just ate some candy and they just happened to catch it on camera. You think Nick Novak endorses urine now because he peed on the sidelines??
  • Get off your high horse! No one said that people would buy Skittles because he ate them after a touchdown. The company is just giving him a gift after all the publicity they got from his celebrity
  • Dude take it EASY sheesh. Why you mad, lol! http://lionsdetroit.com
  • Cynical, I'm not sure which article you read, but I didn't read anywhere in the article about how people should buy Skittles, a Buick or any other athlete or celebrity endorsed product. I'll tell what is a sad state of affairs, is when someone like yourself reads more into an article than there is and doesn't understand what the subject is truly about.
  • Well, CynicalBeast you certainly ARE cynical, lol.
    If you actually read the article, it said his mother had always gave him Skittles after a touchdown.
    Skittles saw him eating them, and offered to give him a dispenser and unlimited skittles for free. No money was exchanged. Are you a Eagles fan?
  • He must be to be that cynical.
  • While CynicalBeast's post was stupid...what do you think free product IS? It is a payment.

    Just becuase it is not cash does not mean it is not a payment.
  • Hey CynicalBeast (apt name for a crab like you),
    Lighten up. At least let the rest of the world have some fun while you are stewing in your self imposed misery.

    If you are going out, please drive yourself to the morgue so you can hang out with like minded individuals.
  • This is nothing too groundbreaking. Mitch Berger kept a Snickers bar to snack on after punts/kick-offs when he was with the Vikings...
  • Please don't think that d-bag is an Eagles fan... It's enough that I have to endure this season...BTW cynical...don't you kind of think it's nice that it has nothing to do with the candy, instead he's just really tipping his hat to his mother?
  • Amazing is jumping down someone's throat about their opinion while missing the complete fact that ANOTHER person who gets paid millions of dollars is getting something for FREE...again. I work my ass off...where's my free stuff.
  • Hey, if Skittles is willing to give him that stuff its their business. No matter what anyone says, it is payment, but it is also a way to market their product. In the locker room maybe he will share with teammates who will in turn go out and buy a bag at a store. or maybe people, like myself, who forgot skittles were around will get that cognition of "man skittles sound really good right now". look at product placement in movies and TV, all that is marketing and its effective.
  • You are right. Skittles gave Marshawn the freebies for two reasons: Hopefully the media would pick this up (and the media certainly fell for it)and Skittles will get free advertising (and they did). Yes, there are dopes who will buy something simply because someone famous uses it. Skittles is not going to give the average person freebies like this because we don't get the media coverage like a Marshawn gets. If I won American Idol and my practice was to eat poop between songs, you can bet that there would be a line of politicians giving out freebies.
  • lol, you're calling everyone else ignorant when you cant spell the word "congratulations".
  • It takes AN IDIOT, not a, to misspell SPEECH and CONGRATULATIONS in the same stupid ass comment. You wilbur look like the dumbest person on this blog.

    To quote the principal on Billy Madison, "What you've just said, is one of the most insanely idiotic things i have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this blog is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul."

    Hope you bloggers got a laugh out of that i know I did.
  • I love the fact that your ignorant a** misspelled almost every word in your retort. Your sentence structure is horrid and you lack any punctuation. Oh, and your point is pointless too!!
  • IF anybody actually watched the game, there's more to the story. Marshawn had an upset stomach shortly after starting the game. The Skittles had NOTHING to do with whatever his mama did when he was younger and scored a TD. The trainer happened to have had them in his coat pocket and being that was the only solid food available to give Marshawn at the time, that's what he was given to help calm his stomach so he could continue running the ball, which apparently worked gauging by his total yards and carries.
  • And you know this how? That wasn't what the announcers said during the game. Was this reported locally after the fact or something?
  • You REALLY are misinformed, although its clear you did watch the game. Beast has been snacking on skittles during games for quite a while. After his Beastquake run against the Saints in the playoffs last year you know what he did? Go eat some skittles! It's no coincidence that's what the trainer had in his pocket, trust me. Look into it, it's what he has after all his TD's.
  • Although you are correct about the upset stomach. He sat out a couple plays because of it.
  • First, I'm not sure whether this article was complete in detail, but I still found the content amusing .... in a good way. Secondly, EASE UP off of 'Cynical'. I don't know him/her and am sure he/she doesn't know me, BUT .... an opinion/comment was stated, period. Don't be so TESTY, people. An opinion is kind of like a, well, you know .... a butt hole (we ALL have one). It's all good. Surely we can agree to disagree without castrating someone. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  • Bimmer - Well put. We found out today from Trojan Carrol that the Beast indead was puking on the sidlines. What would be the best taste to throw up? They were not going to feed him liver and spam on the sideline (I've personally puked up both, but not at the same time) JONESONTO - check out the Seattle Times if you know how to. Now I'm off to bake a Skittle pie...Mmmmmmmm...Skittle pie......
  • Skittles are awesome. I like the Tropical fruit ones and I'm an old geezer.
  • And now,they get FREE CANDY!
    This really sticks in my craw!

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The Seattle Seahawks improved their record to 5-7 after an impressive 31-14 win over the Eagles on Thursday Night. Fantasy Spin: Seattles star of the game was Running Back Marshawn Lynch who ran all over the Philly Defense for 148 yards and two TDs. Lynch has now scored in each of his last eight games. Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson completed 13 of 16 passes for 190 yards and one TD...

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