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Count former Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer among those who have had enough of Ray Lewis.

Toomer played against Lewis in Super Bowl XXXV, and while he says he has great respect for the linebacker as a player, he has grown tired of Lewis stealing the spotlight from his Ravens teammates.

It’s definitely all about him,” Toomer, who now works for NBC Sports Radio, told USA Today on Wednesday. “Once a guy goes to the center of the field, goes into the victory formation on the last play of his last home game … I just don’t think the Giants or any organization I’ve ever been a part of, even growing up, would allow somebody to single themselves out like that.”

Lewis has announced that Sunday will be his final game in the NFL, which has been the primary storyline following Baltimore throughout these playoffs. The future Hall of Famer has ramped up his already bombastic on-field persona — including elaborate dance routines and emotional press conferences — over the past month, to a point that Toomer feels is beginning to border on ridiculous.

“If you single yourself out after you make a play, that’s one thing,” he said. “But to walk out on the field reminds me of the WWE, like The Rock coming out. You’re becoming a caricature of yourself. It’s exhausting. I don’t know why somebody would want that.”

Luckily for the former wideout, Sunday will be the last time we’ll see Ray Lewis on the sport’s biggest stage. Until he begins his reported gig as an ESPN analyst, that is.

Photo credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images Sport

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  • AMEN!!! He is so incredibly exhausting. ESPN is bad enough now, but with this loudmouth, drama queen, diva it's going to be 10x worse.
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  • Dang I was starting to think I was the only one who thought this way.
  • I like how he nicely puts it "beginning to border on ridiculous" it passed ridiculous weeks ago. I don't mind seeing the Ravens in the SB, but with Ray Lewis it's almost too much to watch. Now with the whole PED's thing there are even more stories about him, I didn't think that was possible.
  • You obviously don't know your history of "Major Sports figures" and their contribution to their craft and fans. Duh! Babe Ruth, Mohammed Ali, Larry Bird, Michael Jordon, Magic Johnson, Cal Ripken Jr., Joe Montana, and so many more, at least we will be adding the name of Ray Lewis to that prestigious list, and not yours. No one will ever remember your name, in fact I had never heard of you until this article. All of these guys had their rightful day in the "spot light", when they retired... so yah for Ray Lewis and Go Ravens!!!
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  • Run down to Atlanta and give the police, down there the scoop on what you know. I am sure you must be an ASSet to them.
  • Ray Lewis has no business being in the same breath with the rest of those athletes. He was an above average player but far from a legend.
  • haha did you just include ray lewis in the same category as babe ruth, mohammed ali, larry bird etc, etc...YOU obviously don't know sports or anything about Ray Lewis. And you have never heard of Amani Toomer? thats sad.
  • First of all, forget all the noise u haters are bringin...
    I was at that game and it couldnt have been more perfect to have him come out at the end. There is even a clip of harbaugh telling him that he wants to put him in the Victory formation. So it wasn't even Ray's idea! Get your facts straight you sound like a whining baby Amani.

    Toomer is just mad he got spanked by Ray and will always be bitter. Now he just has a platform.
    No one left the stadium after that game until they kicked us out. Everyone wanted more RAY it wasn't him it was the will of an entire city! I am a Ravens fan and a 9ers fan this is a dream superbowl 4 me and I think they will both be back here again next year. All u sqeelers fans out there can eat it!
  • First ballot Hall of Famer-So you either love him or hate him.I like that! Now Toomer who cares one way or the other maybe his wife or his mother but I'm not taking that bet.Anyway I'm looking forward to a great Superbowl game not the future of ESPN analysis. GO RAVENS
  • Ray Lewis - spotlight stealing, thug. ESPN analyst??? Ever hear him speak? The man is illiterate!
  • Ray? is that you?
  • If you are going to call people idiot's and moron's maybe you should use some real words! Go Niners!
  • You mad bro?
  • And so are you, if Ray Lewis is a thug, you don't have a clue what a thug is, take your dumb behind into the hood of Baltimore and call Ray a thug and see what happens idiot.
  • let me guess, all of his thug friends will come out to beat up the person who says it. that would disprove all notions of him being a thug for sure.
  • You are so correct Gina. Nothing like sitting in the Super Bowl state and watching the whiners talk in here. They can say what they want, all year long, but facts are facts. Ravens are playing in the Super Bowl. Whether he is a thug, a killer, a drama king or anything, the law has done nothing to convict him of anything. They need to get over it and watch the game. If you aren't a fan, watch the Bachelor on another channel. After all, they sound like that is all they watch. Reality shows. Just shows they are sore losers. As I said, they need to get over it and move on with their life.
  • WOW a NY GIANT fan calling someone illiterate. Now thats news!
  • I guess he's a dfferent illiterate thug than Lawrence Taylor, he was a Giant thug, coke head, pedophile etc. Oh you forgot. That explains everything.
  • The man is illiterate? He speaks beautifully! What about Shannon Sharpe? You need closed captioning for that guy!
  • OMG - I'm soooooo sick of Ray Lewis and especially his stupid "dance" that he does. I'll be glad when he loses this Sunday and retires. Go niners!!!
  • I agree 100%. He is typical of the gangster Baltimore personna. If they didn't play football, half of the team would be in prison. Ray Lewis!!! Do a few more drugs Ray and refuse to speak about them. Test the ahole and get him out. Ravens suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • gangster Baltimore personna? Don't hear anything about OUR fans beating up other fans! Jealous are you that your team is not in the superbowl?!!!
  • What makes you say half of the team would be in prison? Which players are you talking about? What makes you think that? What evidence do you have to support that claim?
  • thanks-all of us Baltimorans are happy to hear what a-holes think. We say-you are just jealous hon
  • Guess you will really be upset when the time comes where they will induct Ray Lewis into the Football Hall of Fame.
  • Seriously, then when the microphones get close enough to hear his stupid screaming, I honestly changed the channel last week until I was sure he was gone.
  • Here. You whiners want some ligit criminals from the big league to pick on? Here. Pick on this guy.
    "Grace sentenced to jail time for DUIs"
  • wishfull thinking. You should get in touch with the bookies. They need people that KNOW what you seem to know. Something no one in the world can predict. After all, the bookies and the media were always behind the "other" teams when they were playing the Ravens. Just don't charge a lot because I, for one, think you are a fake.
  • I agree 100% - Toomer hit the nail on the head
  • i think hit u on the head
  • You must have CTE given the quality of your articulation Mr. ltrainor!
  • WOW!! Toomer has a right to his opinion and at times it does seem a bit much but the media is driving this thing just as much as Ray. They clamour for a spot in this story. Does Ray control which camera shots the network shows? Does Ray set up the multitude of interviews the sports outlets request? And Toomer is all wrong on the victory formation at the end of his last home game. Ray was on the sideline helmet off when John Harbaugh sent him into the game. Something done for the fans of Baltimore in his last game. You see Ray is beloved in Baltimore as a star player and a community leader. Perhaps that is where this story generates for Toomer because he was never a star or beloved. I also expect the thug comments from a certain segment of the population, they never let me down.
  • I believe that the families of Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker would agree with the term "thug" and then some.
  • But first their families would ask for money. I've read more than one article that suggests Ray's "guilt" would be purged if they'd just give them some cash...
  • Use to be thug at best. There is no evidence that proves the innocence or guilty status of Ray Lewis. Hearsay does
    not make a case.
  • Being a Raven's season ticket owner, I can tell you that most everyone in Baltimore loves and admires Ray Lewis on and off the field. We love everything about him, including his dance. He is a mentor, a leader and he gets the Baltimore fans excited. While the haters don't want to see more of him, the Baltimore fans want to see every last bit of him before he retires. Ray is who he is and us Baltimore fans respect and love the rest of the Ravens team just as much. Ray isn't stealing the thunder, Raven's fans have a very different perspective.
  • Everyone in Baltimore is an ahole if they love this thug!!!
  • Guess you're cowardly a$$ won't be visiting anytime soon...teheheheeheheee what kind of person hides behind a screen name and calls a whole city of fans aholes...one who hides behind a computer. Baltimore born and raised. Proud Raven's fan here!! Go Ravens!!
  • we all love him and the rest of the team
  • I agree eventhough i'm not a Ravens fan I am a fan of Ray Lewis I have the utmost respect for him and I really like the way he leads his team. My 11 yr old son listens to his motivational speeches everytime before he has a football game Ray Lewis is what motivates him and he will keep on listening to him and so will I. I will definitely miss him as for being a thug we all make mistakes no one is perfect but some of us are actually sorry for those mistakes
  • Love it !!
  • Of course a city full of gangbangers and thugs is going to support a thug like Ray Lewis. You can take the scumbag out of the'HOOD' but you can't take the HOOD out of Ray Lewis.
  • Your team obviously LOST. Need your boo boo bunny like Tom Brady ?
  • No weapon formed against Ray Lewis and the Ravens will prosper, Watch the Ravens win HATER.
  • Baltimore is not a city full of gangbangers and thugs its a hard working like us or hate us city. I'm from Maryland and live in Baltimore I wouldn't trade it for the world. my guess is u have never been here and r running ur slack jaw ****** mouth about something u know nothing about. Ray Lewis is a good man all of these ravens haters jealousy and the way ur acting is what's wrong with this world nasty bitchs.
  • I can tell by your post, you probably can stand Cal Ripken either. Too bad Baltimore is a city and Maryland is a State with so many good sports players. Oh, and let's not forget John Unitas.
  • Crowdedhouse- you are absolutely correct. We wanted to see Ray out on the field. Harbaugh motioned for him to put his helmet on and Harbaugh pushed him out. We love Ray as he has done so much for our homeless community and a multitude of organizations in Maryland and beyond. Media is the driver and they feed off of Ray. It does appear that Toomer is jealous for whatever reason.
    Oh and see below the 'thug' comments you knew were coming!! Thanks for the intelligent reply Crowdedhouse!
  • I think toomer is jealous too
  • I hope when the Raven's win the superbowl Ray will do his dance all the way around the dome-Baltimorians would love it. Go Ravens and Ray-ray
  • Love Ray Lewis, Go Ravens!!!
  • chouse - what a great response. In addition the energy Ray L. brought to his team mates and NFL crowds has been astounding.
    If not 4 this new found energy the Ravens would not be playing in this Super Bowl. Hope the Ravens can finish this fairytale story favorably with a win.
  • I agree with you Crowdedhouse! I think theres a lot of gealousy there with Toomer! thats very obvious that toomer is trying to steal the spot light and get his ratings up!!!! It is so evident that RAY is and always be a great player and role model on and OFF the field... we love you Ray!!!!
  • had enough!he should disappear from the media
  • WOW!! Toomer is certainly entitled to his opinion, it's just a shame he doesn't have the facts correct on forming some of those opinions. Is the Ray Lewis farewell tour a bit over the top? Sure, but is Ray the driving force behind it? No,CBS, ESPN, NFL Network and all the rest are pushing this angle. They are the ones interviewing, spotlighting in endless television shots and speaking about his career. They have a camera on him every minute and a microphone in front of him. Toomer is way off base on the events of Ray's last home game. He was on the sideline, helmet in hand when John Harbaugh sent him in for the victory formation play. This was done for the fans of Baltimore because of what he has meant to this team and city. He was a star on and off the field and is loved here. Two things Toomer can't understand, being a star or loved by the hometown fans. Negative comments from fans, now that's something new in regards to Ray. NOT.
  • I understand what you mean when you say it was done for the fans, I get that but are you that nieve and blinded as to why the rest of the fans can't stand him? It is not the media driving Ray Lewis, it is Ray Lewis, all about me attitude. I don't like him because of his off field life period and that is why I call him a thug. He claims he has found God and that is super if he has but he has a lot to answer for and that will be between him and God.
  • Toomer was right and keep it at a football perspective, not about his personal life. You shouldn't judge whether or not he has found God or not. Everybody has sin one way or another including yourself. That was his past, people do change. Does it make you feel better because you are calling him names?

    Update: February 01, 2013
  • Don't we all!
  • that is right between him and God and nobody else
  • You don't have a clue what Ray Lewis is about off the field in Baltimore, talk to the hand.
  • @ outtahere, come with something better than that because you are contradicting yourself. You say that he has to asnwer to God but there you are judging him yourself.
  • I concur.
  • I remember last year that all we heard was "It's Tebow Time", and there was a lot of people hating him also. It's funny how the media can run things into the ground, and the recipient's are the one's that take the brunt of it.
  • right on CROWDEDHOUSE !!! apparently you have something between your ears that allows you to talk sense unlike some of the comments here.....
  • toomer is right and WHO really cares about Ray Lewis
  • who csres about u
  • Why is everyones panties in a wad? Right now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Next yr it will be another player, then another... Move on
  • I couldn’t agree more indi, the man has been a staple in this city since the birth of this franchise. Toomer was an average receiver on a team of average receivers and seems to be jealous of Lewis who is ten times the player and already is lined up to have ten times the job after football.
  • Exactly
  • Lets see Super Bowl XXXV Ravens 34 Giants 7. Hmmm is that what is meant by sour grapes. Toomer, dosen't that name sound like the word that means a big unwanted lump?
  • get real critics and wanna be HOF toomer. an easy honor so appreciated by his home town for the last kneel down of his career at home. if u non-ravens had one of the greatest LBs HOFs retiring you would want to see as much of him as possible in his last game. the media is a circus. he has the respect of players which is what counts. just enjoy the game.
  • @rick707

    I care and the city of Baltimore cares. Regardless of what any of you say, if Ray Lewis played for your city you would embrace him as we have in Baltimore. I agree a little over the top on the coverage, but he is not holding the cameras.
  • They are so one way..
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Big play Ray learned his dance routine from a chicken I gave him!
  • Only after he fu^%ked it.
  • Toomer is a hater, he was an average receiver at best, so he's jealous that he's not in the spotlight. Ray Lewis is the best LB ever besides LT, so im glad Ray is enjoying his last season as a potential SB champ. Toomer needs to sit down somewhere and shut the f**k up!
  • Right ON!!! Let this man celebrate his career any way he pleases - don't like it? DON"T WATCH!
  • the best lb ever please. cant touch sineltry or ditka and lt was a de not a lb dumass
  • Ray Lewis is a murdrer who's friends took the rap so he could go on to play . The whole dance thing is a joke he looks like a fool . Who cares what fans from a dying city have to say, Nevermind this over the hill non factor has to say or do. He has outlived his playing time and im sure that the steriods will catch up to him before and his non induction into the HOF will happen after hes dead. Go soak your heads baltimore fans your just like your former coach Billick, just a bunch a self appointed experts, frigging retards.
  • Must be a Squealer fan or a sore loser from New England or Denver.
  • Don't say retards, now you sound like Flacco!
  • amen and not a fan of ethier team mentioned
  • Dude, you might as well expire yourself, as you hate everyone and everything: just read your comments....you must be miserable and a joy to be around........I suggest you change your username to CRANKY1959....give me some positive feedback !!
  • dying city lol if anything Baltimore is on the rise. domino sugar is from Baltimore, csx runs thru Baltimore, underarmour if u own any of that throw it out its from Baltimore, ace of cakes from Baltimore and many other things. your a fool id like to know where your dumb ass is from.
  • if ray lewis played for the vikings I would quit watching football, I too am tired of listening to his bull sh*t.. he says he found god, if I got away with murder I would lie about god too.. he should be locked away for ever and ever amen
  • another idiot
  • ltrainor,
    You need to go out and buy a brain, PeeWee Herman is 10x the man Ray could ever be so shut the F##k Up you Ashole
  • People in glass houses.... remember you said this when you meet your maker
  • Wonder what kind of questions Ray will AXE those he's interviewing. With diction like he has why would anyone want him to be a commentator on ESPN?
  • It's his experience playing the game and his charisma that will make him an effective commentator or not, not his diction. You probably understand everything he says. I wonder how you feel about Terry Bradshaw's diction.
  • @ Quickrelease,
    He will ASK questions pertaining to football.....duh.
  • Toomer? Who's that?
  • Toomer is another idiot tweets this saying and wants to talk crap on ray ... Amani Toomer‏@AmaniAToomer

    Life is like grabbing a fist full of sand. Grab hold of it as long as you can before it slips through your fingers.

    thats all the man is trying to do and u want to take that away from him with your stupid comments dont matter what people say he will go down as one of the best ever to play the game!! Toomer should be fired by NBC for being an idiot
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  • That what? Two other men were ACQUITTED by the JUSTICE SYSTEM of the US in the case.... Huh - they didn't sue the poor guys that actually stood trial - they sued the rich guy that didn't.... what was the motivation there, I wonder? And what of the victims - because they are dead they were innocent in the whole thing? Yeah - check the facts - or just keep being dumb and commenting on threads without knowledge.
  • If Ray is innocent where's his suit?
  • See more comments >>

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