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Found December 17, 2012 on Larry Brown Sports:

From Larry Brown Sports:

Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher had little time to enjoy his team’s 38-21 win over the Browns in his hometown of Cleveland on Sunday. According to NewsChannel5 in Cleveland, Fletcher’s family was involved in a fight with Browns fans after the game that resulted in three of the linebacker’s family members getting arrested, and one ending up in the hospital.

NewsChannel5 reports that Fletcher’s family says they were attacked by an angry Browns fan after the game. Fletcher’s aunt, 57-year-old Evette Robinson, reportedly suffered a heart attack during the attack, and she was rushed to the hospital. The family says two of Fletcher’s cousins and one of his nephews were arrested by security.

Fletcher’s sister, Keair Hall, told NewsChannel5 that a security officer grabbed her cousin and started “beating on him” for standing on a chair. She says another cousin was leaving and an officer Tasered him, while five other officers joined in and began “beating on him” too.

Another family member says their problems began during the game.

“While the game was going on, first the fans were picking at us,” Fletcher’s aunt, Yvette Huston, told NewsChannel5. “We were getting things thrown on us. One of my nephews got punched in the face.

“The security grabbed my son by the chest and snatched him right in front of me … and he’s going to jail,” Huston said. “Then they start attacking our family.”

Hall says security was choking her aunt, which led to her heart attack. There has been no update on the condition of Fletcher’s aunt.

The Browns reportedly were referring all questions to the police and security company.

You can see NewsChannel5′s report below:

Fletcher is a 15-year veteran linebacker and three-time Pro Bowler. He played high school ball at Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School in Cleveland. He has been with the Redskins since 2007.

Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwBXVLI3OU4
  • We were in that section ... We are french Canadians and we follow the Browns, we even went to the Oakland, and the Raiders fans are more civilized than the Fletcher's family. I've never seen anything like this before. During the game, they were rude, they yelled, they stood in the stairs and they acted as if they were king of the stadium. Security only done his job, thank God!!! Mr. 59 you don't know your family at all, they are not victims, they do everything to get in that!
  • Dont you just hate it when youre just being a little angel and the cops pick you out of a crowd of 50 thousand people and start tasing you and take you to jail for no reason at all?....buh-buh-buh-BULL-CHIT!!! same old tired azz story about being picked on by police and acting like they did nothing wrong at all...another bs lawsuit in the making. When that gets tossed out then comes the racist judge accusations. Aint America terrible?...stfu You know damn well they were taunting the fans that lost and it turned ugly when they got their azzes kicked and the police arrested them for being the aggressors. The taser comes when they resist arrest!! That's the REAL world logic...not their stupid fairy tale about being tased for no reason.
  • And you know all of this because you were there, right. There is another real world logic which is; sore losers exist; half of the people that think that know everything, usually don't know anything; and assumptions are generally made by a$$holes that don't know anything. Oh yeah, lets not forget that police/security have never ever harmed anyone without cause. Wait for all of the facts before you make false claims against people you don't know.
  • You Ignorant Racist it happens all the time! I'm a Browns Fan and no how aggressive they can get to fans in the stands!! What reason would that old woman have to lye? London Flecher's been in the league 15years sure they ain't hurtin for money and he went to school in Cleveland!! Hope the itsh happens to you or your family one day and then see how fair you think police or security is!! Ignorance is color blind!!
  • Good thing is that they have video now at stadiums and can see where it escalated! Security is not the Police they are a group that also consist of common Ushers! So who knows what transpired other than possible witnesses and video!
  • i see another scenario
    fletcher's family is celebrating that they are now in the runnings for number 1 in the nfc east
    the browns fans are pissed cause their team lost
    fletcher's family laughs and taunts them a little
    the browns fans throw a punch and everything goes haywire
    the cameras see it however they havent released the footage
    the police just run to the scene and start grabbing the people who winning the fight and on top of the losing fighter(s)
    the police start attacking everyone in the family cause they are yelling and screaming about their incorrect actions
    the police attack the aunt and she catches a heart attack
    the police put the officers on administrative leave
    news at 11 and tape reveals what i say is true as well as those who took pictures and videos of the melee
  • This is another example of blacks acting like they can do anything and when there's retaliation, especially by the police, it's someone else's fault. As far as I'm concerned, they got what they deserved. Good on ya', Cleveland!
  • This is nothing new for the city of cleveland, this city is the worst city for any sports, you see how they cried and whined when they didn't get their way when LeBron left. Now they are mad because someone who played high school football there came into their run down city and beat their pathetic football team. I hope all sports team in city of cleveland never wins anything, as a matter of fact, I hope the football team moves again so the people in cleveland as well as the snotty nose owner of their NBA team find a tall building and jumps. Such a pathetic city!!!!
  • Poor Auntie! Maybe next time they should sit in the booth. Oh yeah, and not bring ignorant family members around who try to start trouble. BTW, do those neck braces really work or are they just for pitty purposes?
  • I have witnessed Cleveland Brown's Fans. We went there for a game with the Cincinnati Bengals. There was an older women trying to buy food that has on a Bengal's Jersey, next to her was this big 6'4" young white guy. There was never a word spoken between them, but all of a sudden he just Poured A whole thing of Beer over her head for no reason, and started calling her names because she was with the Bengals. Security wasn't going to do anything but laugh until they saw that she was about 65 years old and the witnesses got the Real Police involved.
  • Did anyone watch the football game?
    London Fletcher was a dirty player on Sunday!
    He kicked Browns players while trying to get up after a tackle, stepped on Richardson's private parts, and trashed talked the whole game.
    Did you expect the Browns players to take that?
    Then why do you expect the Cleveland Browns home fans to put up with that? Aww, the fans threw chicken bones at them, aww, sniff...sniff!
    You got what you asked for Fletcher family...and the Cleveland Media ought to be ashamed of themselves glorifying Fletcher the way they did, especially after the way he bullied himself around our home field.
  • Why are we only hearing one side of this story? Seems to me there's alot more to it.

Fletcher's aunt hurt in altercation

A postgame scuffle between relatives of Redskins linebacker London Fletcher and Browns fans resulted in several arrests and Fletcher's aunt suffering a heart attack.

Richardson: “we let the whole city of Cleveland down”

Trent Richardson had a few choice words about the way the team played today in Cleveland. He kept it respectful and said a lot of the right things, but you have to wonder if just maybe he questions the gameplan that saw him carry the ball only twice in the second half of a game. (On if he was surprised by the way this game went after the team played so well the past three weeks)...

RGIII sets jersey sales record

Looking for that last minute gift for that hard to buy relative? Get what all the kids are getting this fall season: a Robert Griffin III jersey! The Redskins rookie has set a record for jersey sales this year.

Browns Waive CB Dimitri Patterson

The Cleveland Browns have announced that they have waived CB Dimitri Patterson, per Adam Caplan. Cleveland re-signed Patterson to a three-year deal worth $16 million and included $6 million in guarantees back in March, but he wound up playing only 7 games for the Browns this season. Pro Football Focus has him rated as the No. 46 best corner out of 111 qualifying players. Patterson...

Trent Richardson Goes Beast Mode, Carries 5 Redskins Into End Zone

Trent Richardson of the Cleveland Browns put his team up 6-0 following a short touchdown run in which he carried five Redskins players on his back into the end zone. Check out how it looked like Trent was stopped on the one but channeled his best beast mode impression and found the goal line. Article found on: Cosby Sweaters

Redskins' LB blames stadium security for arrests

Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher is blaming security workers at Cleveland Browns Stadium for a confrontation that left four of his relatives arrested and an aunt hospitalized. Fletcher on Monday said his large family contingent in Redskins gear witnessing his first NFL game in his hometown was harassed by fans, but he said that security that was supposed to diffuse...

Alfred Morris once got attacked by a raccoon and it stole his sandal

I would never have known this before today, but apparently Florida Atlantic University has a major raccoon problem. Students who attended FAU are likely to have had a run-in with a raccoon at some point during their college career, and Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris is no exception. During a recent chat with fans on Reddit, someone asked Morris if he had ever had...

No indication whether Redskins' Griffin will play on Sunday

Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan did not indicate on Monday whether he expects quarterback Robert Griffin III to return to the lineup for Sunday's game against Philadelphia, the Washington Post reported. Shanahan told reporters only that Griffin would be evaluated on a daily basis. Shanahan did not say whether he expects Griffin to participate fully in Wednesday'...

WFNY Podcast – 2012-12-17 – Scott and Craig talk Browns losses and the end of the season

At least the three game win streak was fun, right? Right? The talk about Pat Shurmur and continuity built to its crescendo on Saturday before dropping directly off the table with an ugly loss to the Redskins. Anyway, Scott and I took on these Browns and touched on the following. Who knew that London Fletcher was such a jerk? Discussion of the arrests of Fletcher’s family members...

Source: Browns working out Shannon Breen, Adrian Moten today

Hot News for FO Cleveland Browns Organization

Robert Griffin III jerseys set sales record

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III is setting records in stores as well as on the field. His No. 10 Redskins jersey has become the highest selling jersey in a single season since the NFL started keeping track of those numbers six years ago, ESPN.com reported, based on information provided by league spokeswoman Joanna Hunter. Griffin secured the No. 1 sales...

Kirk Cousins to start Week 15 for Redskins

Tonight the Redskins announced that Kirk Cousins will start at quarterback in the Week 15 game. Robert Griffin III suffered a grade 1 sprain of his lateral collateral ligament in his knee last week, and his status for tomorrow’s game had been uncertain all week. While RGIII was medically cleared to play, Adam Shefter has [...]

London Fletcher’s Family Involved in Fight Against Cleveland Fans, 3 Arrested

The Washington Redskins beat the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, but it didn't come without a cost to linebacker London Fletcher's family. A fight went down between Cleveland fans and members of his family which resulted in three arrests. NN5 - According to a family member of Fletcher’s, an altercation between several members of the family and some fans took place after...

RG3 stars in new Funny or Die Video: The Multi-Dimensional Player

Honestly, this video is hysterical and is a must-watch.  I’m convinced that Robert Griffin III can do no wrong.  The writers over at Funny or Die did a great job with this segment, and did a great job poking fun at all of the overly serious Fantasy Football Owners.Via: Funny or Die
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Bret Bielema takes some shots at Alabama and Lane Kiffin

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema is still not making any friends. Bielema was in Bristol at ESPN studios and had some interesting things to say about Alabama. The NCAA implemented a new two-week dead period that ran from June 30-July 13. Bielema was asked a question about how he felt about the year round nature of college football. Bielema’s answer included a shot at Alabama....
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Jeff Fisher: Sam has 'absolutely not' been a distraction

The Michael Sam distraction show continued Wednesday morning with Sam’s head coach going to bat for the St. Louis Rams rookie. Sam has been in the news this week after former NFL head coach Tony Dungy said he wouldn’t have drafted the defensive end because Dungy felt Sam would be an unneeded distraction. Dungy tried to clarify those comments Tuesday, and Sam himself has chimed...
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WEEI host digs deeper hole with terrible Erin Andrews “apology”

It was one week ago when WEEI radio host Kirk Minihane unleashed a vulgar rant in the direction of Erin Andrews.  Minihane called her a “gutless b*tch” which clearly crossed any line of decency, even for the widening cesspool that is sports talk radio.  The station issued a statement from Minihane apologizing for the comments, although there’s no evidence that Minihane was...
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Report: Jamaal Charles won’t report to camp without new deal

(Credit: CBS) Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles is arguably the most important player on the offense, and he knows it. He is reportedly willing to sit out of training camp until he gets paid what he is worth. Per NFL.com: NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday morning that, barring a contract breakthrough, the running back will not report for Kansas City...
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Report: Rays' Joel Peralta may have mosquito-borne virus

Tampa Bays relief pitcher Joel Peralta says he's been feeling sick since he went home to the Dominican Republic during the All-Star break and thinks he has been stricken with chikungunya — the mosquito-borne virus spreading over Florida and the Caribbean.Peralta began feeling sick on Friday after visiting the Dominican Republic where chikungunya is extremely prevalent, reported CBS...
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Chargers build recreational softball team, fail to win league

The recreational softball team put together by the San Diego Chargers failed to win the league it competed in this summer. Thus, ending the debate once and for all that professional athletes can dominate average joes in any sport they choose.The squad was led of course by quarterback Philip Rivers, who organized the team as part of a fun offseason hobby, and advanced to the finals...
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6 hours ago

Sixers could help facilitate a Kevin Love to Cleveland deal

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ goal of adding Kevin Love to the LeBron James/Kyrie Irving equation in C-Town has taken so many twists that most fans viewing from the seat of their pants are probably ready for this entire saga to just end, regardless of what the outcome is. I, for one, am enjoying every second, as the struggle continues to be real for both the Cavs and the Minnesota Timberwolves...
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Belichick: Gronkowski 'cleared to play,' will not be put on PUP

Rob Gronkowski will be on the field for the first day of New England Patriots training camp on Thursday. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said Gronkowski will not start the summer on the physically unable to perform list because “he’s been cleared to play.” The All-Pro tight end tore his ACL in Week 14 of the 2013 NFL season in the Patriots’ 27-26 win over the Cleveland...
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5 hours ago

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen steps down due to Alzheimer’s

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is relinquishing control of the team as he acknowledges he is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, reports Mike Klis of The Denver Post. Team president Joe Ellis will assume control of the Broncos. “It’s a really, really sad day,” Ellis said. “It’s sad for his family, his wife and his seven children. It’s sad for everyone in the organization...
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Sterling sues wife, NBA again

((HT: ESPN))Donald Sterling is a very busy man in the middle of his probate case going on in Los Angeles. He filed another concurrent suit in Superior Court seeking damages from the NBA, commissioner Adam Silver, his wife Shelly Sterling, and the Clippers alleging they all violated corporate law in trying to sell the team.Sterling argues he is the sole owner and shareholder of the...
Via Online Sports Guys
17 hours ago
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