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Via The Last Angry Fan:

Here’s all you need to know about young Sam Gordon, other than the fact that she’s a 9-year-old girl playing running back in the Gremlin Division (mostly 9-year-olds) in the Salt Lake City area:

232 carries, 1,911 yards, 8.2 yards per carry, 35 touchdowns.

What you’ll see when you watch in the highlight video posted by her father is a shifty, elusive running back with power and vision, who can break a tackle and take a hit with the best of them. Seriously, she’s the greatest running back under 4-feet tall since Maurice Jones-Drew. It’s like Eye of the Tiger meets Beast Mode, where everybody wins…except Sam Gordon’s opponents.

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  • WOW - you go gurl!!!
  • You are AWESOME Sam!!!! You Go Girl!
  • Go Girl. You're as fast as a cheetah, keep running. I'll watch for you playing college football in about 5-6 yrs if I'm still living
  • that will put her as a freshman in highschool in 5 years
  • it's alright for now that she plays with the boys, but in a few years the boys will surpass her in physical abilities."Put her in college sports or pro she wouldn't stand a chance it's to bad daddy didn't have a boy... Anyway girl, enjoy it while it last; and more power to you....
  • Your just pissed the girl has better moves then you. She's only 10 give her a break and by the way her dad does have sons she's the youngest
  • I'm angry it's that because it's a girl everyone feels the need to belittle the boys..if a boy was dominating a girl in anything you wouldn't see people bragging about it
  • Are you really so lonely that you are posting on sites? I am single and loving it!! Hafta be happy alone before you are ready for a relationship!! But, of course, I'm not looking for a sugar daddy!! LOL Good luck to you!!
  • yu crack head she'll still be in high school and wont be able to run anywhere!!!
  • Awesome! Man she is fast! Jerry Jones you need her!! ha ha!
    The Cacaboys put to shame lol.
  • I love this video! As for all you naysayers.....get a life! This is possible and it is real. It's out there everyday!
  • we have a female all star foot ball player. hope she she makes to the hall of fame. well deserved.
  • She is so cute, and tough too. The eagles had better hurry and sign her up.
  • She certainly is awesome and its great to see her excel in this area, but the honest truth is that she will not be able to continue this once she gets into puberty and absolutely not once she gets past puberty. Males are simply too powerful as they grow. The women on this site who are insisting that she can do this have never been tackled by an adolescent or adult male. Its the equivalent of being hit by an automobile. The only difference is that thankfully the guy is not made of metal. Her body will spend more time unvoluntarily flipping through the air than running on the ground. What she will do is join a professional women's team of some sort when she matures which is the smart thing to do and I'm sure she will be a champ when she does so.
  • i have been tackled by a full grown man and im 22 yrs old. I have practiced mma with full grown men, i can take a hit just as well as the best of them. dont underestimate someone cuz there a woman. have some faith in women, we can surprise you.
  • faleesha, I guarantee you; If you are training at a good MMA school with a good instructor. those guys who training you are definitely holding back. I practice Mui thai and american free style and I know for a fact some of the moves and submission holds can hurt a man if not done correctly. The fight club that I'm in won't even train women. they are referred to others that do. We are that aggressive and dangerous. One day that girl is going to grow up and she will not be able to compete againest boys at a higher level. Just like you can't hang with a man who goes all out in MMA
  • Look around you or are you another Serena Williams? Why then they don't integrate men and women sports? I doubt that 99.9% of women would want that...
    Even as trained athletes, female tennis players don't even play a 5-set match!Long live the dream, with the benefits...
  • The Cleveland Browns could really use you.....you go girl !!!!
  • and yet when a 12 year old boy in field hockey dominated older varsity girls he was kicked off the team and had to sue to get back on..but no "You go boy" from the media
  • Girls hit puberty first thats not even fair
  • She's 8, she hasn't hit puberty.
  • First off, you have alot to learn about pubery and reproductive organ maturation if you think this girl has hit puberty.....I'll be ya a buck she hasn't. I take it u are a male. And if she has reached puberty, that's even better. You try to perform like that with cramps and all that goes with having a female anatomy at that time of the month....Oh, yeah....ur a male so what do you know about that.

    2nd off, am not a sports fan at all (other than motocross) so am not some fanatic psycho ranting on here....this video showed on my home page and figured I'd check it out.
    Let's all applaud any young sportsperson(and their family that supports their endeavors like this gal has). I don't see her on the streets doing illegal activities, stealing, being suspended from school.....ur all just jealous that that wasn't you or your kid. Have a great day. I am.
  • this is true. let me see her dominate like this in high school, than I'll be impressed.
  • you're retarded!
  • I don't like the word retard
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  • really, you'd only be impressed if she was 15 - 18 yrs old? What did you accomplish by the time your 9 yrs old? That's what I thought!!
  • I possessed basic spelling skills when I was 9 years old. Hint---your vs. you're! That's what I know!
  • It was impressing, but please don't say that a girl's value is based on whether or not she can do what a boy can do. If a girl desires to play football, the same questions that you would ask a boy should be asked. But don't make the value of a women be subject to competition with men. That is truly narrow minded and indicates a true lack of self awareness and self security. In other words, shallow thinking measures women's worth based upon accomplishments against men.
  • Really?? My daughter plays in a boys league and she is headed to high school next year. Do you think that teenage girls cannot be competative in all boys sports? The web is full of female phenoms in all sports and ALL ages.
  • women cannot compete on the same level in sports as men just look at olympic track results from 2012 the gold medal winners in women track would have come in dead last in every track event save the 100 meter she would have come in second to last, its why they seperate men and women sports in the first place
  • only in th olympics most of the time it is same
  • cause my times in the junior olympics crushed most collegates times in swimming now.and im a woman and that was over 20 years ago
  • I totally agree with you on this. We women have more power in our legs than men but men have more upperbody strength. She will take some serious damage if she tries to contend with high school or college boys. Too many abdominal hits and it might damage her internally to the point she can't have children if she ever wanted to. Football padding is not designed to protect females.

    If she wants to continue this, she might be able to be a kicker.
  • its true that they do seperate mens and womens sports, but dont doubt for a second that a woman cant do as good as a man, and were not talking bout track here, its football and this isnt the olympics.
  • Easy there,cowboy.The Woman`s Hall of Fame basketball star Nancy Lieberman was interviewed at end of her career after being asked about her being able to play NBA ball, she simply stated "There is no-way that we women could ever compete against the guys at the Pro level"And she played Basketball,not Football.God bless this little girl but she will start to get slammed once she reaches High School, let alone the College level.
  • Phenoms are not averages in any venue! But, being your daughter I am not surprised she is a phenom...
  • Frankly we'd all be impressed if CaliMofo could spell.
  • It is still impressive,and worth watching. If she continues to excell like that through school I think she should be given the chance all the way to the nfl if that is her desire. She should be given the chance to prove herself. It will be interesting to see her do that.
  • Nothing to do with puberty, little tom boy putting the boys in thier places. I do love it, can't deny. But unless she bulks up and continues in the football direction, she is destined for track. Those feet were a blur. She is awsome and keep taking those boys down if they give you trouble.
  • My grandson plays Pee-Wee football and they only play on a 60 yard field. This one seems to be a 100 yard field and at 8 that is a little suspicious!
  • In my home we played on a 100 yd field playing at that age. guess it depends where you live.
  • they are midgets i tell you!
  • Suspicious??? How??? You don't think a girl can play and run like this?
  • my duaghter who is also 9 just finished her football season.she was a safty,nose guard right tackle and an end.they played on 140 yard field.the end zones are 20 yards each end,with 100yard play field.it depends on where you play also
  • UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Man! The Dallas Cowboys need to sign this young lady!!
  • Don't they already have a girl at QB???
  • But she's not a QB she is a RB.
  • look again, she plays both, there is video of her playing option here as QB.
  • and romo is a girl.
  • The Jets could use her. Way to go, Sam.
  • Cool. We have a girl on the 8th grade football team here who plays defense and she leads the team in sacks!
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  • Uncalled for, chiach.
  • I feel so bad for her when she gets hit,ouch. She's such a little thing. Couldn't and wouldn't do it to my girls. Their bodies aren't made to be roughed up like that. There are differences between guys and girls for a reason. Women aren't supposed to be hit. Wrong message sent to the boys and the little girl.
  • You mean where girls play against girls?
  • female on female full contact would be a riot to watch! :) it should alleviate the concussion problem of male on male football.more the same size and temperament! damn she rocks and yes on 1 play you see her straight arm an opponent!
  • "Women who are in sports can take a hit just as well as a man." If you think there is no difference between boys and girls(bone density, muscle mass, etc.) in terms of their ability to play sports and take a hit, you are sadly mistaken and blinded by your desire for equality. There are differences and they are present on the playground. I'm not suggesting men are better than women, just acknowledging that you are off base when you refuse to recognize the differences. When a woman plays middle linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, I'll ask your forgiveness.
  • Sorry, no significant differences in bone density, muscle mass, etc. at age 9 - That comes at puberty - (Learned in college kinesiology classes) Theoretically, boys and girls as a group are basically equal in sports ability up until puberty at which time boys do statistically become stronger. Most of the difference between young boys and girls is culturally taught and perhaps has something to do with how boys and girls brains differ as well.
  • Well, since the video is co-ed I think we're all assuming Cherylronk was speaking specifically about that. The fact she specifies "Girls/Women" implies she thinks men and women are physically competitive with each other along with girls and boys.
  • She said, "Women in sports..." not girls. After puberty, after muscle mass and bone density changes girls become women.
  • Jewels5,

    Just curious (please forgive the digression)... but a homosexual's brain has been shown to be different than a hetersexual's. Is this also due to environment or culturally taught? My wife and I have owned a childcare for over 12 years, and my wife has been involved with childcare for over 25 years. She said that no matter how much of an integrative environment is introduced to the children, they tend to gravitate toward more (what people consider) sexist roles of house keeping and nurturing for girls and guns and destruction (rough and tumble) behavior for boys. There is nothing wrong with this. I wish people would quit making it an issue. By the way, my wife can school me in soccer.
  • She probably loves to wear pants too I bet! Would you wear a skirt?
  • Well Said
  • Men in the NFL can't take a hit, either. Now they are starting to realize how vulnerable their bodies and brains are even with the helmet and padding. Ever see the xrays of Joe Montana?
  • I have to agree with you on this one, my daughter was the best player on a baseball field from the time she was 7 through 13 years old but just about the time a girl hits high school things change big time in terms of size and strength, as good as she was there would be no way that she could have beat my son out for a starting spot on the JV or Varsity team. By the way she ended up with a full D1 scholarship for softball and my son played D3 baseball
  • The day is near, my dear.
  • There are no professional co-ed sports leagues for a reason. Disagreeing with someone about their opinion is fine. Don't make things up to defend yours.
  • yup mostly the reason is of wieght and most women wont make it
  • no way a girl is taking the same hits a guy takes and getting up your flashin there lady. Yeah girls lacrosse not the same as the boys sorry.
  • They softening up the NFL is enough for women to get to play
  • Have you ever seen the male football players with early onset alzheimers disease wanting to sue the nfl? My daughters graduated on scholarships in academics and no wounded body parts for life. Sports are o.k. but certainly not a career for life and with mentality like yours no wonder little boys grow up to beat on women. A woman or little girl should never be body slammed by a male of any age. My grandaughters play lacross,they are Tuscaroran Indians. Hello. Brains always take precedent over braun,lady(?)
  • Actually, considering what society is like now (i.e., disrespect, violence, extreme materialism, a "you owe me" attitude, etc.), what is wrong with the 50's?
  • Girls can handle anything boys can handle...it's just that we typically don't...not that we can't. Please don't teach your girls they're limited at home because society will do that already. Let them reach for the stars and you'll see how far they can go. But don't limit them before they even leave the gate...and just cause they're girls.
  • Here's an article you might find interesting. It's about a girls athletics association in Massachusetts that was forced to let boys compete in their leagues.

  • "Girls can handle anything boys can handle..."
    Let's find your best girl to go head to head against Ravens MLB - RAY LEWIS!!!
    Now you're talkin' baby!!!!
  • The strongest, fastest, most intimidating lesbian you can kind!
  • The strongest, fastest, most intimidating straight woman you can find is just as likely as the strongest, fastest, most intimidating lesbian you can find. Sexual orientation doesn't change a woman's abilities and it is stereotyping to say so

  • here is an fun fact women track in the olympics would have come in dead last competing against men in same distance.if you dont belive me look up their times.
  • the olympics is different in some regards ,but boxing is same skiing,bobsled,extra it dose not matter what gender you are.track and field ,hymm the high jump same the long jump hymm same no diff, know the sport yor talking about,running is different.but not everyone can get to the olympics only the best of the best to become the best of all.
  • Playing football with boys has nothing to do with self-esteem. In fact, nothing involving competition between boys and girls should be a measure of quality or self-esteem. If a girl has to compete with boys to develop a sense of worth, then it is what the parents taught the child that is requiring that the girl compete with boys to develop self worth. Yes, girls can play football but is it necessary that they play or play better than boys to develop character and success in society. Some people have truly loss touch with reality.
  • most kids play because they wanna
  • No! This sends the absolute RIGHT message to girls AND boys. It says to girls, "you can do anything in this world if you have the skills and abilities no matter what sex you are." To boys it says, "Women are equals and deserve to be treated as such." To not support her playing says to both boys and girls that girls don't belong on the same field or on the same plane as boys. THAT is the wrong message.
  • Girls are girls and boys are boys. They are different. Girls grow up and have babies and men grow up and have prostrate cancer. They are different and denying the differences sends the wrong message. I have a boy and a girl. Both are athletes, but since a very early age my son has been bigger, faster and stronger. My daughter is a fierce competitor (playing one on her college tennis team)but was a bit frustrated when her younger brother began beating her. She ultimately accepted her relative position and justified her worht by beating girls and saying, "He's a boy, he's different." I didn't teach her the lesson, she learned it on her own and it served her well as she aged.
  • Girls grow up and have breast cancer! I think thats more likely than prostate
  • well i must of ate my wheaties cause my girls and boysare just about equal in speed and strength,hieght is a few inches different.lucky them,and they all learned most of the sports from mommydragon.whom learned from her father whom has a docterate in athletics.
  • You have really bought into all of the feminism crap. Not supporting her has nothing to do with all that bologny. To a real man, a woman has always been an equal in different ways. And a man has always been a equal in different ways with a woman. Please, give it up.
  • im glad i said yes when my duaghter and sons asked if they could play soccer,football,basketball which starts next week,and baseball in the spring.i asked them do you want to play the game.they sais yes.so they play and you know what they have FUN,FUN,FUN. oh and learn what being a member of a team means.
  • says who..if she can do it and wants to then good for her! No reason not to play because she is a girl..
  • For Gods sake.They're just kids having fun.Give it a rest.You must be a LIBERAL.People like you are so LOONEY TUNE.Let me guess.Your in therapy.RIGHT?Besides.They're being taught how to tackle in an organized sport,and not being taught how to beat up little girls.On the other hand.I beleive she could probably take most of them......SO GET A LIFE......
  • lol woot you said it learning the sport my girl loves to tackle but you gotta do it right,shoulder down head up,thanks for that reply you got it on the nose
  • You are wrong... when I grew up I played very aggressive sports and had male opponents and would beat them on skill, technique and knowledge...I would take the hit. I've even been knocked out and that didn't stop me, just pushed me. That's part of the game when you sign up and you know it. BTW: am 5'0" tall, 115 lbs, size 5 jeans, size 6 shoe.....and am 52 years old.....so I was a pioneer in male/female sports. Go, girl!
  • if they wanted to play you would not let them,thats something i feel bad about.my girl gave out punishment to those trying to sack her quarterback.ans she loves football,never pushyour kids to do sports and never so no to the ones they want to do. most people dont fight when they play sports and a womens body is to made the same a muscles is still a muscle .
  • My 9 year old grandson played his first year tackle football and they play on a 100 yard field. Go Sam!!!!
  • BETTER without music takes away from the tape, alot of people don't like that kind of music and will turn it off before they see Sam who is wonderful, very talented, I like to watch her my great grandaughter played football this year. It's a new day when us females can show them whose boss. The
    bengals need her. You go Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • here's an idea...turn off your volume if you don't like it
  • Besides having the feel for football and the moves ... That Little girl (and she is smaller than most of the guys > IS FAST
    She seems to out-run the guys over and over > often even when they have the angle ...
  • Not only that, it looks like she has really good field vision. I didn't play organized football growing up, so I don't know, but I wouldn't expect kids that age to have as good of an understanding of the game as she appears to have (I think I even saw a couple of nice Read-Option plays).
  • See more comments >>

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