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Vikings linebackers (and brothers) Erin and E.J. Henderson thought they were doing a good deed when they offered to donate money to repair the scoreboard at their high school’s football field, but they and many others were left disappointed when the offer was rejected. The scoreboard for the football field at Aberdeen High School (Md.) [...]

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  • Go figure the school would not take their money becasue of "Naming Rights". Just look at the board and read the words "Coca-Cola", guess they only want the BIG money....
  • They did it with the expectation of getting their family name on it..how greedy is that? just give the money and do not expect anything in return...these guys are being ignorant and greedy if you ask me...no wonder Minn. sucks, they are all out for themselves
  • 6xChamps, you hit the nail right on the head. I believe they probably have been taught humility when they are growing up. Like they themselves said. They want to show gratitude to those who have helped them when they were growing up but those people never asked anything in return.they never asked that their name be place on any scoreboard or anywhere else.
  • There are almost NEVER "no strings attached" to a donation, anywhere...... and I say it once again "THERE IS A COCA_COLA ADVERT ON THE BOARD ALREADY"!!!

  • The policy said player names
  • "The school board rejected the offer citing an advertising policy that prevents naming rights on athletic facilities. Five of the nine voters on Harford County's Board of Education reportedly turned down the proposal."

    These brothers didn't want them to name the field or the facility after them, just have their name on the board, just as so many college campuses have buildings named after their benefactors. A simple acknowledgement, that's all. Seems to me if you put 20k into a 50k project it may just be the right thing to give some kudos to those that helped. I suggest checking your local church pews and stained-glass windows for reference here........
  • How about this......
    They wanted to save them $20,000.00 right?
    I will put a New sign up for them FOR $20,000.00 and save them $30,000.00 and they dont have to put my name anywhere if they dont want too. In fact, I will paint ABEERDEN HIGH's name on my truck if they give me the job!!!

    I live in Harford County
  • I'm unemployed and I can use that money gave it to me,I'll put your names on all my T'shirts and along side my jeans that's good advertising.
  • I think it's a little more than ego. It's called having more money than they know what to do with and acting like spoiled children. They said they wanted to return what they were given when they were growing up. Well guess what? They never grew up. And then they have some moron running around here crying about coca cola getting free name recognition. Puleease!
  • i absolutely agree with you! there is a policy that is strictly upheld. if they really wanted to "give back" then, when that policy was explained to them, they could have withdrawn their demands and continued with the donation. the fact that they withdrew their offer when they didnt get their demand to have their name posted on the sign shows clearly their true intent.
  • So these 3 guys are saying their name should be on the scoreboard because they donated $20,000 and that is more important and more of a hardship then the poor family that gave $20.00 because they also wanted to support the school but that is the best they can do and they didn't ask for their name to be put anywhere.
  • Now all you need to do is find another 999 people to donate $20 and you will have $20,000. It's not that their $20,000 contribution is more important it's just that it pays for a good chunk of the cost.
  • Your correct it pays a good chunk of the cost but it doesn't buy the scoreboard you still need that twenty dollars and alot more contributors for the remaining $30,000 for the score board these 3 guys want their names on.
  • So it is really not a problem. I am sure when the get their $20,000 back they will be happy to donate $20 each and then you will only need to get another 996 people to donate $20 and you will have their $20,000 originally offered. And now you will need to get another 1500 people to donate $20 to getr the additional $30,000 needed and there is your $50,000 total. How simple! Seems to me it would be a lot easier to get a couple of large contributors to pay the full amount and they can put whatever friggin name they want on the scoreboard. Or everyone can keep complaining and get NOTHING!
  • Sorry your just not getting the point if you are going to thank 1 donor for their contribution then you need to thank them all because all of the donations are important if it $20,000 or $20.00. It would be like if people made a donation to someone whom is sick do you only thank the person who gave you $20,000 and not the person who gave you the $20.00. You are saying that $20.00 is not helpful. So if you are going to put 1 name on the scoreboard for a donation then you need to put them all on it. Then they can have a couple of little kids standing under the scoreboard and holding up signs for the score because there wont be room for it. Every bit of money is needed and is as important no matter the amount. The next time the school needs money are these 3 guys going to be around to give it you dont know but if they aren't and the people who only gave a small amount are still there they are going to need those people whom made those small insignaficant(according to you)donations again. Yes your argument will be the 3 guys aren't there because we didn't put their name on the scoreboard. Well i am sorry but we could not put every contributors name on the board.
  • No you are not getting the point I think everyone who donates should be thanked, but not necessarily in the same manner. Would you thank someone who gave you $20 as much as you would someone who just gave you a new car? These individuals have decided not to give the money---so what. They are not obligated, just as you or anyone else is not obligated to donate, so why get mad at them just because they are not going to pick up the tab? And if these guys are around to donate money in the future what's the difference? They are not there now anymore. And I don't believe that you will find anywhere that I said any amount given was insignificant. Just as you sasy all contributions are helpful. By the way how many others have offered to donate money? I am sure that you haven't, but you can critize others who have donated but don't meet your donating standards. Some people think they should get something for nothing. These guys don't owe anyone anything. They were only trying to help. If their help isn't needed, I am sure they won't mind. Go ahead and repair that scoreboard yourself.
  • Guys keep your money and share it among the Henderson Family. I sure they can find something worthwhile to do with it.
  • Maybe you should reread the story. They aren't out for themselves. Posting the name of a donor on a board isn't going to hurt anyone. They are giving back to their High School.
  • Dude seriously? are you kidding? Giving on conditons is ridiculous. If your heart is in the right place why woudl you need your name on it? Now they are trying to get other money back that they gave because they feel a slap in the face? Please these guys are losers and so is anyone else that cant give without recognition.
  • Maybe you should re-read the story, Champlincheer. They asked for their money back if their names aren't on the scoreboard. And just who are you to decide whether posting a donor's name on a scoreboard is ok or not? Should everbody who donates time, $, or materials have their name put somewhere. Or would you put a dollar value on recognition. Hey, run for school board in that school district and then your opinion will be worth something.
  • You should run for the school board in that school district because as it stands YOUR OPINION ISN'T WORTH ANYTHING.
  • Clearly you think it is or you wouldn't be shouting. Do you also post as Champlincheer, or are you a lackey?
  • Posting someones name is very typical when a large donation is made and accepted. I guess the stuffed shirts on the school board feel that they have enough money.
  • Yep...but that is for the school to decide and want to do as a sign of their gratitude and appreciation. This was done on condition and sbows it was all about them...not the kids, especially since they are trying to get thier money back. "Hey, sorry kids...your school won't flash my name up on the board for everyoe to see...enjoy your shit_ty score board!"
  • Yes, but it's usually when the source has donated *millions* to things like an entire school or wing of a hospital.
  • Maybe you should re-read the story. They ARE out for themselves. They didn't donate even 1/2 of the what is needed to repair the score board. Did they offer to help fund raise for the remaing $30k? Probably not, since they're now asking for what money they did "donate" back. If they were honestly trying to give back to the community they grew up in, why are they now asking for their money back? Sure....they weren't in this for themselves.
  • you definetly need to stop HATING it doesnt matter how much they gave hell its more than you ever did for your school let alone in your community. ( how bout you go give $20K to help out your community. I hate when people like you turns nothing into something!!!! If the shoe was on your foot an you donated money for a specific reason and that reason wasnt good enough you would want your HARD EARNED money back ang give it to an orginization thatll be more grateful!! CLEAN AROUND UR DOOR STEP FIRST IDIOT
  • Hating? Yeah, anytime someone says something that you don't agree with, they are hating. If you can't argue with logic, there's always the hating card.
  • You are such a douche. I donated my time for YEARS for my school. I get paid 60K (CHUMP CHANGE COMPARED TO THESE BITCHY LITTLE *****!) a year and I have donated 10 to 20 hours a week for 10 years. That equates to around 17K a year for a total of 170K (more than that really). I have NEVER even REQUESTEDthat my name appear on ANYTHING!
  • "stop HATING" ? But you just called sunlover an "idiot". So who is the "hater"????
  • I think you need to clean your own house, mama_duck. Giving is supposed to be without strings. Period. Corporate donations are different from personal donations. And, High Schools are different from Colleges. Any school that operates with funding from public tax dollars has different rules and regulations they need to follow, and every city, county, and state has different rules and regulations. The bottom line is this:

    Not one single person that gave them assistance growing up, that they now want to give back to, ever said their name had to be attached to their donation. It is all about them wanting their name attached to something. Which is fine. Go find something else you can buy to put your name on it. Don't find fault and try to shame the school you claim helped you so much growing up.

    Again, the true spirit of giving is without strings.
  • I believe that they should just donate the money and move on without there name on the board. They are going to use the donation as a tax write off anyways. they should just do it to help their old school, not for recognition.
  • This is not why the Vikings suck. It has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with celebrities including professional sports players looking out for themselves and not giving back without expecting something in return. Most are way over paid and do not know the meaning of what a selfless act is. They should have just donated the money because it was the right thing to do.
  • You are soo right cwalker, and maybe had they not stipulated what they wanted it may have been looked at as a kind deed, and their names may have gone on the board, but to expect or demand that is rediculous. Another way to look at it is; Put our name on your school board and we will pay you. Not giving back.
  • Agree with everything except your first comment. That's the very reason why the Vikings suck. They do not know what the word "TEAM" means. If they did they would emulate it daily in everything they do.
  • why does this make Minnesota suck;these two jerks were raised in Maryland so thats where their got their morals...ignorance
  • Leave Minnesota out of this,these guys are originally from Maryland
  • why does this make Minnesota suck;these two jerks were raised in Maryland so thats where their got their morals...ignorance
  • At least in Maryland we know how to write. Check your grammar dumb ass. Just because these two jerk offs suck at life, it doesn't reflect on Maryland at all. There are very few athletes that can commit a selfless act and that is because they get caught up in their own, expensive life styles. pldp19 you are the one that is ignorant!
  • pisant, what can I say that your name doesn't say for you..
  • absolutely correct.
  • Honestly this is the type of article that should never be written. They made a good faith offer with conditions. The conditions were not accepted, again with reasons. End of story. Both parties should be thanked. Left alone I bet they would have worked it out. Now with all this stupid publicity it may never be worked out. It has pushed everyone in a corner. Both sides loose. Again - Stupid Story!
  • Disagree. This is the very article that needs to be written and hyped daily on national news and embarass the **** out of these two morons. They may have been raised in Maryland, but they play for Minnesota right now. That is why the Vikings are so bad, no "team" effort. Everything is me, me, me... Maybe they should be traded closer to home. Redskins. They suck too for the same reason.
  • I agree with you.If you're going to do something do it because it's the right thing to do,not for recgonition.James 4:16 says,
    "As it is, you boast in your arrogant schemes. All such boasting is evil"
  • I couldn't agree with you more. If you really want to just "give back" to your community, there shouldn't be conditions. Obviously they wanted something out of the deal. So goes altruism.
  • When I first read the story I too didn't see the reason why they wanted their family name on the score board. But after reading some of this comments I started thinking, that it is common practice to display a donors name on properties that were funded by donations. You see it at hospitals, libraries, park benches, etc etc. And how is it advertising their name? They don't want it to read Erin and EJ Henderson NFL players. They just want their family name. For those that think that those that donate don't want anything in return are so wrong. Most donations are done for the tax brakes, and most big companies do it to make us believe that they care about those less fortunate in order to maintain their sales. Regarding those that think they should have paid for the total repair cost are full of it. Make up your minds...they are greedy for wanting their family names but they should pay for the entire repair cost. Seriously? I say, name the field after the fallen Iraq Vet, put the two players family name on the score board and save the town's tax payer the money to repair both the field and score board. And take down that Coca-Cola sign down. Children dont need the surgar rush!
  • I have a problem with naming anything, field, building, etc. after anyone - a gift is just that, a gift. If there are strings attached (like having to be recognized for giving) then it is no longer a gift. I've always had issues with this at churches who put up plaques, brass nameplates, etc. in recognition of donors - it's completely against what Christ taught ("do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret...").
  • That is not a very nice way to generalize the people of MN " they are all out for themselves" who are actually very giving. Besides, you forgot one thing these guys are from Maryland. I agree it is not a gift if expect something in return. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Can't speak for others, but I think they are saying the football team, not the people of the state.
  • Yeah REALLY greedy. But wait.....Is that a COCA-COLA advert I see on the board already? Does that violate the school policy?

    GTFOH with the greedy comment!!!! Those boys wanted to do something nice for the school but be recognized for what they did. Kinda like every college building in the U.S.A. or every donated stained glass window in a church. Why should they be any different?
  • Let me say this again MV1609 They say they want to give back to their community and to the people that helped them along the way. Did "these people" ask to be recognized and have their names on anything? NO, so if these two brothers want to give back, they should not demand anything back because it has already been given to them. Where they are right now is because of "these people" that helped them to get where they are now...comprende?
  • WOW, you hit the nail on the head. They have no morals. If you are going to do something for someone, you should not put expectations on it. Now they want their money back, how TACKY is that?
  • We in MN are not all for ourselves but it would appear that these two are. They should have given the money and been happy knowing the good it would have done. Vikings, in this Minnesotan's opinion are a joke. They want a new place to play but they cant win a game OR stay out of trouble... nice
  • if it was you, you wouldve wanted recognition too so stop hating
  • You make absolutely No sense , Before You Comment on any situation look at the Facts first. 1) Please Look at the Score-Board What do you see there In BIG RED LETTERS:(COCA COLA) Sir whether U and all the ignorant people here want to only see what serve your purpose you need to look closer. 2 This Donation was given on Condition Yes condition and It has nothing to do with whether They were Doing this for them self or the Kids, Yes I just Said that' Since this is not in anyway considered educational This is Extra curriculum activity that does not affect learning, If the Condition of this agreement was not met this donation need to be return to these gentlemen, Like any contractual agreement whether written or verbal it was broken.3 We all reside in the USA with that being said nothing is free in this country anymore and thats a fact. Whether a Donor advertise his or her name on a donation I guarantee u in some way they are getting there money back some way or another, tax break or some future pay back or benefit to them, all these men ask is to recognize not by a Coming out party, but by what this school already Do back to 1) Billboard advertisement as You all can See Before with Coca Cola So if anyone is thinking about self gratification would clearly be the school. And all saying they only gave $20000 Dollar not a Million How many of you people Have that Kind of money laying around , or Your yearly income Sum up to that , please thread careful. Whether Someone Gave Me a Dollar to Go toward a Cause or a million Dollar it serve the Same purpose, other wise its like telling a child or a man they have no purpose in this world when they are trying. On that note i bid U all farewell.
  • Also before I would put 20,000 much less 50,000 into the 1960 looking scoreboard, I would buy a new one...Our school got a new scoreboard last year, to replace our Coca Cola one for a cost of app. 10,000 and the board of education sent there workers up to install it.... I understand their rule, but it seems like it would be hard to justify their decission, when you look at the present scoreboard....From what I read they weren't wanting the field named after them. Also wonder if the school has banners hanging last most others do, that are sold for fund raisers
  • how funny, all this bs... just because the don't get their name on the board.. If ANYONE SHOULD it would be the men and women who gave everything for our country.... so.. instead of being good men, they want their money back... it sickens me.... so really its not about the field, the kids, helping and giving back its about them... great....!.. Thanks guys... Vikings right.... ????
  • OOh I have no ill will toward the Goodmen and women that fight For our Country they are the ones that need to be Recognize, But are they being recognize ABSOLUTELY NOT , but is Coca Cola Being advertised yes. Why shouldn't these Young men that are trying to Do something for this school or the Men and Women who went to this School and Fought and Died For this Country or what about the Police men and Women Be recognize Simple they are not big Enough. There are different ways to give and Whether You want to give just cause they are Doing and trying maybe not in the form of blood but they are giving , With a Field it help keep Children off the Street I think Thats a good enough reason to be recognize.
  • This is NOT the reason MN sucks, and not all Minnesotans are out for themselves...They aren't even FROM Minnesota!
  • One thing that you would not understand about this town unless you were from here is, nothing is done that will give any black male something to look up to. This town would have been willing to do it if they weren't black. This town does not want to give credit and show that we as blacks can be more than criminals. If you want to do something to give the views to others that black males from this place can be anything it is going to get shot down.That is why I believe they didn't want their name on it. They'll take the money but we don't want it to be known that blacks have made something of themselves and are saying thank you. As far Aberdeen is concerned they are probably two that just slipped through the cracks.
  • that may not be the case, maybe it was to have something for their kids to look back on...it was not advertising maybe to looking legacy
  • Hell yes 6xchamps, if your donation is legit then you donate the entire sum without any stipulations.
  • Did you happen to read the Henderson brothers were from Maryland along with the football field & scoreboard?
    So why do us Minnesotans suck because of this?
  • MBmbmb I was thinking that exact same thing! If they donate 20k for the scoreboard I'll put their picture on it if they want!
  • Reading all these posts just makes me think, "why would I ever want to donate anything." Just seeing what some of you have posted. Who gives a rip if his last name is on the board? Why would they consider this as advertising? They should name the field after the soldier and the board should rethink their actions. Is this really going to hurt anyone? Oh yeah, and for the idiot that wrote about how MN sucks because of greed, where are you from, Idaho?! Good God! Show me a professional athlete that isn't greedy.
  • Hey, what'up with the Idaho comment? Just because we date our fat cousins and like to french fry our taters in all our restaurants doesn't mean weir all misppellin dorks who dont no our greedy athletics peoples - ha-ha-hah - YES! WE HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR!! I just wish the report would have verified the pic of the Coke ad was correct and ask why the board doesn't take it DOWN! I think COKE should want to take it down as dilapidated as the board looks in this photo!!
  • Look I hate the Vikings more then anyone who lives in Minnesota but, hey these guys tried to do a good thing. All they wanted in return was a Name on the Scoreboard, so what is the big deal. I agree with you about the idiot. And about the soldier. It isn't going to hurt anyone by taking the money. It will show kids give back when you can.
  • That wasn't a donation. When you donate you don't expect anything back in return. This was clearing paying for marketing but trying to 'look' good like their making a differnce in the world by calling it a donation. AND...to get a tax break. Pfft!
  • You can donate anonymously and still get a tax break...many people do...just cuz your name is not publicized to 3rd parties, does not mean the recipient does not know who it is. But I get your point...a true donation or gift does not have strings attached...this was ego driven.
  • You're from Minnesota and you hate the Vikings!? What are you a fair weather fan!? Just the attitude we need to get our new stadium. I totallt agree with with Just Cause. When you give a "donation" you should not expect anything in return.
  • dcap777, I'm glad you're not a professional athlete. We don't need anymore greed in this world.
  • This is actually addressed to tonstir but I guess it can also apply to dcapp777
  • Agreed, Tonstir! If the high school quarterback thinks the world revolves around him, why on earth would we think that once he makes it to the NFL that his attitude is going to change??? AND YES--the school board should rethink things and honor the fallen hero by either rethinking their decision and naming the football field after him, or at least honoring him by also putting HIS name on the new scoreboard.
  • And where is this "new scoreboard" coming from again s65roses? Remember, the brothers wanted their money back.
  • After reading all of the above replies, I would have to agree with the school, BUT, it did give me a great idea. The next time I give a homeless person $20.00, I will insist they wear my company hat for two weeks if they accept. LMAO, you idiots need to grow the F up. Giving is a privilege and an honor not to be viewed as "YOU OWE ME ONE" if I do give. Selfish people always want something in return......
  • And your Idaho comment makes you less ignorant...how?
  • How someone acts has nothing to do with where they are from. There are nice people everywhere and there are jerks everywhere. This incident has to do with rich guys that "appear" to want to help with a donation as long as it is done their way. They are asses no mater where they are from. Having a difference of opinion doesnt make someone ignorant. I am from Texas..Thanks
  • Sorry....matter was spelled wrong....easy.
  • If they were truely just wanting to do somthing good and give back they wouldnt have said to put there name on it. They were just looking for pubicity for themselves so they can say hay look what I did? A big pat on the back they wanted.
  • Coca Cola is a sponsor it's not the Coca Cola field or the Coca Cola scoreboard, there's a difference.
  • If that's the case, then it is NOT a "difference". They would also be "sponsors"--they are not advertising. And, just an assumption, but they don't want it called "The Henderson Family Scoreboard". What they want is to simply have a recognition on it that states "Donated in part by The Henderson Family." Therefore--sponsor, same as Coca-Cola!
  • Let those two go sponsor this! Greedy, freakin morons. I would never take money from self righteous wannabes. There will come a day when these two will once again need help and the very same people who helped them once before will undoubtedly help them once again without conditions, strings, or coca cola advertisements.
  • I'm betting (100 to 1) thatCoca-Cola itself didn't pay for the original scoreboard, rather the local *distributor* of Coca Cola.
  • I agree if they were truly donating the money. There shouldn't be nay conditions. As for the Coke sign If the School board didn't want any names then why is Coke on the sign.
  • Hun Just So You Know A Sponsor is Considered a Donor, NOr having these men name on the Billboard make it there Field like wise Coca- Cola, the School have the right to Turn Down any Donation they Feel is any light negative toward the school with that being said the Money also need to be return, If there Intention is So bad So is there Money Give it Back.
  • I think it makes sense that they didn't accept it as a 'donation' because it's not a donation, it was paying for Marketing. As I'm sure Coca-Cola probably did too. Calling it a donation was a way for them to get a 'tax cut/break.'
    I say it shouldn't be called a donation because when you donate, you're not supposed to expect something back in return.
  • That sign is like 800 years old. I am sure the policy was put into effect after the sign went up? Cant you figure that out?
  • I agree with you, Mbmbmb. I can't see how the school can say they have a policy against advertising and then have Coca-Cola on there??? The new boards now often have the digital advertising abilities, so why not get the stick out of their butt and get with it? Being able to put "Donated by The Henderson Family" is NOT advertising! AND, even if it was, what is the harm? They can use the board to announce a lot of things--next games/times, things like "Student of the Week" (as our schools here do), saying congratulations to students for awards won both athletically and academically, thank you's to people who donate time as well as money to the school, etc. It can be seen as an academic as well as an athletic benefit. It can also be used as a fundraiser for the school--selling brief advertising spots on the digital board can be an immensely huge benefit to a small-town school! And, for small communities, that little bit of advertising, which the visiting schools see, can mean a boon in their economy-very important, especially today.
  • SPOT ON, S P O T O N!!! It is totally beyond me, why they'll allow Coca-Cola on the scoreboard in large letters... I wonder how Coca-Cola feels that they're allowing the scoreboard bearing they're Company's Logo, and Name, to fall into dis-repair, like it has? YO, COKE, get with the program, FIX THE DAMNED SCOREBOARD, WILL YA?! I KNOW You can afford it, so DO IT, at least do it for The Kids, Huh?
  • Good call on the Coke sign. For the two of them to donate 20 grand towards something that cost 50 grand and expect theirnameon it is ridiculous. They are in the NFL they should'vejust donated all of it, and smiled.... NO CONDITIONS.
  • RIGHT THEY HAVE COKE-COLA on their old board. Stupid of him to ask that his name goes on the board. but why cut off your nose to spite your face.
  • what is wrong with donating and not expecting anything in return? do they want to help or just bring attenion to themselves?
  • I agree 100% the name rights excuse falls flat when they have Coca Cola on the damn board.
  • I'm thinking that that sign was payed in full by Coke back in the late 40's or 50's...a very common thing to see...they're spread out all over this great country of ours.Pepsi did it too..and I'm sure many other corporations and companies did it too..the schools wanted and needed them and they came through...Completely different times and era. So much better in sooo many ways. Individuals weren't so full of themselves as it is today.It's sickening really.
  • I see you hitting the same thing I just posted. The post is excessive and People won't likely take to read the entire piece if they were able to find it. I've been brainwashed to think education and "good health" are of the utmost importance for our children these days. If our educational system is honostly serious about that then the big "COCACOLA" logo should be removed. hmm. On the other hand, is the school still taking the "Corporates'" handouts? I don't see the difference. Having searved at Retail level it is normal practice for whomever it is that placed the pulic add "Pay" for the space.
  • Greedy...but the sponsor, Coca Cola that does have their name on it isn't? This High School & town ought to be proud having 2 brothers making it in the NFL, I'm sure these athletes help put this school & town on the map, their name is good enough for bragging rights but not good enough for donation to improve needed equipment! The family that lost a loved one in Irag & was a former football captain is being greedy too! Simply ridiculous!!!
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Report: Jordan was tired of Chris Paul

2015 All-Star starters announced

JPP injured in fireworks mishap?

Odell Beckham doesn't want to be known for 'the catch'

Russell Wilson 'would definitely consider' playing for Mariners

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