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PLAYERS: Tony Romo
TEAMS: Dallas Cowboys

The blame game of what went wrong continues to be heard on the lips of NFL analysts. Who should be fired? Who should be hired? However the real question to be answered in the Cowboys offseason is whether Tony Romo should sign an extension to keep him a Cowboy for the foreseeable future. Tony Romo has been one of the best quarterbacks for the Dallas Cowboys in the history of the franchise and is now looking at renegotiating a contract extension with the Cowboys, but Romo shouldn’t do it. The Dallas Cowboys have leaked information about negotiations with Romo on an extension in order to get a more cap friendly extension.… Read more

  • No,it is time for Tony to go
  • Agreed here until Jerry Jones gets out of the football part and becomes just an owner Tony needs to walk away. Jones wouldnt know talent if it sat on his head. He has proven that ever since his ego got in the way and he ran Jimmy off. His offensive line is a joke along with his coaching staff.Ever since Jimmy left the only lineman he has drafted was Smith and they are trying there best to screw him up moving him around. Time to move on Tony for your health for your career.
  • The Cowboys will NEVER even get close to, much less, win a Super Bowl with Tony Romo.
  • Before Tony Romo signs any contract to play quarterback for any of the NFL franchises he needs to learn how to read the field, be able to call audibles when needed despite what the head coach sends in as a play, and have a clear understanding of the color and logo on his jersey,as well as, those of his teammates. If he sees one of his receivers is covered by a player NOT wearing the same colored jersey as his intended receiver,then he DOESN'T THROW THE FOOTBALL TO THEM!! He finds another receiver that is wide open, or keeps it and tries to go for a first down himself. The late Sammy Baugh, quarterback and later head coach of the Washington Redskins, had the unique ability of knowing what the field looked like BEFORE he threw the ball to his intended receiver. He would look at one receiver and then keeping his eye focused on them he would throw the ball to another receiver on the opposite side of the field. It kept the defense of the other team off center, and won games for his team. Maybe Tony Romo needs to work on that trick. Preferably with some other team. His coaching staff is doing him no favors, and the fans are fed up with him. Tony, here is a little tip for you. Pack up the car and the family and move on. Your days as a Dallas Cowboy quarterback are just about over. Bring in Tim Tebow. If the Jets don't appreciate him, Dallas will.
  • "Tony Romo has been one of the best quarterbacks for the Dallas Cowboys in the history of the franchise"......REALLY??? Let's see.......Don Meredith,Roger Staubach,Troy Aikman...then second string QBs Craig Morton, Danny White,Rodney Peete......THEN maybe Tony.....well, they did say "one of the best" not the best.....
  • What about Eddie Labaron. whose backup was the terror of Mount Vernon, Texas
  • Can you read the stats? He leads in almost all stats, and he did not get them by not knowing anything about football, unlike some of of the bloggers noted here.
  • Where would Tony go? What teams that have a chance to make it to the super bowl need a qb?I don't see Tony going to a contender to be a back up. I would like to see Tony play with a offensive line that can run block and pick up the the blitz before we run him off. Maybe Jerry will finally get out of the way and let football people make draft day decisions on what this team really needs. If only
  • everyone wants to blame Tony Romo, yes he tossed some interception, but lets look at the real promblem,1) coach, not a head coach, and not a good either, 2) front line, what front line ,couldn't block if they had too 3) running game, wait you can't have one if you don't have a front line. 4)quit putting all the blame on Tony,fix the offensive line, fix the defensive back field and then just maybe he'll be a better qb than most people think.
  • The cowboys need a major over haul. They need to start with the Gm. Jason Garrett needs to go he obviously can't get the team ready to play. Tony Romo needs to go he has proved time and time again he can't handle the pressure. They need a new offensive line one that cares if they play and can block. There is no leadership and no team pride. This season they have been out there just going through the motions.I am tired of the same old stuff year after year. Something has got to change.
  • Hope the choker doesn't sign. Good riddance!!!
  • Statistically Romo is one of the best if not the best QB the cowboys have had. However he has a clown for an owner, a joke for a head coach and absolutely no o-line. That being said, I just have a hard time dealing with Romo's penchant for throwing it up with a prayer that one of his recievers might catch it. Especially when the season is on the line. Romo, do yourself and Cowboy fans everywhere and move on.
  • Romo should think a bit for the years to come. Why would the Cowboys want him back for another year.
    He should look to see where he might be able to helpsomeother team.
    I am sure that there are other teams out there that need a QB to throw to the like of Wheaton.
  • All the best qb in football would fail with the Cowboys OL.With the exception of Smith they could not block 5yr old getting to Romo.Romo had to run for his life the whole year while still throwing for almost 5,000 yards and 28 TD.The problem is not Romo.It's like asking a great construction worker to build you a bridge with a butter knife.You need the right tools people!!!
  • You are absolutely correct. People need to look at all his stats. Tony is one of the best; however, he needs a supporting cast to include coaches before the big games can go in the Cowboys favor. New GM, new Head Coach, New Defensive Coordinator, New Special Teams Coach, New Offensive line and a Defense with some depth. However, with Jerry Jones in charge we will just have more of the same. I like Tony, but he should move on so he can get a chance before he gets too old.
  • Tony Room the best, Come On Man !!!
  • Romo is as good as he's gonna get, and that's not good enough. Garrett lacks the experience to be a head coach. Maybe Garrett will improve if he gets another chance down the line. For now. they both gotta go. It won't happen as long as Jerry is in charge, but it should.
  • Resign Tony he knows his way to work, he knows where his locker is, he knows the playbook, he'd make a good backup quarterback for a good starter. Dallas needs a new head coach and general manager.
  • Trade the Great Romo for TEBOW
  • Good luck cowboys, Jerry Davis I mean Jones or is it Al Jones I mean Jerry. The cowboys wont win anything substantial until Jones takes his foot out of the door and hires a good general manager. I think the problem is not Romo if Dallas had a defense then they could run the ball more control the game not have to throw 45 to 50 times a game and put Romo on the deck all game long.
  • I have not been a fan of Romo since he went on vacation with Jessica Simpson then choked against the Giants in 2007. Not everything has been his fault. But he's had teams with decent defenses, offensive lines and a decent running game, and he still chokes. This game against Washington was the worst. He had plenty of time to move tha ball down field and throw about a 3 yard pass right to the defense to pick off. As far as abeing one of the best quarterbacks for Dallas. He's better then Quincy Carter or Steve Pelleur. And as far as the records he has. So what. I'm sure Aikman and Staubach as well as White and Morton and everybody else is real impressed. I think trade straight up to San Diego for Rivers and go from there. They both need a new team. Or at least have open competition between him and Orton until you they can get someone younger.
  • For all you critic that want Romo out,by General Bernard Shaw
    A life making mistake is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. Romo is good ball player his luck might not be with him. He threw the interception, Denense did not help much, offense on the left did do any better.What the possabilty he is let go, and then, he come back and bites us on our ???. I depended on my Platoon Sergeant to help me with all the 300+ solider, We lead, It was never an I. ISG
  • Maybe it uis time for Romo to move on. He will never be able to satisfy Dallas fans anyway. Jerry " Jed Clampett'Jones will continue to screw things up and blame it on everyone else. Whats the upside for him.
    I bet KC, Philly, Phoenix,Cleveland,Minnesota, New York Jets,Oakland,Jacksonville would be glad to get him.
  • Move Romo to punter, he likes to send ball down the field to the opponents !
  • All these smart azzes with their nasty "psuedo" funny comments. How would you like to go out there and stand still with five rushing linesmen are after you with one thing in mind and you have no blocking up front. How many times was he running for his life. How many QB's have lassted over a three or four year span that ran the ball. None of the good ones.Yeah run the ball. Stand there and pick out your teams jersey. Real smart. make a punter out of him. Funny. No one talks about the thirty or forty points given up. No offensive line, No blocking, one real running back and he is probably good for only one more year and then the defense, HA, HA. What defense? Don't make all these stupid comments until you can back up what you are saying. Romo is the best thing the entire cowboy organization has.
  • How many years are we gonna keep putting up with Tony Romo mistakes, we blame everybody but him. How many times has it come down to a must win game and he chokes, everytime. When we win a game, everything is ok and Tonys a hero, but in must win games and we lose because he chokes, we want to blame everybody else. How many more years will it take for a playoff win with Tony, and of course Mr. Jerry Jones as GM. I say let Tony go. He is not a bad QB, he just needs another team.
  • Romo may be good by ststs but hes missing the leadership ability to inspire his teammates such as RG3, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck have done as rookies. He will never be able to do that and the cowboys are the best they are going to be with him as qb.

Romo Kills Cowboys Nation, Again

The season is over, and its the same story, different year. Tony Romo is never going to get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. He cannot do it, he just cannot win the big games – he’s no good. Romo has been adequate, but he just keeps killing the team in playoff type games and in the playoffs. Heartbreaking. I can’t even believe this is how the season ended, what a waste. Moving...

Tony Romo suffered a crack rib

According to, during Sunday night’s loss to the Redskins, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo suffered a crack rib on his right side after being hit by Redskins’ cornerback Josh Wilson in the second quarter. Well the good news is that the season is over and Romo will have some time to get healthy and have another crack at the playoffs next season.     Need NFL...

Tony Romo ready to make a new reputation for himself as the Dallas Cowboys march towards the playoffs

Let's start with the obvious: when these Dallas and Washington teams met on Thanksgiving, the Cowboys were undermanned on offense. They had fill-ins working on the offensive line, lost Miles Austin early and were without DeMarco Murray. In the games final 20 minutes offense was hardly the problem as Dallas rallied to draw the game close but as Washington was pulling out to a...

Tony Romo cracks ribs in loss to Redskins, takes responsibility for defeat

Tony Romo reportedly played through cracked ribs from the second quarter on in the Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the Washington Redskins on Sunday night, but the 10-year veteran is not using the injury as an excuse. Romo threw three interceptions as Dallas once again fell short of the postseason, and he took responsibility for the loss after the game. “I feel as though I let our team...

Tony Romo Chokes vs. Redskins

Cowboys QB Tony Romo probably didn't sleep too well on Sunday night. His interception with three minutes to go in the fourth quarter set up a Redskins touchdown and may have cost Dallas the game.Fantasy Spin:This isn't the first time we've seen Romo fold under pressure. The Dallas quarterback is now 1-6 all-time in elimination games. He finished the night with two touchdowns...

Cowboys Fans Burn Tony Romo Jerseys

The Dallas Cowboys (8-8) have a massive and passionate fanbase. When the team finished the 2012 NFL regular season with a 28-18 loss in the Week 17 battle for the NFC East title against the Washington Redskins on Sunday Night Football, excitement erupted in the nation’s capitol as rookie QB Robert Griffin III and rookie RB Alfred Morris helped to lead Washington to host its first...

Redskins fans or Cowboys haters -- Here's all 4 Tony Romo interceptions

The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre states it simply as 'Watch Tony Romo Throw Three Interceptions Against the Redskins, Including a Back-Breaking One in the 4th Quarter' **Follow us on Twitter.... Full story at Bob's Blitz ~

Romo's 2 INTs leave Cowboys, Skins 0-0 after 1st

With the NFC East title on the line, Tony Romo threw interceptions on each of Dallas' first two possessions Sunday night, and Washington kicker Kai Forbath missed a field-goal try for the first time in his NFL career, leaving the Cowboys and Redskins tied 0-0 after the first quarter. It was a win-or-go-home game moved into prime time to mark the end of the NFL's regular...

Cowboys can't shake gloom of late-season flops

(Eds: APNewsNow. Will be updated. With AP Photos.) By SCHUYLER DIXON AP Sports Writer Tony Romo sat alone on the Dallas bench, his stare frozen at the ground on a cold night in Washington. Any number of things could have been going through the mind of the Cowboys quarterback in the final minutes of a 28-18 loss to the Redskins on Sunday night. It was his third playoffs-or-bust failure...

Washington 28, Dallas 18: Cowboys’ Season Ends with Another Thud

  Tony Romo’s third interception against the Redskins cost the Cowboys a chance to win the game and reach the playoffs. Roger Staubach led the Cowboys to two Super Bowls. He capped off his great career by leading the Cowboys to a win over Washington after trailing 34-21 in the fourth quarter in a regular-season finale with the NFC East on the line.   Tony Romo has led the Cowboys...

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins: Three Bold Predictions

The hype that has already surrounded this match, you could be forgiven for thinking that there was something more than a division title up for grabs. Of course, throw in the added ingredient of one of pro sports most heated rivalries, and the fact that a playoff place is there for the winners, something that both franchises have been starved of in recent times, its easy to see...
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