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Via Sportress of Blogitude:

The reputation of Philadelphia sports fans as having the potential to act like cretins is well-documented, almost to the point that to stereotype each and every fan of the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and 76ers as buffoons borders on the absurd. With that in mind, to rip and categorize an entire city’s legion of sports fans and their typical behavior is irresponsible at best, yet the performance the Flyers put on Wednesday night inside the Wells Fargo certainly will not help elevate the Philly pro sports fan base’s out of its already negatively-perceived reputation.

During an intermission between periods in the game against the Vancouver Canucks in the team’s home opener, a Hockey Fights Cancer public service announcement appeared on the arena’s jumbotron. The PSA featured Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby, Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews and Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, disliked players on teams which have had bitter rivalries with the Flyers over the years. So Flyers fans did what came naturally when they saw those players: they booed them, despite the fact they were representing and speaking to a worthwhile cause which I am confident most Flyers fans wouldn’t boo had it not been for those players’ appearances in the spot.

Sadly, this is yet another example of an event that will damage the reputation of all of Philadelphia’s passionate sports fans. Too bad the folks in the crowd on Wednesday night didn’t take a moment to think about what exactly they were booing.


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  • So its true, these fans really would boo Jesus for dropping the cross.
  • IT IS TRUE! US FLYER FANS ARE PRO CANCER! You guys don't get it! This City and Suburbs LIVE AND DIE for our Teams! Hell how many Arena Football teams get a celebration like we gave the Soul!??!!!?? NONE! I can tell you everyone still STILL FEELS the Phils loss.. every Flyers Loss kills us! Every Eagles Loss KILLS US... We are PHANATICAL about our teams..
    Also, I'm pretty sure nobody was Cheering for the increase of Lymphoma! LOL Flyer fan are Pro-Cancer.. OPEN YOUR EYES! LOL
  • "PRO CANCER" means you are for cancer, you support it, side with it, etc.
  • Fans up here in Buffalo ALSO live and die for our teams, yet we don't act like idiots.

    We also don't get Bud Light radio commercials "honoring" our fans(put ultimate philadelphia sports fan into YouTube and see what you come up with).
  • That is why everyone I know will never root for a Philladelphia sports team. If Philladelphia and Boston or New England Play, I have a hard time who to hate worse. I always pick Philly though. You people need to grow up, grow a brain and grow a heart.
  • Grow a heart? Where's the fun in that?
  • Oh it is good to have Philly fans, makes everyone else look and sound like real live human beings...with brains no less
  • First off pro means in favor of and I do not believe you are in favor of cancer, of course I just lost my mother in September to breast cancer so I just wish the fans that booed the players would have waited to see what the purpose of the player's presence was before they booed them, I do find it a little offensive considering my loss. I mean how long did they boo them? did they stop when they realized why they were there? I hope they stopped when they realized what was going on cause if not shame on them!
  • Nobody thinks that Filthadelphia is "pro cancer." Just expecting a little class out of you all when people try to support research and cures for something that kills millions. On the other side of the state, where the City of Champions reside, we bleed our fans colors too. It is amazing the support we, the people of Pittsburgh, have for our football, hockey, and baseball team. However, it's not hard to show a little class for a ten second ad that supports a good cause.
    Rock on Filthadelphia! City of Losers!
  • you must be from Pittsburg wher the sky is greenm the water is brown and the plants are smarter than the people.
  • Wow. If you're going to insult someone and call dumb, why not learn to spell a little? Don't hate because you aren't from the City of Champs, ******' genius.
  • you're a moron and you're pretty much describing your precious city and not Pittsburgh (learn how to spell it) and you have probably never been there and having gone to Philly, I see no scholars there!!!
  • maybe, but we dont normally put fans of other teams in the hospital aka what happened in Chicago or LA.
  • Right. You just barf on little girls.
  • Sorry nightrider, Chicago fans have not crossed the line. That would be Vancouver, LA, NY, and Philly. You have a rep for a reason.
  • LOL! Such Neanderthals they booed there rivals on the screen!? Wow. The Cretins. Why is this news? Who is the author of this waste. Someone really was reaching here to slander the best fans fans in sports. It's too easy to hate on philly really, cmon dude save it for something more worthwhile. Imagine if the west coast shootings happened here instead of SF.
  • Neanderthals...learn to use the correct words! It's their not there genius.
  • go flyers! NOONE LIKES CANCER YOU IDIOTS. you have to be an evil muthafucka to like and appreciate cancer. the advertisement was just poorly put together
  • HAHA its not the advertisement that was poorly put together, its the philly fans that are.
  • IF the fans were booing, I wasn't there so I can't say as were probably most of you, it was the PLAYERS in the ad not the ad itself.
    I work for 2 major Philly sports teams, and I can tell you for a FACT that the only time I have ever seen Philly fans act up is when it comes to their rivals and more times than not their just messing around.
    I've seen tons of pink wearing fans since BCA month started.

    Also, I have been to many other stadiums and the attitude is no different. I've also been told that by a commissioner of sports whose job is to specifically go from stadium to stadium to see how the stadiums operate, in his words "Philly is no different (from other stadiums), you just have the reputation."
    Philly boos some drunk in a Santa suit in the 60's and we've been targets ever since.
    We're not the worst fans just the most publicized.
    PS no one has ever died in a fight over their team (Oakland)or gotten run over by some drunk (San Fran) leaving a game.
    Oh how quickly they forget when things happen in California.
  • Give it a rest. No one wants cancer to thrive. By the way, teh Eagles should change their name to Beagles.
  • Give it a rest. No one wants cancer to thrive. By the way, the Eagles should change their name to Beagles.
  • Thank you for describing the classic and majority of Philly fans. Passion and no brains. Underachievers who tell people how to achieve.
  • Ah, the City of Brotherly Love. I understand that on nights when there is no game being played in Philly, that Philadelphians actually stand on the street corners and boo each other.
  • No they don't. They stand there and sractch their balls and shoot each other
  • says people who I'm sure live nowhere near Philadelphia and don't understand that Brotherly Love that DOES go on in the city. these forums breed ignorance, obviously. things like this happen in EVERY city, Philly just gets reported on because we're an easy scapegoat.
  • I've actually lived there, and I think most people there are rude. Though, I generally think that of most of the Northeast - where I have visited frequently. I've witnessed Philly fans in my town for sporting events yelling extremely negative and classless things simply because someone was wearing a rival teams shirt. It went WAY beyond the normal rivalry - it was downright disgusting. So, I've got to agree with the others here. While I am well aware it's not the entire city, it certainly happens - worse than I've seen it anywhere else.
  • wimp
  • Either offer a real rebuttal or don't respond.
  • unfortunately, there are idiots in EVERY city that give the rest of us normal fans a bad rep. just don't be one of those ignorant people who refers to ALL Philly fans as "classless" because we're not all like that. most of us are just passionate about our teams, like most other cities.
  • ALL, of you aren't, but there is a much larger majority of Philly fans that are just plain ridiculous than for other cities. Seriously, I'm a Colts fan and hate the Pats, but I wouldn't for one second boo a Cancer commercial with Tom Brady on it. Philly fans also booed Kobe at the All Star Game. Eagles fans threw snow balls with batteries/rocks in them at the opposing team, so don't act like the poor Philly fans are getting a bad rap by accident. These are just few of your idiot fans transgressions.
  • Threw snowballs at a poor Santa Claus 50 years ago*
  • Cancer sucks! Why is is not OK to boo cancer?
  • LOL
  • The fans may have been stupid in not realizing what the ad was about but have you heard of them trashing a whole city, setting cars on fire and damaging the city's reputation because they lost the Stanley cup? Or beating a man with 2 children senseless at a baseball game? I grew up in the Northeast; for as many idiots that live there there's an equal amount on non-idiots.
  • People are straight up shooting other people at the san fran/oakland PRESEASON GAME and you guys are talking about us booing crosby. If you say you have lived here and it was horrible then what was it that brought you here in the first place. did you spin the globe and stop on philly. Give me a break eddy murphy, you got your heart broken here and left with a bad taste in your mouth.
  • I live in Baltimore so I know a few things about idiot people. But I can say with certainty that Philadelphis aka Filthadelphia is the most obnoxious city to which I've ever been, excluding pisshole New York. Rude people in general situation, and definitely when it comes to sports. Honest to God I've heard Eagles fans boo when they make a GOOD play. Complete idiots.
  • population control. it's free
  • and what's wrong with that?
  • Obviously some of the people responding did either not watch the game in question/ or have never been to Philly. We are huge Flyers fans, and going to a game is very exciting and fun. Yes, they do boo the other team, BUT if you have been to ANY hockey game out of your home town, you will see that just about every team fan does this when on their home ice. It's nothing new, hockey is a very passionate sport. As far as Philly being a "horrible" city, these people have not really visited the areas that are wonderful..parts of South Philly are alot of fun to head to. We just this weekend were down for cheesesteaks at Geno's and met nothing but great, fun folks from town....and none of them were" scratching their balls and shooting each other" The fans WERE NOT booing the cancer ad, I watched the game and this is not what really happened. Both my parents died from cancer, and believe me..if it were meant to be against that...I would have been the first to have been ticked off.
  • considering the fact that half the population here doesn't have balls, you make one poor baised post on a city you probably love to hate cause you are a neighboring fan. oh, don't understand my initial sentence? Half the population is WOMEN.
  • Don't bet on it, 18th & Sigel , you don't even need a remote to change the TV.You reach across the room with your arm . U ride around for half hour to find a parking space.The little kids have to watch out for the machines (cars).The row homes stink because you can't open the windows form the dog crap in the alleys.They wear gold chains so they no where to stop shaving.
  • As a philadelphian, I must point out that every year without fail, the flyers hold an entire day of fundraising for the Flyers Wives fight for lives. Which directly benefits Cancer and childhood disease research. We know who and what we are booing at the time we are booing. We are not irresponsible, we just happen to not discriminate. But for you haters out there on the outside looking in on our fan base, why dont you take a trip to philly, check out a sporting event, and wear a rivals jersey (i assume you wear jerseys even though you never earned one) and then talk that trash directly to us. Say what you will about us, but our fans never hospitalized a father of 2 and dam near killed him outside a abseball game just for rooting for the other team. WE boo athletes, not causes, oh and santa claus, but lets be honest, he deserved it. Now I boo you.
  • You are defending your fans as not being arrogant a--holes, but then you turn around and challenge opposing fans to rep their teams jersey at your stadium. Sounds like a threat to me. Good job on not killing a fan, YET. We should all aspire to be so amazing. I love the passion, but sometimes Philly fans just take it too far. Boo the athlete when they are playing, who cares about what is on the jumbotron?

    Love your Santa Claus remark, that's just to funny to argue with.
  • Vince, try to think with more than two brain cells. You would leave in the same condition in which you arrived if you showed up in a rival jersey. Just ask the Pens, Devils, Rangers, Isles, etc who have left totally unharmed. FYI that Santa Claus was drunk and making an A$$ of himself. You probably would have thrown a snowball as well.
  • "Too bad the folks in the crowd on Wednesday night didn’t take a moment to think about what exactly they were booing"... they were booing hockey players, you said it yourself, "I am confident most Flyers fans wouldn't boo had it not been for those players..."

    The fact this is even a story is proof that there's nothing else to report on. Frankly I'm sick and tired of the rep Philly fans get from the media when they pale in comparison to some of the antics displayed by the likes of New York, Oakland, Boston and LA fans. I don't remember the last time Philly fans put anyone in a freaking coma but to boo hockey players on a fight cancer add, HOW SHAMEFUL!
  • You dont remember? Wow.. I have only lived in filly for a few years and I remember.
    There are literally hundreds of examples of behavior.
    January, 2010: A woman wearing a Troy Aikman jersey in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (about 80 minutes outside Philly) was slashed across the face by two men wearing Philly Eagles gear.

    April 15, 2010: Slovenly Phillies fan induces vomiting in the stands onto an off-duty cop and his young daughter.

    Why dont you do some reading there stud.
    ALL sports fan bases have idiots, drunks and people who take it too far, but I have to agree with this. I have lived in 9 major american cities through my career and through my service in the Marine Corps and this is by FAR the worst. In each town ive lived, I have gone to stadiums in my teams colors. The worst you get is most places is a couple of people busting your b@lls, but mostly good spirited. In boston, I actually made friends with the Red Sox fans that were there. In Baltimore, I wore my teams jersey with pride and didnt have any negative interaction. I wore my jersey at a Fillies game and I had people cursing at me, trying to intimidate me and my girlfriend, and had beer thrown at us. Just for walking into the stadium we werent heckling or doing anything but walking to our seats.
    Does that reflect ALL fillies fans? absolutely not. But I can tell you from direct experience in multiple venues that this behavior is a noticeable constant. Deny it all you want but these types of reports are there for a reason. The reputation while exaggerated comes from somewhere and is well earned. Everyone should just admit that ALL sports cities have problems. Nobody should get so defensive and act like "our fans are the greatest and dont do anything wrong". We all have these problems. I just agree that the filly area has more of them. Most of them think its fun or cute and wear it like a false badge of honor. To them I say "congratulations! your an a$$hole! glad you are proud of it"
  • Did you mention you were a Marine. So was Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Are you kidding me dumbass? These guys put their lives on the line so you can say stupid s--t like that. Its a f-ing football game dipwad. And you're dis-ing the Marines who protect you? You are a total idiot. Show some respect fool.
  • CTVince, you should just thank hhpdirector for his service to his country and remember that he and millions of others put their lives on the line to keep the freedom in place that allows you to make suck stupid comments.
  • Defensive, aren't we-? Truth hurts... but the only agreement I'll give you is that Philly fans aren't the only ones. Across the league hockey pucks pain real fans every season; Philadelphia isn't alone. But call it what it is: a shameful public display of pridefully moronic idiocy.

    Stand or sit down with the cretins, suck up your suds and wait for the next excuse to shame the city you claim you're proud of... -and a sport you could be.
  • Too bad the idiots writing this article didn't take the time to research the Flyers organization (and fans for that matter) and all the work and contributions they make to the fight against Cancer. Put some time into researching things before you write something bashing an entire city....you might be a little bit more respected as a journalist.
  • ALL teams help with cancer research. It's political, doesn't mean the Flyers have helped more than anyone else. And I don't believe it's Philly that's getting trashed...it's their lousy, classless fans.
  • shut up douche
  • It's ok Rangers fan, see you and your fans at Citizens Bank Park on the 2nd of January
  • But the Ad's was for women, What about Men nobody and even women sports, don't have logo for Men's Prostrat cancer, now if it was just for cancer, then their wrong, but it is cance awarness month for women, and Men are suspose to wear Pink to show there support for women, so maybe the Men in the stans felt left out as always.
  • Redhead, get your facts straight. The Flyers organization has been supporting cancer research for much much longer than any other team. They lost one of their own to lukemia in the mid 70's and have been raising money ever since. Most of the other teams and organizations only jumped on the band wagon when it became "fashionable." Get the facts straight or by doing that will you have nothing to say since your statements have been rendered totally false and assinine?
  • The reason Philly fans have a reputation is to hide the BORISH behavior of NY fans of all sports. "Every BOO from Philly gets press(like every major market sports team dosn't have insidents)
    REAALY NOW. The cowardly NY press and radio outwardly talks trash about Philly and Boston teams. Instead of talking about the sports as a REAL fan does its always about NY sticking its chest out and envying anything these Phiily or Boston fans have good going for them. You will call me paranoid etc. but the truth is there if you choose to see it or the intestial fortitute to speak out about it!
  • nothing else to write about so you pick philly fans again.
    philly fans are the best in the world. as was stated in the article "they were booing the players, not the ad.
  • EVERYONE thinks the teams they favor are the best in the world, so that comment doesn't matter. And as you said, they were booing the players, how stupid, we're only shirt fans anyway. If Crosby, Toewes, or Miller wore the orange you wouldn't boo them. AND if you're too busy booing, you'll never listen long enough to learn
  • I'm a huge Flyers fan and live in Philly. I would NEVER under any circumstance cheer for Crosby. He is such a crybaby tool. I thank the sports gods that he isn't wearing orange and black.
  • why does this surprise anyone? the phil eagles fans threw batteries at Santa Claus for pete's sake!
  • A Santa Claus that was a drunk asshole and deserved to be treated as such. you're an idiot.
  • Why don't you do some research. We didn't throw batteries, the people in the stands boo'd and it wasn't directed at Santa it was directed at the fact that the lowly losing Eagles announced that they were raising the price of tickets for the following year, it just coincided with a "skinny" santa in sunglasses on the field.
  • The throwing batteries was at JD Drew from the phillies fans for sitting out and going to the independent league and not signing when he was drafted. But both the Phillies and Eagles have singed some great players recently who wanted to come to philly instead of taking the NY cash- case in point Cliff Lee when his wife was treated badly by the NY fans so he took less to come here cause he loved how the fans treated him the first time he was here.
  • But you still threw batteries! That speaks volumes in and of itself, does it not?
  • Got it wrong, "we" booed Santa. And "we" threw batteries at an outfielder at a baseball game. "We" all also threw snowballs at Jimmy Johnson during a cowboys game, including the mayor. I am surprised the national media doesn't know that in Philly "We" teach our children to bite the heads off if small cute fuzzy animals. If the Eagles lose to the Giants we have our children spit in the face of old ladies when they are leaving church. All opposing players know to wear bullet proof vest before taking the field and not to eat or drink anything they get in Philly. Of course "we" boo fighting cancer because "we" hope all opposing players will die from cancer. Yup, "we" have been found out.
  • Seriously, that happened almost 40 years ago. Give it a break.
  • and the Eagles we're going 2-12..The Pope woudl have been in danger!
  • It was snowballs not batteries. This also happened decades ago? Haven't there been numerous incidents more recently with fans and snowballs at football games?
  • Are you people serious? Do you realize the santa - snowball thing happened around 1970??? Get over it! Chicago had a drunk father - son jump the wall and attack a first base coach a few years ago...hmmm, classy Chitown!

    Again, the fans bood the players not the add. I'm sure if you ran the same add in any of the New York area arena's with Flyers players you would hear the same thing.
  • 50 years ago genius! get over it and it was snow bals not batteries and they were ridiculing the crappy outfit he was wearing...get some facts einstein...
  • All you morons are the same that right these articles... A couple boos at a place and you feel the need to write a big article about it. I was at the game, it was not even that noticable...and for the record, the only player they are really booing is Crosby...for good reason!
  • It wasn't "that" noticeable? That makes it right? So it's okay that they JUST booed Crosby? Jealous much? Seriously, grow up and use your brain.
  • Crosby's a whiny bitch and we'll boo him all we want. we weren't booing the fight against cancer.
  • I totally agree KristenK. I actually can't help but yell obscenities whenever I see his crybaby face on tv.
  • yeah, and that makes it okay to "boo" in any situation!?!?!?!? You morons have many whiny bitches on your team so you have no room to talk...
  • So you have never and would never boo an opposing teams star player? Ever?
  • No, I wouldn't - IN A CANCER AD. When that player takes the ice/field/whatever, yes, I will boo them. If that player gets on the big screen touting Pepsi, I might boo. But a cancer ad, I absolutely wouldn't do that - and I'm a die hard sports fan.
  • If it were only a couple of boos the article wouldn't be written. It's an ongoing, loud and moronic thing when you're booing PSA's. I can understand booing the opposing teams, but these men have lives outside of hockey. They were supporting a cause and they shouldn't be booed for that. MORONS
  • To the Cretin who wrote this,"so-called article",as a lifelong Philly fan, I am sure we were booing Cindy Crosby, and the likes, definitely not the cause, like you make it out to be. I hope your boss is booing you for what you try to write, cause it sucks.
  • The 2nd longest aryiculated beer burp I've ever heard. -Well done.
  • Yet another indicator that Flyer fans have no class...Not surprised at all. I do give have to give them some credit though...Flyer fans have had nothing to cheer for years, so they have become very good at booing!
  • At least all the idiots can be put in one place at a time.
  • How pathetic must be a slow night for sports if this is all you can find to report, another clueless writer bashing Philadelphia Fans take a number and get in line. Moron
  • odd...no mention of the moment of silence or standing ovations of war veterans that night... think they just want to give us MORE motivation to cheer louder as our team goes to the CUP!!!!
  • yeah you can only document about Crosby's status 100 times a day.
  • Please forgive the spelling errors, this article is just slander. Like non-haters don't know it was booing the players not the cause! Why didn't this "objective" article writer mention the FLYERS WIVES FIGHT FOR LIFE CARNIVAL- the fight against LUKEMIA! eACH YEAR "PHILLY FANS" break the prior year's
    $$$$ record for 35 years now. Look into all the PHILLIES charity work and the Eagles,Sixers & Union if you really want the passion of the PHILADELPHIA fans and the real truth! Look into the mirror and tell me your home town is so PRISTINE! FRAUD!
  • obviously writen by a non Philly Supporter. If this story is that accurate, then why is there no mention on espn.com and nhl.com(real sports news sources). People, if you don't have a clue then don't say it. Everyone wants to point fingers at Philly, but no one ever mentions when Shaun Ellis threw a huge chunk of snow at fans in 2008. Oh and Yankee fans and Red Sox fans, feel free to visit the opposite city with all your gear on, because you're not getting booed. Point is, stop the negative propaganda with Philly, becasue it happens everywhere.
  • This is exactly the kind of classless behavior that typifies Flyers fans. True fans of the sport would appreciate those players, regardless of which team they played for and would stand up & applaud them for their support of cancer research. Flyer fans sicken me...always have, always will.
  • thank you. don't bother visiting philly. if the players can respect our passion we don't need you too
  • You are ignorant jackasses. They weren't booing cancer, they were booing Crosby. Everyone just wants to pick on Philly, I've been to many hockey arenas and found asses in every one of them.
  • Wasn't it the "classless" Flyers fans that gave Mario Lemiuex two standing ovations in Philadelphia!? The first came after his bout with Hodgkin's Lymphoma on the same day that he had his last Chemo treatment he played at the Spectrum and was given a standing ovation when he stepped onto the ice, (fans even cheered when he scored during the game). The second was when his Penguins played their last regular season game at the Center and fans stood and chanted his name as he left the ice.
  • You have no idea what you're talking about- Philly fans call it like they see it- Ryan Miller helped put us out of the playoffs, Johnny Toews helped keep the cup out of Philly, and Sidney Crosby puts up ridiculous numbers every time he plays us- WHATS NOT TO BOO!?!?!? Fact is, the players Flyers fans boo, they DO have respect for- if we didnt think those players were great, they'd get no reaction. Dont confuse 'typical Flyers fans' with the minority who act like @$$holes and throw batteries- those people are few and far between. And please keep in mind, no one gets beaten to the point of being braindead outside of the Wells Fargo center- Ive never heard of someone stabbing someone at a local bar for wearing a Rangers jersey- perhaps its true that EVERY city has their moron fans who take it too far- that kind of behavior does NOT typify Philadelphia fans....its only because of idiots like the writer of this blog that this is the only thing you hear about.

    You are ignorant, nothing more or less.
  • So I guess your a "tue fan" then? You appreciate all pro athletes? You think they're all great? There isn't any of them that you find over-rated?

    Take a good look in the mirror pal. Deep down you are no better than Philly fans.
  • Who cares....and I would have bood also, knowing that it was a 'Cancer' PSA....when are Americans going to wake up and realize they are all being used to fund the big drug companies and so called cancer 'cure' researchers through so called charity. Collectively we 'donate' billions a year to this cause yet get cancer and wait and see your bill at the pharmacy. You all cry for socialized health care yet the funds that could be used for just that pass directly to the drug companies and researchers vis a vis all this PINK Sh%$ I see the NFL players wearing

    Money and pink wrist bands dont cure cancer....eating healthy and other prevetative measures does. Try putting windshield wiper fluid in your engine instead of oil and see what happens to your car.

    Screw "hockey fights Cancer"....boooooo!!!!!!!! I would rather hockey just be hockey and you get out of the hot dog and nacho line as a more meaningful cure for cancer.
  • chudlaw62 you are an ignorant person. I hope you never get cancer and need to take advantage of the research that was made possible by people like me that have donated to finding a cure. You must not know, or should I say, care about anyone that has ever been stricken with the horrible disease. Those pink bands stand for something you imbecile. You can eat all the perfect foods and exercise everyday and still get cancer. Are you going to walk around in a bubble that the air you breath is being filtered so you don't come into contact with any pollutants from the environment? I don't think so!! People may have a genetic marker that makes them more susceptible to certain cancers and they usually wouldn't find out until they were stricken with cancer and had a genetic screening. So, before you type such uneducated crap you might wanna use your brain and think about what you have to say before you actually say or type it. I get the feeling that you let your hind-side override your mouth quite a bit. I guess if you get cancer we should all say "Who cares".
  • Your post sounds reasonable until you actually scratch the surface...thank you, i hope I never get cancer either. If I do, I hope my doctor will graciously accept my insurance that i HAVE SPENT A LIFETIME PAYING INTO. You have donated money to finding a cure? A cure for what? And what cure has been discovered? Billions$$$....what cure? Of course I know the pink ribbons stand for something....they are an ingenous marketing tool of the American Cancer Society to get your heart-strings and money. Do me a favor....ask the American Cancer Society why so-called cancer drugs cost thousands of dollars to each patient when they get cancer if the American donor has already poured billions into the kitty? Of course I could still get cancer....I could also get hit by a bus today....except if I stay out of the road and look both ways before I cross, my chances of not getting hit go way up....get the point silly? Ahhhh....the dreaded genetic marker you say....tough one to respond to....oh yeh eat healthy and exercise and the chances of provoking the cancerous gene are again greatly diminished....and oh by the way, what does cancer funding do to address genetic pre-dispositions to cancer anyway??? If I get cancer, you can say "Who Cares". I am sure my family will care, and I am not quite sure what you "caring" will do to help my cancer....
  • Agree - No PSAs should be allowed during any event. I hate paying for tickets and then be subject to PSAs.

    US Gov allows Pharmaceutical Company's to charge whatever they want for drugs = even though taxpayer money paid for their development.

    Go figure just how stupid most Americans are for not catching on.

    Do Not Donate to any "cure" because it is going straight to Pharmaceutical Co's and payoffs to US Gov Officials.

    Not even 1 penny out of 1 dollar is used for any "cure". Majority of donations are used for salaries, private jets, payoffs, conventions, cruises, vacations, illegal drugs, alcohol and prostitutes, etc. I worked for $8.00 hr. 5 years ago for a private company who was contracted to the big Pharmaceutical Company's across USA and attended one employee party only, no spouses or MSOs, etc. allowed; and that was enough.

    Majority of my co-worker's said all of this went on at every such Pharm party nationwide and said all the free sex, drugs and rock and roll going on at these quarterly parties made up for the low pay. Just against my ethics and boy, if only the spouses and MSOs knew. I did enjoy all the trips by Private Jets and food catering, etc. Gee, guess I should have went to all of them and just stayed on the plane; but that would be condoning behavior I do not believe in. Instead I quit; but co-worker's say they have videos if I ever wanted to re-live experience. And before you think otherwise, this was even mixture of male and female co-worker's loving and participating. ICK.

    Why is it Germany developed a Aids drug years ago = that is working and reversing disease to total remission with nothing showing up for over 7 years so far and it was all done with NO money costs to or from the German people or Government. Paid in full by Pharmaceutical Companys only. Which will and are making their money selling the drugs; but that is just business. Not Robbery of the people like they do here in USA.

    I tell you why, because the German people will not put up with the BS and payoffs, etc. And neither with the Swiss people and people in other foreign country's.

    The wealthy of the world go to Germany and Switzerland and usually get the best medicine while us regular and poor Americans get scammed by our own US Gov Agencies.

    Wake Up DA Americans and quit giving to United Way and all other Agencies and Anyone asking for donations to find a "cure" for this and a "cure" for that.

    Read the reports on all of these Agencies and Companies and find out for yourself where the money goes and who they donate it too.

    Different for each County in State also so check with the local Agencies offices and get brochures - taxpayer's paid for - to see where money goes.

    In my county, this past entire summer, only certain races, ethnic groups received free membership to the YMCA and free city bus passes to go back and forth. Was limited to only Hispanic and African-American children. No others were accepted if they applied. I just happened to stop at an Ethnic Food Market and saw the Flyers there and said I would tell the neighbor about it so their 4 kids could apply and the guy laughed and said = let me tell you how it works. I was shocked but found out from a local representative that it has been going on since the 1960s here and kept a big secret. Now I am sure kids might know about it nowadays but when the advertising is only done in targeted neighborhoods then that is discrimination in my book and United Way pays for it all. That is when I started digging in to who pays for what.

    And the only way to stop these Agencies and the causes they support is to quit donating money to them.

    When you donate you are donating to Million dollar plus salaries and stock options, private jets, private luxery vehicles, etc. and these employees live like Bernie Madoff did before his scam was uncovered.

    Talk about Cretins - anyone in America donating to these scam artists are Cretins.

    Are you so stupid that you do not realize that if donations stop - then these Pharmaceutical Company's will miraculously come up with the "cure" to make money from the drugs for the "cure". DUH.

    GO PHILLY FANS = you are the best in the world and do not let anyone shut you up. I do not live anywhere close but love what I read about you last few years with all the bad press for speaking your minds, etc.

    KEEP BOOING and Protest, Protest, Protest every chance you get = just keep it non violent with just loud per-recorded messages, loud speeches, signs and marching. Can not do it on stadium property but on easements, etc. And boo any of your own players for be participants in such scams and PSAs.

    And VOTE OUT everyone in elected office out every chance you get.

    I Love America and it is greatest country but can not stand the Crooked Politics and Gov Officials.
  • See more comments >>
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