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While families mourned, a city panicked, and a country empathized, some people were trying to cash in on acts of terrorism that have left four dead, nearly 200 injured, and dozens without limbs. WPIX in New York reported Thursday that they found five 2013 Boston Marathon finisher medals for sale on eBay. They noted that only one of the sellers mentioned making an effort to donate the money to charity. The man whose company has been manufacturing the finisher medals for the Boston Marathon the past 31 years is disgusted by the attempts of some to capitalize on the tragedy. “Now that we’re seeing some of the medals being sold on eBay, it’s kind of disgusting in my eyes,” said Dan Ashworth, the president of Ashworth Awards. “Why would you want it?” Ashworth wonders. “You run the marathon, it’s a personal goal in your life to run a marathon, and it’s something that you achieve personally.” When Larry Brown Sports checked eBay on Friday evening, we found seven 2013 Boston Marathon finisher medals for sale. The prices ranged from $51 for auctions ending in a few days, to $610 for an auction ending in 10 hours. One seller said in their description: “Own a piece of history — this medal was available only for official finishers of this historic race.” Another seller tells potential buyers they can “Own a piece of history!” The seller did, however, add a disclaimer to apologize for anyone who might be offended. “Just want to add that I am only selling my medal to recoup some cost I incurred from the tragic events that happened. Hotels are not cheap and I am not rich. Sorry if the auction offends anyone, that is not the intent,” the seller writes. The $610 auction, which attracted 28 bids, offered the full package: a medal, runner passport, race-day bag, and marathon sticker (seen below):+++9 One seller said in their sales description that they would donate the proceeds to The One Fund Boston charity created by the Boston mayor and Massachusetts governor. The seller also says he already donated $250 to the fund.

  • horrible greed.
  • Shopping on the internet is for people who are to cheap and to dam lazy to drive to the mall
  • Shopping at the mall is for someone not smart enough to save money
  • Or crippled and too proud to ask someone to take them shopping -
  • Not true. Go to the malls and pay 50% more. Shopping on line is a smart buyer
  • they should have the **** kicked out of them. anyone one who tries to make $ off of this needs to burn
  • It is hard to condemn a person for trying to get some money, times are tough and if that medal covers the water bill, I understand.
  • I'm glad this account of those on ebay are being shown to sell the Boston Marathon 2013 medals for profit because it depicts the U.S. people's unbridled willingness for immoral GREED. They will even sell their own grandmothers for a buck.
  • Really???
    You are going to paint all 350,000,000 Americans as the same
    This type of small minded thinking makes me sick
    I ran Boston Monday, I will never sell my medal
    I would never sell my grandmother,
    I would sell you, but a buck would be too much
  • Your ire and, yes, your ignorance, is just more demonstative evidence that the American way of life (which rules those 350m you speak of). So, remember, BZZZZ, or STUPID, or whatever you'd like to be known as, I state my point of things in general terms--not individual or specific terms.
  • you're ignorant
  • 1st and foremost this is one of the worse infractions of EBAY's policies on Disasters & Tragedies. There are very limited situations underwhich items from such a tragedy can be sold and none of these rise to that threshold. Some of these have already been removed and the 4 in this report have also been submitted for removal. If they sell in the interim the sales will most likely be cancelled.

    e.g. if you click on the 610 link you will see the following; Item 281095680459 is no longer available. That means that EBAY has removed the listing.

    If someone is claiming it will go to a charity there is no proof of such or the claim "proceeds" (define proceeds?" or if somone couldn't afford a hotel as their reasoning well maybe they should have been a spectator.

    Incidently, if an EBAY seller then relists the medal they will also jepordize their EBAY account.
  • EBAY is a rip off, I will not use ebay or paypal because of the games they play, I hope everyone knows that both companys are owned by the same mother company, so you pay fees both coming and going
  • So what.

  • ebay is a joke. you can buy an item and not pay for it and they do nothing, but these people own these items and they say it is not right to sell them? proxibid will allow them to be sold. they know we still have the freedom to make our own decisions
  • Well said
  • If there is such a demand for the 2013 medals, why don't Dan Ashworth, the president of Ashworth Awards, make up a bunch that say "Donated to 2013 Boston Marathon" and sell them to the public.

    That would mean more to me than someone else running and I buying their reward.

    Prayers to all those who have suffered through this ordeal.

  • If the sales go through, some pathetic slug will have his medal. Then he can make up some stories and lie to his future friends that he "was there". And then he can go back to the apartment in the basement of his mother and watch reruns of Star Wars. Pathetic.
  • Who are the FOUR people dead referenced in the beginning of your article? I was only aware of THREE people dead: Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, and Lu Lingzi.
  • I believe they are referencing Officer Sean Collier who was killed Thursday evening. Even though he was not killed at the Marathon, he was murdered by the same two responsible. the article said 'acts of terrorism" so I think they are referring to the bombing and subsequent manhunt and killing/capture of the pair. The officer responded to a disturbance and was shot multiple times by the brothers. It sparked the car chase and fire fight leading to one brothers death and the injury to the other before he was captured Friday evening.
  • The 4th victim of the entire event was the uniformed MIT Police Officer, Sean Collier who is believed to have been shot while sitting in his car by the suspects in the overnight hours Thursday/Friday.
  • The medals are the property of the people that have them, why call this greed? Let the free market decide what has value, and what doesn't. Haters gonna hate.
  • Trying to profit from the tragedy? Of course the media and this author are not profitting from this tragedy. Folks who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. These are little trinkets and there are much larger issues related to this tragedy.
  • This is so wrong to sell these medals. One person said they were trying to get some of the money back that they spent on hotels. Well if that was the case you had no business going if you could not afford it
  • Right on, Joel & ralahinn. People are just too much into others' business. Quit judging, let people do what they need to survive and let's do our best to support the people of Boston and all the marathoners.
  • That's what we do as "Americans" try to profit on everything. I for one find it disgusting.
  • Shame on them and shame on ebay for allowing them to do that.
  • The manufacturer of these medals SOLD them, didn't he? His expressed acrimony is hypocritical. Actually, those who OWN the medals being sold by auction should start the price at four figures. They would get what they don't expect. Yes. Indeed. Its no dishonor to try and obtain funds for recovery that will be blatantly absent from the promoters of this event.
  • Although this may seem cold to many of you I don'tfeel as upset as you all do. Yes it does seem a lttle quick but when will be the right time ? How many medals were sold after last years race ?The race before that and the years before that? One runner explained he needed the money to recoup expenses and now you feel he shouldn't be allowed to do that because of what happened. These medals like many trophys given to contestents often don't mean much to the competitor. I raced cars for many years and also built show car. I have dozens of trophys . I have given many away and thrown many away as well.The point is , they are just "things". 20 or 30 years from now these medals will be pitched out or sold when someone dies or retires. Will it be ok to sell them then or will it still be sacreligious ?
  • Jeez, are we just figuring out that of the thousands that finished the marathon that at least five of them have no common sense about what is proper? At least this isn't really hurting anyone (other than their feelings). Look around you, there's far greedier people in almost all walks of life that are doing real damage to others.
  • Wow, you act like just because 4 people lost their lives that nothing else really bad happened, how about all the people that are missing body parts. Some of them probably wish they were dead. There are always going to be idiots that try to capitalize on these kinds of situations. I bet if they had kids or close family that died or were MAIMED from this tragedy, they would think different but, until Karma bites them in the rear I'm sure they will just keep trying to make a dollar off of other people's anguish. My condolences to the families that suffered through this.
  • The marathoners paid for them, they have the RIGHT to do what they want with them. Isn't this the land of the free?Who cares what others think. Yes, Boston is a tragedy. Why are you getting bent out of shape over a piece of metal and ribbon? If you want to talk about greed, did we forget what happened a couple years ago in Wall Street, AIG, Citicorp, etc?
  • It seems to me people are just looking to be offended.
  • What does Dick Cheney NRA Gun Manufacturers Budweiser Cigarettes Ronald Reagan Koni Banks Mafia and so on, all have in common? PROFITING after a tragedy
  • If people found a bone fragment out there and was selling that I could understand, but this is a medal that is given to every person who runs the marathon. And lets face it, it is normally only the 1st 2nd and 3rd place medals that really count. Where is the outrage when someone looses their job and cant make their mortgage payment and the bank throws them out on the street and sells the house from under them. That is also a tragedy, not to the magnitude of the bombing, but if a family is thrown out on the streets people don't even bat an eye much less take time to comment on it, but if it were to happen to you, then you'd see just how much other events around the country, as tragic as they may be, just doesn't matter when compared to your personal plight. Times are hard and these people are selling what rightfully belongs to them. The fact that there are people out there who want to own pieces of history creates a demand and people will take advantage of that. It is what you call CAPITALISM which is what America is all about. Just like if you are sick and dying, and need specialized treatment, but you have no insurance or money, you don't make it. Why, because in a Capitalist economy, doctors have the right to sell or not sell there service and knowledge to you if you can pay for it. How much money do you think the city of Boston and all of the marathon sponsors will generate next year when a record number of people sign up for the marathon in a show of solidarity and support for the victims of this years event. I bet no one would suggest that a there should be moratorium of the event/ year for each victim killed and vigil the year after that for those injured. And the marathon resumes 4 years from now. The city wont do it. You know why? Revenue!!! They will say if we don't run it then we show they world that you can hurt us and cause Americans to change their life style. But that has been evident since 9/11. We have changed a lot of our lifestyle. And it will be evident in next years race when the tightened security is in place. One attempted bombing by using a shoe bomb and now everyone has to take off their shoes when ever going through an airport. They have already won. They are gradually turning this country into a police state. Benjamin Franklin stated what I believe to be true, "Anyone who is willing to give up liberty for safety, deserves neither. And we are getting to that point daily. This America is not the America I was born into 45 years ago. One thing for sure is this America is overly sensitive. I don't even see why this story was news worthy.
  • Nothing better to do than stir up a fuss about some trivial ********.

  • I think it is awful & discusting for these people to sell their medals. Especially aftr all the bad press. My son who passed away in 1993 would have been elated to having been asked to run the marathon. He came in second in his age group in the Orange Bowl Marathon in 1986. Now he is running God's Marathon. May you come in FIRST everything Rodney. RIP
  • someone above said "ebay is a joke. you can buy an item and not pay for it."

    That's right. I hope no one on ebay whines when their morbid blood-bling gets bid up to $Millions but the winners don't pay.

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