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On Sunday, Trish Staine was training to run the half-marathon during the upcoming Grandma’s Marathon on June 22 in Duluth, Minn., when she began to experience some back stiffness. The pain began to intensify on Monday, so much so that her husband John reports that she was “screaming, crying and yelling out.” So, after running [...]The post Woman unaware of pregnancy gives birth during training for half-marathon appeared first on Sportress of Blogitude.

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  • This woman was living in a world of denial.Any woman who says she didn't know she was pregnant,is full of it.
  • It happens all the time. Not every woman has the same type of pregnancy. Try reading more!
  • No, actually it does not. Stop enabling ignorance in reasoning. These people were in complete denial.
  • sorry to say you are wrong i had my cycles and was in my eighth month of pregnancy weighing 103 lbs before i ever knew, i delivered 2 weeks after finding out. if i hadnt went in for my pap i would of delivered not knowing until i went in labour
  • Hard to believe... especially in such a small girl. How much did your baby weigh? 1lb.
  • As a medical professional of 40 years, I never believe the (many) stories (that I have personally seen, as well as those in the news) about a woman who supposedly did not know she was pregnant. Not due to pre-judgement mind you, but because of the circumstances that are always later found out. It is almost virtually impossible. Added with the interesting fact, that her husband had had a vasectomy, it certainly raises some questions as to why the woman would not want to "recognize" her pregnancy - whether that be psychologically or publicly. I am not passing moral judgement here, I am just speaking to the biological facts, and the human relationship complications that usually accompany them in this scenario. Regardless, welcome to Mira, she has nothing to do with it. And P.S. anyone who would go ahead and run the marathon, is either still in denial and trying too hard to prove her point, or crazy and irregarding her own health and the well-being of her family, or a publicity hound. And husband, your trust is admirable, but possibly more like gullible - wake up and look around. I would like to read the follow-up story to this someday, when all the facts are born out. (No pun intended.) Like a paternity test. Best of luck to all involved. Period.
  • you may be a professional for 40 years but after reading what you said you did not learn anything in 40 years. There are such things as miracles and that family had one. There are a lot of women that did not know they were pregnant and some of them had miscarriages. The body is not always going to do what professionals say they are suppose to do that is left up to the man upstairs GOD. Also telling the husband to do a paternity test just cause he had vasectomy so it can not happen. When a women gets fix they are told they can not have kids but guess what that has happened........So try learning something besides what education tells you and another thing try opening your mind there are other things besides modern medicine!!!!!!!!!!!
  • broken5, Where shall I start? First off, there is no god. Never has been, never will be. Jesus was simply the David Copperfield of his time.
    Secondly, for a woman to not know she was pregnant is simple and plain ignorance. She must have been in denial. Regardless of whether she has a baby bump or not, she still is missing her period for months. Yes, she's running a lot, but I don't buy that she was running enough to skip her period. That in itself should alarm the woman that something is up. The pains she was experiencing also should have led her to believe something was wrong. There is a difference between workout pains and pregnancy pains.
    Thirdly, yes the man could have had a botched vasectomy. It happens. However, given that he did, a paternity test would not be a bad idea.
    Finally, yes, there are other things besides modern medicine, but none is more effective than modern medicine.
  • In response of your comment, "There is no god." That is your opinion. If there is no god as you belive, I would like to see proof. Miricales like this story can just happen. People lose the family dog for a few years and it just shows up. People beating some disease. These things just happen. Its not like we choose for it to happen.
  • A dog returns therefore it was God? Maybe the Aliens abducted the dog and returned it. There is as much proof of Aliens as there is for God. The human body defeated a disease that science can't yet explain therefore God?

    Anything you can't explain therefore God? This is the reason Religion has persisted for so many years, people make up an explanation for that in which they can't believe.
  • How sad that you do not believe there is no God. What a sad life you must live :(
  • First and foremost, God is real and He is the creator or all things. Do you think you can create the DNA complex to have a baby? Can you control the world to your narsistic pleasures? In addition, if you are right, there is no consequence, if I'm right, your going to have big trouble.
    Second, your statements about the Mom not knowing she was pregnant is pure speculation and it means nothing. I've worked OB for 25 years. Women who work out intensely will often miss their cycle. She may have just dismissed some of the symptoms as work-out aches and pains. But if she is a runner, then she must be slim and not sure how she missed the growing abdomen. Sometimes overweight women miss this and just think they are gaining weight.
    Third, Vasectomies are often a failure. Dad's are suppose to go back a month later and have a sperm count check. Less than 50% do. We deliver many babies from failed vasectomies.
    Lastly, the story is a bit concerning. But don't put judgment for a situation that you do not know. Implying a paternity check at this point can cause many problems of which your conclusions are pure speculation without any value. People need to learn some boundaries about what to say in situations. It's called respect and keep your mouth shut until you know better.
  • NO GOD!!! Wow, I'm sorry you feel that way. Maybe that's why you call yourself Broken5 for without GOD you are broken! I will keep you in my prayers!!
  • 1. I also do not believe she didn't know she was having a child

    2. God, Jesus, is real, I have felt his presence, read the KJV bible, go to Acts 2:38, not only have I spoken in tongues, I have watched young children praying, crying, and filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.....as young as 7 years old, you can't fake that, I beg of you to open your mind, besides if you really believe it to be untrue, what do you have to lose? Speaking in another tongue is proof of his presence for the unbeliever................I promise, once you see it and experience it NOTHING will ever take that place in your heart...........
  • I like your quote, Jesus was simply the David Copperfield of our time. The Bible as written solely to keep people in line. Having Native American ancestry, I believe their is a higher power, but not the God the Bible portrays.
  • You are so foolish to say that there is no God. We are all accountable to Jehovah. And you compare Jesus to David Copperfield?...Shame on you.
  • Jehovah a personal name that most people don't understand and through his son alone you are free of sin of this world.

    Not a lot of the common people understand this The true god gives use free will. But most don't understand the war going on in the spirt relam.
  • Catboater you sound like your are an atheist. So where shall I start. First of all each person has a right to believe in whatever they want that is what so great about this country. Psalm 14:1 To the choirmaster. Of David. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good.

    To address your issue about women not knowning they are pregant is ignorance. I challenge on this issue because I known women and they don't have regular periods and because of this they never feel anything when they are pregnant. Here are some facts related to this. Women's health News by Author

    Rachel Walden, MLIS (Nashville, TN) and in this articule it talks about heavy exercise like this ldy did

    Not all women get symptoms. She could have had an irregular period so she didn't really register it when she missed one. And she could've been on the heavier side and didn't notice a bump cuz there wasn't one.

    Oh and last if she did go out on her husband and it was not his it is none of your F..... business and there are also fact about Vasectomy maybe they concieved before he had it.

    So everyone has right to their own opinion but you need to stay out of there busiess

    have a nice day
  • Why is it your business who the dad is? Just curious as to why we "need" the facts and why we need to know if the dad is really the dad. Don't you think that's a family issue, not a national issue?
  • It's called Paternity Fraud and is the most despicable form of domestic abuse. It is practiced by at least 4% of all married women- enabled by pathology like you. It is an epidemic and a national disgrace that would be mitigated by mandatory paternity tests and jail time akin to convictions for rape.
  • Sounds like you know from experience? Sad thing, itis obvious when a female has an affair and gets pregnant...I believe it is the male who impregnantes her..I am sure all the males are single when this happens right?
  • Okay, Olddad, first of all, she didn't suspect she was pregnant BECAUSE her husband had a vasectomy. Add to that the very common side effect of extreme running is the loss of a woman's period, and she's home free from the snide innuendo in your comment. Secondly, (as you should know, being a medical professional and all), vasectomies sometimes don't take. Use birth control for the first six months and then get tested to make sure something didn't heal right back up. I know because my half-brother was born after my dad had a vasectomy and the rest of us can't stop chuckling. Oh, and we know he's one of us because he has a dimple.
  • Women-children never consider that fact that women are at least as promiscuous men. Make paternity mandatory and find out how pig women can be.

    I wouldn't convict this guy if he reacts just like Tigger Wife did when she discovered he cheated on her.
  • wow suzie where you been im your long lost brother. dont believe me? i have the dimple too!
  • just take this story for what it really is....***** got caught and now this husband has been cuckolded into raising another mans child. id venture to guess had she not been out running and had time to plan, this little guy would have ended up in a dumpster as she tried to cover up her infidelity.
  • Well then as a medical professional I am sure you also know that most athletic women have either no menstruation cycle or if they do it is not much at all. You also are aware that some women can become pregnant even after a vasectomy that is why they tell them to be careful for some period of time and she of course could have already been pregnant before he got his vasectomy. Just sayin....
  • After my wife and I had a son and daughter I had a vasectomy. Two years later we had another daughter. Yes, I followed all the post-op requirements. Yes, I was shooting live ammo again. Yes she is my offspring (and an amazing 16 year old I might add). Yes, I had a second vasectomy. Yes, to this day I am still gun shy :)
  • But you got her tested.

    There needs to be mandatory paternity testing in this country. Life rapists need to be prosecuted.
  • I agree that a women would be in an extreme case of denial to not notice that she is "with child." In this case the question is whose child? Denial is symptomatic of other deep rooted psychological issues. Hoarders live for years in piles of trash and don't see it. People will believe what they want to believe. There is science and then there is science fiction.
  • After my wife and I had a son and daughter I had a vasectomy. Two years later we had another daughter. Yes, I followed all the post-op requirements. Yes, my ammo was live again. Yes she is my offspring (and an amazing 16 year old I might add). Yes, I had a second vasectomy. Yes, to this day I am still g-u-n shy :)
  • Actually this does happen. In the 60's, my aunt who had irregular periods and was told she would never have children began the process of adopting a baby. When the adoption was almost final, she found out she was pregnant and was due in a few weeks. The only reason she went to her doctor was that she had been trying to lose 15-20 pounds and no matter what she did, she kept gaining weight.
  • I personally know a a man and woman who each had their own children from previous marriages and who had each undergone sterilization before their marriage to one another. Needless to say they were very surprised when they became pregnant with their daughter. So you see these things DO happen without infidelity having to be part of the equation. And there are many women who find out well into their pregnancies that they are pregnant. It can and does happen like that some times
  • Funny place to put this kind of info.
  • Have she ever had intercourse ?
  • Have she ever had intercourse?
  • Really? I had it happen to me. I had my period all 9 months, and I was still taking it. My son never moved all 9 months until it was time to have him. I had heart burn but I chalked it up to something I ate, because it wasn't all the time. When I got sick I thought I had the flu which one time it was. Nothing made me sick to my stomach the whole time. The day he came was a big surprise. Don't tell me that it isn't possible.
  • I have been pregnant two times and both times I could tell I was pregnant even before I had the pregnancy test! Your boobs start to hurt, your belly pooches out and you gain some weight. This woman is an idiot and was in denial big time!
  • I really don't think the whole truth is being told here. And if she really didn't know she was pregnant and looked like she lost weight, she must be a rather large girl. Or if you look at the fact that the husband has had a vasectomy and she is trying to hide the baby??? Maybe it's someone else's baby???
  • Thank you. I'm a nursing student, currently in a bachelors program and moving to a graduate program at University of Portland's Health and Sciences Intitute, planning on a career as a midwife. It is not what happens in most cases, but it is a lot more common that most people realize for women, even those who've already had kids and are not overweight, to be pregnant and not know it until they are in labor. I knew someone personally that this happened to. I didn't find out about my first pregnancy until the beginning of the second trimester, but this is extremely common when there's no morning sickness because the abdomen hasn't grown yet, and you can't feel the baby yet. Mild pregnancy symptoms are easy to dismiss as something else. There are lots of reasons why women have irregular periods (athletics being an extremely common reason some women have no period at all) and it would be all too easy to miss that sign too. As far as who is the father, it is a bit suspicious, but even vasectomies and tubal ligation are not 100% effective. One of the episodes on the show you mentioned featured a mother who had her tubes tied many years before and never believed she could be pregnant. Obviously that wasn't a case of mistaken parentage, so it does happen.

    People love to pretend to know what they're talking about, but just because it's contrary to your personal experiences (unless you are medically trained and experienced), doesn't mean it doesn't happen just as they said. It happens often enough that Discovery has made a TV series out of it. Many of these women have even had negative pregnancy tests, so even if they experience symptoms they are forced to write them off because a test told them it wasn't pregnancy.
  • You are right on all that you say.
  • You know I never said that I didn't think it could happen, just that I don't believe that the whole truth is coming out here. I understand that crazy things happen, but how many happen at the same time? Just because you're a "nursing student" doesn't qualify you to say this IS what happened either. You have your thoughts on it and I have mine.

    My wife went off birth control for one week while we were deciding whether we wanted to start trying to have a kid. In the end we decided against it, and she took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, so she started back up on the pill. The first missed menstrual cycle we figured it was the pill being funky, the second we went in and she was pregnant. So I believe wacky things happen. This story just sounds like too many wacky things happening to one person. Again, I'm not saying it can't happen, I'm just saying I'm extremely skeptical that this is really how it happened.
  • My thoughts exactly. I think if the woman knew and was indeed pregnant with anothers child and trying to cover up the fact she has no business being its mother. Would be better off if she checked herself in to a birthing center and put the baby up for adoption. I feel sorry for the husband AND the children if the real story comes out and she indeed ignored lived and is as deceitful and self absorbed as this appears. IMO some kind of waste of space. Even continuing the cover in the "inspired" childs name. Or maybe it was immaculate conception
  • First of all even if she did conceive a child let say with another man and hit. What right do you have to say she has to give up her child it is none of your nosey business.

    Second, If you go to youtube there are a lot of stories and there have been interviews and shows were women did not know they were pregant.
  • Just another enabler for female misbehavior. No wonder Al Qaeda wants to put all of you in burkhas- all you do is enable/apologize for your fellow females' amoral behavior.

    New flash: Women do despicable things and lie about it. Why? Because they can- they can because they have a society full of enablers like you.
  • Wow we got us a woman hater here!!!!!
  • Caved1ver are you even educated or do you live in the 40's. Al Qaeda is from the 16th century maybe you should check yourself into a time machine and go back to that erra because you will not last in the 21st century.
  • Rape and domestic abuse were once nobody else's business. Stop emoting w/ you ovaries and consider Paternity Fraud what it is- the most despicable form of domestic abuse.
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary was born without ORIGINAL SIN. That was the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION!!
  • I don't think we need to go reaching to the blessed virgin mary here, or even a miracle. The translation for "mira" from Spanish is "Look!"
  • I hope your comment is with tongue in cheek. The Virgin Mary was human. Born with same original sin all humans were after the fall of Adam and Eve. The Immaculate Conception was due to the Holy Spirit. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was the result of that. Read your Bible.
  • Wow! Really?! Do you know her? Why do you people just go off assuming she was trying to hide the pregnancy and didn't want the baby and the baby wasn't his because he had a vasectomy. How horrible to live life being so cynical. You know, life is a lot better if you give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they had good intentions. Because you have NO IDEA about this woman and whether she wants that child or not, given that she has foster kids, I'd bet she likes kids, or was that a piece of the article you overlooked because you were so busy vilifying her? If anyone is a "waste of space" I'd say it's you.
  • It's actually not bad at all living a cynical life. I've never been ripped off by a ponzi scheme and I know I don't have a dead relative that just died in Africa leaving me millions of dollars. What about you? Still watching the mail waiting for your check to come?
  • Really sandman go to sleep already you are nothing but a bully and THINGS HAPPEN GET OVER SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE!!! A baby has been brought into this world regardless it's a beautiful moment. I can assume you have no children or no soul you inconsiderate imbecile.
  • HAHAHAHA, your screen name fits you by the way. I have 4 kids and my wife knew each time she was pregnant. You seem a little too worked up over my comment....got some daddy issues you haven't solved yet?
  • Yes, because large girls train for marathons... great logic.
  • Seriously???? You have obviously never been to a marathon. And she was training for a half-marathon, not a full. And yes even the big girls train and finish half-marathons and even some do fulls.
  • im lonely as well. Its crazy, . I don't know the best place to meet people. You never know if its a scam.
  • Just because she did not know she was pregnant does not mean she was fat or large as you call it and just because he had a vasectomy does not mean she slept with someone else. Our bodies are not all the same and modern medicine does not mean a cure. Things happen and we do not know why that is why there are miracles. People need to start opening their minds...Women still have babies when they are fixed, women in history and to this day have had babies and did not know they were pregnant but others have had miscarrages.
  • Well Broken, and just because she says that this is what happened doesn't mean it's true either. Maybe you need to open your mind and realize that people aren't always truthful. Yeah it can happen, and you can believe it if you want, but I don't.
  • Or maybe she was trying to cause herself to have a miscarriage. As awful as that sounds consider the news of awful things people do to children all the time.
  • Hey John, can you say DNA test?????
  • its entirely possibly that they had sex before he got the vasectomy. it does take almost a year to give birth...
  • It's also more likely that a couple will become pregnant in the couple of months after a vasectomy, before the scar tissue is fully developed.
  • It's also possible that it was YEARS after his vasectomy. I knew a couple where she had her tubes tied, he had a vasectomy, their youngest child was 12 years old and suddenly, she was pregnant. And their son was very much his son, no DNA test needed, you could tell by looking at him - he looked just like his Dad and very similar to all of his older siblings. Just because you have a vasectomy doesn't mean anyone should cry foul. It's their life, not yours, and it's very likely it can still be his kid, even with a vasectomy.
  • you are right maybe they had sex b4 he got it it can happen and people who say it cant is wrong
  • I totally agree! Also could be possible the vasectomy failed :)
  • I had my fourth 12 years after my husband's vasectomy. Yes, it was his. Yes, I definitely knew I was pregnant.
  • Despite the husband's vasectomy??? Me thinks the UPS guy -- and the wife -- have to answer some questions!
  • Large woman? Perhaps. Can one still menstruate while pregnant? Absolutely! . . . . albeit this is related to another issue. A clueless woman? Not if her uterus was tipped, hence, one will likely NOT appear to be pregnant. Are vasectomies fail-proof? NOPE! (my husband and I are proof of this 6 years AFTER his vasectomy). Sandman33, your bring-up good variables to consider. Jojo . . . . [sigh], think outside your narrowly confined box instead of jumping to the “denial” conclusion. There are many, MANY other factors to consider!
  • I'm curious about your statement that if your uterus is tipped you will likely not appear pregnant. I have a tipped uterus and nobody told me that . . . maybe because with all 3 of of my pregnancies I looked like I'd swallowed a large beach ball.
  • Stranger things have been known to happen - kid will have a great story to tell her grandkids!
  • well 40 some years ago, my Mom became pregnant 2 years after my Dad had a good vasectomy. My Mom knew she was pregnant. She flipped out that she was pregnant. and all six of us kids looked alike, like my dad. There was no messing around. tough at the time though!
  • I dated a woman who was tainig for a marathon and she stopped having her period. Her doctor told her it was due to her training. Actually it was due to my sperm count. So it does happen. As for the vasectomy I had mine 29 years ago and my wife hasn't had an Immaculate conception yet. So I'd suggest the lab for him, DNA for Mira and a good lawyer for all
  • I met a woman at a parade last summer. Her youngest was graduating from high school in 2013. But a few weeks into her daughter's junior year, she discovered she was pregnant--after her husband had a vasectomy. There is nothing that can convince me, however that you can be pregnant and NOT know it.
  • Had a co-worker yrs ago that had two tween boys and thought baby days were a thing of the past since she had been on the pill. Went camping missed a pill. She felt something moving one day at work and decided maybe she should see her doctor. She was 6mo pg. and I never noticed a difference in her size.
  • This couple is clearly out of touch with reality. And in TOTAL denial!!!
  • Vasectomies don't work when you're getting some on the side. Hopefully, that's not the case, and the baby is indeed a miracle!
  • my sister in law just gave us all the surprise of the century.. after having pain for the last 4 months, and finding out that she was suffering from fibroids that were growing outside of her uterus, and having ct scans, ultraounds and xrays.. and having negative pregancies tests done before every single one of these procedures ( the last one being 3 weeks ago) she has found out she is appx 14 weeks pregnant. No symptoms, and negative pregnancy tests.. so yes, this can happen. We are only grateful that she found out before she had more testing that could have put the baby at risk.
  • Thanks for your story & good luck to your sister in law.
  • Amazing...If it is meant to be that this baby is born to this couple-nothing stops it.
    The vasectomy is not 100%-- the tubes can grow back.
  • Thank God there are still intelligent people in this world!
  • I think I would get an second opinion. About the father.
  • I think not!
  • Sounds like she's using the 'I didn't know I was pregnant' line because her husband isn't the babies father. She's got some splaining' to do, Lucy!
  • God had a plan so this baby was born. Congrats is all you need to say or nothing at all!
  • Sorry, just not buying it! Don't tell me that baby didn't kick!
    Did she have seriously irregular menses? Vasectomy???Not always 100% so that......well, perhaps. However, a little paternity test seems to be in order so that there are NEVER any doubts in his poor pea-brain.
  • Pea-brain how dare you. Sounds like you have the pea brain! Have you ever been pregnant no two people are the same not even identical twins and news flash not all babies kick!
  • I have to agree with the people who have suspicions as to the father. Sounds pretty impossible to "not know" you are pregnant being as in shape and thin as she is. Her husband should get a DNA test. Period.
  • Hmnnn!just outta Curiosity?9 months for caring and still aren't aware of being pregnant?...DENIAL!
  • Pregnancy is 10 months/ 40 weeks do your research before commenting? There is a whole show about it! Have you ever been pregnant?
  • 1. Vasectomies aren't effective immediately.
    2. Medical anomalies happen more often than one might think.
    3. It's their business.
  • Amen!
  • The fact that she wasn't menstruating should have at the very least caused some concern.
  • Reread the story correctly especially before commenting!
  • Wow, we are all so very judgemental! I'm glad that everyone is jumping to conclusions about the kind of woman she is. Since the husband had a vasectomy, of course she must have been cheating on him, according to all of you brilliant people. There are many cases of women getting pregnant with their husband's baby after the fact. It isn't unheard of. Also, she said on the Today show that she kept getting her period. She said, I had my period the entire time, and I was losing weight while training. She didn't have any symptoms that told her she was pregnant. They interviewed a doctor on the Today show that said she's seen it many times when women come in to her and end up leaving with a baby, having had no clue that they were pregnant. Either because of missed tests, or because the baby was flipped so they never felt it move. I didn't feel my daughter move until about 7 months because of her positioning in me. I knew I was pregnant because of other symptoms, but if I hadn't had those, the only thing I would have had to go on was weight gain. It does happen.
  • Thank You. People are so judgmental, ignorant and rude these days!
  • Why are you guys even judging her life? every pregnancy is different...they could have had sex before or in the couple months following his vastectomy which can result in pregnancy if there is no other form of birth control used...tubiligation or a vastectomy is not always permanent...should be but there are cases where it didnt work, or the tubes grew back, or the vastectomy wasnt done 100% right. And who cares if she cheated and If her husband stays with her if she did, thats his business...its not like she cheated on you, or someone you know...and doubtful she cheated in the first place and then speaking to the media to potentially have the father come forward...think about that.
  • Point well made!
  • they forgot to mention that she is just training, I can say im a marathon runner then too. This lady is a big lady also.
  • The woman knew she was pregnant. (She's so into her body for workouts; & she doesn't know this - bullsh-t!) She wanted to sensationalize herself & get her baby's pic up on a news story. She thought that strenuous exercise (such as marathon training) would excise the baby sooner. She didn't want to be pregnant anymore. (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
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