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Serena Williams says in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that, while not blaming the victim in the Steubenville rape case, “she shouldn’t have put herself in that position.” The comment is made in one paragraph of a lengthy story posted online Tuesday about Williams, a 16-time Grand Slam title winner who is ranked No. 1 heading into Wimbledon, which starts next week. Two players from the celebrated Steubenville, Ohio, high school football team were convicted in March of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl; one of the boys was ordered to serve an additional year for photographing the girl naked. The case gained widespread attention in part because of the callousness with which other students used social media to gossip about it. According to the Rolling Stone story, Williams says the perpetrators of the crime “did something stupid,” and she asks: “Do you think it was fair, what they got?” She adds, “I’m not blaming the girl, but if you’re a 16-year-old and you’re drunk like that, your parents should teach you: Don’t take drinks from other people.” And Williams also is quoted as saying: “… she shouldn’t have put herself in that position, unless they slipped her something, then that’s different.” Williams is in England preparing for Wimbledon. Her agent, who also is in England, did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday night.

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  • Wow Serena. 16 years old and drinking alchohol don't mix. She did a stupid thing and thought she was with friends but turns out she was with rapists. Do you get nailed by guys when you pass out drunk and say that's ok for them to do it and then post the video to youtube. Thinking you'd be singing a different tune if you were in that situation. How do you get through life talking without thinking. I guess you don't have to be smart to play tennis. Who would have thought that a 16 time Grand Slam winner would be such a loser.
  • Serena hits on all 8 cylinders! Feminists claim all men are potential rapists but refuse to take any degree of responsibility and are not held to the same standards. A female teacher having sex with a minor boy is not perceived as near the crime if roles are reversed and it's time men stop being passive in allowing such double standards. Yes, the boys need to be punished and yes, the girl should NOT have been so careless and yes, the parents are also culpable!
  • I'm a feminist and I don't think all men are "potential rapists". In fact, most of my friends are guys, I've been drunk with them a bunch of times, and not once have any of them raped me. I'm not sure what you mean by "the same standards". Yes, she was young and dumb and did something that left her vulnerable. That isn't a crime, and didn't hurt anybody else. Are you equating her behavior with that of "the boys" that raped her? Young ladies don't get drunk and pass out, because if they do, boys will be boys? And boys are predatory? That sounds like YOU are the one saying all men are potential rapists.
  • JaynaZ, you missed the point. Re-read the article again.
  • actually, she was committing a crime. She is not of legal age to be drinking alchohol. And, if you have been following the story, she was heavily involved and participating in the early stages of her "rape". The Boys have certainly commited a crime, especially after she was passed out. However, she was at least partly complicit in the whole episode. Serena was obviously taught how to be a lady and how to protect herself from this type of scenario. This girl started something that she is going to regret for probably the rest of her life. Not to excuse the behaviour of the boys whose life is ruined. But, my guess is that it is not the first go round for this girl. This was not a first time for her.
  • You ARE making an excuse for the boys.
  • We can argue all day about what SHOULDN'T happen, but that's not the problem. It DOES happen & that's why the girls HAVE TO protect themselves first. If you think others are going to do right, then things like this will continue to happen. I'm not blaming her, but her/her parents have to know that no one is EVER at ANY age going to or should look out more for you than you should for yourself. Proof: It happened to HER, not her friends.
  • Amen to that. And here I thought I was the only realist on the planet. Because @ the end of the day, even though a young lady lost something valuable her parents should have taught her about being in situations like this one. (And that's coming from a mother of 4 and the G-ma of 5 1/2, Godmother to 14). I make sure I teach all my girls to protect themselves in all situations. And what the hell was she doing @ a party @ 16 without no adult supervision and alcohol present anyways. Definitely a recipe for trouble. NOT A GOOD LOOK.
  • Do you hold the parents of those boys accountable for not teaching them it's ungentlemanly to rape a drunken, passed out girl and take pictures of it and show them to everyone at school?
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but unfortunately the lives of eachone of these people has resulted in a devastating situation. There is consequences for actions and eachone will or had to suffer from that. Now all this constant blaming the parents whos to actually say the ones involved wasnt taught better but acted out on their own negligent behavior. We as people do not always do the right thing, listen ,or follow rules, basically there is no need to debate, just pray.
  • You are so right. Prayer and humilation is definately needed. What seems to be forgotten is rape is not an act of sex. It is the show of power over the victim. It doesn't matter if they are male or female. These young men even took video of the act and posted it. How much more of "a show of power" is needed to prove this fact. Yes and all rapist have a childhood and start somewhere.
  • These are seriously some of the dumbest and scariest comments I've ever read in my life! It doesn't matter if a girl or woman, is lying naked in the middle of the street, that gives nobody the slightest bit of authority or acceptance to rape her. If you are in anyway insinuating that those boys are anything less than 100% accountable, then you are what's wrong with this scenerio. Frankly, in my opinion, you are just as grotesque as the rapists themselves. Instead, of let's teach our daughters not to "turn guys on" or not "be vulnerable", teach the male gender not to rape!!!! Period. Seriously messed up!
  • Right. This is where the lessons you teach your kids at home will hopefully kick in when you can't always be with them. Maybe her parents have taught her these things & like all teenagers at some point or another, she didn't listen. However, she also needs to realize the people she calls her friends are not true. They are kids too & she shouldn't trust them so much.
  • Jackthewolf, excuse me jerkthewolf, let me tell you what a real man does. He sees a drunk woman and protects her not rapes her like these 2 scumbags. You have no business speaking for us men because you are not remotely close. A 16 year old getting drunk is in no way saying rape me. Her biggest fault was for being with "friends" who were really rapists. So spare me the feminist/masculine crap because the bottom line is rape is generally done by men. And speak for yourself, you are no man.
  • These are seriously some of the dumbest and scariest comments I've ever read in my life! It doesn't matter if a girl or woman, is lying naked in the middle of the street, that gives nobody the slightest bit of authority or acceptance to rape her. If you are in anyway insinuating that those boys are anything less than 100% accountable, then you are what's wrong with this scenerio. Frankly, in my opinion, you are just as grotesque as the rapists themselves. Instead, of let's teach our daughters not to "turn guys on" or not "be vulnerable", teach the male gender not to rape!!!! Period.
  • It's not about being smart or dumb. The comment Serena made was not wrong at all! She simply stated that girl should've been properly guided by her parents. The boys were wrong for their behavior hands down , but why was she there? This couldn't have been her first time drinking or going to a party where there would be illegal drinking. So, don't be so quick to judge a famous person when they are asked a question about a situation going on in the world remember their not from another planet. When the media already knows they will give an opinion that you or I may not like. Serena actually helps the youth through her own programs to keep them on the on the right path do your research. Sorry for Serena and a bunch of us that were raised correctly and have common sense to know right from wrong even if we didn't have our parents support. The parents of all of these kids should held accountable for this kids actions. Where ever this party was held all of the kids that were there knew what was going to take place. Things they knew their damn parents wouldn't allow unless they were on drugs or drinking with them like most irresponsible parents do. Serena's parents might have live in the roughest part of California, but she made something of herself despite her life situations. Stop hating when stars or anyone make a comment towards stupid behaviors of other humans, world news and etc. It sounds like folks are just mad cause Serena made this comment and it's the truth. She didn't say anything negative about this girl she spoke the truth something a lot of us "yes folks" are afraid to open our mouths and say when it comes to the things we should speak on. And we all know this foolishness could've been avoided. Please believe this girl was not an angel and it wasn't her first time drinking and at a party with no supervision. But think about a young girl lied on a now famous Atlanta Falcons player. He spent 10 years in jail and on house arrest/probation. Then she decides to tell the truth after her family and her bank millions of dollars that she can't afford to pay back. Now they call the school the victim right! But not this black man who lost everything until proven innocent years later. But hey was she raised correctly? She knew she was lying and didn't deserve the money. But she took it , a man was punished now he is a professional football player. But who is feeling sorry for this man and it doesn't matter race? Who? But the school was the victim though never once was it noted about this guy being a victim other then from those who knew he didn't commit this crime. The girl was a victim because she claimed rape. Sexual activity had been apart of this girl's makeup but when she was exposed like this other little girl every one wants to be like aw poor thing. The hell with that. Blame the parents and all the kids especially the girl too. Cause she was exposed finally for having sex and it was put out for everyone to see. Yea now her image has to be repaired but what about the many times before she said yes to sex. It was dead wrong what they did to her but real rape victims don't get that much support. Anyone ever thought to blame the parents and the kids cause they should've been home and not out at the age of 16 late at night like this? But when will she take responsibility for drinking when she knew she shouldn't have been. Charge her with under age drinking maybe her parents will be more up on what their kid is doing when a judge get in their ass about her drinking and curfews maybe the child won't be the parent, the parent will gain control of their children and what they do when their not around them and media won't have to bash others for commenting. This is crazy a judge can down grade you in open court about your behavior as a human but a "celeb" says one thing are even the average Joe say's the same thing and their wrong and need to apologize. Ha! Wrong! People shouldn't wait until their expose and embarrassed to realize they ******* on themselves. Famous people do not apologize for **** you say! Non famous folks speak good and bad on you all everyday and don't apologize or regret what they say. People for decades and years talked about God and how he was this that and he was crucified for us. People are still doing the same **** till this day. So, no matter who u are If your a Serena or Brittney Spears your going to have to apologize for a question you answered or picture taken. But who will make those people talking about you say their wrong? Hey! find out who their reps are and see if they will get a comment for those haters who live for your comments and what you all as famous people do in your life that they make nasty comments about. Say it in "French" next time Serena they are just that petty they will translated it just to know the TEA!
  • I'm with Serena was it right no but in life you make chooses. First of all she not have been drinking to the point of passing out. Next where were her so call friends when she needed them? Last but not least we weren't so we don't know what behavior she had before everythings took place or what her normal everyday behavior.
  • You can't even use proper grammer. Yes, kids do have to make good choices. They are kids. Hopefully they have parents that don't allow them to get in too many situations where their inexperience will affect them too much. Those boys are disgusting. There is no excuse. They violated her in so many ways and then she got piled on. She didn't do anything to cause them to do what they did. Please stop making excuses for boys that make these decisions. Shows their character and people like you that make excuses for it. I have daughters and if some boy touches my daughter when she is vulnerable they better hope the cops put them in jail where they are safe.
  • Good point. In one of my psychology classes it talks about how by the time the teen gets caught drinking, they've been drinking a long time before, they try it, get comfortable with it, continue the behavior awhile before their parents ever find out. For her to be 16 at an part drinking til she passed out seems to me that it might be her normal behavior except this time she got taken advantage of.
  • Sounds like Serena's point is that she would not put herself in that situation. Everyone over the age of 21 knows that 16 year olds are too imature to make some decisions-that's why they are minors and not allowed to drink. Pretty sure the child knew that she was breaking the law even if she did not have the judgement to know not to drink as much as she did. BUT also sure the boys knew they were breaking a much more serious law.
  • Hmmm so a 16 year old girl is too immature to be held accountable for her actions but the 16 and 17 year old boys are that much more mature that they should be held accountable for theirs. Although what those boys did, I would consider rape by the legal definition, but by common sense just barely. Lets all be real for a second. These 16 and 17 year old boys are now convicted rapists and registered sex offenders for penetrating a girl with their fingers. Yes it is a crime of sexual assualt; the same as if you were to touch someone's hand without their permission. I have two daughters and if they allowed themselves to be put in this situation then they would have to live with that embarrassment. These boys had the werewithall to not have SEX with a drunken girl so should they really be lumped into the same categeory as the standard rapists of the world? What if it was your son?
  • Are you KIDDING? Touching a hand without permission and penetrating them with your fingers are TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS.

    Those boys deserve harsher punishments than they received IMO. I hardly think they deserve congratulations for not sticking their members inside of her. If it were my son, I would expect him to receive the maximum punishment - or more likely, my son would have been taught to always respect women, regardless of whether or not they are drunk, naked, stupid, whatever.

    My mother and I taught my brother that he should treat every woman with the thought "how would I feel if somebody treated my mother/sister like this?"
  • These boys should not be labeled rapists and registered as sex offenders for life. If you think a 16 girl was too immature to know that getting drunk was not wise; then why would you think 16 boys when given the opportunity would be mature enough not to take advantage of the situation. The fact that they did not actually have sex with the girl shows that they were capable of showing some degree of restraint. I have two sons and a daughter. I taught my sons to respect women and my daughter to carry herself in a manner deserving of that respect. The girl acted in an irresponsible manner and so did the young men. We really need to be talking about the problem with underage drinking which often leads to other problems. All parties involved are the victims of their own self destructive behavior.
  • What if it was your daughter?
  • ammodog80, if you don't think that she is paying for her decisions that led up to this than you have no clue. They violated her in the worst way. You are disgusting. You sound like a rapist. You say they "just barely" raped her? That's foolish. They inserted something into her "PRIVATE" area without her permission. Why don't you get drunk, bend over and let someone stick something in your butt and then we will see if you are singing the same tune. I have two daughters and I fear for yours. My reaction would be much more direct to someone that did that to my girls.
  • I've taught my sons different. You don't take advantage of anyone. Alcohol makes you do stupid things. I know my boys would step up and protect someone who is that vulnerable. and if they did the **** these guys did then they have to accept the legal consequences.
  • Any decent mother teaches her daughter that her safety and well-being is her own responsibility. This is never delegated to someone else. I don't care how "good" you consider them as your "friend" you are responsible for you at all times. Maybe it is a cultural difference. Maybe white mothers teach their daughters that it is ok to be completely out of control and you should have an expectation that nobody will take advantage of you, but that is fairy tale princess stuff. Real life doesn't work thst way. Black mothers, mine included taught me exactly what Serena expressed. She is right and has nothing to apologize for.
  • I believe you are correct any decent mother teachs... doesn't matter their race...My WHITE mother taught me the same thing, but cultural differences do not have to be made into racist type remarks. Sometimes we all say things that did not come out the way we meant them. People in the public eye should know this by now and be more careful of their remarks. The media will take anything and blow it out of proportion.
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  • I agree. Where's the "insensitive". I've said and thought the same thing. True is true.
  • Go back and read the article. Serena never said that it was ok for the girl to be raped. Yes at 16 years old the girl should have a certain level of responsibility and know not to be drunk. WTF is she doing drinking at 16 anyway.We all know how some of these drunk rape cases go. The girl was probably flirting around with the guys and they had sex and she was too damn drunk too remember what happen. Now because she is embarrassed by the whole situation the next best thing to do is cry rape.No it is never a good thing when a young girl is raped, like Serena said , don't put yourself in that position being sloppy drunk.
  • Are you frickin serious?
    Really. You are an idiot. You make me sick to know there are people out there talking like that. Just because a girl wears her pants that fit well and a tank top because it is 104degrees outside, does not mean she is asking some jerk to rape her. No matter what this girl did at a party, with a crap ton of people there doing the exact same thing as her, she did not ask to be raped. And you know what, these comments are what suck the most. Their are so many ppl in this world that will agree with me. Just because they are the cool kids, doesn't mean they can take away a woman, girl, child, or hell even man's right to say no. You can not rape a person and get away with it. Period, no matter if she was 16 and was drinking. WTH, I bet you never had a drop to drink under 21, like everyone else in the world. It's unheard of, right? No one drinks underage, right? Speaking as someone who knows and loves a person that was brutally raped and left for dead, your an idiot, and don't even deserve to have ppl actually listen to your comments. She is 16... Think about it, a young girl, trying to make her friends happy and build self esteem. She's 16. Time for heartache and first kisses, and mistakes. She didn't ask for it, she didn't have sex with these pigs and what was it that was said up there, oh, wake up and decide she was embarrassed about it. My god, I cant even believe I am commenting on something like this. But, Im also the mother of a 2 year old, gorgeous, amazing little girl, and if, even after I teach that its wrong and a bad concoction for a bad night, if she does look at me like Im just the parent ruining her social life, and decides to go out like all her friends and sneak out or not tell me where she is really going, and some p.o.s frat boys or just a boy, takes advantage of her in any state, and hurts my daughter- AGAINST HER WILL- I will kill them, burn them, bury them. Idiot this is someones daughter, sister, good friend, anything. How dare you get on here and publicly talk about circumstance you know nothing about. I don't either, but I didn't jump on here and see some big black chick talking her rich ass off and be like, "oh, I must agree, this is in the know." You are the reason some women and victims don't tell what happens to them, and then, that person that did it to them, goes off and does it to someone else, and next time, those boys could have killed the chick they raped, just to make sure they didn't get caught. Thanks for being a pig.
  • For making a stupid comment like that, I hope you get raped then maybe you will understand why it happened.
  • These are seriously some of the dumbest and scariest comments I've ever read in my life! It doesn't matter if a girl or woman, is lying naked in the middle of the street, that gives nobody the slightest bit of authority or acceptance to rape her. If you are in anyway insinuating that those boys are anything less than 100% accountable, then you are what's wrong with this scenerio. Frankly, in my opinion, you are just as grotesque as the rapists themselves. Instead, of let's teach our daughters not to "turn guys on" or not "be vulnerable", teach the male gender not to rape!!!! Period.
  • Once again immaturity! No one said that girl got what she deserved. You seem to be out of control, which causes one to use hateful words as you just did. She made bad choices and is suffering the repercussions of them. Stop making excuses for her. She was 16 years old at the time, and should not have been drinking like that! She trusted those boys and nobody but GOD should have your complete trust.
  • a BIT OF A RANTING STRETCH, BUT YOU GO RealitytoIdiot. Anyone who who even intimates that this was the girls fault, regardless of race or situation should be forced to forego the same trauma. Bet then they would change their tune pretty durn fast.
  • You are an idiot!!! Your rant is thoughtless and without an ounce of logic!!!
  • Maybe if it were your daughter you would have a different opinion. Does the woman who is sleeping in her own bed deserved to be raped because she left the window open on a warm night? 16 year old kids think they are indestructible no matter what their mothers taught them. As a parent of 2 girls I know that no matter what you try to teach them they take what they want and leave the rest to make their own mistakes. Did your black mother teach you that your body is yours to decide who you ALLOW to touch it in any way. This girl was stupid but she didn't hurt anyone. These boys got less than they deserved.
  • Here is a lesson to teach for ALL races. A sexual encounter is one that involves both parties consenting to it AND both parties actively engaging in it. It is NOT an act that involves a passed out individual who can't give consent. Maybe if that lesson were taught then this wouldn't be an issue. Or are you saying that anybody that has passed out is up for grabs and they should know better? I feel sorry for your daughters. I mean they can't walk in a dark parking lot, be on a bike path alone, or change their mind about wanting to have sex either, right? It's always up to the victim to make sure they don't "ask for it", right?
  • That is foolish talk and racist. It's not a black and white issue. Serena is just ignorant of any situation that isn't hers. Her dad probably hasn't taken his eyes off of his investment "his daughters" for a second. They never got a chance to make a bad decision besides the ignorant comments that she made.
  • Serena is not saying to is ok for the girl to be attacked. She is saying that the girl didn't have enough street smarts to think that guys just want to "hang out" with a bunch of guys.

    Underage drinking has just become too acceptable & young girls think that they are invincible.

    I passed out one time in jr. high and it scared me and I never drank that heavy again in my life. I would go to high school parties and not drink because I was so embarrassed my first time that I blacked out.

    When I was drunk I remember them asking me if I wanted to have sex with some guy they knew. Since it was just a bunch of girls at the house I don't think anything happened, but I did realize what I did was stupid, I shouldn't have drank with this bunch of "friends".
  • Amen! Thought blaming the victim mentality was over with 20 years ago. Sad to hear such a comment especially from a woman!
  • She did not say that. What she said is true...the girl should not have been drinking...that was her choice and should not have put herself into that predicament. It was a huge mistake...and the boys are guilty as hell...Nothing wrong with what Serena said...it is the truth. Every parent teaches their daughter hopefully that are just some things you do not do...one is drink as a minor...or older ...two like Serena said take drinks from strangers and even so-called friends, and three even be at a party with alcohol being served...she should have left. Since when do we shirk responsibility and set ourselves up in the way she did and say that is fine.
  • did you know that if you and your buddy were out robbing people and one of those people you guys were robbing pulled a gun and shot your partner you could be charged with murder? Now, this 16 y/o girl was breaking the law by drinking underage, wouldn't that mean she should be charged as well?
  • I am sure that her words were taken out of text by you and wanting to find something negative like others looking for something to criticize! As a mother of 2 beautiful girls, all she is saying is that there should be some liability in our actions as females.... knowing there are rapist and perverts out there we still need to make smart decisions, and not hold someone else accountable. While what happened is not right in any way, the individual assaulted has a responsibility to make decisions that would not put them in certain situations as this. I teach my girls always (even watch DATELINE) because whether we like it or not this is what our world is coming to more and more by the minute. Just look at the statistics for rape. Now ask yourself, 'AM I RESPONSIBLE FOR ME OR IS SOMEONE ELSE?'! No matter the age we are still taught certain things and it is up to us to make sure we are safe on our part! If you still think the way you did in your first statement then maybe you are the one that is not a scholar, and need to check your common sense IQ. Book sense doesn't give you common sense. Have a blessed day.
  • wow, it doesn't sound like Serena is saying its okay to rape drunk teens!!!! U got it all twisted. She was saying underage drinking is stupid and against the law. If u are going to get wasted, make sure u have other Girls around you, who have your back!!!! If they slipped something in her drink, THEN... that's another story. The stupid teen boys definitely are to blame, but why set yourself up? She was definitely partly to blame!!!! Whoever bought the alcohol for her is even More to blame!! the truth sucks!!!!
  • I think you are the naive one. 16 year old girls do not have right to be irresponsible for themselves. As a mother of two girls, I drilled into their heads about this same situation. And I also thought it my duty to teach them how to drink. I know some kids don't but some kids do & if mine decided to make that stupid decision, then they would have some sort of knowledge of when they get that buzz feeling, cut it off & go somewhere & sober up or this exact thing can happen. My oldest got drunk only once, but she was with me. I was showing her how tasteless some liquors can be and that they tend hit you hard when you drink it like soda. She was 23 at the time. Just teaching her about the club scene. The world is so busy pointing fingers at "bad" people, they forget themselves. I was raped when I was 17 and these were guys I knew. But I went with them willingly. I did NOT put all the blame on them, but I didn't give them a free ride either (no pun intended). So I have been in the situation. No different tune than Serena's need to be sung. Parents need to teach their children & I'm not saying exactly the way I did it. But kids need to know there are PREDATORS out there. Reminds me of when a parent sent an 11 yeard old girl out at 11 p.m. on a SUnday to get a newspaper from across the street. They only ever found the girl's shoe.
  • So, who in the world died and left Serena Williams the voice of reason on ANY subject? She is totally allowed her own opinion, as are we ALL! Okay so, at most, what she says is agreeable to some, perhaps most, perhaps none... How many of YOUR bills is she paying this month? Call someone with whom you can "ping pong" your ideas back and forth with (no pun intended) and enjoy (perhaps) a stimulating conversation. DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE!!!! Now, THERE'S a topic we can all sink our teeth into! And I DO, SINCERELY hope that the young lady of topic will be able one day to get her life in order and truly SURVIVE her ordeal.
  • So, who in the world died and left Serena Williams the voice of reason on ANY subject? She is totally allowed her own opinion, as are we ALL! Okay so, at most, what she says is agreeable to some, perhaps most, perhaps none... How many of YOUR bills is she paying this month? Call someone with whom you can "ping pong" your ideas back and forth (no pun intended) and enjoy (perhaps) a stimulating conversation. DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE!!!! Now, THERE'S a topic we can all sink our teeth into! And I DO, SINCERELY hope that the young lady of topic will be able one day to get her life in order and truly SURVIVE her ordeal.
  • All women who are in the vicinity of men who drink deserve to be raped. Attacked. Visciously assaulted. They asked for it. Just like this girl. if they drink too. Just ask Serena Williams - she knows all. And judges all. And women who are raped - they asked for it. Always.
  • STFU Troll!
  • So, who in the world died and left Serena Williams the voice of reason on ANY subject? She is totally allowed her own opinion, as are we ALL! Okay so, at most, what she says is agreeable to some, perhaps most, perhaps none... How many of YOUR bills is she paying this month? Call someone with whom you can "ping pong" your ideas back and forth (no pun intended) and enjoy (perhaps) a stimulating conversation. DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE!!!! Now, THERE'S a topic we can all sink our teeth into! And I DO, SINCERELY hope that the young lady of topic will be able one day to get her life in order and truly SURVIVE her ordeal.
  • Hellsbells, you were "spot on!" I couldn't have written it better. As a physician I can't count the times where the victim takes the blame. Rape is a crime of evil that will last a lifetime either drunk or sober. Thanks for speaking the truth when truth is in short supply on these threads.- M. Forquer, MD.
  • No need for name calling. Serena is absolutely right! We live in a society where no one wants to accept responsibility for their behavior. Yes, the boys were wrong and their punishment too stiff, but that young lady put herself in that situation, and there is NO denying that fact.
    No young woman (or man) should drink or use any substance that would not allow you to be in complete control of your actions/behavior. Unfortunately, that is exactly what that young woman did. You and the whole world knows, EVERYONE WHO CLAIMS to be your friend IS NOT!!!!
  • These are seriously some of the dumbest and scariest comments I've ever read in my life! It doesn't matter if a girl or woman, is lying naked in the middle of the street, that gives nobody the slightest bit of authority or acceptance to rape her. If you are in anyway insinuating that those boys are anything less than 100% accountable, then you are what's wrong with this scenerio. Frankly, in my opinion, you are just as grotesque as the rapists themselves. Instead, of let's teach our daughters not to "turn guys on" or not "be vulnerable", teach the male gender not to rape!!!! Period.
  • @ HellsBells, That 16 year old GIRL should not be hanging out with a bunch of guys and drinking! I'm sorry that she was raped, and it was dead wrong for the guy to do that. I would strangle them. Serena is right. Friends or not. Young girls should know not to be alone with a bunch of guys. Even when I was young, us guys where alway thinking about sex. Even with the 1 tomboy girl that hung out with us. Beleive it or not, some guys do not care if a girl is passed out. I always get on a guy's case if here a story that they did that! I want to smack them in the face.
  • HB You are so right. I can barely believe all the comments that think this girl 'should have known better and not put herself in that position'. How do any of you ignorant jerks out there personally know the girls, the boys and were there that night?! None I see on here. I never much cared for you Serena and now although I personally do not wish you ill, it just goes to show what happens when you become ni@#er rich. You are a disgrace to sportsmen and women around the world. Hey girl, stop by one of our neighborhood parties and let's see if you always make the right decisions. Oh and by the way: Break a leg at Wimbledon.
  • Why does Serena have to be a loser because she's telling the truth?!?! She's absolutely right. She needs to be educated about (1) underage drinking, (2) her parents need to warn her due to being a female of the dangers of drinking around anyone you don't know even if you have friends with you, it's VERY easy for someone to slip you something, (3) that's her story & you know MANY young people claim innocence when things like this happen, and (4) Serena is right, the guys should have gotten waaay harsher sentences for what they did to her which will affect her for a long time incl. putting her pics up on the internet for eternity for others to view.
    She's not blaming her. She IS telling the truth that ALL parents need to educate their kids, esp. the girls who think it can never happen to them, and that this is what can happen when you're out drinking. Age 16 does not equal full maturity which is why she shouldn't have been drinking in the first place. That doesn't place blame, it's the truth. I'm sorry for what happened to her. Hopefully what she went through/is going through won't be for nothing and will serve as a lesson for other young girls who think nothing of underage drinking and being TOO trusting around those they call their friends.
  • How about don't get drunk PERIOD! Know your limits. If someone steps on your face cuz u r flat on the floor drunk, the blame is on both of you. The blame is on her as well. No they shouldn't of fingered her private parts, but the penalty for those teenage boys is a bit outrageous!!!
  • It's perfectly acceptable to say that a girl "shouldn’t have put herself in that position". And it can be said without blaming the victim. There is nothing wrong with saying its NOT okay to get sloppy drunk around a bunch of boys that want to have sex with you. And lets face it, she knew both of those things. I think the parents share some responsibility for this.
  • How do you KNOW she knew this things? She's 16, unless you personally know her and her family, you have no idea what her life is like. What about the parents of the boys as well, and their responsibility? The situation was bad for all involved. Let's stop continually blaming the victim. How about the girl in India, she 'should have known better' to get on a bus without being properly accompanied. Does that justify what happened to her? Let's please stop blaming the victims of rape for its occurence.
  • Did you read the comment at all? She did not blame the victim. She pointed out that placing oneself in certain posistions can leave them vulnerable to harm. Get over yourself.
  • how is she blaming her? she didn't say that the boys should not be held accountable. she simply said that she should not put herself in that situtation. its naive of you to think that your own safety is anyone's responsibility is anyone else's but your own. yea the boys should not have raped her. but at the same time she should not be putting herself in situations where she can easily be taken advantage of.

    if you are walking home alone and you decide to take short cut alone through the dark alley and you get mugged, you still hold some responsibility for what happens to you, even though the muggers did rob you.
  • That's like saying it's the zebra's fault for being a zebra when it gets eaten by a lion! What if you've cut through that alley a thousand times before and NOT been mugged? Ultimately, who is responsible for the fact that we live in a world where we have to guard ourselves against being victimized? The mugger hiding in the alley or the person cutting through it?
  • if you take the same route time after time...you open yourself up for trouble. always vary your routes to keep from being predictable. i think they all should be giving jail time for drinking and forced to take alcohol education classes. she should also have to take classes with her mother to teach them both responsibility on self safety. the boys are young and stupid. sex crime maybe a little harse, but they should still be punished for their actions. i am not catholic, but maybe catholic school to teach them manners and respect may be a good start, lmao, i heard the nuns can teach anyone respect or beat it in to you.....your choice.
    How dare you compare the rape of women and children in 3rd world nations (controlled by men) to the rape of an affluent white girl, from a good famiy and a safe neighborhood (and private RELIGIOUS school) who snuck out of her home to "slum" and party in the rough part of town with the "roughnecks and jocks"?
  • Not completely blaming the victim but she need to take some responsibility for her actions also. Both teen males and females around their age are at a stage where their hormones are raging with curiousity. Their will be things in life we can't control but getting drunk was something she could have control. Being also with members of the opposite sex only and drinking defintely not a good idea for anyone unless these are you true friends not just classmates.
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  • No. If the victims could have did something different to possible prevent the rape, then we should say it. People tend to take advantage of a situation. It might keep it from happening to someone else. It's not blame. It's just a "what could have been done differently talk" in this situation. They only went after the sloppy drunk girl. There were dozens others there.
  • "I think the parents share some responsibility for this."
    If you're talking about the parents of the young men I could not agree with you more. They took advantage of a 'friend' and then continued to humiliate her in social media after the fact, somehow thinking that would deflect from their wrong doing. However, if you are talking about the girl's parents it would seem that the young men's attempt at deflection worked on you as well as on Serena. It is NOT a women fault when men act badly. When will we teach our young men to own their 'mistakes'? Or better yet, to not rape girls. Parents should teach that a girl drinking is not an invitation to sex. Signed the parent of a young man.
  • The second you start saying the girl made a stupid decision you are excusing the rapists. Everyone says "not excusing what they did but....". That "but" is why men will continue to rape.

    Serena also wondered if the punishment was "fair". I say those boys should have gotten more punishment.

    As an adult woman I know how not to get into a situation like that but it's proven that a 16-year-old does not have an adult brain. If people are going to say that the girl's parents should have taught her better, then one can also say that the boy's parents should have taught them better.
  • No it's not a woman's fault when a man acts badly. But how was the girl acting? Some men will rape. Some thieves will steal. Some murderers will kill. There are predators in this word. The but is not why men continue to rape. To say they should have gotten more punishment for what they did, you might as well say that the girl should have been more humiliated for what she did. She is not blameless. Both parties suffered consequences for their immature acts.
  • i am sorry but that is not true. saying the girl made a stupid decision does not excuse anyone! she made a foolish decision that put her at a greater risk. the 2 boys involved comitted a crime against her and were punished accordingly. and no, it has never been proven that a 16 yr. old doesnt have an adult brain. at age 16 she knows the difference between right and wrong and has the ability to excercise that knowledge. bottom line: 3 young adults made bad decisions that all 3 will have to live with for the rest of their lives!
  • Yep, the parent's of the boys should accept some responsibility. Did they teach their boys that it was okay to take advantage of someone in that position instead of standing up and protecting that person. The girl should not have gotten drunk, but I would hope that my children would know right from wrong and would not committ a terrible crime. Underage drinking versus rape....seems like the girl's crime is significanly less than boys. Serena likes to blow off her mouth. I wonder what she would have said if the victim had been black and the rapists had both been white.
  • I wonder what you would have said if you had been sane when you posted that comment? What difference does race make? She still should not have been drunk and they still should not have raped her and posted pics. Have you ever been raped? Neither one of the crimes is less significant. These boys will repeated pay for the rest of their lives for what did because of the sex crime laws. Can you imagine them trying to explain this to someone they fall in love with and want to marry or try to buy a house with?
  • Serena's comments sound like she is blaming the victim.

    I understand what she is trying to say. She is trying to get message for women not to be naïve and put themselves in bad situations where problems can start. It is just plain street smarts.

    When I was in jr. high I drank so much at a friend's house drinking her parent's vodka. My friends thought it would be funny to get me more drunk and started giving me more. I passed out and I didn't remember anything& my friends thought I was going to die.

    They continued to underage drink. I didn't, I learned my lesson. Anything could have happened to me because I was with some "friends" who take things too far.

    Serena is just trying to warn girls to foresee trouble and take responsibility for what situations they put themselves in.
  • I agree with you completely. I am baffled by these comments that they were "friends" so the boys should not have taken advantage of her. Really?!?!? What does that word mean? Apparently different things to all of the parties invloved. So friendship has nothing to do with being responsible to and for yourself.
  • The media lacks all the details to open people like you to judge. They committed a crime and they must be punished. The boys should have done right thing instead didn't. So we judge their parents too. Its not acceptable to make this comment.
  • I usually do not like Serena Williams. She is too full of herself. But on this point she is spot on correct. Of course the rape is horrid and the boys should be punished accordingly. But Serena makes a good point about not putting yourself in an environment where you are at risk. Why is it so politically correct NOT to raise this issue. My Mother always knew where I was and who I was with. She always said "tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who YOU are". Amen!
  • Its apparent that you and Serena do not know anything about this case. She was with her best female and male friend who decided it would be a good thing to help get her drunk and rape her with the help of his teammate. Everyone involved should go to jail especially the coach who tried to cover it up. Stop blaming the victim. I don't care how drunk you get or what mistakes you make but no one deserves what happen to her. Read the story and then return with your statement.
  • be accountable for your own actions. no one is saying that the boys that raped her did a good thing, or the people trying to cover it up. serena only said that the girl should not put herself in a vulnerable situation like that. this girl is 16 and chose to drink. those boys also chose to drink. friend or not, thats not a good situation to put yourself in. on the flip side, yea the boys did a horrifying thing and should be punished. everyone needs to be held accountable for their own actions. being the victim does not make you any less accountable for your actions.
  • Again, the second you say "what those boys did was terrible BUT...." you are excusing their behaviour.

    Maybe we should be teaching our kids respect for others and to NOT rape or take advantage of people.... that should be the FIRST lesson.
  • "What those boys did was terrible, BUT there are bad people out there in the world who do bad things. WHy trust them to do the right thing? Put your faith in yourself instead." Better?
  • No one is excusing their behavior with the word "but". ANd yes I know how the word negates everything preceding it. I don't think you could find a way to read the senteces differently even if they used the word "however."
  • You are a complete idiot. She didn't think she was in a VULNERABLE situation. When adults sit back and say "she put herself in the situation"...HELLO! She's a child and has the brain of an adolescent. You don't think your "friends" are going to do that. I'm sure you also think women who wear "short skirts" ask for it. What Serena said is completely ludacris. To have the perspective of an adult but then expect a 16 year old kid to be privy to that wisdom and information is ignorant. Stop making excuses for people who take advantage of/rape other people. Geez.
  • Serena is goal oriented. She wants to be the best and the most successful at what she does. Living healthy and exercising is was she does to help her attain her goals. So, she is just measuring her standard of living comparing it to the victim. At the victim's age she was training hard and living a healthy life store; It doesn't make sense to her for someone over drink and put their life at risk. I'm not saying Serena was right for saying what she said, put try to be a bit more sympathic to Serena feelings and standard of life.
  • Other than the obvious crimes committed, there are way too many unknown factors to determine who was right or wrong.
    If I flew to the moon and left you sitting on your front porch gazing up at the sky and then you asked me what color the sky was where I stood, my answer wouldn't be the same as yours. Yet, is either one of us wrong?
    Serena made a very in general observation. Her comment was from a different perspective. Perhaps, her answers come from never having been violated. But then, she's never claimed to be a judge. Why make such a big deal out of another individual's comments? She's just another person on this earth that happens to be a sports figure. For our entertainment. Rolling Stone was simply trying to fill in a blank screen or sheet of paper. Pfft!

  • This is so true
  • well aren't you lucky to have had a good mom; perhaps this poor girl didn't ... and seriously, at 16, your thought process isn't like an adults -- she obvioulsy didn't realize she was at risk -- i pray for her to get through this life changing, horrendous crime against her.....shame on anyone who feels she is even partly to blame.
  • So no woman/girl can eveer have too much to drink because every single man out there is a potential rapist and may take advantage of her? Such high opinions you have of yourself and fellow men.
  • Oh please... Way to take it to the extreme! And no, no GIRL should ever drink too much. It's against the law just as rape is.
  • Exactly
  • "She is too full of herself"...I wish you would have went into detail, because I cannot respond they way I want not knowing "Exactly" what you mean.... From my prospective she has revolutionized the womens game of tennis, she will probably be the best ever at the end of her career. I think now she is just chasing the record books because financialy speaking she is comfortable.. I think she has earned the right to be "Full of her self".. what ever that means...And yes I also agree, she is 110% correct with her assumption. when I was 16 years old I was not allowed to drink alcohol or hang out late at night, even with strangers and I am Male. if I did get intoxicated someone would have had to hold me down and stuck the bottle in my mouth, it was the way my "Parentes" raised me.
  • You drink to the point where you loose control of yourself then risks are being taken. Serena makes very good points and I applaud her. Yes, the boys were wrong, they were all wrong. As Serena said, if they slipped her something that changes everything but that does nto seem to be the case.
  • Serena also wondered if the boys' punishment was fair. That's NOT a valid point. They should have been punished more.

    Those boys either didn't learn about respect for womena and others in general, or they didn't care. We should be teaching our young men respect for women FIRST.
  • Anyone who doesn't know the difference between "loose" and "lose" isn't educated enough to listen to. Loose as in too big isn't the right word. You should have said "lose".

    A female should be able to do the things that a male does without being victimized. It's time for Americans to realize that this atmosphere of worshiping athletes and allowing them to be perpetrators of violence is wrong. And, everyone should be taught, from an early age, to understand that it is not OK to perpetrate violence on anyone,no matter what the circumstance!
  • That is really silly and very PollyAnna. I should be able to walk around with hundred dollar bills taped to my butt and nobody should try to take them. In the real world, all people are not nice. Get over it. The boys deserved to be punished. As an aunt, when my nephews were that age and playing sports, I sat them down and talked to them frankly about the stupid things girls would do just because they played sports. And they also understood if they were involved in something like this, there might not be enough of them left for the police to arrest when our family dealt with them.
  • I think you're the one that's not educated enough to listen to. That was low and not the point here. Maybe they guys wer, in fact, told by their parents not to take advantages of a woman. Maybe the girl was, in fact, told not to drink when she goes out. But they both chose to make bad decisions that night. So by your logic, and I use the term "loosely", we CAN teach the people that are hell bent on being azz-holes to be better. And there won't be any crime because we can teach psychos.
  • And she's right. And she didn't say that raping a vulnerable young girl was right - only that the behavior that the girl chose ended up making her vulnerable. Walking in alleys at night will make you vulnerable also. Is walking in an alley at night make it okay for someone to assault you? No. Can you be putting yourself in a more precarious position when you do, ladies? Yes. Thanks for the commonsense take on it, Serena.
  • Serena was asked "do yo think it was fair, what they got?" She was being asked if the sentence for raping a drunk girl and posting pictures of her was fair. Her response was all about the girl's behavior. So she is not right, and she is blaming the victim. What does it say about us when we lessen the crime of rape and the continued humiliation of a victim because she drank to much?
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