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Tennis star Serena Williams got a little testy with a reporter before the start of the U.S Open tennis tournament in New York.

She was dogged by questions over her dance at the London Olympics that some say was gang-related.

The so-called Crip Walk is a hip-hop dance made famous by Crip gang members in Compton, Calif., in the 1970s.

Watch how she answers a reporter’s question about the dance at 4:25 in the video.

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  • Who the hell makes this stuff up? The crip walk? It is a dance that young people do. Stop watching too many Micheal Jackson beat it videos. It is stupid to continue to focus on this dumb mess. Ask her legitimate questions or leave her the hell alone. Th Olympics are over move on.White reporters running around talking about gangsta dances and other stuff they have no clue about. Enough, stop trying to undermine her talent by trying to associate her with a gang.What makes it worse is her half sister was killed by gun violence.The media has just made this an issue which isnt. STOP HATING ON HER
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  • No, your eyes should be tested for new glasses! Those sisters look like what they really, genuinely are: two beautiful African American girls in the prime of young womanhood. Moreover, they are superbly conditioned athletes, who have brought honor to the United States, their native country, for many years. They are to be admired by us all.
  • Did you mean not too bright? Did you mean no one associated her with a gang? Did you mean to say they do look more like men than women?

    Really, who's the one who's not too bright?
  • You're the 1 that needs testing (for chemicals). Serena is the bomb, multi-talented, and congeially clever. Serena,
    where would one be without haters.?.
  • Hopefully she is better educated than you since you cannot seem to spell. Have you ever heard of "spell check"?
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  • And you show a misogynist attitude by your post. When males train to be athletes and develop muscles, nothing is said. But when females train to be athletes and develop muscles, suddenly comments arise about steroids or about looking "like a man" or "wanting to be a man".

    Women have just as much right to be highly trained athletes as men. However, some men apparently see this as a threat to their own masculinity because they seem compelled to cast aspersions on such female athletes. Men who have this problem, please get over yourselves !! Check between your legs--your maleness is still there !! It isn't about you--some women simply want to be highly trained athletes, that's all. Or do you need women to be soft and weak in order to feel powerful yourself??!!!
  • Did you feel the same way about the over six feet height, wide muscular shoulders of the women swimmers or the women's volleyball team in the Olympics? Or did having blond hair make all of those questions go away for you?
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  • If you think these two beautiful young women look like men you need to get out of your basement room, plaqying with yourself while looking at playboy who makes even ugly women beatiful. If they look like men, I must be gay.
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  • Did Serena say SHE was crip walking?
    Envy and Prejudice are the unwanted stepchildren of Ignorance and Racism.
    She was spectacular, and her happy dance was the icing on her cake.
  • wow... from a white guy. I saw the match and the celebration. I was so happy for her, America and then comes along a dumb reporter who does not see what the rest of us just watched and tries to twist it. Serena you were the best and your dance topped it off for me and I think America. The regrets should be from the reporters and net works that choose to run with a non story.
  • You can take the rat out of the hood but you cant take the hood out of the rat. shes a hood rat and so is her sister. she took a great moment and wasted is with a stupid gang dance and that is what it is a gang dance. her own sister when asked after the match said she did it to show pride in where she came from which is the ghetto of cali. shes getting asked this question over and over because she showed no class at the biggest stage of her career.
  • Hood rat! And what pristine neighborhood in America are you from? Is your last name Kennedy? Or Bush? What contribution have you made to the "hoods of America" when families where suffering because of white racism, economic oppression, and lack of education. I love the standards many set. They say we are going to have a race. It's a 100 yard dash. You blacks start at the 100 yard line. We whites at the the ten yard line. Go. Whites win. Sorry, you blacks lost. Why can't you guys win the race? In this case the race was even and Serena totally demolished her opponent and a dance that has it's origins in da hood was used to celebrate. Get over it. Or is it just a response to Ice Cubes (Dough Boy) question from the movie "Boys in the Hood" i.e. people do care about whats going on in the hood?
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  • I am a white person who didn't watch the match. I have to say I think we have missed the mark if we turn this earned win into any thing other than just that an earned win by a talented winner of a young lady. If we focus on the negative, just look at the responses, we compound the negative. If we focus on the positive, the win buy a talented tennis player, we increase the positive for others to see. I am far far from ghetto and must say I do not condone negative behaviors. From that perspective I must say I see nothing wrong with ANY HAPPY DANCE, where ever it is thought to have originated, someone does when they do well at something POSITIVE like win a Olympic Event! Seriously lets let it go and be happy that We as a country won and be happy for the talented young lady that played well to accomplish that Gold for us!! Great Job My Fellow American!!
  • If she doesn't want to talk about the dance, then don't do the dance. It was inappropriate and she knew it. Go back and look at the video of her right after she did it. When asked the name of the dance, she recognized that it was inappropriate, and said as much. Just play tennis and show some class, not your a**.
  • wow so someone posts there opinion showing there distaste for someone acting stupid and including facts. and there post gets removed. but if you scroll down a spammer that posted a dating site is allowed to leave that on her. shows whos side the mederator is on. if both sides cant post pull the whole topic down. she brought this on herself act like a fool get treated like one thats how it goes.
  • I fought for the right for EVERY AMERICAN to have the right to freedom of speech. How do you know the reporter was "White" or even from this country? Who is she that she cannot answer a question? Tiger Woods seems to have the same attitude. I save lives for a living, they play a game and make millions off of the fans. So now they think they are too good to answer a question. She could have taken that opportunity to make herself look like an Intellegent "African American". Why not exhibit mature adult behavior by wearing the Gold Medal around her neck with class and dignity like the rest of the countries and athletes? Since you seem to know so much about her, I guess you thought her disqusting behavior & foul mouth that the whole world was subjected too was ok as well?
  • Say Gemini10 you fought for nothing. You damn sure didn't fight for me or my people. So quit trying to brag and act like you are a warrior. Hehehehe You are a European anchor baby,..the decendant of thieves and baby killers. That is probably what you meant you killed babys for your people.
  • No one who is White should nake comments on Blacks acting a fool when you You have no concept on what makes us tick. Stop act like you know about black culture. Walk a mile in our shoes, be a slave, clean and do laundry whites laundry, take care of those snoddy noise kids and then talk about how uneducated we are. Speak on subjects you know about.
  • The thing about HATERS IS, they are critically racist about everything about black people period !! President Barak Obama is an american citizen, but they critize everything about him. The american haters are of the devil, and will end up in HELL with the devil and his angels !! The Greatest commandment of GOD is to LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND THE SECOND Greatest commandment is to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF, and the haters do not do either. GOD has a place for them because as the bible says, :if you hate your brother, you are a murderer !!
  • Time to test her for steriods
  • You should be tested for steriods - gee, do they have steroids that affect the brain cells. If not, you are a racist, sexist pig who needs to get a life. Go out in the main street where you live and do the crip walk - maybe it will restore your brain - opps, too late I am afraid my friend - once the brain is dead, there is no coming back. Good night and don't forget to take your steroids in case you might have something nice to say "like congrats on bringing home a gold medal for the USA.
  • Nice roid rage! Sorry to wake you up, but asking if a huge women who is as muscular as a body builder who dominates her sport as Lance Armstrong, Sammy Sosa, Jose Canseco, Hulk Hogan, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds,Lyle Alzado, Marion Jones, Roger Clemens did thiers, migh be dopping is not racist. Critism is not racsim, so get a clue.
  • what are we going to testyou for prescrition drugs or worst undercover addict how much caffeine you take in check your self i bet you your are addict to something
  • How much do you want to lose?
  • Time to appreciate her natural talent.
  • Like we all did how Lance Armstong, or Sammy Sossa, or Barry Bonds dominated their sports and who all now have been caught doping?
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  • Or Lance Armstrong? Not sure if you are more racist or ignorant.
  • You got all that out of a test for steroids? The FBI could use you in their profiling division. You are one ignonrat hateful person.
  • Test yourself for being a human being.
  • If the bi*** does not want to keep getting asked about the dance, then do not do it. She knew what she did, she may have not read about it, but she saw it, so not believe that she did not know about the press on the dance. If she wants to do a gang dance then go dance with gangs and quit tennis.
  • jwilson Why does she have to be a bi***? She won a Gold Medal for her country, she is one of the best at tennis, the dance was just that a dance the fact that I nor you knew anything about the dance and what it was speaks volumes are how un important it was, she said it was just a dance, shame on you for calling her a bi*** you must really hate women to call her a bi***? If this was your mother or your sister or your wife or one of your female children would you call them a bi*** stop being a jerk and appreciate the fact that she won a Gold Medal for America, girly boy!
  • This is a stupid thing to ask of her, for pete sakes can't the woman do anything right to suit some of you people?
    Let this girl play tennis, dance, play and win for the united states of america, oh and let her chew gum if she wants, otherwise get off her back you twits..
  • she needs to act classy!
  • Here is some advice for you - you should quit being on this planet - there is no room for a racist, sexist pig like you. Why don't you go to Tampa in the morning and stand on top of the place where the republican convention is being held and Issac will lift you up and away. Happy flight.
  • That was not nice
  • you are a hater why dont you concentrate on what talents you have and stop hating on serena!!!!
  • Those were some happy feet, no matter, it even made me feel good to watch the whole match. Thanks Serena!
  • Get over it sore loser when you'er a winner you can do what the f... you want 2 so try being a winner u sucker......, dance 2 that u Bit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Come on you can not find fault with her Tennis so you go after her for doing a dance that no body knew about? History will record that this women was one of the best players ever to play the game, it will not say anything about a dance she did after she won the Gold Medal, shame on you, do you have no shame!
  • Hell, as long as she keeps beating all the rest of these mediocre girls on the tour, I wouldn't care if she did an Irish Jig. Screw the press and the ridiculous questions they ask. She is the greatest ladies tennis player in the world and some people cannot stand that fact. Keep dancing Serena. Straight to the bank.
  • The dance DID look kinda Celtic, or was it more like Snoopy's happy dance!
  • Why do reporters pick on African American athletes, first Gabby and now Serena? Come one people stop being jealous of their talent and giving them a hard time about nothing. And as for the question in this article; "Do reporters have an obligation to lift up athletes?" Yes, they do especially ones that aren't getting into trouble. Now, if an athlete had been caught cheating on their spouse, taking drugs, beating somebody up, or murdering their spouses then I agree they shouldn't be treated with kid gloves but for a dance that nobody's even heard of? What is the point of this question? So are they saying they have an obligation to tear athletes down? Really? If you don't have anything positive to say then don't say anything at all. Reporters have grown to big for their britches especially after they killed off Princess Di, something the paparazzi has never been made to pay for. Boo on bad news writers and reporters trying to steal the limelight!

    Update: August 26, 2012
    Why has it been a recent trend in the media to pick on African American athletes, first Gabby and Now Serena? Come on people stop being jealous of their talent and giving them a hard time about nothing! And as for the question in this article; "Do reporters have an obligation to uplift athletes?" Yes, they do especially ones that aren't getting into to trouble. What is the point of this question? So are they saying they have an obligation to tear athletes down? Really? Now, if an athlete was caught cheating on their spouse, taking drugs, beating somebody up, or guilty of murder then I agree they shouldn't be treated with kid gloves but to criticize someone for a dance they did that's, not even current, or report comments about the way they did their hair is petty and cheap. Reporters and news writers have grown too big for their britches especially after they killed off Princess Di, something the paparazzi has never been made to pay for. Boo on bad news writers and reporters tying to steal the limelight!
  • Is the "Gabby" you're referring to Gabriela Sabatini? If so, she is neither African, nor American. She is from Argentina.
  • Uh, no. That post was referring to Gabby Douglas, the gold medal- winning gymnast, who is African-American.
  • The Gabby referred to is Gabby Douglas, who won two gold medals in gymnastics at the Olympics. She is African-American.

  • Unfortunately the whole tirade about Gabby's hair was brought on by other black women. Surprise!
    Why does the critisim of other black atheletes have to be only from whites in some peoples minds? Black people criticize other black atheletes the way some white people critisize other white atheletes.
    Whoever made the assumption that all the negative posts on here are by white people need to get over some over-simplified views and stop pre-judging, which is otherwise known as prejudice.
  • Good for Serena!

    @blackfoot - FOX does not have a "Love" rating so I could only Like your comment :) Very well said.
  • Sometimes the press can be so ignorant, lacking real focus on the issues at hand. Ms. Williams is the best female tennis player on the planet. I know it is hard for some to grasp that an African American woman rules the tennis courts. The dance she did is one many perform in the African American neighborhoods. It's fun and easy to do and it was a celebratory release for her, so get off your white horses and get yourselves educated on African American culture. Might help you in the future, and then you may not ask dumb questions.
  • Why does anyone have to get educated on "African American Culture"? Why can we not win something without making a fool out of ourselves by doing some meaningless dance after winning something or making a touchdown. I notice that doesn't happen in basketball or baseball. I notice that with the African Americans, they tend to over celebrate their victories by making a scene. Banging on their chests, shaking their butt and other obnoxuos acts. It appears to be un-sportsmans like. By the way Americans have to endure a whole month every year completly devoted to "African Americans" and their heritage. I notice that no other Race in American gets that priveledge. So we are educated wether we want to be or not!
  • Go on vacation that month, and STFU.
  • because your version of history is a lie!!!!!
  • 'lotta Bobby Fisher's out there. Long live Billy JK and SERENA !!!
  • AGREED.. Let a happy dance be just that a happy dance!! I think we have lost the focus of the win by a beautiful and talented tennis player for ALL of her fellow Americans. I am not Ghetto and honestly do not have a care in the world as to where that dance came from.. I feel it represented her positive feelings about the win and that is all..
  • OMG!!! Are these reporters still harping on Serena's victory dance!!??? Unbelievable. They should be congratulating her and her sister Venus for a phenomenal win at Wimbledon and for representing the USA. We should be applauding the Williams sisters for their achievements/accomplishments in tennis! Great job, Serena and Venus! You represent U.S.A well!
  • The lady did a great job and won. It would take someone who don't know anything about people to always trying to label them for something they don't have a clue about. Know matter what black people accomplish in life it always take a negative person somewhere to try and bring them down. Instead of you commenting on a great job she has accomplish for herself and the United States. You wants to be a dick head and what a shame. The good Lord see what all of you are during to his chilrens and believe me he with not forget.
  • Some people are not happy until they make other people cry.
    Envy and Prejudice are the unwanted stepchildren of Ignorance and Racism.
  • I am sick and tired of reporters focusing in on Serena's so called "crip dance" at Wimbledon. It was her way of expressing her joy of winning a gold medal, so she can dance if she wants. No one says a word after Petkovic does her "Petko" dance after every match win. Gabby Douglas may have done a "crip dance" in her floor ex routine at the Olympics. Not a word from anyone. And if it was an ethnic expression, what about Raisman's "Hava Nagila" routine in her Gold Medal floor ex routine? Singling out Serena is just trying to whip up stupid controversy. Hope she and Venus do the "Macarena" after winning their doubles final. That should shut up those reporters.
  • Serena is not even my favorite tennis player, but I think the press is really making a big issue out of a benign incident. So what if the dance move originated from a gang? Does it make Serena a gang member/symphatizer? Is it against the law to dance it? And all those who dance the dance, are gangsters? I , for one enjoy watching that dance of Serena, there's nothing lewd or inappropiate about it. There are so many lewd dances that I see on TV-everyday. Why focus on Serena's dancing?
  • wow what a great opportunity Serena had and didn't take it to put her tennis racquet upside the head of the reporter,throw some signs and beat the stove top stuffing out of them if she was gang member. sometimes reporters are their own enemy. it a dance fool why you asking romney where his money and his birth certificate is if you are a good reporter.
  • So you think violence is the key? As a Veteran who has saved countless lives civilian & military, I have fought for every American to have the right to freedom of speech. The reporter asked a question and because you didn't like the question you think they deserve violence & harm?I have never sided for the media, but Everyone in this world should be able to say what they want without being physically threatned!!!!
  • What in the world are you talking about? Nobody said that reporters deserve violence. If you were referring to my post that mentioned that they should be "made to pay", what I was talking about was that they should be brought to justice because of their actions for causing the death of someone very important. I'm surprised nothing happened to them but then again it happened over in England. How anyone could misconstrue this statement to mean that violent acts should be done to them just shows the sick twisted mentality of the poster. Go take your meds you idiot. I know your an idiot because of you're not blaming the ones who sent you over to that war but instead continue to spout their idiotic propaganda!
  • What in the world are you talking about?
  • DANCE SERENA DANCE...maybe the next dance could be the cat daddy or the hussel.people are so funny with their stupid little racist comments.Bullies are always jealous
  • I am appalled and angered by the trashy way some of the press treats African-American athletes.

    After Gabby won, there was a news article criticizing her hair. The young woman wins 2 gold medals for the U.S. & the author chooses to focus on her hair & criticize that??!!! This was the Olympics, not a fashion contest !! How absurd !!

    I watched the video showing Serena Williams happily dance around a little after she, too, won a gold medal. Some idiot chooses to question her dance, rather than talk about the gold medal she just won for the U.S.. How absurd !!

    It is no coincidence that both these highly talented athletes are African-American *and* are treated so shabbily. Such questions, criticism, inuendo would *never* be put to a white athlete !!

    In my opinion, such behavior reflects a racist attitude, and I for one am way past tired of such attitudes and behavior toward African-Americans. White Americans (of which I am one--sometimes regretfully), white media people who have such attitudes need to get over themselves. And if they don't believe they are being racially insensitive (probably defending themselves by saying they have Black friends...), they might consider doing some introspection, some reading, and learn to have a greater understanding of how deeply ingrained racism still is in our society. Start treating the Gabbys and Serenas of the world with the respect and dignity they deserve !!
  • I agree with you to a certain extent but it is because they are FEMALE not "African American" I notice that you did not mention Lance Armstrong who has for over a decade raised over 30 million a year to cancer projects. Nor did you mention all the other white athletes that have had to sit before Congress & prove themselves to the world not be taking drugs..most of which are white. I also notice that no other race in America has a whole month every year completely devoted to the African American Culture. I seem to remember years ago the press making fun of the red-haired boy who also had won gold.Sean White was it?
  • because your race suppressed and did not and still do not report the contribution the african american community has made and continue to make to society!!! not war as your racist anglo saxon society tend to do!!!!
  • Maybe she's "testy" because she's tired of being asked the same dumb question over and over.
  • I appreciate your "sway" Serena.
    You are extremely lovely to me, and I look forward to you and your sister continuing to knock the sparks off whomever tries to compete for you guys' CROWN.
  • Its unfortunate that this has become about race. Because everyone loses on this topic. With that being said she should of shown a little more class since she was representing our country. And dont tell me Ray Lewis ex girlfriend doesnt know the crip dance,cmon.
  • I agree. There has been way to much "In your face" celebrating the past 10 years in some sports. I want them to feel great for thier accomplishments but I get a cringe every time I see over celebrating by some of these athletes. They need to show more grace and class and less monkeying around. We are not impressed. What if everytime I saved a life I jumped up & made a fool out of myself? They are playing a game not saving lives like some of us. Whats even more disgusting is the money they get for playing a game versus the money we get for keeping people alive.
  • I will never be in her category, may-be you should change your category, or profession, and be happy.
    Pride and Boasting are not related.
    Envy and prejudice are the offspring of Ignorance and Racism.
  • Let's get this straight. Reporters are under no obligation to ask feel good questions. That is, in fact, boring. However, Serena is probably just sick of the explosion of moronicity that occurred after her 5 second dance. I hate to say that there is some racism here, by which I mean to say there is some racism here. Also. Serenne is an attractive woman.Never underestimate the number of things that will shrink a man's sexual image, self-esteem or feeling of privilidge when it comes to women. It is creepy.
  • Where was Serena in the '70s? Certainly not memorizing all the names of the then current dance moves. That little move was actually in at least one cheer at my SUBURBAN high school in the Midwest (no it didn't need desegregation). You can bet they would have taken it out if it was that big of a deal.

    I thought it was cute that she was so happy about her Gold Medal that she did a dance. A refreshing change from the back flop on the court that so many of the players are doing. Instead of acting like she expected to win, she looked genuinely happy. Good for her!

    As far as the steroid comments, who are you looking at? Both Serena and Venus have muscles appropriate to their sport, but there is nothing masculine about either one of them.
  • It was always about race. As long as she continues to kick the little blond Russian girl's asses, it will be about race. Because white Americans pull for the blond "white" players against someone from their own country who is black.

    This is no different than black soldiers coming home from World War II who could not eat in the army cafeterias nor drink our of the water fountains, but Nazi prisoners of war ate at the same time and the same meal as white soldiers. It is always about race.
  • I am a military Veteran who saved lives regardless of their race. I will put to your attention that no other race in America has a whole month every year completely devoted to their culture except for African Americans. I am sick of it being about race too. Maybe African Americans can help their race by being a little more sportsman like and standing together rather than shooting & killing each other and riding on the coat-tails of their Ancestors!!!
  • Will you please get over yourself, and stop trying to project yourself. We get it. You were in the military and you helped to save lives. Thousands of people help to save lives everyday and they do not continually harp about it. Have you ever heard about firefighters, police officers, people in the medical profession? I think you should get my drift by now. Stop saying the same thing over and over again. This article is about Serena and her celebration of her victory. Some laughed, some cried, some rolled in the sand, some T-Bowed, some jumped high, Serena danced. Big deal. Let her enjoy and celebrate her years of hard work any which way she wants. GO GIRL! There was nothing un-sportsman like in her celebration. Just pure joy and relief.
  • Thank-you mar. Gemini x 10 = Sibyl
  • Thisis getting to be enough. Big deal. so she danced. I am not a fam of Serena, but getting on her back since she won her gold medal about her "dance" is getting tiresome. Misty danced after her win in beach volly ball, the womens soccor team did a "team dance" after their win. So what's the big deal So it came from some gang, For God's sake get off her back and get on with your lives.
  • WHO gives a flying F***? It's tennis, whoopee, a very good sport for exercise, but not a sport worth wasting television air time(in itself a waste of time.) She knew EXACTLY what she was doing, chose to do it, and now wants to deny ANY knowledge of where the dance originated from or what it represented? It DAMN sure did not represent me, or my country!! NOBODY else, black or white, from ANY country, exhibited such juvenile behavior after winning the coveted gold, because those that won the gold, regardless of the task, had sense enough to realize that the fact that they had the gold around their neck (eventually) was the ULTIMATE expression of victory in their particular venue. NO need for celebratory dance, just go to the podium, stand proud, sing OUR national anthem as it is played,(if you know the words,)and TRULY represent the USA!
  • Amen!!!
  • Good response seems like every time someone does something good or bad the dam race card comes into play, isnt it sad that that happens, just shut the hell up and be proud of who ever is celebrating a win who cares about color I sure as hell dont.
  • Her sister was murdered in a shoot out possibly by Crip gang member. She's lying BIG TIME about not knowing.
  • Give me a break! I used to do that dance a loooooonnnngggg time ago, and I had no idea it originated from a gang. What if it did? Do they have a patent on it? Is she going to be sued for doing the dance? Did she kill some one? Enjoy her victory with her as an American and stop sweating the small and insignificant stuff that has nothing to do with her talent and accomplishments.
  • What's all this rascist bull----?! Serena was asked that question immediately following her match at the Olympics. She hesitated to answer the question then because she new the answer! Serena is obviously a better tennis player than her sister (but her sister has class!). Remember Serena's outburst to that sideline judge. I can't put into print what she said. (definitely roid rage!!). I have never seen a female professional athlete with the likes of Serena's physique (other than weightlifters). She's on roids for sure (nothing to do with rascism or the color of her skin). Maybe they'll pull a Lance on her and strip her of all her victories. You can run but you can't hide!
  • I think Serena handled this reporter exactly as she should have. To the person who talked about the appearance of the Williams sisters let me just say that you unfortunately just can't appreciate a black woman as being beautiful. You also apparently can't appreciate talent.Which makes one wonder why you even bother to watch them play or comment on these pages.It's good to see the haters are out numbered by well thinking "white" Americans. It's kind of scary to see some of the things supposedly intelligent people say on these pages. Like the person who thought the writer was talking about Gabby Sabatini rather than Gabby Douglas. Why show ones ignorance???? I think in both Serena and Gabby what was should have been important is that they were both Americans..... African or otherwise. Why make the distinction in any case. time to stop the practice. Certainly there are times when differentiation is necessary. However at events like the Olympics why should it be important what color the person is. I wonder how many other countries do this??????????????? Keep smiling folks....after all we are talking sports yes?
  • She is man in woman clothing and an insecure child in an adult body with a behavior of a 2 year old caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She has no respect for the soil she plays on. She should be playing football if she wants to display ignorant behavior.
  • First of all, the dance that Serena did was not created by some gang. We did that dance in the 50's. Apparently some people can't dance, steps are often repeated in different forms. Get a life people.
  • in the 50's hahahhahaha ya some 70 year old is trolling yardbarker posts. i dont think so
  • I was born in 1957 and I used to do this dance.
  • After the womens vollyball game the young lady tried to do a dance that looked like an Indian war path dance. She was full of joy and rightfully so. I wonder when the press is going to make a big whoppie out of that. It's not bad enough that Gabby Douglas has to hear a bunch of crap for being a winner but now Serena has to hear the same kind of ****. White america is still full of ****. I think Serena is a better dancer then the tennis player, maybe it's because she got SOUL.
  • If she doesn't want to talk about the dance, then don't do the dance. She knew what the dance was called. You just won a gold medal, play tennis and show some class, not your a**.
  • way to edit out peoples posts. lets keep it a 50/50 split is that what you guys are trying to do. facts are facts she acted like a fool on a great great day. she was there to represent the U.S.A and we all dont do a ghetto crip walk dance. she used no common sense and ruined a great moment.
  • So she crip walked. The snooty English for years CRIP WALKED over nations, tore up their infrastructure, blasphemed the name of Christ, became proud to a fault and we Americans are caught up in Serena crip-walking over the ones our nation fought against to gain independence from. Somebody is confused somewhere!
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Brian Matusz suspended eight games for substance on arm

Baseball players in the military: A tribute

Stephen Curry leaves Game 4 after nasty fall, returns later

WATCH: Khris Davis trolls umps after controversial homer

Is Adrian Peterson leveraging himself out of the league?

Mascot creates controversy with 'Police Lives Matter' sign

The Talented Mr. Blatt

The curious case of Frank Kaminsky

Is the Cavs' Matthew Dellavedova a dirty player?

LeBron lifts Cavaliers to brink of Finals, but are they ready?

Will Phil Jackson give himself a chance to succeed with Knicks?

Most valuable non-QB for each NFL team

Federer unhappy with security after fan comes on court

WATCH: LeBron throws down ferocious dunk in traffic

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WATCH: Curry leaves game after nasty fall

Royals' Guthrie sets records in blowout

Bears cut McDonald after incident

Report: Pierce could opt out of contract

Could the NBA Finals be moved up?

The Talented Mr. Blatt

Is Dellavedova a dirty player?

Ballplayers in the military: A tribute

Most valuable non-QB for each NFL team

WATCH: LeBron's ferocious dunk in traffic

Kelly drops hint about ND offense

John Madden: Last SB play will 'torment' Carroll

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