Posted June 21, 2013

THERE is undeniably a ton of talent along the front seven. However, due to issues with the Secondary and it's surrounding support structure, there is a very good chance that the Defense won't actually be very good.

We replaced a pair of CB's that the fans couldn't wait to be rid of, with another pair of solid-to-good players in Brandon Fletcher and Cary Williams. This was solid roster building. There is no way anyone sane can have a problem with these additions. But all in all fans shouldn't be surprised to see the level of Secondary play THIS year be consistent with play from LAST year. And it's all due to the Safeties.

Last years starters Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen, look to have been replaced (so far) by the duo of Kenny Phillips and Patrick Chung. This is a real knee slapper considering that practically everybody who's been following NFC East football for the last five years, is practically taking bets on when Phillips knee will give out. Chung on the other hand has been a borderline reserve player on a team with a statistically worse Secondary than ours over the last few years. Yet THIS is the bail-out crew! 

All past indications point to Phillips' knee becoming a problem and Chung showing why he was benched/de-activated off and on. Doesn't take Miss Cleo to see that eventually we'll be treated to Coleman and Allen back on the field blowing their assignments again. Regardless of the mix at Safety, there isn't a clear cut Ace back there.

You take 4 lackluster Safeties, add an underneath coverage support system that doesn't excel at underneath coverage, and you get more pressure on the Corners to watch the underneath. This is why I think the CB play will once again LOOK as spotty this year as it looked last year. To be honest, last year the OLB's were better cover guys than this years set, who are going to be used more as pass rushers anyway.

Once we work out who will be the DE opposite Fletcher Cox, we can shore up against the run, but all indications are that pass defense won't be our strong suit this year.

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  • Spotty as last year. If there is no pass rush it will be Izel Jenkins revisited. Cary Williams was thrust into the starting role by injury. He was burned quite often and played well because of a consistent defensive line. I like the guy because he will hit you but I never thought the Eagles would consider him their #1 CB. Big mistake.
  • This year we start the year off with a legit DC, but the talent here doesn't fit the scheme, and the Secondary (specifically the Safeties) are the weak link.

    Even if we're stout against the run, teams will KNOW that we can be had in the passing game. Especially in the flat and on 5 yard outs by TE's, Y's and RB's motioned out. Honestly, how hard will it be to get Trent Cole and Connor Barwin to bite on run fakes or to freeze them with pump fakes?(These happen to be things Eli Manning and Tony Romo do EXCEEDINGLY well).

    There's going to be a LOT of pressure on the Corners to limit the damage on plays that the OLB's get beat on.
  • Williams is a b!tch and he isn't a good football player. He's tackling is overrated and he can't cover sh!t. Same goes for Chung. Hopefully poyer can step up and show why he was thought of as a top 3 round pick by so many. Don't know much about fletcher but the rams weren't anything to brag about. Phillips is a good player but the injuries r gonna cost us.

    With the LBs I would go barwin Chaney Ryans kendricks. Kendrick's can be a beast at OLB and Chaney is the only other guy we have to start inside. Cole and graham would be situational pass rushers and rotation guys depending on how good they look in camp.

    My dline would go cox sop Logan. Logan has the size of a beast 3-4 DE and just an eehh NT. plus why have him sit when he can fill a spot
  • So it seems you doubt the Secondary. Makes sense. It seems like they didn't address the problem area and brought in players of equal or lesser value.

    I like YOUR LB grouping better than what we're actually going to get. But then again your grouping consists of guys who actually ARE LB's.

    I think they brought Logan in to be a back-up to Soap. I really want Antonio Dixon or Cedric Thornton to pan out. I feel like Dixon is a guy who shows he can play when given a chance, but is always on the wrong end of a numbers game.
  • Personally I would have kept drc and at a big price cut asomo as well. The problems were majority of the safeties fault. Drc n asomo do share the blame but time after time we watched play action Coleman Allen whoever bit n the trow over the top with corners hustling to make up for the safeties blown man. When colt Anderson got to start we seen that happen about half the amount of time. Plus u know its bad when Troy aikman and his butt buddy notice it. I never got the idea of having barwin and cole/graham on the field at the same time or having Kendrick's play inside. Thornton isn't an nfl end in any scheme sure as hell isn't a starter. What's the point of having 3 NTs ? One is heading for practice squad if that's the case. Dixon isn't gonna be our de. We r gonna need guys who can play the 4-3 dt as well cause we will most likely use a 4-3 vs read option teams.
  • UGh! And how about being split down teh middle by Carolina's TE?

    I'm glad that somebody else noticed the Safety issue. I think at this point it'll take another Draft before it can be addressed, because the issue is talent related.
  • 20dawk did state that DRC and Asomugha shared the blame...you practically put the whole blame on the safeties when we discussed the secondary in the past. Most of us realized the safety play in Philly was horrible but that didn't mean they were the ONLY reasons that the Eagles corners didn't cover well at all and missed way too many tackles...that they were the only reasons that time and time again when Asomugha actually had decent position he came up way too small too many times and didn't make the play (and honestly seemed like he had trouble locating the ball). Play one (play none might be better) for me started in the Giants game in 2011 when Cruz out battled Asomugha on a ball that had them both standing flat footed and continued on through the end of last year. Cruz made the whole secondary look ridiculous in that game (his coming out party) and unfortunately for Asomugha being the elder statesman with a huge reputation he gets most of the eyes looking his way for reason and blame. The coaches may not have done him any favors at times nor the safety play but Asomugha had numerous times to make plays in one on one situations and he failed on way too many. Although I don't agree with everything Howrad Eskin has to say he pretty much nails how I feel about Asomugha and his struggles (and how many fans felt by looking through some blogs and articles I found on the internet). I wouldn't have minded if the Eagles would have given Rogers-Cromartie a one year deal to see if the new coaching staff could have gotten more out of him but an under-achieving high priced player like Asomugha had to be let go.

    20dawk, I do believe the Eagles offered to renegotiate Asomugha's deal...he didn't seem to want that.

    By the way if Phillips, if Phillips and Chung stay healthy (big if with Phillips I know) I believe the safety play will be better and the depth will also improve. I would also keep an eye out for Wolff. He has incredible athleticism (4.44 40 and a very good vertical) from what I've read and also has already garnered some looks with the ones by the coaching staff. I know flip wanted Eric Reid or no one but there were numerous safeties drafted out of an incredibly deep safety class.

  • Yea they did for about 10 mil and now he got a 1 mil deal. I thought he was supposed to be smart.
  • Keep in mind that the Eagles paid him 4 million to leave so he still get's 5 million this year. May have been worth it to him if he still has enough confidence in himself to right the ship after getting out of Philadelphia. He could bounce back a little but I doubt we'll ever see the old Asomugha again. Age certainly looked like it was catching up to him and any confidence or swagger he may have had in Oakland was knocked for a loop in Philly..I can't see how he just bounces back from that. It also doesn't bode well for him that he can't hide behind opposing QB fears anymore. I do think that there were other reasons besides himself that put him where he is today and a defense like San Fran's could and probably will help him improve a bit...just doubt we'll see the same Asomugha. If Kelly, the 49ers or any other team only blamed the Eagles safeties and play calling, Asomugha wouldn't have been on the market as long as he was and he would have gotten a better deal.
  • Yea that's true and he's on a chance with a great chance to make the Super Bowl compared to the eagles who r a long shot at best. We got a talented team they got a great football team. I would like to see him bounce back just cause I like to see good football and I think we r gonna see the niners a lot on tv this year.
  • I sort of agree with Dawk here. i dont see where we got better at all. In fact, I think our defense was decimated during the offseason. Jenkins, Patterson, Nhamdi, DRC for Williams, Polyneisian, Chinese and Barwin. Money doesnt add up and neither does the talent.
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  • Not being racist. i dont care about their enthnicity but it flowed and I cant get the guys name right. Dont be so phuckin sensitive. i hear jew crap right to my face in business everyday. Just the other day the coke guy said you live in jewtown. He said i thought you were italian. I dont give a phuck.
  • You are being racist and it just shows what kind of scum you truly are and have been over the years on here. I've seen it way too many times in the past (even with you trying to flip it to make it seem like Lurie and the Eagles are racist when in fact it's you trying to bring up the race card when it doesn't play at all). You're the lowest form of trash on here now that your buddy doesn't post here anymore. 20dawk is NOT being sensitive...you are just flat out racist scum!
  • have some balls.
  • Your right about Kenny Philips Flip, he always seemed to be way too injury prone when he played for my guys. When healthy he can make some plays though. The one that frustrates me is Terrell Thomas, can't believe he injured himself right at the beginning of camp two years straight. If he stays healthy and plays he's gonna rock the house this season, he must be as antsy as a caged lion.
  • The guy I have my eye on is your RB David Wilson. I may end up plucking him in round 4 or 5 of the fantasy draft this year. (If my commish mans up and plays again.)
  • I liked the Wilson pick as soon as I saw it go down, he has a huge upside. I want to see them use him more on pass plays because when he gets out in space he can be electrifying. And Andre Brown was dealing before he got hurt last year also.
  • ANDRE BROWN!!!! UGH! I kept playing him on his bad weeks and benching him on good ones. Thank goodness other players were bailing me out!
  • If you have any fantasy sleepers let me know.
  • How's this for a sleeper? KYLE ORTON QB Dallas Cowboys.
    You won't find this ANYWHERE but right here, but this is simple football 1+1+1=3.


    Starter DeMarco Murray can't stay healthy. His legs are too weak to support his running style, so as always he'll miss games and he's their best pass pro RB. ONE
    Back-up RB Joseph Randle is a 5th rounder, and a big knock on his game is pass pro. It's not a technique thing, it's courage. He's a "leg lunger". ONE
    3rd stringer Phillip Tanner went from being a touted blitz blocker to being described as a liability. (http://www.dallascowboys.com/news/article-BryanBroaddusBlog/Roster-Rundown-Bright-Future-For-Tanner-Faded-Last-Season/128aff5d-19df-4d34-aa0b-663273a0de04) He has also been passed over for a 5th round rookie ALREADY. ONE

    1+1+1=Romo on his back a LOT vs the Eagles, Giants and Redskins.

    I wouldn't Draft Orton, but be ready to pull the trigger the instant you hear Romo goes down.
  • I don't do fantasy but I'm picking Lamar miller to stand out this year
  • Interesting. Might be worth free agent selection. But he wont get much protection.
  • I think we've added PIECES (Barwin, Soap, Williams), but I don't feel like we added strength where we were weak last year. Specifically, I'm talking about both Free AND Strong Safeties.

    So far it looks like we've replaced the entire Secondary with players of equal or lesser value, but the SCHEME looks to put those players in a LESS tenable situation than what the Secondary had to deal with last year. Especially considering who looks to be lining up where.

    It's hard to be optimistic about a defense that you already know can be had on the edges for high percentage passes. It also means an opportunity for a guy like Cole to snag one shallow and bring it back for 6, but he won't do it enough to justify having him out there for 16 games.
  • Phillips is pro bowl caliber if healthy and earl Wolff has decent size and speed for the position he's only an inch smaller than dawk and about the same weight. I don't expect much back there but if Wolff can show he can play in the nfl it's a start in the right direction. U seen what I would do with the LBs but that would make too much sense so it won't happen. I'm interested to see how we use the 4-3 as well as the 3-4 from week to week or play to play. I'm gonna spend the rest of this offseason starting to look at next years draft for LB and safeties. Anyone know how to get a job as a scout for the birds?
  • I'm just blow away by the fact that Kelly IMMEDIATELY moved Chung and Phillips to the ONE squad at the start of OTA's despite a lack of familiarity with the system or surrounding players. It seems to cast a pall over the prospects of Coleman and Allen's future here. Which then begs the question why not make a move to acquire a bonafide player at FS, or draft one.

    Wolff (a collegiate SS) has made headlines getting some reps with the ONES, but it still feels like we lack a genuine cover Safety and ballhawk.

    In all truth we didn't have one even JJ was here, but all the blitzing, varied coverage looks, and constant adjustments kept QB's off balance and baited them into mistakes. Nothing in Billy Davis's career hints at him being able to do any of these things as a DC.
  • IMMEDIATELY? I do believe most of the OTAs had Allen and Chung lining up with the ones. Why does it matter? You have ripped the starting safeties and blamed them for most of the secondary's faults. I would think you would be thrilled that Kelly is open to the best players starting no matter who they are...it is the way it should be. Just more complaining simply because Kelly is the coach.
  • I say immediately because with the lackluster careers both of them have had, they have as much to prove as any Safety on the roster. In an environment where "Everything must be earned", it's...odd...that THOSE TWO players would receive a favoring nod.

    Chung has been deactivated off and on for the last two years, not benched, deactivated.
    Look around here and every nice thing your fellow barkers have to say about Phillips is preceded or followed with an "if", a "but", or a "hopefully".

    The 2 Keystone Cops we had back there last year are at least the incumbents, but if there isn't any respect for that (and apparently there isn't), and if the move is to "move on" and reward performance, then penciling in Earl Wolff and Colt Anderson would have been the most sensible decision on a reward/ youth/ financial/ exploration of upside basis.

  • I question IMMEDIATELY because as far as I know Phillips hasn't lined up with the ones once so far. Again, it was Allen and Chung through most and possibly all of the OTAs. I just don't get what the big deal is RIGHT NOW. Who cares who is getting the looks from the new coaches as long as the cream rises to the top and Kelly keeps stating over and over that everyone has to work for their spots. I haven't seen it written in stone that Chung and Phillips are the locks to start at safety anywhere...only the media speculating that if Phillips is healthy he will start...with Allen out there the past few years what is wrong with that? See flip, it doesn't take my fellow barkers to type the "if"...I do it myself. I know what's going on but a new coach trying to build his team is going to scratch many surfaces before finding his complete team. It will take time. The Eagles went a different root looking for their secondary in Kelly's 1st year. IF Chung can play a little...IF Phillips can stay healthy...IF Wolff shows that he should have been a higher draft pick then the Eagles have done alright at safety (I would almost guarantee that corner will be looked at next year again...possibly a key acquisition in free agency). If it doesn't happen than Kelly and the Eagles made some bad choices and it's back to the drawing board...the same thing happened with Reid missing out on receivers and linebackers over the course of his career with the Eagles. IFs surround every team every season in the NFL. Most of us realize and type over and over building this team will take some time...something you just aren't willing to give Kelly at all.
  • Not up to me to give him time. What IS up to me, is to say if I like what I see.

    So far I don't.

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