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Gabby Douglas has had a rather unique childhood. But strip away the gold medals and the global attention, and you'll see that she's just like any other 16-year-old. Douglas hasn't always been treated like such, though. The Virginia Beach native admits she was bullied by other gymnasts early on in life before eventually moving to West Des Moines, Iowa to further pursue her Olympic aspirations. Douglas wanted her entire family to make the move, but she eventually moved away on her own, living with a host family while she chased her dreams. Douglas, as you'd expect, gets a little bit...

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  • Sounds like White privilege to me...unless you are a minority with a majority of white people, you don't know how she felt. Randy is probably one of the ones who bullied Gabby just by the way she is talking about it...she is bullying her now. As for Gustavo, he could have been a little more gracious about how he handled her comments instead like an ass. I mean he is the CEO and that's how he comments...white privileged male...no clue.
  • I agree totally.They pretty much called her liar.TOO defensive for me,seems suspect.
  • These are the same people who were complaining before and during the Olympics that Gabby didn't give them enough credit for training her. Gabby made the right decision going to Iowa.
  • I feel like the way they play with words are very hurtful, i felt a strong negativity in their response, which brought me to the conclusion that they were in fact bullying her, and probably others because they were different or was not as good as the other girls/guys.
  • I definitely agree. Randy's comments are so typical of white America - black people are even too stupid to know how they feel inside - that we have to rely on whites to tell us how we feel - and they are calling Gabby's comments ignorant! Wow! As much as the world purports to have changed, it really hasn't changed at all. Gabby has made history at the tender age of 16! This can never be taken from her. You stand tall Gabby, we love you most - hair and all.
  • My country (Bahamas) competed in the Olympics as 'Bahamian' athletes.
    Great Britain competed in the Olympics as 'British athletes.
    Both countries had great ethnic diversity.
    USA athletes competed as Afro-Americans etc.
    Remember the Song: 'You've gotta be carefully taught' from South Pacific?
    Ofcourse Gabyy was 'Bullied'.
  • It only takes one member of the group to constantly take small digs at a person for them to feel bullied. Unless you have been bullied you will never feel that others are being bullied. I have found individuals who are at this point in their progression are really only thinking about themselves and don't notice what is happening around them. So if she felt it, then she felt it. Don't try to minimize her feelings. It only makes you look more guilty.

  • I agree, no matter what anyone say, everybody know lil girls are very mean to eachother, and for gabby to be so good and be of a different race, they probably was hating on her. I feel bad for gabby because she didnt say what she said to get gym into trouble but to share her story to help other lil girls who may have been bullied. Their response to what she said was very negative, and in a way it seems like they are trying to bully her to shutting her mouth about the issue
  • good point, philsy4. i live next to a school with girls that age and you are right. they are mean and frankly they deserve to be treated the same way they treat others especially when they get physical. it is not in one school either, it is just about all. the kids are bullies, especially the girls. they know they are underage so they can do what they want to. no control.why did she wait until the olympics to bring this out anyway, to embarrass everyone? the pride i had when she won has left. hope this doesnt turn into another travon martin case with another lawsuit and another problem for all. from the different appearances she has been making on tv with celebrities, she doesnt appear one bit as if she is hurting. the supreme court needs to take the word racism and give it a definite legal meaning with boundaries that have to be met . right now it is the magic word for lawsuits and big money and hurt for many.
  • I'm sure that Gabby's recollection is correct. After all she was the one affected by it. Unfortunately one of the reasons racism continues is because racists typically don't see themselves as such. Their behavior is so normal for them. I would expect the school to deny it because it doesn't make them look good.
  • I don't discount her story it may have been totally true.Racism still exsist in our society and considering the sport to which she was training in its possible,so dont be so quick to discount her story,to deny racism exsist no matter where it takes place only allows for it to continue!
  • i think race had a part in it, but lil girls are lil girls, and gabby was probably the best there, and the other lil girls was jealous, spiteful, envious, and hated on her, the coaches on the other hand, maybe they were racist.
  • Just what is Gabby's Mom's disability that she can't work at all and collect SS disability, but she sure can globe trot with no problems?
  • Thats right avoid the issue,Some people look totally healthy from a distance,but are in quite a bit of pain.Shame on you.I guess theyre both liars huh?
  • Some people like to just support their children because they love them. Is that wrong? Why does her mom have to disclose all her problems to any of us?
  • THEY HAVE THE RIGHT.if you dont like it,dont read it!
  • i see someone is the human x-ray, can see health issues through a computer or tv screen. you can make millions a dollars with your hidden talent. i wonder if you could tell me my medical history and current health. I have pictures of me at the bar drinking is that good enough for a diagnoses?
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  • Just a bit confused by your comment, drmdmd, ...who's lucky? And who named McKayla & Aly America's "sweethearts"? Isn't Gabby the only American female gymnast who left the Olympics with more than 1 GOLD MEDAL? She's the all-around (that means all around the world) gold medalist. She is the tough competition and if you know her story she has clearly paid her debts. #dontbebitter
  • Actually Aly left with two golds and a bronze. Just sayin.
  • Actually she wasn't the only female U.S. gymnast to leave London with more than one gold medal. Know what you speak before you speak people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gabby is a very very good gymnast that hit the all around finals while she was hot. She was a total flop in her individual event finals finishing last in one event and next to last in the other.
  • Can someone please tell me of a child who has not been bullied. Several weeks ago I admired for what Gabby has done---She is quickly losing all respect by many.
  • who is this "many" you speak of? You sound like a boys will be boys supporter. It's not appropriate regardless of the numbers.
  • You must not be African American. Why does anyone care if they have your respect? How important are YOU to anyone else life that they live to get your respect everyday?
  • flowerbox23, when you have sufficient respect for yourself, you dont spend your time having a pity party worrying about what everyone else thinks about you.sweetpickle just expressed her opinion and yours is not any more valuable than hers. get a life
  • sweetpickle you are a idiot, gabby shared her story to connect with other lil girls who have experience the same issue. this issue is huge in america, hint: the gay college freshmen who killed himself. People need to stop ignoring the issue and start talking about it.
  • DaSuace, you are an idiot. You had a valid point when mentioning how Gabby tried to connect with her fans by making herself 'human' in the eyes of her peers, humbling herself. Then you had to rant about how bullying is an issue and mentioned the gay student who committed suicide. Really? That hardly applies to the argument you attempted to make.
  • sorry dasuace, the picture i get watching gabby on tv appearances is that she is wallowing in the limelight and enjoying every minute, and rightfully so, but she is not hurting in any way, shape or form and definitely not trying to connect as you said with other little girls who have had similar experiences. people can only talk about the issues when they are allowed to talk, but unfortunately free speech is limited to some in america these days.
  • Yeah.US black folks are always gonna be dissed for being BETTER.Get over AMERICA!
  • yes that is happening.
  • The folks at Excalibur are being very defensive.I didnt see everything that Ms.Douglas commented on but what I got from her comments were she was bullied and some of it was racialy motivated.Is that so out of the question? They directly called her a liar.They(Excalibur)admitted themselves that when young girls get together ultimately some sort of harrassment occurs.I dont belive she said Excalibur was reponsible.Did she?
  • So if they feel Gaby's version isn't exactly how they see it, they should just shut up and let her call them racists. She could be correct, but maybe not. All I know is I wasn't there.
  • I'm sorry but by shining the light on Gabby, a young woman of color and how bullying has affected her as a result of her color, the interview becomes less that of bullying and more geared towards racial issues and racism which detracts from what was initially the primary issue. We all (including Gabby's mother & Oprah) do this young woman & all children a disservice by continually associating/qualifying whatever endeavor she attempts by identifying it as that of "Gabby Douglas, African American ......." as opposed to just Gabby Douglas, Harvard student or Gabby Douglas, Olympian. Hopefully you get my point. Lots of children, regardless of color/ethnicity, size, academic abilities, unfortunate defects, etc encounter bullying but do not share a spotlight with Ms. Douglas.
  • I agree with you 100%! Unfortunately, I believe her mother is having a tremendous impact on Gabby's interviews. This appears to be a mother now attempting to live her life (as well as earning a few extra dollars) through her daughter. Having lived in Va. Beach almost 20 years ago and reading articles on their local newspaper pilotonline.com, Gabby is losing her "hometown" support.
  • constance your comment is a very purposeful one and i agree with you wholeheartedly. there is so much bullying going on in all the schools and other events and it is not right for anyones child to have to put up with it. but this got turned, as just about everything does now, into a racial incident which is ridiculous and created hurt for others. glad you pointed out about all the other victims of bullies in america and as for suffering, watching gabby on americas got talent and opra, there was absolutely no sign of pain or suffering anywhere.she enjoyed every minute of the limelight and all the attention SHE was getting.she waited till now to bring it out, wonder why? no i actually dont wonder.
  • Hello! Racism is bullying. And people have the right to talk about what they want when they are in the limelight. Unfortunate that racism still exists. Maybe many don't see her as Gabby Douglas, African American. But i can tell you that African American's do, and so does Gabby Douglas. May be she didn't think of her self as that until someone made it a point to make her feel that that's who she is.
  • BOY...I hope they atleast tried to prepare her for this!
  • The responses from the adults at the center where Gabrielle trained in Virginia are shocking! This young woman was fourteen years old and in a setting predominately white people. She was a teenager developing her cognitive skills and many other variables
    factoring in on her conclusions. These adults responded in a very immature way.I believe that Gabby's feelings were real to her. That was her reality!!! I believe her. I was the only minority at a university and was treated the same way.To encounter such behavior at the university level was a shock to me. It was interesting to see how educated individuals sophisticated their racial divide. People need to know that people of color have to work three times as hard as others do in order to get tenure, promotion,just to maintain their positions. I can bet you that Gabby was a real successful gymnist who was accused of trying to make her teammates look bad. Spare me of the old, tired phrase "Pulling the race card".It's time that the folks at the community center pay attention to what's going on around them and occasionally check to see how the youngsters are getting along.. Didn't anyone wonder why Gabby moved to Iowa to train? If I were those adults, I would be proud of her. Oh, by the way, when Gabby was being interviewed, I believed that she used the term "she felt isolated" rather than they were racists.It's about time that we all take a deep breath and chill out. I am proud of Gabby. She is very mature and presents herself well in all ways .Congratulations Gabby!!!!!
  • Unless you've walked in another's shoes, you can't tell them how they feel when it comes to being bullied. Of course, her former group will defend and dismiss her comments. However, she is still in a sport that does not boast many African-Americans. To note, did any of the others girls on the Olympic team have rude comments made about something as simple as their hair? Have any comments been made about any of the other families or the parents like Gabby's mom? No. She's in a sport that is not widely popular for her race and she's only 16 now.
  • Why must people always revert to race? Who really cares what color of skin she has...Gabby's mother opened the door for criticism while at the Olympics "Her white host mother does not know how to care for african american hair." Her daughter is 16...she should know how to care for her own. Gabby's mother has dug her own hole--now she needs to get out of it!
  • You are a bully.
  • It is hard to fix African-American hair. I didn't master mine until college. It was always hard going away to camp when I was younger because I feared having poorly done hair.
  • I think it's safe to say, based also on your comment lindseylou2, that African American hair is difficult to manage, regardless of the color of your skin. Her host could have been purple and had equally as hard of a time.
  • Yep , Gabby is being bullied right now-- just by the complete denial her past people are expressing. Nothing else would make a young girl as wonderful as Gabby leave her family to work under another coach. That took some doing. As I was seperated many times from my parents, not for any sport but to help others that were sick, ailing, recouperating from surgery, or accidents. I was only 12 years then and throughout my teen age years now I am 75. Being away from your parents is very hard at that age. Hold your head up high Gabby You proved to the world your character. Hold your head High.
  • Here is just my opinion. Every black, Hispanic, Asian, homosexual, white, Islamic, etc. will probably feel some sort of racism during their lifetime, so, therefore, Gabby should not feel special for this announcement on national television. Sencond of all, Virignia Beach, I believe, considering I go to college in this city, is the most bogus, rich ass-hole city in the entire state of VA. Most people, not everybody there, can be the most retarded, stuck-up pieces of ****. I remember one year our school's golf team, which I played on, was at our Regional Tournament. One of our teammates wore high-top basketball-type shoes for golfing. One of the parents from the Beach District said, and I hear, "Why is that kid not wearing golf shoes?" Our coach hear this comment, and, at a later date explained to me that he thought this parent was kinda ****** up as well. This is life in the Beach District, cocky-ass rich ************* who dont give a ****. She should not just earn brownie points for people calling her a slave. People should not feel sorry for her in this instance; they should treat her respect but not because she was a black gymnast, or even an Olympian, but as a young lady; and the same for a young man as well.
  • The article did not indicate that it was racial but that she felt bullied. However the owners/CEO of Excaliber are quick to state that there were no racist mistreatment towards Gabby. Now my mother taught me that the first one to holler fowl needs no accuser. Meaning if she did not say it was a race thing but that she was bullied and the Excaliber people are claiming not to be racist, I would bet my last dollar that they were. What does Gabby's mother's disability have to do with her being there to support her child. I am sure she is not the first, in similar situations to do what ever they had to do to be there for their child.
  • your mothers philosophy is rather one sided i would think. glad my mother did not teach me to think that way. i was taught to listen to all sides first and think before yelling .
  • Because you are a honkey white punk
  • yea u a punk ass white who hide under the hood but its all good cause your type dont last long u punk ass kkk member holla at your boy!!!!!!! in va.beach anytime anywhere!!!!!!!!
  • Because your lazy ass ancestors brought my ancestors over here and its dumb farts like you that is upset that we demand more respect from your kind i am no racist but you pissed me off with that one i didnt even have an account but i had to create one just to give your simple minded ass a quick history lesson grow up cracker it is 2012 and my race and niether is any other going anywhere until god comes and end it for EVERYONE!!! #AND GABBY I AM SO PROUD AND INSPIRED BY YOU #20 YR OLD AFRICAN AMERICAN UF (UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA) STUDENT :)
  • Oh Jesus. Enough with the ancestor ****. Youre right: it's 2012 so stop using 'cracker'. How dare you preach of racism with a comment like yours (ie: 'demand respect', 'your kind', etc.) So annoying.
  • your comments on here would not be inspirational for anyone much less gabby.
  • Why don't you just use the full word. Are you scared? You are on a website, not on the street with one staring you in the face. But I bet you don't have the balls to say that to someones face. Let me know when you do. If you read the Bible you would know that even Jesus is not white. He is a Jew. And most likely a very tan Jew because he traveled in the sun for 3 years, even though he had garments on, he would still have a tan. So guess what that means?
  • I know she was discriminated against. Look at the way they treated her at the Olympics; she was pushed to the back in group photos. She was eleminated from a photo of "The Fab Five", only the white girls were shown.
  • OMG!
  • What does Gabby's Mom's disability have to do with her being bullied if it were anyones business she would have publicized what her disability is she obviously worked at one time. She hasn't asked anyone for anything whether she's so called globe trotting or not.
  • Always the race card. When will it ever end.
  • Stormbrewing how would you even know to say what you just did.
  • When did she mention racism? Bullying is NOT racism. Why do so many idiots try to play the race card.
  • whites are discrimanated against more now than ever! and you never hear of a story in the media regarding a white being discrimanated against , it is ALWAYS a AFRICAN AMERICAN THAT USES THE RACE CARD!!!!!!
  • Whites have used power as a means to conquer the world and put others down for centuries. People want to know why minorities are among the ones with less education and higher rates of dropouts. Look at history. The whites made it against the law for blacks to learn to read. So they could keep them ignorant. And now in modern days, the minority communities are the ones that have less funding for schooling and of course get public schooling with over 30 kids to a class. The reason white people are discriminated against is because of their reputation as a whole around the entire world has been the same. Divide, Conquer, take away their languages and schooling.
  • 'Look at history'? Its called choices. That law hasnt been in effect for how long? Get over it. Public schooling with over 30 minority kids to a class? That isnt just with black children moron. Get over yourself.
  • good point. i agree. time to stop whining period.
  • maybe you need to check some stats and see how much moneyis going out for minorities for education, special program funding and other things. your perception that whites and their children and decendents owe blacks till the end of time for the past doesnt fly. with all the vicious comments on here about whites, i wonder why whites dont just pull out and leave this country to blacks and let them have things the way they want it. my neice is black and i am white and we dont let her read these trashy remarks. she lost her mother 2 years ago, (my sister) and she is happy, doing well in school without all the extra funding and a blessing to all of us. we thank god she does not have the type of outlooks for life as what is on here . she will succeed because she wants to (she is 13) has many people who love her (they are white) and knows that god has no use for bs on any side.
  • well homeboy whites have did that for the last 500yrs.to blacks so u need to shut that up before u start a race war!!!!!!
  • no one is concerned about a race war buckemdown. we have plenty of people trained to handle such a condition . your hatred is just wearing you down.
  • I was tall,big,white,athletic,chubby, strong,shy and passive as a kid and was a really swell kid.I had a close circle of friends but there were alot of gangs and cliques of bullies back then in the public teachers union run school.I usually was bullied by kids 4 years older than me and the teachers saw it go on.It was as severe of bullying you ever heard of.It was relentless.I took it and grinned and beared it because I didn't want to be a squeeler,tattle tale rat fink where I even got the scourge of the earth in trouble.I'm positive all the teachers that saw the bullying in progress and turned a blind eye to it were all democrats.Yup,the party of compassion they are.No minority on earth who claims they were discriminated against by whites put up with what I had to put up with.They win lawsuits over their plight and I just shut the hell up.

    Most of the kids that bullied me came from democrat union families.In my 20's I realized these kids were pissed because I ran faster,shot hockey pucks harder,hit baseballs further,threw,kicked and punted footballs further and they were jealous so they took it out on me.
  • i am 57 years old and i get bulled at work by co-workers and the bosses. the bosses get flack from their bosses and it comes down on the associates and i happen to be at the bottom. i'm not a part of anything in there. really, no one is. they think they are. all bosses care about is numbers. i get called into the office about stupid stuff and i tell the bosses that this person and that person and they say, why didn't you say that and i say because i am not a snitch. i have better things to do, esp like my job? hello. i'm white and i get it. complain all ya want; it does no good. i've been thru the bullying at school also. it hurt. it wasn't that feeling of "not being accepted" like gabby. i was really picked on and called hurtful names because of my body. i can't help what God gave me. i've been thru it. i think they're making too big of a deal out of this.
  • I believe what Gabby is saying and Randy Stageburg is lying she probley is racist her self.
  • Clearly you did not read the article. Your eyes focused on the word "racism" and that's all your mind focuses on now. Randy is the one who assumed Gabby's feelings of isolation was race-related; Gabby wasnt the one who claimed that (at least in this article)
  • I can see and understand where genuinely good and honest people are hurt by Gabby's interview. However, without dismissing the fact that racism still exists in many faces in today's society, bullying truly exists amongst all our youngsters. Every child, in one way or another, wants to have a sense of belonging amongst his/her peers. Parents, teachers, coaches, trainer, coaches, etc. should seriously take conscientious responsibility in being aware of dangerous signs of abuse and bullying. After all, we hear on the news the worst consequences that stem from bullying. It's not just learning about a sport and the competition that goes with it. It's also about learning team spirit and camaraderie which comes from a place much deeper than the surface.
  • A review of the interview does not reveal that Gabby made racial accusations against anyone. She just stated that she felt bullied, isolated from the group and not treated like the others.
    Could it be that old Randy and Gus were projecting their hidden feelings into the situation. Busted.
  • As you stated Bartharlamew, Racism was not mentioned here in the snippet of the interview we see. Whether mentioned or not media can blow up statements or change the context in which something was said by editing it a certain way. In any case Racism does still exist and anyone making rude comments obviously doesn't have a heart and continues to bully as part of their sickness.
  • Face it America we are just a racist country filled with hate,malace,& miscontent for others that are different. Nothing good will ever come from any of it. The sad part is the cycle will never end because the youth are being brought up with the same mentality.
  • Very Good Point...
  • i think YOU need to get over it. it's not about that anymore. she said she was bullied and YOU are playing the race card. we have a black president and he wasn't voted in only by blacks. a lot of white people voted for that man. look at how many inter-racial marriages and relationships are out there. have you noticed? this race stuff is OVER and it's time to move fwd and make no excuses for your life. you can have whatever everybody else out there has. it's up to you. you're the only one that is stopping you. no one else is. we're busy living our own lives.
  • I agree. At some point the blame has to stop and you have to move on with your life. There is a reason you work at McDonalds. You as a person have no drive to do better. Join the military, they will pay for your education. Take responsability for yourself.
  • all u va.beach folks hate on blacks for years and years so dont hate cause she called u and them bad ass kids out just put it out why she left that gym and now all yall mad at a 16 yr. old girl get a life u low life traior park trash at that gym in va.beach go hard gabbie for whats the truth p.s. i wouldnt let me dog train there!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I believe the correct word is those. She called those bad ass kids out. You even type like you talk.
  • shut up

  • I believe the word you are looking for is those. Those kids. And I will not even touch the rest of this. You type like you talk.
  • I thought Jordan Weiber not Douglas should have qualified for the All Around event. She has more experience and performed better than Douglas. But due to harsh judging she did'nt make it into the event, also she isn't complaining. So take your medal Douglas and move on!!!!!!!
  • Bla Bla Bla, well she didn't make it, somebody will always win, and somebody will always lose, that's life...

    I watched Weiber, she did not perform that well, this time, and thats the reason for all her tears and disappoitments...

    It's not Gabby who is making a big deal about winning, its the media...
  • I think its fuuny that when allegations of bullying are mentioned the gym fires back with a denial and uses the race card. Gabby didn't mention anything of that nature (race being an issue). Sounds like 'cover-up' to me!
  • At the end of the day Gabby is great and just another name us proud african amercans get to celebrate we are so proud of you Gabby you made me cry when you won keep pushing forward and dont let this nonsense cloud your mind because at the end of the day all of these racist pricks would kill to even sit in oprah's presence let alone interview with her you are doing amazing things and inspiring alot of people young and old and of all races excalibur is just upset that you ended up making history and they didnt recieve the credit even though they would have put in more work with another gymnast to get her to that point possibly white lol instead training you to be all that you can be for you to earn that title you made a big decision by leaving home but it payed off big time cant wait to see you in brazil snaggin up more gold medals!!! Gabrielle Douglas A true inspiration to all AMERICANS (a person of any race living in america)and possibly an even bigger inspiration to the world.
  • Am I the only person who actually read this article? Gabby never claimed her being bullied had anything to do with racism; when the gym responded to her being a victim of bullying claims, THEY jumped the gun to ASSUME her feeling "isolated" had racial undertones. This is why racism still exists.
  • You must not have watched the Oprah segment. She did claim it was racist.
  • No, I didnt watch the Oprah segment (lack of speakers). Did she give specifics?
  • Hello , First off im sure the school and kids bullied her NOT of race But of her determination, personality, character SHE never said Race -- My white daughter is Picked on in school Because of BEING SHY-- BUT my daughter will only speak UP if shhe see's someone else being picked on. GIrls start trouble with her because of BOYS might suggest she cute---
  • I believe that Gabby is telling the honest truth, because I have been through similar situations. When people are behaving ugly or negative towards you, I believe that sometimes that they are not fully aware of it. Some people will also mentally sexually abuse you, and don't think twice about it. Sometimes you just rather keep stuff to yourself for fearing that people will think you are making up stuff. Also, jealousy will cause people to mis-treat you, people may feel that your chrisma is a threat to them. Being special like Gabby will always cause jealousy, and resentment, but she must stay focused and try to be strong. God is your strength...
  • i saw her interviews and i think gabby thinks she's better than everybody else and prob always did have that attitude. if people did not put her on a pedestal and worship her, then she feels she was bullied. that's my impression of her. a lot of other athletes have trained there and no one ever complained. i think we would have heard of it by now. her making this claim would open the door for others to complain and we've heard nothing. if she has feelings of being bullied or not accepted, i think it was her that did it. she separated herself from the rest.
  • i have to kind of agree here flipperforever. she had a mother to talk to about it then. did she? if so why did the mom not try to find out about what was happening. i think because you could be right that gabby chose her own separation and that is her choice but dont wait several years later and bring up racism to get some notoriety. obviously whatever happened, she is not too damaged because she is gobbling up the limelight on tv appearances and it does not show a young lady who is shy or has fears of being bullied, but rather a young lady who is definitely enjoying being the center of attention.your comment does make sense.
  • I don't know who took over her PR, but they need to be fired. Go back to being a great role model and athelete and stop trying to paint yourself as victim - it is backfiring. She wasn't picked on any more than anybody else - and it wasn't racist! Somebody didn't like my hair. I don't want to be called Gabby. I got picked on. Boo hoo. If you want to be in the media spotlight - grow up and get over it! Stop whining!
  • Well said.
  • But poorly thought out
  • Gabby is a great person. And she was just talking about her past. So what? Many people get bullied. I don't think this has any thing to do with her being racist.
  • Why is it that every time a black person does something great we have to hear about the things he or she overcame? All the trials and tribulations and demons that were faced head on and beaten back by sheer determination.
    Who cares? She did a great job. She is an amazing person. But everyone has some challenges in their lives that they have to overcome if they are going to compete at that level. Or in any level really. I do not care that she is black nor do I see her struggle being any harder than someone from another country facing adversity. My point, just leave it at she is a great gymnast, she is the first female African American to win such, she worked hard to get there, and she will continue to be a great example for gymnast. Not all this other BS.
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Pettine views latest Manziel incident as a ‘non-story’

Nationals need Taylor to produce in Werth’s absence

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