Posted April 07, 2013

FOLKS seem to have problem with ME saying things, so I'll let REALITY say them for me. Furthermore I'll let Reality say it without having to change the date, order, context or "spin" on any of it.


Offensive Co-Ordinator Greg Olson sat down with the media on February 13th (well after Chip Kelly was hired, but well before last Monday) and discussed what they would be doing. On Question #4  he's asked: 

"Q: Have you been able to talk to the players?

Olson: They’ve dropped by. Contacted a few when we got the job. I’ve had a chance to talk to them. Terrelle Pryorhas stopped by, Carson Palmer and I, I had Jordan Palmer this last year, but a couple of players have been in for workouts so I had a chance to meet with some of the players."

Seems a neat way to get word out to your players, don't you think? Apparently the CBA allows players to work out at team facilities. I know Jeremy Maclin has been doing so at the NovaCare complex. So what, Pat Shurmur can't talk to him during curls?



Assistant HC/O-line Coach Tony Sparano sat down with the media on February 13th to discuss the new system and how it would affect the players. On Question #6 he was asked:

"Q: In your system, is it something the guys pick up quickly, or is it something that there’s going to be a pretty big learning curve?

Sparano: I think like anything else when you come in and there’s new terminology, it’s [offensive coordinator Greg Olson’s] system and I’m learning the terminology right now just as all the coaches here are learning the terminology. Greg and I, he’s kind of learning some of my line calls, and I’m learning how he’ll call things during the game. That’s something we’re all kind of going through right now. I think, when push comes to shove, I don’t see this being something that the players will take a long time to grab and get a hold of. In fact I think it’ll be something they’ll be excited about and I think that’ll be a really good thing as we get going here. All that being said, I’ve coached this position long enough, I’ve dealt with the questions long enough…this is probably the most difficult position to put together. It really is. You’re getting five guys that need to play like one by the end of this whole thing. In training camps and those things, you could have moving parts, in and out, to see other people. To get them all to do the same thing really requires a little bit of time. When the time is right and we get into those phases down the road and we can get started with the players I don’t think it will take long."

A similar question was posed to Greg Olson:

"Q: How long will it take for the guys to grasp this system?

Olson: Hopefully about four months. That’s what you’re hoping. It’s got to be player-friendly because you don’t have a lot of time. You aren’t given a lot of time in the National Football League. So whatever that system is, let’s make sure it’s something the players can assimilate and learn very quickly. If they’re thinking too much, they’re going to play slow and that creates problems. If there’s indecision or miscommunication type of things, you try to eliminate those as a coaching staff. It’s a system that will be player-friendly to make it easier on those players."

Expectations and a time table. From guys with experience and a track record for building productive ground and passing games. Our players will KNOW Day 1 that they're in good hands. Their resumes tell you it's safe to buy in.



Question 14:

"Q: You mentioned the transition and the unpredictability of the league in terms of contracts, etc. Do you have to be prepared for the fact that someone other than Carson Palmer will be the quarterback?

Olson: I think always. That’s the nature of the beast and that’s the nature of the National Football League. I understand that and I think Carson Palmer understands that. To me, that’s the importance of being flexible and be willing to adapt your philosophy as a coach in what you’re going to do and how you’re going to attack people."

This was FEBRUARY. Straight talk from the new Co-ordinator. Palmer would probably still be a Raider if he agreed to a pay cut (thankfully he didn't), but there was the possibilty of life with and without him. This was (by Eagles standards) an astonishing lack of coachspeak in these interviews. It's just stated plain. God knows Reid keeps his lips sealed; and Kelly after praising DeMeco Ryans, immediately afterwards forgot how to form a coherent thought, describing Nnamdi Asomugha as ""I think Nnamdi has the skills to be ... a football player."

If you think he sucks just say it. Don't rip him and then hold on to him for another week or two, (for no Earthly reason), when the WORLD knows what's coming! Be straight up.


Head Coach Dennis Allen doesn't have one of these media sit down listed on the site. If he did I would have ran to post them, so the best I could do was his lieutenants. Communication, Preparation, and Honesty is how you run ANYTHING well. The Eagles coaching staff lacks all of these things right now; and while you can learn communication and preparation, honesty is like a soul, you either have it or you don't. 

So yeah. I'm excited about where the Raiders are heading. I've predicted no doom or gloom for the Eagles, but I am CLEARLY not happy about what I see so far. 


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  • How come you were fine with Andy Reid and his keeping team business under wraps yet with Kelly you don't even wait until you start burying him for it? You rip him for this early in his Eagle career, you were ripping him about not getting in touch with his players over a month ago yet you were hoping the Eagles would hold onto a coach that liked to keep fans and media guessing for 14 years. The truth is you don't know what Kelly has shared with the team, who he and the coaches may have talked to and where they are right now so all that seems to bother you is the mystery. Besides, all I see above is that Raider's coaches talked to players not that they learned schemes and systems so I don't see how far ahead the Raider's could be over the Eagles. I and many others typed this before...this isn't a one year fix.

    The whole coachspeak thing is the way some of us perceive the QB situation. You like to think you are always right (even though you aren't) and can't fathom the thought that just maybe Kelly is being honest. I somewhat agree with you here although I do hope he is being honest. I believe that even if there is a competition Vick will have the advantage but I'm hoping that if Vick struggles early as much as he has the last two years that SOMEONE is able to step up and take over.
  • I don't care that Reid kept us and the media in the dark, he didn't keep his PLAYERS in the dark. We knew went he FIRST got here that he would be running the West Coast Offense. No mystery there.

    And YES I DO know what he shared with his players, because they SAID IT after his first meeting with them.

    No the Raiders coaches didn't teach schemes or systems. The next question Greg Olson was asked was "Have players seen a playbook yet?" His answer was "No." But (I don't know if you read the interviews) the idea that players took the time to come in to meet the new OC and DIDN'T ask what they'd be doing, is ludicrous. Would you take time to go meet your new boss and NOT bother trying to get a leg up or an idea of what they wanted?

    Show me where the Eagles have done ANY prep work.
  • Just more nit-picking. I still have a hard time believing that you were willing to forgive (forget, ignore whatever you want to call it) Reid and the last two years plus for many mistakes he made (Castillo, Vick, Washburn, reaching on draft picks, etc, etc. etc.) yet want to jump all over a rookie coach (who is bound to make a few mistakes) for such a little thing like this. Let's see how it pans out in the season. If the Raiders are 4-0 come the end of September and the Eagles are 0-4 then maybe you are onto something.
  • Don't waste your time arguing with Hollywood2.0.
  • Yeah isn't it WEIRD that I'd be willing to give the franchise's ALL-TIME best coach a pass the year his son dies, and hope Lurie would be classy enough to let him have the last year on his contract?

    Boy am I a strange one!
  • Lurie backed himself into a corner when he said if things don't improve. Not saying it was right of him to do it, but he would have lost face if he didn't.

    Last season was the culmination of a lot of things. Years of poor drafting, inability to find a defensive coordinator after Jim Johnson passed, poor coaching moves like hiring a d line coach before having a coordinator, a plethora of injuries, and sloppy free agent spending.

    I'm positive the death of his son weighed heavily on Andy all season. I think the smart move would have been to take the season off. No one would have blamed him for that and I don't think people would have called for his head (at least I wouldn't have).

    Then after the Eagles flopped on their own without Reid he could have came back, maybe had an outside view on what was wrong, and I think people would have cut him some slack and actually welcomed him with open arms.

    Poor decision on Lurie's part to set an ultimatum, poor decision on Reid's to not take a year off. I don't see how one didn't go to the other and say "look in light of what's going on let's put this whole hot seat season on hold."
  • I agree. I even wrote as much last year. When Lurie put down that ultimatum, the situation was one of saving face. The flip side of that reality is that fans here already don't think much of him and STILL they pack his stadium to standing. So it's not like he'd have lost much in standing with a lot of fans here.
  • Fans knew he was a great coach they'd just get frustrated with his seeming inability to be flexible or improve in areas he was weak.

    He never really got better with clock management, he refused to get the ball in the RBs hands enough despite the fact that when he did it more then often led to a win, he draft strategy was flawed, and he continually downplayed the importance of some positions (i.e. linebackers).

    The end was a perfect storm. Lurie's put him on the hot seat, injuries, between 07-11 the first two rounds of the draft has only netted us really 3 good players, the "dream team" free agency spree was a bust, his coaching moves at the end were bone headed, and to top it off his son died.

    Now he didn't have any control over his son dying, but everything else he did. Early on Reid actually drafted pretty well. In 02 he got his CB duo and his franchise RB. 05 he got both Cole and Herremans in late rounds. But he really hasn't had a lot of good drafts. Trading out of the 1st in 07 & 08 was just stupid. Even his coaching hires early on were smart. Just look at all the guys who are/have been head coaches that have been on Reid's staff.

    His failure to keep talent coming in on both the player and coaching levels is what led to his downfall. I still think had he taken a year off after his son passed he MAY have been able to fix it but I think the damage was already done.
  • You are an extremely sensible barker (and fan), bnugent and I look forward to reading your posts. You get that there is middle ground and don't try to spin what people type. Fans can be fond of players, coaches but at some point in time if the team isn't getting it done and part of the blame rests on that player or coach it's time to move on. My first year on here was the year McNabb was traded and I was very "vocal" about wanting to see him traded. I was insulted by a few barkers even though the worst I did was throw out some statistical evidence on how the line protecting McNabb was much better than what some barkers claimed it was and pointing out a few of his flaws (and we all know he had some). I was a McNabb fan while he was here, hold no grudges towards him at all yet I was called a few things for just stating my opinion (mainly by hollywoodeagle and that is just one reason why I "love" him so much but there were others who accused me of hating on the man just because I didn't want the Eagles to dump a huge contract on McNabb past his prime. The reason I bring McNabb up is because there were a few barkers who actually typed to me and others that McNabb should have been an Eagle until he chose to leave (if I'm not mistaken flip had those thoughts). I wouldn't doubt flip has the same feelings about Reid. I could be wrong but I wouldn't be shocked if he felt that way. He doesn't seem to understand that you can actually think Reid WAS a good coach years ago yet still realize that things have not only gotten stale...they've gotten a hell of a lot worse due to moves Reid has had a hand in. Keeping players and coaches too long are nice for the people getting to keep their jobs but can hold franchises back for years. Loyalty for one player (or a coach) means next to nothing if it negatively affects the rest of the team.
  • First off thanks for the nod.

    I sometimes jump to conclusions like at the end of this season when I said Vick should be gone no matter what and it was time to move on. I think we still need to I just would feel more comfortable if we had a clear heir.

    With McNabb it looked like we did with Kolb and Vick (at least we were told. And you're right her was on the decline and I think we robbed Washington we just didn't capitalize on the pick we got in return for him (Nate Allen).

    I've done a lot of work with safety management systems and when it comes to huge problems it is almost always NEVER just one thing that leads to a disaster. It's a chain of little things going wrong that ultimately leads to a larger problem.

    If you look at Reid's problems for example for instance. If he had drafted better between 07-11, meaning, Didn't trade away 1st rounders, didn't take project players, and focused on guys who could fill holes that were either there or that were coming (the biggest one that comes to mind is when they had the change to grab Earl Thomas in 2010). If they had done that better then in 2011 the FA spending spree wouldn't have been as big as it was, guys would have had greater chemistry, and might have been able to mask some of the poor coaching moves.

    Now I'm not saying it would have saved Reid's job but when dealing with error chains, when you catch the error and correct it properly you tend to avoid a fiasco.
  • We all jump to conclusions and we all have made statements on here that end up being wrong...there is nothing wrong with that. I'm still thinking your conclusion on Vick (and mine, and Eazy's, and Spotella's and so on and so on and...) was correct. Only time will tell. If we were wrong I'll be the first to admit it (not after the first drive in pre season though) and it would only mean good things for the Eagles then. Unlike others on here I'd rather see the Eagles do well than see my negative opinions for any Eagle player or coach ring true.
  • Weird?...strange? You typed that, not me. I would type EXTREMELY biased. All you keep doing is bringing up something that unfortunately has to be ignored when making a business decision. Garrett Reid's death can't be a factor in doing what needed to be done after TWO lack luster seasons, that's all there is to it. That doesn't make Lurie a bad person at all...he just did what most people realize needed to be done.
  • I haven't fallowed the interviews with the Eagles coaches all that much. I partially blame Andy Reid because I got so accustom to getting NOTHING from his interviews other then the we/I need to do better or the Donovan/Mike is our starter. I admit I need to step my game up.

    I'll agree and say the coaches could come out and say more in attempts to inform players as to the upcoming changes. I don't think that the players that are coming in to work out haven't been talked to. If that's the case then it's more then a little strange. The problem is that unless the media reports on it there's no way to know.

    As for the honesty thing. I think Kelly didn't know which direction to go and he fumbled with his answer. I think he knew that if Nnamdi didn't restructure then he was done in Philly, as most everyone did. Coaches and GMs tend to not come out and say those things. They ususally say things like Olsen said in the quote you put up "that's the nature of the beast" or they give the "that's the business side of the game" answer. I think there were things going on behind the scenes for the weeks following that answer with regard to them attempting to rework a deal or trying to find a team to trade with. But like I said the other post, Nnamdi held all the cards and he made sure he got paid.

    I'm not saying you're wrong. Trust me I'd feel a whole lot better if there were reports out of Kelly saying what he'd like to do. Because then players would have gotten the message and if they wanted to gone and studied up.

    I will say that after what players were saying Monday that it seems like Kelly & Co. have a solid plan in place and are getting the message across as to how it's all gonna be done. Guys seemed excited, motivated, and ready to get to work. Did they know the whole plan maybe/probably not. But I do like the enthusiasm coming from the players from what I've read so far.
  • 31 other teams are also motivated and enthusiastic. Wins aren't free. Nobody is going to give us anything. If we aren't prepared to TAKE it, we won't get it.
  • Oh believe me I know. Maybe I'm not all that worried about it because I don't expect much out of this season. I expect to see improvement and flashes of what to expect in the future but I fully expect to see a lot of bumps and missteps as well.
  • This guys gone mad.
  • Let me guess. Beanie Wells and McFadden are better than Shady McCoy too RaiderEagle? LOL You know you and Hollywood have so much in common these days that it's almost like you both are the same person.
  • YOU think BEANIE WELLS is better than Shady and I'M mixed up? Dude, you've had it.

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