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In the continuing attempt to make this country as soft as possible, there’s now the “Madre Hill” rule. A rule that prohibits young players from scoring too many touchdowns.

Meet 11-year-old running back, Demias Jimerson, who plays in Arkansas’ Wilson Intermediate League. Jimerson is so good that the league implemented a little known rule named after Arkansas Razorbacks great, Madre Hill. If a player has already scored three touchdowns and his team has a 14-point lead, then he’s banned from the endzone.

I’m somewhat confused here. If Jimerson gets close to the goal line, is he supposed to fall down and do snow angels or is there some kind of invisible fence that shocks him and prevents him from scoring?

Inquiring minds want to know.

However, all is not bad in the world of Jimerson. In seven years, Bret Bielema will ask him to come into the fourth quarter against Austin Peay up 63-3. And after his touchdown, Bielema will tell him to go for two…you know, because the card told him to.

6th grade football player hit with “Madre Hill Rule” [Fox 16]


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  • i agree. this is supposed to be a community sport where it shows good sportsmanship, not"hey you suck so much i can score against you 100 times!" this is not the NFl. this is supposed to help childrens' self esteem (playing a sport)
  • If they are going to bench him for being "TOO" good, if I was that coach I would ground pound him with as much as possible and have him step out at the 1 yard line and rotate all the other backs to score their 3 touchdowns. Also, if the other coaches were any good they would stack the box with 8 defenders and make them work for the yardage and scores, instead of laying down and whinning about it.
  • This is ridiculous, the whole point of the game is 'doing your best'. This is sending the message that we should never knock one out of the park and win the game. Exceptionalism IS the point; we set bust our ass every day to be the best and win, that is competition. Imagine how attendances and revenues would drop if this idea was implemented at the College and Professional level; I guarantee fans wouldn't be jumping out of their seats.
  • The point is to do your best. In the education system there is a similar rule... "No child left behind" Can't anyone see there are going to be differences in abilities and talents in sports as well as in learning. Yes I know what the teachers are supposed to do with the students they get but... education is asking the schools to do the impossible. What company can succeed in turning out quality products on a consistant basis when they have no say in the quality of the raw materials they are asked to use. Let the kids play, let the kids learn. sometimes at different paces.
  • Well put! I totally agree. Kids need to learn that everyone has different talents and abilities and respect each other even so. The job of the coach or teacher is to guide the child and encourage hard work and discipline in whatever area he/she excels in. Good parrallel!
  • This is exactly why so many Americans have to use Prozac these days, unfortunately people can not deal with the reality that some people are better at some things than others! The funny part of this is... if this kid goes all the way to the pro's I am sure the other kids are going to be bragging for the rest of their lives (about their glory days) that they played against him in elementary school. But the best part is Jimerson really has some real class for such a young age!
  • You hit it on the head, Danlar, that the other kids will be bragging that they played junior football with Jimerson once he makes the pros.
    Hopefully, making it to the NFL won't go to his head.
  • Agreed, he appears to be headed in the right direction.
  • Why is this getting so much press? This type of rule is common among youth football programs.

    Both of my sons have played in a league where if you go up by more than 2 touchdowns, you have to switch out your starting backfield. This doesn't mean the kids can't play any more, they just can't play in the backfield.

    Today, our star running back had to switch out after scoring a beautiful 70 yard TD because we went up by 2 TD's. That didn't stop him from making some great tackles on Defense.

    Makes it a little more challenging for the coaches since that means we need more than one backfield set ready to go.

    OK, so more kids get experience playing in the backfield and ultimately get to touch the ball. That seems like a good thing to me. This isn't about limiting one player but rather about letting all excel.

    I can tell you from experience that it certainly helps build a better team. I coached a team one year that had an outstanding back like this kid. Problem was that he got tired of carrying the team every game and eventually quit football. Now he's playing lacrosse, a sport where everyone on the field is fully engaged in the action.

    The good thing is that despite all of the media attention and the comments listed here, at least this kid seems to have kept the right perspective.

    Go Demias! You'll get your chance to shine in High School and beyond.
  • Same here. We got the same rule. Up by 21 your starter backs can not play there position. You can not pass and all runs have to go up the middle. Once the score is back with in 7 starters can go back to there positions. In youth football if a kid is fast he is gonna shine. My own kid spent alot of time not in his starting pos. If I would of known this was news he could of been on tv also. Now he is in high school still fast but had to learn it is not a one man show go where the hole is suppose to be and trust your blockers.
  • there = place; their = possessive pronoun; they're = contraction of they+are

    You're (you+are) welcome.
  • You are correct. My spelling sucks and the world of text has not helped but I am very good in math. hagd
  • Don't forget the lesson on the two words: "a lot."

    Update: October 04, 2011
    The clown below my comment, TJ, More like BJ.
  • you=GAY
  • That rule is crazy as hell, all runs have to be up the middle. How are kids learning about the real game if the leauge is calling the plays. Our team Boys Club "Jaguars" has only lost 2 games in 5 years, we allow our players to excell and make sure everyone touches the ball.

    At our choice once we are ahead by a certain amount of points we do not update the visible score board. Once we return to the locker room we let our kids know the true score and how well they did.

    I am tired of you guys talking about this kid as if he is calling the plays. You continually digress to him being a one man team. I can confidently say this kid is exceptional, fast and talented; but he is not mature enough to call plays. Get off of him and let him play.
  • What a crack up...a story about a kid that's been scoring a lot of touchdowns...then we get English lessons, then of course a race card tossed in, a few how to raise kids lessons and different philosophies on sportsmanship...blah blah....Why debate when we can all agree on something: how about the cans on the cheerleader down below. Soccer moms, you want some attention, take notes and turn that F'n video off in your mini van and dare to give your child a book to read for the 15 minute trip.
  • YOu're right about a rule similar to this one being used all over, Getagrip, and the players thrive on this kind of teamwork. Lacrosse, which I played at Hofstra University, is a great sport for team play because the ball is mostly tossed around before a scoring move is attempted.
  • This is football
  • sounds like ur boys are o-linemen, not too much in the limelight.
  • ya'll have to many women trying to control everything most of these kids will never make it past 8th grade because of these rules.
  • Don't blame it on women! I coached youth football for four years, we had the same rules. When a team is up by 14 points, you switch your players around. At the 5-7 and 8-10 ages I coached, there is no point in running the score up, the game is supposed to be fun. The kids I had playing for me that scored the touchdowns had no problem letting someone else try to score too!
  • What a dumb single-minded rule.....they have to change the backfield? What about the lineman who block. I played Qb for a state championship team and I assure you without the line the greatest backfield in the world will not score...........REALLY STUPID
  • Now that is a brilliant plan!!! Switch out the backfield. I guess the lineman have nothing to do with the success of the team. This is an example of the pathetic mentors that these poor kids have. Quit trying to reinvent the wheel. Compete play ball!!!! The cream will rise to the top
  • I'm afraid that the phrase, "No child left behind", is not appropriate here, Kenton. That is strictly an educational term, meaning that special children would get mainstream care in class. I have a grandson who fits that description. So I know what I'm talking about.
  • I'm afraid that the working use of the "no child left behind" reference is completely appropriate by Kenton23. In principle that policy is for special needs children, unfortunately, it has become a banner under which any child who is not academically gifted or interested is forced to be dragged through an education system spending a major part of its time and resources getting a lot uninterested children through the education system and rewarding them with a meaningless diploma at the end. It is not simply used to aid those children who are not as capable or special. In the end, the academically gifted children are left with no resources by which to excel in the education system.
    Lets continue to teach our children in school and on the field that excellence and talent are things that you might have, but should not have the opportunity to completely use. When we do that, we never teach them to stand up, work hard and overcome adversity. What pride is there is knowing that you battled Goliath and came close to winning, but he had one hand tied behind his back?
  • I agree 100% No child left behind is a joke. The diplomas of today are meaningless !!! We own a business that many recent graduates apply for work. These kids cannot read a ruler, do basic math, or hardly fill out an application !! With the money spent on this program we have lost money to spend on a real education for our children. We've turned our teachers into administrative adssistants. The paperwork they have to do when they could be using their energies to be the creative teachers they desire to be is rediculus, not to mention having to teach for the tests instead of teaching for knowledge sake and teaching kids to learn for a lifetime.
    I do think the two concepts are related for sure !! While I do believe that all kids deserve a chance to play, lets face it there are kids who do excell in sports, and the other kids only become test dumbies and really get hurt when we try to pretend that it is okay for them to get in there and play against kids who excell. I have seen it time and again.
  • Actually, No Child Left Behind created academic criteria that schools have to meet in order to recieve various types of funding, or other benefits. Schools that don't meet these standards actually lose some funding (don't ask me the logic behind taking money away from struggling schools), or face "restructuring" or even closure. Unfortunately the tests they use to ensure students are meeting the standards are completely useless and actually create more roadblocks for teachers in the classroom.
    The point I really wanted to make is that NCLB is not intended for special education. The policy that you are thinking of is "Least Restrictive Enviornment", a policy intended to allow special education students as much access to the mainstream classroom enviornment as is possible, and benefical to their education. This was enacted several years before NCLB.
  • This is so funny....The article have stated Madre Hill Rule apply to junior league football for this kid touchdown ability...All in a sudden, the conversation jump from No Child Left Behind and NCLB policy in the southerner school system...Please Y'all need to get to the main point of the article....
  • Have you watched the NFL latley? Or the New England Patriots? Brady and Bellecheck will run up the score on you in a heart beat!!!! They want to put a steak in your heart , you want to know why? Teams can, and do come back, rally around each other, I know this, because I've been on those teams, never say die, More than once have we come back and taken that away from them, so let the child play!! He might just be a prodigy, or he might just be having fun, for now. Injuries happen, life happens, so let him play and have fun. He'll be a team player, if you all just leave him alone!!!
  • You can't compare 11-year olds to the NFL. The big boys in the NFL are paid to make defensive stops.
  • Steak = a cut of meat

    The patriots really want to put a "steak" in their heart? LOL

  • I didn't know that this was an "English" lesson?
  • Steaks go in our stomachs. Stakes go in the heart. Where's that kid that scored the touchdowns? He should be here teaching English.
  • I agree, I can not believe this rule even exist. The difference in being awarded an atheletic scholarship is your ability to excell and play above the rest.
  • You do realize that the no child left behind principle is not doing it's job, there are children left behind everyday. They are said that they are "slow" and that they have a "problem" and are put in "special" classes. Just because it takes someone a little longer to get something doesn't mean they can't learn just like other kids. And just because their "quality" isn't as great, doesn't mean they won't be if you give them a little nudge. And in this case aren't they saying do your best, but not your very best. If you do your very best we'll stop you from getting there. I agree that you should let them play, and let the kids learn, but the education system is failing and kids get left behind all the time and no one seems to care about them...everybody is different and will continue to be different.
  • Youth sport is never supposed to be about greatness. It is to teach teamwork, confidence and commitment. Unfortunately we have forgotten what started these programs.
    Even in college, the game is just that- a game. the illusion that players should be given special treatment paid with anything more than an education is ridiculous.
    It's time we get back to the basics in sports and away from elitists.
  • Here is our community the 9 years old are benched for NOT being developed and advanced physically. The boys don't learn about teamwork and become so demoralized as they are bullied at school because they are just 'practice dummies' and never get on the field at all. The league has no rules requiring that every child gets on the field. Nine year olds should be learning how to playkj and developing skills. This is how football is played in Alabaster, Alabama.
  • I belive there are too may parents who are living out there shortcomings through their children! If you kids is not an athlete then he just isnt an dathlete so find somehting sles they can do to learn team work sports is not the only way to learn that! Quit trying to assume its their age come on by the tim akid is in first grade you can see whetehr they are athletic or not! I have kids in football, music, basbeall, drama and so on every one of them different! Let a kids try everything and then decide!Dont hold back the ones that truly excell byt htinking every single kid should play equal time! would you let any ole kid sing the lead in a musicla just to give them their turn? NO so why do it in sports!
  • Unfortunately, your diatribe (while valid in its intent), shows just how little our school systems focus on grammar and spelling. We spend entirely too much time trying to teach kids about "teamwork, commitment, confidence," or whatever other concept we are attempting to pass on to our children. What we lose focus on are those skills that they will actually need to make it in the real world, namely the capacity to read, write articulately, perform simple mathematics, and understand world affairs. Let's face it, this kid may be great, but $20 says he won't be in the NFL (statistically speaking -- another area of education that all youth should have a basic grasp of).
  • Hello mr or miss stupid. This kid is playing football, not taking a test. As far as football goes, you play to win. Our schools should teach kids math and english and science and quit brainwashing them to be soft lazy liberals looking for government handouts.

  • playing sports teaches children to become self sufficient young adults. it also gives them the opportunity to reach their potential in problem solving and to get rid of everyday tension. this rule shows the playground mentality of if i cant win i am taking my ball home.
  • Liberal does not mean that someone is lazy and looking for a handout. I am liberal and I work for everything I have. I do not live on credit cards and loans. Maybe you need to look up the definition again.
  • Tell mommygraves this!
  • Actually, you have it backwards. Kids should play to win in all things. But an education is MUCH more important than a sport. And for 9 year olds, teamwork is much more important than an endless touchdown streak. While I sure don't agree with the "everyone's a winner and everyone gets a trophy" philosophy...in kids sports, everyone should at least get to play.
  • don't blame liberals, i'm liberal, and i don't agree with this.
  • AMEN!
  • Who told you Liberal means lazy??? Do you know most of the rights you enjoy here in America are due to Liberal's ideas? You people should SELECT your world carefully before spewing your garbage.
  • Wrong concept. What does being a liberal have to do with anything, but if you want to go there...it is always you know who...the GOP wanting to change the rules to get a win!!!!
  • Just so you know, teachers are teaching the core subjects. They are trying their hardest. Teaching teamwork, self confidence, and social reponsibility is not brainwashing, nor does it make kids soft or lazy. The way schools do teach these concepts is by integrating them into the core subjects through assignments and classroom activites that will serve the dual purpose of creating knowledge and social values.
    As far as creating liberals, believe me, I work in the school system and there are just as many liberals as there are conservatives.
  • Should this kid end up at a private school, I'm sure the local public high school will be overjoyed that he was given all the snaps in youth football and nobody else learned how to play tailback. The objective at this level should be for as many kids as possible to learn how to play the game (and how to play it right), and not to win by as much as you can. There's a bigger picture here that has nothing to do with keeping people from excelling. I love how people are talking about this kid playing in the NFL. The best player (by far) on my son's Mighty Mite team ten years ago is in high school now and weighs 125 pounds. If his coaches had turned off some of the other kids to football by burying them on the bench in favor of this young man, who is served by that?
  • Keep dreaming......you are assuming things. This child may be a straight A student and whether or not he makes it to the NFL doesn't matter....Football could be his calling for a full scholarship for college. This young man may want to be a Doctor. You people need to STOP assuming that every talented young black man wants to go to the NFL....get over yourself!!!
  • My word, how quickly we can turn one issue into one of our own choosing. I don't believe I read one word in reference to his being African American or any other lineage. I am continuously dumbfounded by how many individuals throw in the "race" card where it doesn't belong. This young man's success will depend on his support systems and his ability to self-discipline, whether it be in sports or academics, or hopefully both. As for allowing him to play, I believe he should be encouraged to hone his talents. It seems to me that the coaching staff should be monitoring the issues of teamwork. If the coaches are instructing 11 year olds to run up the score, than I believe they are in the wrong league, if not the wrong vocation.

    Update: October 02, 2011
    Having just revisited this news report, it is much to my chagrin that I missed the most important point of this story. From the mouths of babes (namely Demias): God first, grades second, and then football. Amen.

    Update: October 02, 2011
    misslady, I did not mean this in argument to your comment. I only replied to your post as you so aptly brought up this ridiculous issue of race. Every young football player wants to go to the NFL!
  • “You people need to STOP assuming that every talented young black man wants to go to the NFL....get over yourself!!!”
    You are so right! It is sickening that this school is telling this child, “You cannot be better than anyone else” It is demoralizing and will probably destroy his sprit to try hard to succeed in life….Every child should be encouraged to do their best and if it means that he gets a lot of touchdowns, then the other players should have to strive for the bar that this child has set. And not demand that this child lower his bar! Truly un-American!
  • Right name you do have, smbittermann. Sorry but everyone do not need what you say the need. Because one can read or write, add or subtract,etc. That do not make that person. Most of the serial killers in this world are usely classified as, handsome, well liked, intellegent etc. So what is your bitter point, we are talking about a 11 year old kid.
  • Very well stated. Unfortunately, you are writing to an audience composed primarily of people who have no problems with corporate CEOs making tens of millions of dollars, even after running their companies into the ground, and who want to make sure the richest people in America do not have to pay their fair share of taxes because one day they might just win the lottery.
  • BRAVO! WELL PUT! SPOT ON! Thank you for your excellent use of grammar and spelling. That gives me more hope than some stupid sport.
  • education, education blah, blah ,blah. we need to teach our kids respect for each other and be all you can be. i never in my life had to tell a boss the capital of georgia or what a nimbus cloud is, lets teach our kids real life facts in school not bs facts
  • According to steelerdude43, we need to get rid of geography and science in the educational system. Just because your occupation doesn't require knowing those facts, doesn't mean anybody else needs to know those as well.

    What if your child wants to be a teacher, or a meteorologist? Don't you think they might want to know that.
  • Learn some grammar, and how to proof read what you type. Then give your opinion
  • proof reading is out, focus on situation at hand. shallow minds make shallow remarks. ty,hagd,etc... are those proper and i bet you use them everyday
  • My parents never allowed me to play sports in school, instead opting that I play an instrument in the school band. This hasn't been all bad though. I have seen many parts of the world through this, gone on to perform with profesional organizations and I've even gotten my military career kicked off by playing taps on numerous occasions at numerous venues.

    BUT and a big but here is that I have not been well rounded. When I decided to join the military I was plenty set heart wise, but not set at all physically. I could not run to save my life, do push ups if it meant saving my battle buddy and what should have been my best event, the sit up, turned out to be my worst. I'm not blaiming my parents for this and if anything I'm glad they put me on the path I'm on. Nothing teaches heart as much as being part of a music program and heart is the only reason I'm in the wonderful physical shape I'm in now, but I do wish my father had decided to put me in football so that I'd be more well rounded.

    Instead of choosing one path parents should put their children on a path that lends to them being well rounded but also allow them to make there own decision in the end.
  • I believe that you are missing the point. Reaaly by first grade you can tell if a kid is going to be athletic or not? I did not decide to do anything athletic until the 5th grade. It is not that I could not, I just chose not too but I have a son that is 11 and to look at him you would probably say that he does not look very athletic but the kid can play some serious basketball and most kids that first meet him underestimate him but they learn very quickly. EVERY kid on little kid football, that is on a team should get to play, I am not saying that they should get equal playing time but the should get on the field. That would actually let some of them know, like my 11 year old, that football is not for them and they should find something better for them.
  • Grow up and get off your behind and practive with your kids so he or she can be good. Sports are about playing for WINNING. Only losers demand equal time to each player.
  • I agree wholeheartedly with you on those parents who push their children into something they really don't want to do. A father who HAS to HAVE his son playing football is appalling.
    The analogy about letting a child sing the lead in the school musical more than once is not valid, however. I have a friend whose daughter was the lead in North Shore HIgh School musicals FOUR years. She went to the School for Performing Arts in Manhattan and is now a professional auditioning for parts in Broadway shows. This is what education is all about, preparing your children for what they are really interested in.
  • blaundies-
    I couldn't agree with you more about parents trying to live out their shortcomings! We watch parents force their kids to put on their football gear and when a snap at practice happens, the kids run the other way. I believe that all kids should get some kind of playing time, but this creates a safety hazard. Parents should really take a look in the mirror and let their kids do what makes their kids happy, not themselves!
  • could be awesome at 15, what a disgrace...
  • Get your skills up and you can play. America is getting to damn soft. It is and will always be the survival of the fittess. You don't have skills you should not be on the team. Pick up an instrument, try acting, take a cooking class.....this game is not for you!!!
  • This is an 11 year old. Just because he is scoring touchdowns now, doesn't mean he will in the future. Kids grow, kids get better and more coordinated. Maybe some of the other kids, who are not getting playing time now, will start over him in high school. This league should be about teaching teamwork, respect, and learning the game. This isn't high school football. This isn't college football. This is football where they learn the skills. That is why everyone should play.
  • At any level before High School every kid should play. Here in Alaska our local football organization has a 6 play per half rule and it is strictly governed by the Team mother. She is on the coaches constantly to get the kids in so that they all get their plays but we do not have any ridiculous rules about scoring touchdowns. The coaches for the most part do not try to run up the score because they are trying to teach good sportsmanship through the season but come playoffs all bets are off. I mean they are not playing for college scholarships or millions of dollars. ARE THEY?
    I hardly doubt that in 5th & 6th grades, 11 & 12 year olds, are playing for college scholarships. This IS the level that the article is referring to, not junior and high school!
    My husband and I definitely do not 'baby' my kids, as we are very competitive and hard on them to succeed in everything. They are responsible for their own actions, and understand what hard work means. They get a fair amount of playing time on that ball field.
    However, all kids at the 'biddy league' level, yes, that being 5th & 6th grade as well, deserve the right to play (our league has a 5 contact plays per game), at least a few contact plays each game. At higher levels, they have to work for their playing time.
    I want 'BRIDGT01' & 'MISSLADY' to know that there are kids on that biddy league field that bust their a** and aren't babied, who still struggle to get playing time! They aren't bad players, they just aren't at the same levels as others. And whether you want to believe it our not, it DOES effect their self-esteem. And then you have the exact opposite, a kid that is pushed so far, who is an awesome athlete, but worries about performing at his best and letting people down; so much worry that he makes himself physically sick and is unable to perform at all....I've had up close exposure to this, trust me. Kids are kids and sometimes a little 'babying,' as you call it, is required! They ARE still kids....
  • What you say about junior football, Sissy, would make me move out of Alabaster, Alabama, so my kid could be treated right as a player. That somebody does not get a chance to play goes directly against the grain of what the sport should be about.
  • Let's just watch some old fashioned good old Ozzie and Harriet and Little House on the Prairie. News flash life has drastically changed. Kids don't have an issue with self-esteem, they are trying to just stay alive in school from sharp shooters and bully's. Getting play time is the least of their problems.
  • when the professionl sports, media moguls and companies (i won't mention any names) stop endorsing individual athletes as THE END ALL TO BE ALL then these kids who excel at sports won't have to worry about doing better than their teammates and opposing team. WAKE UP AMERICA!! why penalize a child when all he sees are ads of great, overpaid athletes with all kinds of endorsements???? correctio...that probably isn't that child's motivation but don't penalize him for outrunning the other children
  • i don't care if the child is black, white or any other race...u cannot pull the rug out from under them when all they're trying to to is show how good they are. no one ever tells someone to stop earning good grades
  • Exactly!
  • would u kick him out of school if he makes to many A's on his report cards? im just sayin
  • Yea, how is he gonna be able to reach his full potential if he is sitting on the bench half the game. And people wonder why the U.S. is crumbling. They want kids to grow up to be wusses
  • I agree, why should this child be pulled out and what is this saying to the child. So if he makes all A's on his report card do you pull him out of school. If I was his parent I would be so proud because this child has a great attitude about this and he has his it right, God first, grades second then football, he is smarter then most adults. I hope that God truly blesses this child and I hope this child keeps it in that order as he grows up. To the parents I want to say awesome job.
  • Hey monluv1214, this mess started with the movie stars, not the professional sportsman. Why is it that people tend to want everyone to be who they need them to be? Being who you are works. The days of a few definding all the other people of this world is over. Bang bang you have lost.
  • My kids are just like me. They are smart and strong. That's why i teach them mma and boxing. The way to stop a bully is to crack his orbital bone and dislocate his arms and legs. I've encountered several so called bullies but they all bleed spectacularly with fractured noses. I don't raise my kids to be pansies and losers. P.s. if these punk wanna be gangbangers pull guns my family can outshoot them too. Just like being in the 82nd airborne in iraq in my younger years.
  • Dude you need some help...
  • I second that.
  • I third that.
  • Mr tapoutjon, you sound as if you are the only bad ass in the world. Hey there are some out there in this world, that hurt people like yourself, just because. Being a bad ass is natural, you do not have to pratice. Please do not forget to tell your kids that, Bad people, do not practice.
  • tapoutjon: I would like to thank you for your service in Iraq. No matter what your opinion on this matter, your contribution to this country's well-being should be well appreciated by all. I will say that I disagree with you, but I will not comment further in deference to my opening statements.
  • -_- and yes i would also like to thank the people who kill and rape because its ok... they served our country.
  • Your comment is so banal as to not be worthy of acknowledgment. However, I will allow myself to be pulled into this myre of inaneness. While you are at it, why not thank the killers and rapists who hide behind broken families, abusive childhoods, gang ridden streets, poverty and any other reasons given to excuse their actions? Some people are just evil, no matter what their background. As for my comment to tapoutjon, I acknowledge his service as I would to any other veteran. I was raised an army brat, and my father is a Korean War ex-POW. I would be amiss to not thank him for his service, if not just in honor of my father. If you read further, I stated I did not agree with his post. What would you have me say? Disagree is a fairly self-explanatory word. But I will spell it out for you. He is an angry and frightening individual who will certainly raise his children to be the same. That being said, I tip my hat to the post below (mtrevv) for pulling us back to the issue at hand. As I read the comments here I am appalled by how easily people throw around words such as loser,retard,stupid and many other derogatory comments related to intelligence, social status and race. The issue here is about whether an outstanding young athlete should be allowed to continue to score during a lopsided game. The answer to this will reflect on his society's views on sportsmanship, teamwork and courtesy. I sincerely hope that he does not ever have the opportunity to read much of what has been written here.

    Update: October 02, 2011
    Though this means nothing to anyone but myself, and being that I cannot stand to let it be, my apologies for my error of typing amiss in place of remiss.
  • I hope others don't abuse honorable service to our country to pass off exclamations of "orbital bone" dislocation as righteous and handy, in the situation you come upon a stellar running back - isn't that the issue at hand?. Pansies are not necessarily losers and you are not necessarily a pansy, which means you might not necessarily be a loser. Semantics aside, raise yourself, then your children. NEWS FLASH: kids ARE concerned with self esteem (as they always have been) and sharp shooters are not perched at every school corner - overreaction is just as poisonous as under-reaction. Ozzie and Harriet have gone the way of fireside chats. Let's stick to what's relevant and not use this as a platform to spew either antiquated ideals of Ozzie and Harriet or contemporary band-aids in the vein of violence. Think before you're proud. Be proud of ignorance before you speak.
  • Ignore those deluded fools. The world is a cruel, harsh place, and everyone fights every day for survival. You're raising your kids well. Those losers are bound for failure, and would gladly drag you down with them.
    Only the strong survive.
  • Wow!! You are a real bad @$$ on the internet aren't you. I bet you had and still have your lunch money taken from you each and everyday.

    I am a retired Marine and despise the military braggarts that give us a bad name.
  • WOW,As a parent of 2 ball players and a gymnist, I can now understand why America is falling apart. Not everyone should get a trophy and not everyone is made to go to college. The kid should be able to play the game to the best of his ability. If the other teams can't stop him, then maybe someone should coach better. This thinking is why our children are so far behind in global education. Just a thought from a teacher of today's youth.
  • I could not agre with you more! The participation trophy and mandatory playing time in youth sports is the ruination of our country! How can we preach to our children, "do your best and give 100% effort but while doing so don't be too good and hurt little Johnny's feelings because he's really not good in sports". Boo hoo, an early lesson that every kid should learn is that not everything is easy and hard work pays off, just like in academics. I say let the kid score as many touchdown's as he can until the game gets out of hand. Then it is the coaches job to take his foot off the gas pedal by substituting players in, and taking the better players out.
  • My 'young athlete' does get a lot of playing time, but that does not mean that every CHILD (That is what they are, correct? Still learning? Correct? Can't learn if they don't play...) should be able to play in at least some contact plays each game. No one said that they had to dominate the game, just put in a few plays. Some kids bust their a** and are decent, but still sit the bench. I agree with you on one thing, let him score as many touchdowns as he wants, but if his team is kicking the other team's a**, then put in the second team :)
  • Amen! We cannot all be superstars and get mad when someone else's greatness makes them look bad. Poor un-athletic kids, maybe they'll grow up and wait for an employer to call them in for a job, or a check in the mail, and sit around and eat and play video games and get fat and be unproductive and collect tax money!!!!!!!!!!
  • New Groes have to have their balls, playing,running,little children who never grow up. They love to hang at strip Bars,with Ho's thats their culture. We are the Doctors,Lawyers,Scientists,Engineers.They be playing with their balls.LOL
  • you are sick, you are not a docter, lawer,scientist,engineer,you are a looser
  • no kidding, someones been sniffing to much glue. But if you think hes messed up check out tapoutjon 7 posts up. WOW
  • Mr/Ms Zombeamerican there are many Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Engineers, that are totally talentless. Those that lie, cheat, and pretend etc.... Why do you think all the new immigrant are so much better at what they do, than some american professionals? Too much pattying ones self on the back. The world is real, and people like yourself are a vanishing batch. Too bad, you are finished. Start thinking about all the damage that you have done to others, and better yet, how the New Groes, have exposed you to the world. Think about it. SMILE

  • See more comments >>
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WATCH: Fisher tells Winston to change out of pads

Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston got into a sideline exchange after the quarterback was warming for the Clemson game.
Via Gamedayr
41 minutes ago

Kansas football Twitter favorites 'fire Weis' tweet

There’s a decent sized contingent of Kansas football fans who want Charlie Weis to be fired.  The Jayhawks’ coach is 5-21 through two-plus seasons in Lawrence and is off to a 1-1 start this fall.  Kansas football’s official Twitter account is apparently in favor of Weis getting canned, too. The account favorited a tweet this afternoon that called for Weis to be fired.  ...
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Tom Brady reminds Raiders about 'tuck rule' play

If you’re an Oakland Raiders fan, chances are you want to forget the infamous “Tuck Rule Game” that took place in 2002. Tom Brady, however, would like to refresh your memory. The Facebook page of the New England Patriots’ star quarterback posted a photo of the controversial playoff game and wrote, “Tomorrow is my 6th time playing the Raiders. What’s your favorite Patriots...
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Nick Young has nickname he wants rookies to use for him

PHOTO: Nick Young’s Instagram Nick Young is awesome. During an interview with Lakers sideline reporter Mike Trudell, Young revealed that he was making rookies Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle address him by a different name this coming season. While it’s not clear what Young has asked Randle to call him – the 19-year-old mumbled numerous times when asked by Trudell to reveal...
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Tedy Bruschi: Goodell has to go

At some point the backlash directed at commissioner Roger Goodell may be too much and he’ll have to go the way of Tricky Dick Nixon. This is to say, NFL’s head honcho might be in the earliest stages of having to call it quits. Former New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi, who is among the most popular retired players around the league, indicated on ESPN that it’s time...
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Tom Coughlin hoping music can inspire Giants

There was something different in the air during the New York Giants stretching routine at their training facility outside MetLife Stadium before practice Friday, reported the N.Y. Post.And no, it wasn't the stench of 0-2 team's desperation to salvage a season before it reeks worse than a Meadowlands landfill.It was the sound of music.While some players bopped to the tunes...
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Roman Reigns undergoes emergency hernia surgery

WWE.COM is reporting that Roman Reigns will be undergoing emergency surgery today, just over 24 hours before the Night of Champions (2014) pay-per-view. Not much is known at this time. He was rushed a Nashville, Tennessee hospital for surgery on an incarcerated hernia. He had been in the area to promote WWE’s Night of Champions event, but now, it looks like he might not even make...
Via Between The Ropes
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Winston now suspended for entire Clemson game

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has now been suspended for their game against the Clemson Tigers on Saturday. As you already know, Winston was originally suspended for the first half after he made inappropriate comments on campus earlier this week. According to an email by Interim Florida State President Garnett S. Stokes late Friday night, the school has now suspended Winston...
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Report: Ravens engaged in massive cover-up in Rice case

ESPN’s Outside the Lines dropped a major bomb on the Baltimore Ravens regarding their handling of the Ray Rice situation, saying that the team engaged in a massive cover-up to lessen their star running back and franchise icon’s punishment. According to ESPN’s story, the Ravens knew exactly what was on the elevator video hours after […]
Via Larry Brown Sports
1 day ago

Rex Chapman arrested for stealing $14K in Apple products

Former Phoenix Suns sharpshooter Rex Chapman was arrested in Scottsdale on Friday after a months-long shoplifting spree at a local Apple Store that netted him approximately $14,000 in stolen goods. Chapman’s not-so-inconspicuous trick involved checking out merchandise via an iPhone self-checkout app, but not actually going through with the transaction. After leaving, Chapman would...
Via Next Impulse Sports
1 day ago
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