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The topic of paying tribute with uniforms and accessories at the professional level has taken on a life of its own in recent years, and apparently it’s an issue in high school as well. On Monday night, a Nebraska high school girls basketball team received a technical foul for supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As part of a fundraising effort, the Burke High Bulldogs wore light pink uniforms for their game against Columbus. They were given the tech at the start of the second half.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Columbus coach Dave Licari brought the issue to the officials’ attention at halftime. Technically, the home team is supposed to wear predominantly white uniforms. Since Burke had not informed anyone of the uniform change before the game, they were breaking the rules.

“It was a total mistake by me,” Bulldogs Athletic Director Kyle Rohrig said. “We had good intentions, but we made a mistake, and then there were consequences.”

The idea for the pink uniforms was the work of Burke assistant coach Tom Law. The uniforms were to be auctioned off after the game with all proceeds benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“If they thought there was a problem, it should have been addressed before the game,” Burke head coach Luke Lueders said. “To have that happen at halftime caught us all off-guard.”

To have that happen at all catches me off-guard. This is a high school basketball game. At the professional level, players know they are going to be fined for choosing to wear patriotic gear or rocking lucky orange cleats. This was a group of high school students who got together to raise money for cancer research. If the officials caught the rule violation and had no choice but to penalize Burke, that would be one thing. The fact that their opponent brought it to the officials’ attention — during halftime of a high school game — is despicable.

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  • So... what was the score in the game? Did the technical help the other team win? Oh, wait, the other coach lost when he complained to the refs!!
  • Agreed, could they have at least gave the scrore
  • Dave Licari, what a class act! You just insulted every make-a-wish participant in the world all so you could win a high school basketball game! Congrats. dick!!!
  • Columbus won by 15 points, 13 without the foul. so the shots didn't help the game much at all.
  • I agree the Columbus coach is a loser and he was probably grasping at straws at half time trying to get ahead by being a crybaby - The score doesn't matter as much as character coach. Simply ridiculous.
  • The articles attached here fail to tell the whole story. Burke led by 1 at half time and Columbus made their two free throws putting them up 23 - 22 at the start of the 3rd quarter. Then the Burke girls went on a 6-0 run. The Columbus High girls have been a solid team all year and came back to win the game 62-47.
    The Refs should have called the technical at the beginning of the game yes. The Columbus High AD arrived in the 2nd quarter and noticed the uniforms....asked the coaching staff if it had been approved and the coaches asked the refs, who reviewed the rules and threw out the technical. This was not malicious intent.
    And the reporting on the subject has been a joke. Report the facts and be a responsible journalist, please! It in no way affected the game and Burke had an extra 2 days to address the uniforms as the game was rescheduled from Saturday to Monday due to the inclement weather.
    They took responsibility and accepted the consequences, so why is the media making this such a big ordeal?
    Give me a break!
  • Because Columbus look silly....is is really that big of a deal?? If they are so solid then they would have been handeling the game from the get go....and you are right the uni's did not make one bit of difference - so make pull Burke AD aside and say "What's Up"...your coaching staff and the officials did not notice it either....you look silly by "telling" on those girls half way into the game....could have been handeled differently and you would not have looked like a poor sport...sports is so much about character and Columbus AD really took away from a special life lesson. Again LAME!
  • Hopefully the problem created more money for the auction.
  • What a great idea, and for the person having so much to say about the articles, maybe you should look at what they were going to after the game to raise money for CANCER,maybe you have a problem with it because you have never donated to cancer research. One day you may need the help with this, so while you are opening your big mouth, think about the good this could do. The columbus coach was up because he did'nt think of it first. great going Burke.
  • @medboy It was not about cancer... and it was not the coach who wanted to say anything about it... CHS raised over $2,000 for breast cancer and you are telling me that those coaches and girls need to open their eyes before opening their mouth? Think again..
  • The refs should have said something at the beginning. Because they didnt they should not have at the half either. The team wasnt doing it to be mean it was a fund rasier for god sakes.You are stupitd if you think calling it at half time and creating a stink, that it didn't effect the burke girls. Of course it did. The coach was losing and didnt like it.
    This is high school not the pro's.
  • Speaking of stupid Dottie, how about you learning to spell (or, at least, type).
    As for the technical foul, it was deserved if there was a rule violation and the coach had every right and responisbility to call the violation to the refs attention.
    The Burke AD blew it but at least he was man enough to acknowledge he made a mistake in not getting approval before hand for the color. People have to learn that actions have consequences at every level.
    Maybe the cause was good, the intent altruistic but the execution was bad.
    Rules are rules, just like laws are laws and it's not up to us to decide which ones we like so we can follow only those. The sooner people learn this very simple lesson the better off we'll all be.
  • Speaking of stupid BobJ999, if you are going to chastise someone for misspelling or mistyping a word, you might want to take "responsiblilty" for your own errors!! What a jerk!!
  • "responisbility"
    o deer bobj999 cant spel eether
  • Wow, I was wondering how long until the grammar police reared it’s ugly head. Yes, I agree there are great reasons for set rules, but everything isn’t black and white. There are more choices than A and B. Living in a world of absolutes, infringes on our basic artistic freedoms. How rough of a childhood would everyone have had, if there wasn’t the occasional bending of the rules of Chutes and Ladders. This rule of wearing predominately white, is so it’s easier to differentiate the two teams. I’m going out on a limb that, the other team’s jerseys were not pink. The refs probably didn’t have a problem figuring out the different teams. If the choice of changing the colors was just because they hated white or some trivial reason, by all means penalize them, but it was for a good charity. Sometimes discretion is the right decision.
  • All in all the coach of Burke should have got his poop in a group and registered the jerseys with the refs and there would not be any problems to start out with.... it is not Columbus' fault by any means it is a rule and they could have been all together disqualified! 2 points should be no big deal...
  • It’s not about the points. It’s about teaching and allowing our children to do nice things. In a world of self entitled spoiled kids, it’s refreshing to see kids do a selfless act, but then sad to see them penalized for it, even if it was a minor penalty.
  • It’s not about the points. It’s about teaching and allowing our children to do nice things. In a world of self entitled spoiled kids, it’s refreshing to see kids do a selfless act, but then sad to see them penalized for it, even if it was a minor penalty.
  • BobJ999, I have never taken the time to blog in my life. But you have pushed the button.
    1. "Maybe" the cause was good? Really?
    2. Execution of wearing uniforms that were just a shade off of pure white. Wash a red sock with your whites!
    3. Laws are laws and rules are rules, but when a team wears a light pink uniform, not anything intrusive, for a great cause.
    4. Any coach that failed to inform the officials, obviously, did not even think about this being wrong. Because I am sure that coach would never stoop to that level of reporting the other team.

    And my last comment: You need to worry more about your responsibility to spelling before firing off to Dottie about theirs! I can't stomach a person who is more worried about spelling than the point being conveyed.
  • BobJ
    another rules are rules guy? did you ever go 56 mph in a 55? get a ticket? RULES ARE RULES. zero tolerence policies=zero reasoning ability but they were made for simple minds like yours. fortunately the outcome of the game didn't ride on those free throws. any coach that wins a game on that type of technicality probably isn't a very good coach. and anybody that espouses "rules are rules" probably isn't very good at what they do, either. btw-nice handling of that spelling error.
  • Yes, Rules are Rules and Laws are Laws, BUT I would wagger that you break the laws you want (ie. Speeding) and do you turn yourself in?

    The Refs did not even know about that rule until it was brought to thier attention. The Tech Foul should have been issued at the start of the game, before the first tip off. But to wait till halftime is ridiculous. And the foul should have been issued as a warning at that time. It would be different if the Rwfs knew the rules and made it at the start of the game, but to do it a halftime really crushed the girls and threw them of thier game.

    As soon as you turn yourself in for each and everytime you speed, run a stop sign, run a red light, not yeilding the right of way, etc. is when you can get on your high horse, otherwise, leave your opinions at the door.
  • As a college and high school referee, many of you fail to understand the responsibility of the officials. The change in pink uniforms would be handled by an aministrator and normally not verified by the officials. Being it is an aministrated technical foul, it can be assessed at any time it becomes pointed out. For all we know, the AD could have told the officials that the players would be wearing these pink uniforms not knowing that it hadn't been discussed with the other team. Rules with the uniforms do not decide the game itself, but we still have to enforce them. Yes, it was for a great cause and that is why I believe it was poor taste for the opposing coach and AD to make the officials call a technical foul. The officials had no choice but the follow the rules. I have officiated many games where a team has worn pink uniforms and each time I was made aware by the game administration.
  • I agree with you that it is an administrative decision, but once the officials having verified equipment and uniforms and allowed the game to begin, they should not have been influnced by either team, but should have the fortitude to tell the team to take it up with their state association. If they knew the rules in the first place this would not have happened. But to say that the AD made them make the call tells me that these officials were not in charge. I have been invloved in games in high school and college where field and or court markings and even uniforms were not correct, but we did not penalize either team, but refered it to our association. We let the game go on. At no time have I ever seen the color of a uniform decide the outcome of any contest. It seems to me these officials were bullied into this call.
  • You are kidding me, the AD made the officials make a call, They should be fired
  • you really blew that one bob, rules smules, it was petty, and uncalled for, it should have been called at the start of the game, it was an oversite by the refs. They missed the call, you don't call a foul 20 minutes or 30 minutes later. And this is a comment page ,ease up will ya!
  • Unfortunately, DFrost your logic doesn't float when it comes to these rules. You talk about calling a foul 20-30 minutes later.....not the same type of foul and also not the same enforcement. Crack open a rule book sometime. I highly doubt it was an oversite by the officials.
    I suppose you may remember when George Brett had a HR taked away from him because of too much pine tar on his bat. The opposing coach saw the bat and made umpire measure the amount of tar.....it was too high on the bat and the HR was erased. Not all we do is fun, but when it rears its ugly head all we can do is enforce the rules as written. If we enforce it like it is written that is unfortunately our only protection. People who vary from the rules and make their own do not last too long in sports officiating.
  • You are correct, Brett did break the rules and should have had the HR taken away, I am pretty sure the officials did not approve his pine tar bat prior to the game.
  • You, my dear friend, need to get a grip on reality. In these times of teen agers wanting to fight, show complete and utter disrespect for just about anything, and not much team effort to support much of anything it's terrific that these girls did get together and decide to support the cancer awareness. To penalize them for it is to tell them that regardless of your intent the world still sucks so why try? Is that the message that we want sent to our youth and young adults who are soon going to be making desicions about our country? I think not! Pull your head out of the sand and get it back into the real world, Never Never Land is fake Nebraska is real!
  • Obviously you didn't read the article... it is not about cancer! it is about MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION!!! Don't place comments or blame if you don't know the story!
  • @ jgriffiths, maybe it would benefit you to learn what the Make A Wish Foundation does, and for who. Research before reaction, makes you look less like an idiot!
  • FYI I have first hand witnessed the changes of Make-A-Wish... Thank you for your concern and I don't know how I look like an idiot? But thanks :) You are like the rest of the people commenting on the above news story... don't know the full story but think that they should include their 2 cents... Maybe you @myvoice3 should do some research.
  • once again, are you not aware how these charities support eachother?
  • Are you aware of what Coach Lacari has done for raising money for charities? The CHS is not against raising money for a cause.. this is not about the cause at all if the Burke girls would have won, none of this would be happening.

    And CHS has raised over $2,000 for cancer research so who is supporting who now?
  • jgriffiths - obviously you don't know that Make a wish supports the breast cancer charity and that is why they were using the pink, so maybe you shouldn't comment;) but since I support the freedom of speech I have no problem with commenting even though you are not right.
  • People need to get all the information about what is happening before they jump to conclusions about a person... Have you ever walked in the Coach's shoes? Don't think so... He is a great hardworking guy with great intentions. He wants the best for everyone and that includes his team.
  • AHHHHH now I understand your wise guy comments. You have a horse in this race and hate the fact that someone who doesn't has an opinion. I will now stop arguing with you now that I know your opinion is tainted. The coach and AD might be the greatest men on earth, but it doesn't change the fact that they should have handled this situation differently. I admire you stickinhg up for them, but it doesn't change the fact that almost every "rule" has a time and place and the Columbus duo didn't understand the message they were sending.
  • My opinion is not tainted it has ALL the facts and just not what is put in the media. I agree the situation got blown way out of control. The AD and coach did not ask for the other team to be penalized... The refs decided that based upon the rules stated in the rule books.

    Everyone got the message loud and clear about raising the awareness and that was the point of the jerseys! The message was sent and that is why the girls of Burke raised $2,600 for their cause.
    Way to go Girls!

    It is not about you or I or the coaches it is about the awareness being raised and they were successful... it was a winding and difficult road to get there but they did it!

    I disagree with the free penalty, but it was done to cover the refs back as well as make the game "fair" according to the rules.
  • if more money is raised for charity then that is a very good thing and if your right and it was the refs and not the AD or coach bringing attention to the rule then shame on the refs, because it is the spirit of the rule (being able to tell teams apart) and not the rule itself that needed to be enforced.
  • To (therightthing). It is not about the game it is what we teach our children in life.. What the Columbus staff did is in BAD TASTE. What did they just teach our kids ,compared to what the Berk Coaches and staff teach, And to the Refs, shame on you to even allow this to get this far in the first place, I'm all for following the RULES of the Game, But I'm more for following the rules of being a good Human being FIRST.... You go Girls of Berk... you made alot of cancer servivers very PROUD OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU..YOU ROCK...
  • The media made it such a big ordeal because the Columbus High coach made it a big ordeal. The fact that the Columbus team was behind by 1 point when it was brought to the referee's attention makes the coach look petty. As for the Omaha Burke team taking their punishment like LADIES and not crying about, well that just goes to show you who had more class in this whole ordeal.
  • SO now we're down to this. Can I bid on the shorts/? Are we all crazy? Next time lets all play naked. You will surely raise more money than bidding on those smelly shorts that I love so much. DON'T SAY IT. The doctor said I'm doing better since I started therepy.I'd like those BURKE girls to tweet me.
  • Apparently you are from Columbus and have no clue as to the purpose of the articles. The point isn't who won or lost the game, although a technical foul and the ball at the start of the second half does change the momentum of the underdog team that is up by one at half, the point is it was ridiclous and petty of the Columbus coach to bring it up to the officials at halftime when all the team was trying to do is raise money and awareness for a great cause, the Make-a-Wish foundation. Wonder if he would have said a word if they were winning at half?? Typical response from a fan of the team who caused all the commotion.

  • Forget the color issue - this was a bad idea .
    Auctioning off girls uniforms after being worn in the game ?? Who did they expect to bid on used clothing ?( washed "as per Ebay standards")
    Sorry but think whole thing smells fishy .
    This was not an appropriate fund raiser for a childrens charity !

  • How can you say that it didn't affect the game?
    How demoralizing must it have been for players and students supporting the Make-a-Wish fundraiser to be penalized over a technicality? This alone affected the game.
    It's time for society to stop being PC and return to being human again.
  • I find a lot of journalism doesn't tell the whole story but the fact does come down to this "Whomever" whether there at the begining or not didn't bring this to light til the middle of the game and I'm sure figured the pink unless a totally clueless soul was for some kind of cancer issue should have been supportive and not super gunho RULES. All this does regardless of the missing facts is shed the Columbus team in a uncareing and bad light!!!
  • I think it is a big deal that young girls are doing something to help a cause and are penalized for it. What is that teaching them? What kind of coach would do that and why?
  • It may not have been "malicious intent," but it was really, really small beer. Petty. Petty. Petty. The whole rationale for the home team wearing white is to make sure everyone could tell them apart. So while the LETTER of the law may have been violated, the SPIRIT was not. No one - not the players, not the spectators - had any trouble figuring out which team was Burke and which was Columbus.
  • The reason they are making a big deal is because for a good cause it was pretty lame to complain about uniforms. I guess it must suck to live a cow poke town like Columbus. I has nothing about effecting the game it's about being wrong.
  • Lets get this right..If the Columbus High girls have had a solid team all season, that means they wouldn't have been worried about losing the game. So why call the foul. There really wasn't any point in it right.
  • Because some rules were meant to be broken. All across the country college teams as well as high school teams do the same thing. This"much to do about nothing" article is a means of pointing out that adults are just ridiculous, often teach the kids the WRONG thing. This is a perfect expample. The AD should have just let it go....bottom line.
  • Thank you, therightthing for the additional information.

    It is just amazing to me that so many here were quick to condemn the Columbus coach which, by the way, wasn't the one who complained but instead it was the Columbus Athletic Director.

    Hasn't anyone learned yet that in the majority of the cases the media doesn't give the full story? They normally give only enough to cause uproar among those who are quick to abandon logic and jump to conclusions. This is their audience. This is their bread and butter.

    It appears that such people's comments are motivated by an intense need to hate to the exclusion of reason and patience. For those inclined to do this, for God's sake, give a moment's consideration to other possibilities.
  • columbus was down by 1 point at half... if you would know the coach and the Athletic director like i do (i went to school in columbus), the intention wasn't to get the other team in trouble. they have morals too. it was because they were curious if they were legal or not.. this article is the most biased article i have ever read. don't judge so quickly. it wasn't about the idea of the jerseys, or the shots. rules are rules.
  • It was not the coach who did it.... It was another staff member who brought it to their attention! This article also fails to mention all the threatening letters and hate mail that not only the coaches are receiving, but the other teachers of the school and girls on the team!!! So who is the poor sport now?!
  • Pink or white wouldnt have changed the nature of the game, why when women want 2 make a statement theres a problem, catholic women want their insurance co 2 pay for BC thats a problem. who pays when men want medication for breast inhancements,and sex changes, theres never a problem,who pays for that?
  • Why do you need to make it a sexist or a religious matter in this case? The government is violating the separation of church and state with its forced mandates in this issue. If a person (female or male) considers themself catholic,they try to follow the rules. While we all all not perfect and fail at times. While there have certainly been serious mistakes and at times, crimes committed by individuals (who are human), the Catholic Church is by no means the only institution or group of persons guilty of where I feel the responses are going to be. This has nothing to do with this topic. Do not try to divert attention from this story.
  • Not "malicious"? Then why did the AD have to even ask? Obviously, if the refs had to "review the rules", the rule itself was obscure enough that no one else realized it was an infraction. Don't make excuses for boneheaded ADs and Coaches (on either side) and the refs (who didn't know the rule). Just let the kids play, and let the adults stay out of it!
  • Besides, if there ws a problem with it, why did they not say something at the beginning of the game? Why did they wait until halftime????
  • This is when the AD showed up and asked the coach about the jerseys... which then in turn was brought up to the refs... who decided for the foul.
  • Our local bball team did the same thing with the boys also wearing pink tshirts under their uniform. No one cried "foul" and the audience understood the message.
  • Look up "asshole" in the dictionary and find a picture of Licari. Hopefully Luke Lueders refused to shake this loser's hand after the game. If it were me I would have spit in his face.
  • http://www.omaha.com/article/20120207/PREPZONE/302089976/1607#crying-foul-over-burke-s-pink-uniforms

    This article gives a much clearer version of what actually happened.
  • This added article does not make Columbus look any better....lame!
  • http://chs.columbus.schoolfusion.us/?sessionid=b06d8c10fced1d16471956688bdcb004&t
    lets see if the Columbus coach and AD want to make a statement. Keep checking this link.
  • Try this article. It is the only one that addresses all sides. Also, people attending the game, even Burke's players parents didn't know why they were in pink when new got there.

  • school mom - if people didnt' know why they were wearing pink then the crowd, must have lived under a rock for the past 5-10 years. The breast cancer pink thing is common knowledge to anyone who owns a television set or reads a newspaper.
  • @Robka1 it is not about breast cancer... it was for make a wish foundation. So i don't think @schoolmom1969 is at fault for anything... maybe you should read a newspaper or watch the news.
  • Cancer was in the title to get people to read the article,not because it is accurate
  • So the Make a Wish foundation doesn't support breast cancer victims? So do you also know why the "pink" was chosen? and P.S. people don't just support breast cancer one month a year.
  • You are right, people don't just support causes during awareness months. Most coaches and ADs do know that a non-white uniform at a home game is against national high school rules and follows protocol if they are doing a fund raiser. This is why usually the fans purchase items like t-shirts and ribbons to support the cause, not the team having a different color uniform. Everyone keeps talking about how great Burke is and how horrible Columbus is. Try reading the comments on the Omaha newspapers article and just see what fine people they are. What great examples they are setting for their youth by wishing coach licari's family gets terminal illnesses. When this all started I kind of agreed with Burke but after the slanderous and threatening posts on their blog, they lost my respect.i felt that there were mistakes made by all parties involved and everybody just needed to learn from it, teach from it, and move on for the sake of all the student athletes involved.
  • jgrittiths- if the assistant coach could afford those jerseys then why not donate that money to make a wish foundation?
  • I am not for sure... I don't know the Burke team, but I do know the Columbus team.

    I assume that they did it to raise awareness and bring up the cause to the school spectators. The money was well raised and went to a GREAT charity... the girls did a good job!!

    Thank you to all who donated to help those who need the help.
    It all comes down to helping someone out, not the game, the coaches, the refs.
  • But this wasn't for breast cancer. Pink is for breast cancer, and the awareness month for that is in the fall. That being said jumping to the conclusion that it would have been for breast cancer awareness would have been an error. If nobody was notified, there were no signs about the event at the school, and the Burke parents didn't even know what was going on don't you think that the coach asking the officials about the uniforms (not asking for a penalty) could have possibly just been a communication issue?
  • This was information in an article written by someone who wasn't there and only got their information from an upset Burke person after the fact
  • Columbus won, 62-47.
  • I don't think heros should be allowed to break the rules. Simply declare it at the beginning of the game as the rules state. If you follow the rules then you will be respected.

    We are doing something for charity so let us break few simple rules which everyone else must play by, dosen't wash. It shows disrespect to the school. Declare it at the beginning like everyone else.
  • jumpnjoe - you sound like a grumpy old man. Did you really just say that heros shouldn't be able to break rules? So if you son or daughter was about to get hit by a car I shouldn't jay walk to push them to safety? Do you understand how stupid that makes you sound? How about the passengers who used their cell phones to find out that their plane was going to be crashed by terrorists and thus were able to foil the 9/11 plot, using their cell phone broke federal laws, so I guess they shouldn't have done that. It still amazes me how stupid people are and the Columbus coach is a fine example of this ignorance.
  • @robka1... This is not a terroristic threat at all, it is a simple basketball game.
  • I guess your not smart enough for a comparison. I'm sorry for your ignorance but I was not addressing you. Unless you are also jumpnjoe
  • It is on here for everyone. Comments are allowed. I simply said your comparison is not a legit comparison.

    It comes down to the real point about the foundation and the girls of the game, it has nothing to do with what people think. The game is done and over with and the Burke girls raised a great amount of money for the foundation. Which is the importance of the jerseys. It was not to punish or harm anyone.
  • I have no problem with your comment, just answer my questions please, if you expect me to engage in a dialogue. I support EVERYONE that supports great charities like Make a wish and breast cancer, etc. and once again most people on here on not saying the Columbus AD and coach are bad people, they just didn't handle this situation properly.
  • And the results from the situation are not being handled properly either. People are getting way out of line and sending, what I have heard, to be life-threatening e-mails including wishing cancer upon the coach and his family. How disgusting! So there are others than just the coach and AD handling this situation incorrectly.
  • also if you are going to address a post that is not ment for you, you should at least answer the questions asked instead of just making a smart ******* comment.
  • You are living proof that you can put a $1000 saddle on a donkey but it is still a *******.
  • It is irrelevant of the score, it is insane that it was even brought up! I don't care about the rule, it's in place so they can tell the difference between teams, obviously you could in this case and obviously this staff and AD has not had a close friend or relative die from cancer. Very powerful thing to have to witness in person, so honoring them and helping for research should have trumped even asking about the color! Very sad..
  • Complain to the coach! Get off the side-lines! They get enough calls and bad press, they will reconsider the coached looser attitude. Rules are rules but really Coach Dave Licari needs to be sportsman like... Columbus High School (402) 563-7050
  • It is appauling that the Columbus coach showed his team spirit and support of the cause. These ladies are an inspiration to acknowledge that others mean more to them then probably the sport of the game. It was a low blow for the other coach to "report them". I though that you were suppose to look up to your coach for the support and even morals, because of the sport. I give my KUDOS to the young ladies that give their support to the cause and I stand behind them.
  • momentum is a strange thing, i see pro teams lose momentum with one or two bad calls, so a high school team could lose momentum with an outraegous call like this!
  • BYW If you take the rule as stated, then technically they did wear more white than red, because light pink is more white than red and the uniforms had a white stripe at the edges so therefore they had more white than red!
  • @ the "rules are rules" people. I wonder how many of you go gaga over slam dunks? I'm sure many of you do. Yet the slam dunk is technically a violation of the rules--the in-the-cylinder rule, which is still on the books at every level. Simply put, it states that it is illegal to touch the ball while in the cylinder, and obviously you can't dunk without committing such a violation. While it is enforced on rebounds and attempted tip-ins, it's never enforced on dunks.

    In fact, as recently as the 1970's college basketball had a ban on dunks for that very reason--it's a violation of the rules. Of course, college basketball gave in to the common sense aspect and understood that banning dunks only hurt the sport and removed the ban. It seems that while applying common sense is acceptable in the boys/men's game, it's not so acceptable in the girls/women's.
    Tell you what. At the next boys' basketball game, after the first dunk is thrown down, let's see the opposing coach have play stopped and complain to the officials about the rules having been violated. Then let's hear all of you cry, "Rules are rules"!
  • You'd think it'd be pretty common knowledge to add the score right. Journalism is taking anosedive these days, lol... http://lionsdetroit.com
  • I have been an Umpire/Official for 47 years and in the past 5 yrs I have noticed alot of High Schools having games that are dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness/Research. I do know that the rules about uniforms and other equipment are set to a specific degree, but sometimes "commonsense" should be brought into the realm of "Hey this is Great the kids want to do something for someone else"!
    In some of the games the teams will use Pink Softballs, which technically is against NFHS rules, but Finally we were told to ignore the rule of only yellow balls for functions like this.
    I personally, at games when teams are sporting the pink uniforms, using pink balls and other such activities taking place for Cancer Awareness/Research, I personally wear my Pink Ball Bags instead of the uniform requirement Blue, for two reasons - 1 - in honor of my wife being a 5 yr Breast Cancer Survivor and 2 - for the numerous friends, family and fellow umpires who have succumbed to Cancer.
    So in closing, sorry to be so wordy, Go Boys and Girls!!
    Keep up the GREAT WORK and May God Bless You All, no matter wherever you are!!!
  • I disagree... the team "playing for a cause" gets an advantage for being all righteous. Who can try to score against a team that is doing something good? It IS foul... an underhanded way to get an advantage. Why do the uniforms have to be pink anyway, can't they just auction their white ones off.
  • Don't be stupid how is this going to be as an advantage.
  • I guess yo're one of those people who are only about winning and not about respect and compassion. i.e. you're a loser.
  • To Sherbert: You are absolutely full of it. It is very clear that you have not had anyone in your life survive or die of cancer. Maybe you should sit back and think about where your morals lie. We family a close family friend that is a survivor, my sister is a survivor, but unfortunately, our 14 year old cousin and a 17 year old student wer not as lucky and succumbed to their cancer.
  • You are so ignorant. When they start playing, they are thinking of winning. They are not intimedated by the color.
  • Oh yeah, man, I'm sure that was their motivation--to be "all righteous". That statement just suggests that the kids, their families, and the school are manipulative and the officials biased. What an insult to the folks of Burke High. And duh-uh, what planet are you from that you don't get the significance of the pink color?

    What IS foul is the Columbus coach waiting until halftime
    to try to gain an advantage by calling for the officials to rule against the uniforms. What an embarrassment to HIS team and school.
  • What advantage. There's no crying or better cry babies in Basketball. So stop the "bawling".
  • See more comments >>

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Steve Nash: Curry's shooting 'greatest there's ever been'

Steve Nash shot 43 percent from three-point range over the course of his Hall of Fame worthy career. He earned eight All-Star Game trips and won two NBA MVP’s. As a player who re-defined the point guard position when he entered the league in 1996 with the likes of Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen, Nash is someone we should listen to when it comes to today’s NBA. Speaking...
Via Sportsnaut
1 hour ago

Chicago Bulls agree to deal with Fred Hoiberg

On Tuesday the Chicago Bulls will officially announce that they have hired Fred Hoiberg to be their new head coach. The 42-year-old Iowa State coach has agreed to a five-year, $25 million deal to return to Chicago, where he spent four years as a player during his NBA career. Hoiberg has been rumored as the eventual coach of the Bulls for a few years now. Chicago general manager...
Via Rumors and Rants
2 hours ago

Russell Westbrook wins Spirit award, pokes fun at himself

Russell Westbrook received the Sports Spectacular Spirit Award on Sunday night in recognition of the work he has done in the community, and the Oklahoma City Thunder guard was just thankful to be winning something. After he was presented with the award, Westbrook decided to poke some fun at himself. Russell Westbrook on winning @sportsspec...Read More
Via Larry Brown Sports
5 hours ago

Mark May removed from ESPN's ‘College Football Final’

ESPN will have a much different looking college football studio team for the upcoming season. Out are Rece Davis, Lou Holtz and Mark May. In their places will be Adnan Virk, Joey Galloway and Danny Kanell. Sports Business Journal reported the news and says Virk, Galloway and Kanell will be hosting during halftime and after...Read More
Via Larry Brown Sports
6 hours ago

Mark Sanchez backs off dismissal of Tim Tebow

Mark Sanchez is backing off of his quote from late April that made it seem like he was dismissing Tim Tebow and the former Heisman Trophy winner’s chances of being a significant player with the Philadelphia Eagles. After Tebow was signed by Philly, Sanchez was quoted as saying he was told Tebow was brought in...Read More
Via Larry Brown Sports
8 hours ago

SEC to block transfers with domestic violence, sexual assault history

  Take note, Roger Goodell.   Southeastern Conference presidents and chancellors joined forces to adopt a new policy that prevents student-athletes with domestic violence or sexual assault histories from transferring to their schools. The new policy was first proposed by the University of Georgia and states “a transfer student-athlete who has been subject to official...
Via NESN.com
10 hours ago

LeBron James playing through sprained wrist

As in every sport, the long NBA season brings players a consistent amount of aches and pains. This is only magnified if a player is suiting up for a team that’s made a deep run into the playoffs. Nearly 100 games and eight months of high-intensity basketball has four-time NBA MVP LeBron James dealing with a wrist injury that has impacted him through the vast majority of the season...
Via Sportsnaut
10 hours ago

Justin Hunter on Mariota: He's a real good quarterback

Optimism around the NFL is taken to a whole new level during the summer months. Just a little over a month after expressing a less-than-positive reaction to the Tennessee Titans selecting Marcus Mariota in the 2015 NFL draft, wide receiver Justin Hunter is singing a different tune. “We have to make the plays for him (Mariota),” Justin Hunter said, via the team’s website...
Via Sportsnaut
12 hours ago

Louis Murphy: Jameis Winston reminds me of Tim Tebow

Louis Murphy is probably the only wideout to have played with both Tim Tebow and Jameis Winston, and he sees some similarities between the Heisman winners. “I just saw how much of a competitor he is. He competes,” Murphy said, via NFL.com. He doesn’t like losing. He wants to win and that’s a guy I want to play with. He’s young, kind of similar to Tim Tebow in a way,...
Via cover32
12 hours ago

Zuccarello lost ability to speak after taking puck to head

New York Rangers forward Mats Zucarrello suffered one of scariest hockey injuries in recent memories, which certainly is saying a lot. Zuccarello missed a good chunk of the Rangers’ playoff to the Eastern Conference finals after he was struck in the head with a shot from teammate Ryan McDonagh in New York’s first-round series with the Pittsburgh Penguins. As you could see...
Via NESN.com
12 hours ago
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