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Playing for a berth in the Little League World Series is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Parents know how rare that opportunity is for their children, so many of them go to great lengths to make sure they don’t miss a moment of the action. However, few have to make the same sacrifice that Billie Ann Tomei has made.

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (via CBS San Francisco), Billie Ann is the mother of Cole and wife of Petaluma National All-Stars coach Trevor Tomei. She is an office manager for a CPA, and when she asked her boss if she could take time off to travel to the West Regional tournament in San Bernardino, he was not very understanding.

“(My boss) wouldn’t let me take time off,” Tomei explained. “He told me, ‘If you go, write yourself your last check.’ So I wrote myself my last check.”

Parents have to juggle a number of issues when traveling with their son’s teams — including travel arrangements and leaving other children at home who are in school — but the fact that a mother had to make that type of decision just to watch her son compete is pretty disappointing.

Petaluma went on to lose to Tennessee in the U.S. Championship game, but I would imagine Tomei does not regret her decision. Special moments at the Little League World Series like this one are not something you want to miss out on as a parent. Losing her job to witness a once in a lifetime opportunity for her son is likely a decision Tomei is at peace with.


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  • Her boss is a real prick- what the name of the CPA firm?
  • I would have let her go too. I have 100 apps for every one position. Two or even three weeks...I can work with, but eight, forget about it. Your fired! More livelihoods are at stake than just her little boy's baseball team. He is 12, and will likely get to play another six or seven years with lots of games.
  • I'm sure he will get to go lots of other World Series games, and it's just another game. Just because it was for a WORLD Championship. I'm sure he will play for other WORLD Championships in those the next 6 or 7 years!
  • What????? I hope you have not raised your own kids with this attitude.
  • It's this type of crap, oh what a wonderful life attitude that is the reason kids today think everything should be given to them!! Back to reality, sweetheart!!!
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  • That is her reality, When are you getting back into yours?
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  • Seriously??I would hope you teach you children compassion and to love one another.She did make her own decision and has to live with it ,but bashing someone for wanting to be an involved parent (which this world needs alot more of and maybe we wouldnt be watching half the stuff these kids are doing in schools,movie theatres,etc.)isnt right.
  • Interesting to hear a response to this as being one side or the other but the reality is, she made a decision and her boss made a decision which they both will deal with. There are consequences to our action and the boss does not have to let her go because he PAYS her. She is not owed the time off. I would have done the same and lost my job but that would have been my choice.
  • Very well put Iceman!!! it was a choice she made. I would have made the same choice as her.
  • You go, Scott!
  • Screenlady's real name is Norma. I also have her number if you want to call her -or- just google screenlady. :)
  • You have no clue as to what your talking about SCREENLADY! EDD is cutting people left and right and will not give this lady unemployment becasue she breeched the companies contract by walking off the job. Stop using Obama as an excuse it just shows your lack of knowledge about the actual subject matter.
  • Oh and by the way LADY, I work for a Career Center and many unemployed and well as people receiving unemployment benefits.... care to argue about this subject?
  • Almost all career centers are funded by the us government...Care to name the career center so I can fact check it..Probably not you just want to run your mouth about something you know nothing about.Where in the article did it say she had asked for unemployment or any kind of help..But go ahead and run your moron mouth,while you draw your government check..If I am wrong all you have to do is name the company and I will fact check...Ain't the internet a wonderful thing..I can find that out in less than three minutes..Come on give it a shot.Or are you like the rest of these naysayers and want to hide in the dark...Come shine your light...
  • (In response to SCREENLADY) Why does everything have to be about politics? There always seems to be someone or a group of somebodies who want to "LASH" out and, in this particular case, it seems to be you. Sounds like you just want to be ugly. And, just so you will know: it is NOT spelled "lossers." LOL .... it is spelled "losers." Shame on you for having such a nasty attitude! I wish all parents cared for their children as this lady apparently does.
  • Stop using Obama as your source of blame... That just proves you have no clue what your talking about Lady! EDD is cutting people left and right, what OBAMA did was give extentions to those that DESERVED to recieve Unemployment. This person walked off her job so she breached her contract so technically she would not qualify for unemployment.

    Update: August 29, 2012
    Sorry for the double post....
  • I work daily with people receiving Unemployment and those who didn't qualify for Unemployment at the local Career Center here... Do you wish to argue on this point?
  • And your a B****, along with the two dicks (oops, sorry, three...forgot about kilroy) above. What is wrong with YOU? Our families and children are the most important thing in life. People, on their death bed, do not regret missing work or an assignment, they regret missing out on once-in-a-lifetime moments. Those are what keep us going. Stay with your boss for 40 years and see if he gives you anything more than a damn pen when you retire...you'll be forgotten. Kids need to know the value of Family and SUPPORT, something you obviously are lacking.
  • AMEN. I spent 12 years working 60-80 hours a week, every holiday adn most weekends for my boss and last year when I had a stroke, he didn't send flowers. When my husband called to let him know I was in the hospital, he said, "Who's going to do this (job) for me." What a douche. How about,"Is she OK. I'm sorry to hear that." I went in the hospital on Monday, got our on Friday and returned to work Monday. He acted like I deserted him for 6 months. JERKS. Family and children are the most important things next to GOD.
  • No kidding i see shes from California they're all from disney land..lol
  • That is true! But, this attitude exists everywhere in this country. I blame the parents for this mess not the bosses or the kids.
  • lossers yusay??? WTF, go back to school and learn something if you want to talk smart, you FIRST have to: KNOW the ropes.
  • her son was competing for a world championship. Need I say more. Looks like hard work and dedication to get to that level. I think that has nothing to do with your stupid comments
  • Really, I am not sure what the rest of you read, but, you but I read the fact that this lady is married. This to me says that her house hold has more than one income. And while yes money is important, I am sure that she talked her options over with her spouse. That being said what you have to look at here is that this mother put more that a monetary value on her family. I am sure that when she looks over her life she will not regret this decision, however if she missed this or any major event in her children’s lives she would have. Lessons her son will remember more than the game is the sacrifices his mother is willing to make for him. This child deserves to feel that his hard work has value to his family.
    To all you that dare to question this mothers decision please believe me, if that was my child I would not miss any major ANYTHING in their lives. To me my children, Godchildren niece and nephews have more than a monetary value to me. Children need to feel that they are important and that what they do is significant. I appalled this mother.
  • Kilroywashere is a prick..obviously has some sort of disorder that doesn't allow appropriate feelings and actions for different situations. Imagine that guy being a father, husband or boss, it's the reason a lot of workers have to take prozac to get through their day.
  • Couldn't agree more...
  • No kids today are neglected by 2 parents working full time jobs. Back in "the day". Family and kids come first.
  • I totally agree. The most screwed up kids today are the ones whose parents wipe their rearends, pay for everything down to the cell phone, etc. These types of parents do no favors for their kids. Years ago, kids understood that parents have to work to put food on the table. Today, kids understand that their sh*t does not stink, and is even precious to their truly controlling parents. When you do not teach your child about sacrifice and disappoint early on, you set them up for failure or not being able to deal with disappointment.
  • Don't worry, obviously there are no children involved in their statements and if there are it's their attitude (then their children's attitude since it is taught to them!)that makes this country go to pot. Life can not always be "A BEAUTIFUL LIFE" either, but it is all you make it out to be. She did what SHE thought was right for what she believed in. What is done is done or so be it. Your opinion won't change it and neither will anyone's attitude toward life.
  • You know nothing about LL. 12(13 before May 1) is the last year you get to play for the "LLWS". IT is a once in a liftime event-she's a GREAT mom.
  • Maybe her boss is a GREAT boss. Maybe he has cut her slack for years, maybe she burned through all her leave, maybe her co-workers are tired of covering for her - lets hold back on forming opinions until we have more information.
  • Yeah, so why are you putting her down if you think people should hold back on their opinions until "we have more information"?
  • I bet he wanted to get rid of her anyways and this was the easy way out!
  • speculation only
  • I don't care what they had to do...I'd talk the Boss into letting her go and me covering for her, if necessary, because its THAT important. Where is people's sense of charity at times? We slave for work, for what? To get little pay and not enough time off to rest? Other countries get at least 6 WEEKS vacay per year! We get a LOUSY 2, and everyone wonders why we're so stressed. She did a great thing; I'd do it in a minute if my son's team made it that far!!
  • @pollyartichoke either you are her boss or just plain crazy.That boss had an option to give her unpayed leave rather than letting her go.S/He choose to force her into quitting in order to support both her husband as the coach, but, more importantly her child. To like I said before Nothing and noone comes before my kids. So forgive me the boss had options he could have used. and she made the right decision.
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  • Sorry, NOTHING is ever guaranteed my dear. He could get leukemia tomorrow or be hit and killed on his skateboard, or have a brain aneursim...just saying. )Ever hear of "Carpe Dieum"? (forgive me if the spelling is off on that one).
  • I totally agree....I attended my son' last college hockey games while going through cancer and interferon treatments. I could barely walk, but I would not have missed it for the world. life is short and your spouse and children should be the most important things in your life. the boss was a scrooge!
  • Obviously some of you are not a parent of a Little League player. The chances of getting the opportunity "to go to lots of other World Series games" is slim. In order for a team to play in LLWS games they need to win the championship of their league and then the championship title for their state. It is an opportunity all serious LL players dream of (and parents too); that mother made a huge sacrifice to support her child. I would do the same; there isn't anything that would keep me from watching my son play in the LLWS.
  • You are correct in that parents want to see their child participate, but you do have to manage your time-off. Most LL parents don't seriously think at the start of the season that their kids will make the big tournament and win the LL world title. First your child has to be better than most, then he has to have the political pull to be put on the all-star team of his league after the coaches choose their own sons (they always choose their own kids). Then they have to win the city or town title if there is more than one league in their city. Then they have to win the State Regional, then the State Title, then win the National Regional to get to the Little League World Series in PA. This could be about a 2 month ordeal. I don't know any parent that has thought that, and I'm from a town that won the the Little League Title 25 years ago from CT. In fact the dream of the kid that won that game before the season started was of being an NHL hockey player. He later became an NHL all-star. Little League players in this country don't dream about playing in the Little League World series before the season starts, they dream about playing in the Major League World Series when they get older and just playing with theirs friends right now. If her job was that important to her, what is better for her child in the long run: putting food on the table and paying the mortgage or watching him play? She is lucky she was able to make the choice (financially) to go see her son play. I do commend her for that, but I don't see that the boss did anything wrong either. If she so-called dreamed of her son making the LL World Series, then she should have saved all her vacation time so she could attend the event.
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  • You're an employer? I'm an employer too and you're a crazy bitch!
  • you got that right!!!..screenlady is crazy, and remember the poor kids that had mean moms like that??..we all felt sorry for them..
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  • I thought you just said that "you are an employer" - if that is the case, you would not have to even worry about being fired, correct? Then below you quote Claiborne to back up the fact that you are a bitch? Basically, your poor children are being neglected because you are apparently teaching them to have "good" work ethics (by showing them they don't amount to anything, even if they made it all the way LLWS), and at the same time more than likely abusing their spirits because you are teaching them that being a bitch is a priority in life! I agree with all the others, you're crazy & I feel sorry for your kids! You might want to look into seeking some counseling for them before its too late!
  • Thank you, champthompsy! I second that.
  • I'm an employer and i'm a mom with compassion if someone asked me to do that i would hire a temp there are 1000s of services. It's simple that boss doesn't have any interest in putting any value on his employees.
  • agreed
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  • Quoting a fictional character does nothing to help your argument that you are not an idiot!
  • Are you kidding???? Who are these jerks that don't get being an involved, proud, supportive parent....it was the Little League World Series!! Children growup way too fast and memories like this are to be treasured. It's because of people like screenlady and the kilroy dingbat that has made people all over the world hate people from the USA. And preaching proper work ethics..haha...give me a break, what about teaching your child that family support is invaluable?
  • All true points, but is it her employers responsibility to allow her to take time off for this? How much time has she taken already? Too many questions to judge, and basing the solution on emotion is not a reasonable response....
  • Who cares whether she needs time off that she hasn't earned?! Really? My boss would let me off for anything kid related that I needed to tend to, or wanted to attend. He understood! Be a PERSON (or parent) first, a boss second. If you can't cherish these once in a lifetime moments, what do you cherish? (other than your paycheck?)
  • yes you got it
  • I wouldn't want to work for you. I women to be some of the worst bosses, and one would think after all we've gone through in history that a woman would be a great boss. NOT. Women are bigger dicks than men sometimes when they're in charge....go figure.
  • You're not just an employer,you're also a moron...Why don't you name your business so your employees know how you feel.Bet you wouldn't be in businees long...Your employees can make you or break you..If I worked for you I know what I would do...
  • screenlady,who are you to say that it wasn't her place to quit??? Petaluma, is a very wealthy community. I am no one to say she is rich or poor. but i am sure she thought it through a financial side before she made he decision. if you are an employer, what is the name of the company? please don't make it up either...its public forum so it should be public information...tell us please, we are fascinated to know who you employ and get your employees opinion. we are waiting.........
  • Idiot
  • again! for their sake I hope you don't have kids. And word of advice, when you are an compassionate person people work harder for you.Please take this to heart in life, like in finance, you have to give something in order to receice People go harder for you. smh, I am so thankful that i would never work for you, smh you are sad.
  • Ya and now shes out of a job whos going to support them now..welfare...
  • Anyone stop to think that maybe she has a husband and she talked it over with him BEFORE leaving? We don't know what their income is/was at the time. SHE make her decision. She left. BUT I don't think the boss should have made her leave.... unless she didn't give enough heads up that they made it to the World's.
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  • You obviously don't have any children, otherwise you would cherish these moments. If you do have children then shame on you!
  • But, some of us do have kids and might have chosen differently than this lady.
    (I know this is all academic at this pointr and I don't think the lady deserves to be second guessed or scorned for her choices.)
    However, the fact that the kid's dad was already going to be there would have been my primary conideration, I think.
    I am no slave to my job.
    Yet, I still have to at least consider that there are things I can do because I have my job that I can't do without my income.

  • Really, he'll go to lots of other World Series games? You don't know what you are talking about. You don't know what it takes to get there.
  • agree fully
  • tommparis, if he is 12 he has one year left to have this opportunity. that is only if he wins his state LL championship again next year. In the state of California I would say those odds are probably over 1,000,000 to 1 if not greater. I'm sure there will be a fallout for the CPA s it should be.
    I am a small business owner myself and I would not have hesitated. She could have been replaced with a temp till her return.
    This is one of the things that has really changed in this country. Employers dont give two ***** for there employees
  • Get your facts straight, you can only do this as a 12-year old there is not another year for this....so it is a once in a lifetime.

    Shame on her boss, let her go without pay and hire a temp.
  • WOW another clueless person...
  • You're the second dick. Who's to say her son will ever get to another LLWS? Had he before? NO! Money and business is not all there is to life. As a matter of fact, what we do for work is the least memorable parts of our lives. We regret what we didn't do that was important, not the assignment at work we missed. What's wrong with you men?
  • NO he won't. There is a very strict age limit for the Little League World Series so there won't be the opportunity for 6-7 years. And it is not just another game. Baseball is these kids lives and most are vying for college scholarships, so it is a VERY BIG DEAL!!!
  • Are you garanteeing his life for those 6-7 years?????????????/ You see your kids for the rest of your life, but you can be dispossable at what ever given time. Yes! I will quit my jobe to be with my children of course!
  • are you serious?
  • No true!!! Playing for the world series is a once in a lifetime chance.... its not like playing in a championship game in high school or something... come on people grow a heart... I guess unless u are part of the baseball/softball clan you will never understand...
  • Really
    Have you all lost your minds. We were not put on this earth to be accountants or garbage men. We are here to procreate and guide and protect and teach our offspring. Priority one should be our family. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones that has a healthy able child that does something important you need to be with them. Sharing is aout our time and our love not about our money. She is much better off away from that toad of a boss. I am sure people know where she worked and will get the word out about the company and I hope he regrets the decision to make her choose between family and his company that I am quite sure he lives well off f at her expense.
  • It's Petaluma. The firm probably is not one of the big 5.
  • Good for her that she chose supporting her son, over supporting her boss, I say to that!
  • Right will just add her to the unemployment line..duh.
  • Never got laid huh,
  • Obviously you haven't!
  • The boss is a toad? How do you know? Do you know if she has already used up her leave? Maybe she had become a burden to the workplace because she was putting cheerleading ahead of her job. Maybe her co-workers and clients were tired of putting up with her absences. The author wrote half a story.
  • Agreed, we don't know the whole story.
  • PollyArtichoke is funny...calling being a supportive parent a cheerleader....i also feel sad for a woman who always sees the worst in situations...:(
  • And maybe she was an excellent employee,who was committed to her job and went above and beyond the requirements of her job..How are we to know..I'm retired now,but was an employer for many years..I would not have hesitated for one second to give her the time off,even if she was not a top performer...However,just the fact that she could afford to take the time off tells you she was a pretty responsible person...The success of a company that serves the public depends on the performance of their employees,wonder how well the rest of his employees are performing after showing no empathy for her?Think thet'll go out of their way to make him successful?One thing I know,with your automatically negative attitude,and unfounded assimptions,I would never work for someone like you...A once in a lifetime opportunity,yet you show no empathy at all,just make wild accusations with no evidence.....You and people like you are what went wrong with America I hope it's not too late to fix iy.God bless your tiny little hateful heart.....
  • We are so indoctrinated with "using up our leave"....really? We are all hamsters on the wheel, and you feel proud of that? Hope it makes you all warm and fuzzy when you're old and can't work and have no quality memories of making time for important family things. Your bosses don't care about you, only the bottom line. You people are slaves to your jobs and that's so sad.
  • And that Ladies and Gentlemen its the honest to God Truth
  • they usually do only write half because it "takes" too much ink and summmmmm forethought.
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  • I totally agree. While this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, I hope she can find another job to support her child for the next 6 years. If not, I sincerely hope she has the moral compass to not look for a bail out. This was her decision.
  • Nah.
    Just can't accept the whole "be fruitful and multiply" as the basis for my existence.
    You make salient points about what is truly important, certainly.
    But, important is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.
  • Who are you people and what happened to this world? This was not just a game. It was the WORLD Little League Series. Why couldn't you have given her the time and put in a temporary position to fill hers. What is the matter with you. Would you not take a few weeks off to watch your child at the Olympics? I bet you would. I don't blame her a bit to stick that job in your lap. It is your way of thinking that is destroying the ethical and moral society in these United States.
  • Exactly! People like that are sickening.
  • Again, we don't know the whole story. You just don't wake up one day and get to final game without playing several other games first. BTW, he did not make it the final game. Although the official Little League World Series is only two weeks long, there are several weeks of local, state and regional games that you have to win before you get to the group that plays in PA and on TV. It could be a couple month ordeal and if she took off every time her son played out of town(which is reasonable for a parent to want to do) then she missed more than a couple of weeks of work. Maybe she also took her vacation for the year before the baseball season started not even thinking her son's city all-star team would actually go to the Little League World Series. We shouldn't throw stones before we know all the facts.

  • I agree,so why are you throwing stones,and unfounded assumptions at her?Why are all your assumptions negative...Says something about you doesn't it. Still I wish your tiny little negative loving heart well.
  • All of you people are missing the point.....We as parents should be supportive to our children and do what ever it takes to make our children feel supported and loved. I bet this lady's act will be remembered always by her child and that child will be as strong as he could ever be, just by knowing that his mother would go to the the extreemes to be behind him 100%. And that folks its what its called being a great parent.
  • Thank you for backing this lady also.
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