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No one likes losing their grandmother and by all accounts Lewis was very close to his.  She just passed away last Friday and understandably he is taking it hard. The National Media treats Duke with kid gloves and as if they have Halos, but what are they going to say about this? Tyler Lewis’ grandmother died last Friday. He was close to her and called her every day to check in. Duke fans chanted “How’s your grandma?” — Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) February 8, 2013 I hope the “national media” or Swofford makes a deal about the #cameroncrazies chanting “How’s your grandmother” to Tyler Lewis. RIP ma’am — Julius Hodge (@Follow24Hodge) February 8, 2013 If this was the NC State crowd chanting this to a Duke player it would be national news. We will see how the mainstream media and Dick Vitale addresses this. It was a disgusting and classless act by the Duke fans who are praised religiously for their classy behavior. They should be ashamed of themselves. It is just a game, grow up.

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  • Big deal. Everyone is so soft these days!
  • How could this type of behavior would be considered soft? That type of behavior is unacceptable
  • http://www.dukebasketballreport.com/articles/?p=46473
    These guys are the first to admit when things are wrong, and this urban legend status is running amok. Think what you want, but Coach K would have stopped the game had what you claim been said....his own late mother is the center of his universe.
  • Soft what are you a moron.
  • Duke students showed total lack of class. Soft? C'mon. That is rude and terrible reflection of the students that thought that was acceptable.
  • You sound obnoxious and have no idea of impropriety......your dummer than stock.
  • learn to spell your anonymous insults correctly..
  • Says the man who neglects proper grammar in his own sentence. Please capitalize the first word of the sentence. What in the world does two periods after a sentence mean? You probably forgot to add one period to make it an ellipsis. Congrats on being a moron. Stay in school you fool.
  • Judging from the belittling statements in your comment I will assume that you must be a Duke fan or one of the guilty parties in the video above. Two periods after a statement or multiple periods after a statement are very common in the Internet world. Just because you choose to type in complete sentences in the comment section does not make you any better ass!
  • Says the man who neglects proper grammar in his own sentence. Please capitalize the first word of the sentence. What in the world does two periods after a sentence mean? You probably forgot to add one period to make it an ellipsis. Congrats on being a moron. Stay in school you fool.
  • sounds like you're another idiot that thinks sports are more important than life.
  • Yeah, you're a real tough guy, sammymac. You can hurt someone who just lost his grandmother, woo-hoo. I'll bet you could whoop someone who just lost his legs, too. Big, bad, tough guy.
  • No,It is A Big Deal when we have ignorant, insensitive Kids in college and supposedly our future. Grow Up!!!!!
  • That's typical Dook style sportsbabyship. Vitale will either blow it off, or give it 2 seconds of attention... he's always had a biased slobbering lust affair for Dook. Mummy and Daddy's big bucks can't buy "class" or maturity for Biff and Muffy. I guess it's true what they say, little children can be hurtful.
  • No, sammymac, people are not "soft", they are simply trying to be respectful. Evidently the discusting "fans" and you have no self-respect or you would understand what is and is not respectful of others. You make me sick to my stomach. Who the hell raised you? Certainly not anyone who had respect for you or others.
  • All the more reason to hate PUKE. Hell I bet his grandmother could coach teh best players in the country as good as coach K does. Phuck Duke!!!
  • I think little boys need to GROW UP...and that be YOU little one
  • i hope your family dies! hahahahaha thats hard and funny AHOLE

    your respones is typical ignorant, hillbilly trash response. maybe you need to go to Duke as well instead of HILLBILLY U.
  • I agree with u ZR. Sammymac how would like me to call you the n word to ur face. I'd bet you'd be all upset. Well Sammymac u just showed u can't hold an intelligent
    conversation.get off this chat and go join one that has idiots that has a bunch of unintelligent fools that like to talk this way. I'm sure u would fit right in. And if Duke has any integrity the president would apologize for his insensitive students. You Sammymac should apologize to this chat for using the n-word
  • Hey sammymac, I've go some words for you but they won't publish them, but the next time some one calls you the son of a *****, don't come crying, you ole softy.
  • How would you like it if your grandmother or someone who you are very close to died and then you were taunted in that manner? I know that those stupid idiotic college kids don't know Tyler Lewis and they probably thought it was funny but it wasn't. Taunting is taunting and Bullying is bullying; and bullying is exactly what those stupid idiotic college kids were doing. That is the problem with there generation they have no respect for others because they are not raised properly. I am sorry to say that 9 out of 10 kids are not raised properly. They are not raised to respect others. They are not raised to obey the golden rule. Treat others the way you would want them to treat you. I am not a religious person at all mind you. I am not an atheist either. I am an Agnostic a person who has to see it to believe it. But I do believe in the Golden Rule and that is how I raised my children. They are adults now and I still get complements on how well mannered my children are. They respect their elders and they respect others. They treat others the way that they want to be treated. Which is the way everyone should behave. So if these Stupid Idiotic college KID'S are treating Tyler Lewis in this manner then someone needs to treat those KID'S in the same manner to learn what it is like. Because it is obviously the way that they want to be treated. No everyone is not "SOFT"! There is something fundamentally wrong with those kids to behave like that.
  • Did not happen, were you there, I was, and I would have been humiliated by something like that. But, it did not happen!
  • Could not have said it better myself
  • I can understand how you feel little sammy. It must be hard to not even know who your daddy is much less even know what it's like to have a grandma who cares about you enough to teach you not to be an a-hole.
  • Bad troll is a bad troll, or are you really that dumb.....
  • You're soft in the head...........both of them. Just because your grammy was a man, don't be ripping on a good woman.
  • Your Parents must be so proud (if you know who they are) any one affiliated with Duke should be ashamed, from the student body to administration. Vitale is an ass, any one with class would have pulled his team off the court until the chant stopped or made some type of and effort to stop it, brings back the rape situation that the rich kids bought their way out of. I only hope "karma" evens things out. Duke is gutless and classless. ESPN and other sporting networks should take notice and WE the public should boycott any thing affiliated in with the Blue-Aholes, I know I will!
  • You must have been one of them chanting eh? It's shameful to make fun of someones loss like this. What if it was your mom, dad or sister that had just died? still funny huh? yeah whatever sammymac
  • http://www.dukebasketballreport.com/articles/?p=46473
  • Soft my A**! Are you that low that you can't even tell right from wrong?!? Absolutely no one is being soft in this situation! I have lost ALL respect for Duke. How could NOBODY do anything about this clear act of taunting? The students knew about his grandmother passing away, and they still have the balls to taunt him on national television?!? What's wrong with people these days, that they can do and say whatever they want and feel good about it? Where's the respect and dignity of American citizens thes days? Are we not portrayed as the World's role models, or am I just mistaken by the description of America as The Land of Opportunity?!? Think about THAT, sammymac!
  • PAST YOUR BEDTIME....Bilbo Baggins....both on the pregame cheer sheet. And if Coach K had heard what you claim, he would have stopped the game. Check out the link to Duke Basketball Report.... But regardless, can we all PLEASE lighten up on the political correctness. Blogs make it so easy to simply take shots....bet you were one to suggest Duke be annihilated during the Lacrosse scandal....it's NOT a clear act of taunting because you think you heard something that no one present heard....
  • So...do you even KNOW what your family tree looks like? Or were you just left on a street somewhere to raise yourself? If so...bad news! You did a lousy job. If not? Worse news! Your ?parents? did an even worse job!
  • people have no sense of what's right or wrong, of common decency anymore. Anyone who thinks that's acceptable and should be overlooked is a big reason this country is becoming so obnoxious. There is no respect for anyone anymore, not even the dead. And actions like that indicate no respect even for yourself... is nothing below you?
  • I agree with you sammymac, everyone needs to get over this politically correct ********. It’s a sporting event and that is what is done to get under the oppising teams skin. Did it affect him from making the baskets? No! So he won.
  • I agree with the soft comment but come on, you say big deal to this ? Then sir, your a douche bag with no common sense what so ever..
  • This story and all the "rumors" are absolutely, unequivocally incorrect. We were chanting "Past your bedtime!". We never said anything about Tyler's grandmother, and it's despicable that anyone would think we would stoop to such a level.

    People either have a hard time hearing what we chant, or they take something that could be mistaken for something else and make it completely false.


  • No, people don't have a hard time hearing what you chant. It's pretty gosh darn clear that they are NOT chanting - "past your bedtime". The word past doesn't end in a s and bedtime doesn't end in an a. Selective hearing or just another Duke fan who is in denial in terms of his/her fan base being classless? What's despicable is that you are stooping to such a level that causes you to lie while attempting to defend something that is indefensable.
  • It did not happen, you choose to hear a faint audio recording and say it is audible. The people that were there know...Sorry you can't open your mind to the truth!
  • Really...it is on Youtube and you can hear the student section saying this...multiple students from Duke have come forward and stated that the chant was done. I have been to a Duke game as a guest of a friend who was dating a player. We sat right behind the bench...the fans were horrible...crude as hell, they were constantly spitting on the floor, throwing things on the floor and cursing like sailors...this from so called elite students. Funny how people will deny what is on the video...
  • Absolutely NOT. It is clearly not 'past your bedtime.' While difficult to hear exactly, it is clear that the last word is grandma. No way can ANYONE confuse that with 'bedtime.'

    Admit it and apologize, Duke. Shameful. I lost ALL respect for your school because of the school's denial that it even happened and you are part of that lie.
  • It's on the film and audio...total lack of class by Duke students.
  • So you taunt they guy with his dead grandmother. And then you don't own up to it. Why don't you stop spreading lies, Nivek. And then get a dictionary and look up the word "integrity" - you obviously don't know what that is.
  • People in the stands and at the game heard what they heard...regardless of what you think you hear on video. If you had any understanding of Coach K, you would know 100% that he would have stopped the game if the chant was what you imagine it to be. So for those who follow Duke Basketball, we don't need to accept your concept of classless....the students did not taunt about a grandmother. If someone near a mic said something, that is a far cry from a taunt...and if you want to believe something is bad, perhaps Crystal Mangum should visit you....she's a reliable source of info on Duke too.
  • If your selective hearing only got you through the first free-throw, that's fine, but after that, the chant does indeed change to "How's your grandma?"
  • Wow is right! Wow...how could people be SO insensitive? How can *supposedly* grown people act like little brats?.....
    Ahhhhh, I get it, Nolan was correct, bunch of DUMB college children....go change your diapers, you little snot nose brats!
    Mommy and Daddy needed to train you a little better, instead of spoiling your a$$
  • Really, your the liar, I had a friend there and that's what they were chanting. There is nothing wrong with my friends hearing but apparantly there is something wrong with your morals. Stop trying to cover this up. It happened, you can't lie your way out of it. If it was up to me I would shut down the basketball team for a couple of months, see how these punk ass kids like that. WOW right back at you you low class moron.
  • Several accounts from people at the game heard the chant. One particular attendee had 4 different people mention to them that his grandmother had died and that was the reason for the chant. How could that info relate to "past your bed time". Maybe you chanted about a bed time, which is a stupid chant in the first place, but you were n't the only one there and the inappropriate chant did occur. You sound stupid denying it, even if you did not hear it personally.
  • lol... really!! past your bedtime?? How old are they?? Pull the other one.. though if you were going to lie you would think they'd be a little more intelligent and come up with something a little more believable so do you think he/she is telling the truth??? ................ NAAAAA... lol
  • Past Your Bedtime was on the Cheer Sheet before the game, along with Bilbo Baggins.... all these things have the same cadence as "over Rated".....so who really cares? Apparently people who want to be angry. There is NO mistaking it? Except that it wasn't said.
  • Let's hear some names...."several accounts" is kind of easy. Until someone says a name, and that person is questioned, this is all bull. Press Row is right there and do not confirm this story. The internet is dangerous....
  • your own dukies said it nim wit. You really think everyone is deaf and stupid, seriously, tell me your just kidding right? ohhhh man....your not! to bad and sooooo sad
  • You seriously want me to believe that Duke fans were chanting "Past your bedtime"? How gullible do you think people are these days? Not everyone's idiotic. There are people who were at the game that confirm that Duke students were taunting Tyler Lewis. AT THE GAME! Maybe you should lower your mindset and try to set people straight at Duke instead of denying it. Step up and make a difference instead of sitting back and watching everyone else f**k with other people's lives!
  • WHO? One name. Just one. I can give you 500 who were there and say it didn't happen.
  • listen to the clip.. lol
    there is NO mistaking it, right at the end it's as clear as a bright shiney day.. give us a break.
  • My university advisor had three degrees from Duke and one comment he said that stayed with me many years: "They (Duke) think they're the goddamn Harvard of the South." Somehow I can't imagine Harvard fans making such asses of themselves. I am glad to see the future of America is in such capable hands (well from Harvard grads anyway). #Stopspreadinglies--is your daddy Dick Vitale?
  • Obviously tasteless. I do hope it was a select group within the student section and not widespread. That said (as much as I love to hate Duke) it seems out of character from what I've seen there. All schools have idiots in the stands. I'm a UK fan, we have all sorts of idiotic fans. I'm not saying sit on your hands, but lets have some limits on the what is appropriate. Feel for the kid.
  • As a long time Duke fan I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am....just like I was when North Carolina students tormented J.J. Redick's younger sister. Get a grip people. Theres always a few bad apples. Duke is still aces in my book.
  • I watched the video and clearly heard hows your grandma...no by one or two but by enough people that it was audible on the video. NC State should be ashamed of themselves. This is tacky to say the least and cold hearted at best. And to think, these people will be running our country one day. God help us.
  • Did you read the article? What does NC State have to be ashamed of? Having Grandmas? I bet your opinion will change once you realize it was Duke chanting it.
  • Why should NC State be ashamed???????????????????? It was PUKE BLUE DEVIL fans chanting that!! WhaT VIDIEO WERE YOU WATCHING???
  • Why should NC State be ashamed? The tacky and juvenile Duke fans were the ones chanting!
  • It was the Duke fans (also known as the Cameron Crazies) that were chanting this despicable, hateful chant. Not NC State
  • Flunky misspoke, folks. Obviously he meant Duke, not NC. I think we're all on the same page here.
  • Thank you--it was a misstep--I got my teams crossed up and meant to say Duke--my sincerest apologies to NC State....the the NC State players, I humbly ask your forgiveness.
  • NC State? WTF?!? Obviously you were watching the wrong video or something, because it was NOT NC State that was doing the chanting! Learn to read, A**hole!
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  • It appears that the Duke student body has a lot of class, ALL LOW AND A LOT OF IT!
  • As a neutral party, I think what I hear there is "Past your bedtime" - I have to give the dookies the benefit of the doubt this time. . . .
  • You're an idiot, any neutral party can see that.
  • See, it's wrong to chant offensive things at basketball games, but it's justified, and courteous to anonymously call strangers online "an idiot" for not agreeing with you. Here's to you internet tough guy!
  • Yeah, 'cause calling someone an idiot is exactly the same as taunting a kid over the loss of his grandmother.
  • Is that what I said, chief?
  • Come on! You're TarHeelDude and you are going to give the Dookies the benefit of the doubt? During the second free throw I think it's pretty clear that you can hear the last word ending in an a - NOT an e. Unless, I am tone deaf.
  • Hopefully this is not correct. I am a Duke fan and feel disgusted if it is true. Man, it is just so wrong if true...
  • Listen to the video -first chant Past your bedtime, second chant "hows your Grandma" Sick. The school admin should admit it and apologize.
  • I truly am a neutral party and can clearly hear "Hows your Grandma" from the crowd. It doesn't matter if it was 1 or 100 people chanting it. The rest of the crowd did nothing to stop it. That shows an all around lack of class if you ask me.
  • First of all, even if they were chanting "how's your grandma," how do you expect "the rest of the crowd" to stop it? It's collective action failure at its best.

    But regardless, they were saying "past your bedtime" because the player looks kind of like a child. The Crazies would never stoop lower than that, and trust me, Coach K would be livid if they did.
    Don't besmirch my school.
  • About following the crowd. Sound alot like what most of the German soldiers said when they were on trial for war crimes. "I was simply following orders!" Not an excuse then, not one now!
  • Deaf to!
  • I clearly heard this sick chant and it is totally unacceptable! To be that insensitive over a basketball game is just unbelievable. I am not wishing anything bad on the Duke fans who were a part of this shameful display of sportmanship, nevertheless, stuff like this comes back on you at some point.
  • That's exactly what I was thinking, Karma.There's no reason for this, I guess that's what this world has come to, I know its not everyone but there's way to many people with absolutly NO COMPASSION. Its Sick
  • They were saying "Past your bedtime." This entire article it therefore pointless.
  • cpsweet16. If you keep saying it enough times it will become the truth. Just another reason everyone outside of Duke hates their basketball team and cheers for them to lose. Maybe this year they will get to the round of 32, if they get to play at Cameron.
  • There is such a thing called "educated morons",Duke has proven this once again!
  • I am a lifelong Duke fan, and from what I have seen, I hope people don't believe this behavior is reflective upon Duke as an organization. It obviously was a concentrated group of kids, and that shouldn't be people's motivation to want to castigate the entire program. The reality here is that fans from all colleges do some really low grade heckling. This is just the one caught on camera. So with that said, unless the school can find and punish those people, what can you do about it? I have seen Mike K go off on the student body a few times over showing respect, so again, this is pretty isolated imo, and really nothing can come of it if those people were not caught and dealt with immediately.
  • They were saying "past your bedtime." A bitter State fan started this rumor, and it's completely false.
  • What rumor? Its on national television and made it to the news. Sorry, but everyone heard it.
  • Find one name who heard it, who has a ticket stub and was at the game....from the crowd. You can't. It's on national TV because the NERO storm didn't turn out to be as bad as they thought...IF this was a group change, anyone who knows anything about Coach K knows he would have stopped it. Where is the outrage when Carlos Boozer's mother was hit by a bottle at the Maryland game? Why is Rick Pitino still coaching college basketball after an admitted sexual exchange in a bar that he initially denied? Let's go on.
  • But it absolutely is reflective on Duke. Cameron fans have a long history of such behavior. They've thrown condoms on the court at accused rapists, thrown pizza boxes at a player who was accused of stealing pizzas, and singing "Pinball Wizard" at a player accused of breaking into a pinball machine. And those are just the incidents I can remember. The difference between then and now is there was no World Wide Web then, so many fewer people knew about these incidents.

    Today's Cameron Crazies have one more lesson to learn: Assume your wild behavior WILL be on the Internet at some point (YouTube or someplace else). And if it's on the Internet, assume EVERYONE in the world can see it.
  • I don't disagree, but I don't think this is just a Duke student body behavior. People act as if this does not happen in all arenas in some form or fashion. I think the more press about it, the more it will look to AT LEAST to addressed with them, but honestly, I think this is indicative of how fans act towards sports figures/teams. I have heard of NBA players being heckled when there is death in their families all the time. It's sports culture more than Duke kids only. But I do agree that it is wrong and needs to be exposed to send a message for it to change!
  • Threw stereo records at an NC State player who had been arrested for stealing records....and it was called clever. Maybe it wasn't....but this national outcry of political correctness, as if what goes on in a basketball arena has anything to do with anything important....lighten up. (Past Your Bedtime)
  • Well They should have been, I guess that's the point of the article. There's no room for this kind of behavior anywhere. The heckling has gone way to far and makes it very hard to enjoy a game including High School. There needs to be a stop to it. Rellay does reflect badly on the school.
  • People that taunt anybody about a persons death really set a good opinion of what their life is goning to be like in later years, also if they had been caught by anybody that had the balls to turn them in, the the people that were doing the taunting should be banned from entering all sports arenas.
  • Agree
  • If these reports are true, that's tragic. Death is a serious subject and all people's human dignity should be respected.
  • So True!!!
  • Shoot guys!
    They were CLEARLY chanting BOTH.
    "Past your bedtime" came before the first free-throw.
    "How's your grandma" came before the second.
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