Reports Have 49ers Ed Donatell As Eagles DC.

Posted January 23, 2013
Multiple reports have Donatell to be the next Eagles defensive coordinator which most likely will not be reported until after the Super Bowl. It will be interesting to see how so many parts from so many different directions will work together. It seems Kelly's staff is rounding out though so all of the concern isn't warranted as to if they can pick their guys. The question is can these guys work together. If nothing else the Eagles have taken their time with their selections so maybe they can all work together. Lots of changes for this upcoming season. Expectations should not be as high as some people have them right now. True the division is bad, but so are the Eagles. Too many holes and not enough time to fill them all. If Kelly gets them to at least 6 wins he has improved this team. Of course if Kelly finds his franchise quarterback many things can change sooner than expected.
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  • They seem legit. I really think he's going to be the guy.
  • I seriously doubt that happens. Cut him a little slack. Lol
  • Slack??? Why? This is about not settling for mediocrity!
  • That has nothing to do with settling. Rather it's about fixing. You know the guy you thought deserved an extension after going 4-12 really left this team in a bad way. It will take time for Kelly to turn this around.
  • It's just like the situation Pres. Obama found himself in when he first took office. Obama inherited the greatest cluster this nation has seen since the 1930s from Bush and it's not one that's going to resolve itself overnight. With Chip Kelly, it's much the same. This team is a mess in every sense of the word and it's going to take a while to get them back on track.

  • Anybody expecting Kelly to come in here and turn it around the first year has a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda.
  • Absolutely Green! Having an agenda is a very cretin like thing to have in my opinion.
  • I happen to agree with Flip here. This isnt a move to take baby steps. The eagles brought this guy in to energize these misfits. No way is 6 wins an improvement. I do not expect a mass exodus of players from Philly. I dont think there are that many holes . First lets see if chip can keep them from quitting. That would be good for a couple of wins. This isnt an experinment EZ . This is something thsat should have been done in 2006. Better late than never.
  • This is nothing more than one of your ways to complain about the team. They win 4 games! They aren't bowl bound. They are the worst team in the division. You can preset your complaints if you like, but I know you are tossing bull crap here. You are the one who has been complaining about this roster for years and now suddenly they are all great? Don't make me laugh.
  • I typed the same exact thing to him yesterday when he pulled the same BS with me. He constantly told us Reid won with McNabb alone and was trying to do the same with Vick. Now they are only a few players away according to hollywood. No consistency at all with him besides the whining! How long until he starts burying Kelly? Should we start a pool?
  • Really? I had some legitimate complaints about the roster. Mainly the protection they werent providing Vick and the reatarded move with castillo. And like ive told you before a team is always only a few players away. I told you in other posts awhat they need now all they have to do is go get it. Simple. If they dont they will stink again.
  • Hollywood you were complaining about this roster as of lat month! Nothing has changed! THEY WON 4 GAMES!!!!!!
  • I understand that but I place more of the blame on the prior management than the players. But the players fell into the trap and acted out because of the crummy coaching and bad management style. But the key is to put that behind us and hope the players respond to a new style of management. If Kelly is as intelligent as his peers think he is I think he will find a way to make this team much more opportunistic and take advantage of their skill set. You can say a guy like Nhamdi was terrible but I believe in the right program he may prosper. I have high expectations that he can redesign this team. And I think thats what Lurie wants. Lurie got a whiff of stinking and dint like it. Enter Chip. I think we will compete just my opinion. Quick bounce back.
  • The players have to execute. The players quit on the coach. Don't even begin to tell me how a bunch of quitters are suddenly Super Bowl bound.
  • I hope all eagle fans can be patient....this is NOT going to be an overnight success story....
    Kelly zero experience in the NFL......
  • Good lord Hollywood is agreeing with me! That would be something if I was serious about that mediocrity crack.

    If building a winner was a matter of firing one guy and hiring another, then EVERYONE would be a winner. The truth is, building a winner is HARD.

    Give me a winner first, then we can worry about playoffs, then we can worry about Super Bowls. We have yet to see if we have a guy who can be a winner at this level.

    It may take time. He may have rough patches. They may last longer than 1 or 2 seasons. Patience has been rewarded far more often than whipping a horse to death.

    Fans need to treat this one better than they did the last one.
  • "Fans need to treat this one better than they did the last one." That's funny coming from you, because you're the one that has been burying the guy since he's been here! So when I say wait and see it exactly because we don't know yet. It's going to take some time to fix Andy Reid's mess and to see if Kelly is the guy to do it. You have been nothing but critical about the guy since he was hired, yet you have the audacity to tell others to treat him better? Hypocrisy to max on that one. The irony is I know your remark was less about having patience for Chip Kelly, and more about how you think Andy Reid was disrespected in some way.
  • Get it right. I was critical of Chip Kelly BEFORE he was hired. I was critical of him BEFORE he was interviewed. You and I were koom-by-yahing on it right after the BCS game.

    I didn't and don't think he'll get the Eagles consistently where Reid had them through most of his tenure. Will the guy win more than 4 games this year? It would be hard for him not to. Now if 5-11 is your benchmark of success, then Lurie might as well have brought Wayne Fontes out of mothballs and let him at it. But if that Super Bowl that fans keep going on about is the benchmark, then admittedly, according to any realist looking at history, the odds are stacked heavily against Kelly.

    You may feel confident about him. That's you and that's fine. I don't feel confident about him. That's me and it's equally fine.

    I don't feel that Reid was disrespected. I've never known Philly fans to show a coach or owner either love or respect, so it's not like he got treated some way that others didn't. It's just how people are here. However considering all the championships our ill will hasn't bred, maybe if when the chips were down, we got a guys back for a change, we might pick up some karma points.

    Worked out for the Phillies in 2008.
  • So it is clear I'm still skeptical of Chip Kelly, but I view that skepticism as irrelevant since hes the coach now. He's here now and I'm moving forward. Reid's previous success has nothing to do with his current failures. Now the Eagles and the fans could deal with Reid's stubbornness and questionable decision making when the Eagles were winning 11 games a year. It's been a long time since they were that. Now that he had them winning 4 games a year it was no reason to keep him. I don't need Chip Kelly to be Reid. I need Chip Kelly to turn the page from that era. As far as the fans not showing a coach or owner love you're wrong. Philly fans showed Pat Croce all kinds of love. Ed Snyder also gets a ton of love. Buddy Ryan and Dick Vermeil get all kinds of love. If people have a problem with Reid it's because he never embraced himself to the fans. I hear all the time about how great of a person Reid is when you meet him in person. Unfortunately he never showed that person to the rest of the fan base. That's HIS fault and not ours. As far as the 08 Phillies go I am not one who thinks there was this moment of everyone just being happy go lucky and great Karma won them a championship. If that were the case the Flyers should have a trophy case full. The Phillies SINCE the World Series had one of the longest streaks of sold out games in baseball. Please don't give that fans need to be nicer garbage as the reason that Reid was fired. Reid was fired off his own merits, just like Chip Kelly will if the team fails under him. Philly fans are some of the best in the world. If you can't see that then you are clueless. On a side note Reid promised a Super Bowl trophy to Philly and he failed to deliver on that promise. He made that goal and not the fans. So did Chip Kelly. If he fails to live up to a goal he set for himself it's not the fans fault he failed to deliver.
  • You got it all wrong. But I don't think you misunderstand me, because I can see you clearly are arguing AROUND what I'm saying.

    I think you get what I'm saying wholesale. You just have gotten so entrenched with arguing with "the Raider fan" that you're afraid of the backlash if you stop.

    I get it. Do your thing.
  • Backlash???? I don't understand that. I'm also not sure how you feel I'm arguing around your point. Your point seems to be that it's the fans fault Reid isn't here. If that's the case you would be wrong. If that isn't your point then what is your point? If you are skeptical of Kelly then I'm not arguing against that it actually agree with that, but I think there is no point to continue down that path. Regardless of what we think he is the coach.
  • The fans didn't fire Reid, Lurie did; so how is it the fans fault? He actually said he'd been considering letting Reid go for a while. So how is Reid being in KC the fans fault? Better still, why is there a concept of fault? Lurie said he wanted a change.

    I banged a pot for Fangio or Bradley. Hard to do that if I'm against anybody at all replacing Reid. My issue is not THAT we got, it's with WHO we got. But I'd made THAT point before Kelly said "No".

    When I said that fans need to treat the next one better take this example. Fans were frustrated with Charlie Manuel by 2007. Some did call for his firing, but not in droves, or on street corners with banners. Charlie saw more patience and wasn't answering questions about his job security as every 3rd question.

    Despite his place at the head of Eagles history, Reid never got that. Fans have been gunning for him in some sense or another since 2005 and T.O. Seven years is a long time to do the job of being an NFL Head Coach, WHILE fighting off your own public and media every time you surface from almost living in your office during the season. No doubt it's exhausting. Do you do your best work when emotionally drained? Nope. Nobody does. Reid didn't and is gone.

    Now comes the 32.5 million dollar question: Will Chip Kelly do HIS best work ever (and it will need to be) if he's put through this same constant 3 way fight? If you think added stress will make him better, then by all means do what you been doing. But if you think having fewer opponents will allow Kelly to focus in on his task, then it makes sense to give him less Hell, (and maybe even some support when things get rough). Otherwise he'll be off to wherever it is he'll go, and fans here will still be lamenting that missing Lombardi.

    And THAT is my point.
  • the"LIST"aww the list...Of 12 successful college coaches who were as they say BUSTS in the NFL....recall the names?? Spurrier,Riley,Holtz,Carroll,Davis,Petrino,Erickson,Kush,saban Wilkinson,Macpherson,Brooks. and will we add a guy named Kelly?
  • The Eagles are not a young and upcoming team. They are now beginning to enter their prime. Only in a couple of positions are young players in starting roles. This team needs some tweeking and good coaching and will be right back in it. I do not think Lurie has any intention of letting this thing slip further before it gets better. From what I gathered from Lurie his intention is to right this thing fast. You dont bring in NFL veteran coordinators and coaches to experiment.
  • You are freakin' crazy, hollywood. Besides a couple of 30ish starters on the line (who still could have a good 4-5 years left in their careers) and Vick (who is NOT their future) this team has PLENTY of time. 32 year old Jason Babin is GONE!...32 year old Mike Vick will be GONE!...I'm hoping that 33 year old Mat McBriar is relpaced!...there are a couple 32-33 year old backups that may not be here next year. This team is already one of the youngest in the league and when they make some moves this year it will almost be a certainy that they will be even younger giving their new head coach PLENTY of time to grow and learn with his team. You insisting they don't have any time is you just wanting to believe that they have to win immediately and you gearing up to do what you do most...WHINE!
  • people dont see the behind the scenes....all they see is the on field stuff
  • Everything is rumor at this point. Shurmur is the only person who has been hired by the Eagles thus far, and it's unclear if he will coach the QB's or be the OC. Donatell is still on the 49ers staff until the end of the SB, so any "report" about him being the prime target of the Eagles as DC is all speculation (at best).

    I'm sure any "news" seems like news at this point. Everyone is excited to see what direction the Eagles will take (I'm right there with you) but I think the Eagles wait to talk to everyone before making any decision. And now with the release of Spags by the Saints, I'm sure he will also be linked to the Eagles as well.

    Until then, we all get to wait... fun. :)
  • Should the Eagles even want Spags anymore? I mean he's kind of lost some of his luster. Another issue with him is that he could unintentionally put Kelly on the hot seat if he struggles.
  • With no confirmed organizational structure I don't see where anybody can say they like the direction the Eagles are headed in.

    What systems are we running? Who's coaching what side of the ball? Which players are we keeping? This is killing me.

    The Eagles currently have 4 coaches according to their website :Chip Kelly (HC), Duce Staley (ST Quality Control), Ted Williams (RB), and Keith Gray (Strength and Conditioning). All else is rumor so far.
  • I will give him some cred because he turned Carlos Rodgers into a pro bowl player.

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