Posted January 15, 2013

YES. Howie Roseman IS hurting us in the coaching search. It isn't doom and gloom. It isn't an unwillingness to move on. It isn't sour grapes because Andy is gone.

And it isn't just me.

Oh it was just me first. No doubt about that. I saw this train wreck coming and took a ton of BS for pointing it out. But now it seems that the notion that we may not get a good replacement is gaining some steam not only here in the Yard, but also in and around the NFL. 

On the 13th I posted this:

A day later, Jason La Canfora posted this:

(Read them later. Stick with this one for now.)

A lot of the same stuff in both posts. And again, I said it first. Not because I'm a genius, but because this stuff is just plain, old, common sense; and as Jason said, and I'll paraphrase: If they win with the next guy, then everything is cool.

But now let me say something that hasn't been said by anyone yet: Our GM hog tying our ability to get the best Head Coach, also impacts the kind of assistants coaches this team will attract. So we won't be attracting the best minds/innovators to our team. This impacts Free Agent signings. This, unless the subsequent Drafts are better than the last 3, impacts how competitive we can be, when the talent goes other places in our division. Put bluntly: Get ready to endure some of what the Redskins fans have been dealing with. 

After a decade and a half of football relevancy, it would be hard for fans to take 6-10 and 7-9 type seasons. But unless Jeff Lurie decides to scale back Roseman's influence, or he get's incredibly lucky*,  a decade and half of 6-10 and 7-9 may be what we begin to see around here as a good season.


*(The Eagles will be fine if one or both of these things happen.)

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  • I agree that Roseman has hurt the hunt for a new head coach but not to the extent that Jason La Canfora made it seem in his report. There is a article by Geoff Mosher titled "Coaching Search, Don't Believe-Or Ignore-The Hype" that discusses how the Eagles may not deserve all the negativity that has been launced at their head coaching search. Watch the video of Micheal Barkann, Les Bowen and Reuben Frank to get some insight on why La Canfora's report may be mostly sour grapes. Seems La Canfora asked Roseman on Sunday about the Billick interview and Roseman wouldn't confirm it. Reuben Frank later broke the story and the following day La Canfora came out with his story on Roseman with no quoted sources. On the other hand Adam Scheftler supposedly discussed the same issue and said that he talked to some of the candidates the Eagles interviewed and they said nothing like what La Canfora reported. According to the CSNPhilly panel he actually qoutes Chip Kelly as saying the interview went well and that he was very impressed with Roseman. In a roundabout way La Canfora's report just brings up some of the same questions we have running through our heads. Why not interview some of the more established coaches?...why has Lurie entrusted his NFL team to a man with so little football experience and why the spin doctoring on the past drafts? Did La Canfora take a few questions that have circulated in many people's minds and amplify them because of a personal agenda? Seems like it's possible.
  • I'll be interested in what La Canfora will say if the Eagles land Bradley.
  • Probably not much. Even though he's near the top of my wishlist (See: Kellyscott's post), landing him does nothing to detract from the very questions Greentildeath alluded to. Even if we get him, those questions will still be valid, until answered in a way that doesn't sound like bovine fecal matter.
  • Second interview today and the reports are that one other team that was interested in Bradley (San Diego) is close to signing Mike McCoy. Looking good but you never know what could happen. Hoping it's a done deal soon.

    I'm curious to see if La Canfora addresses the CSNPhilly panel's statements on why they feel he put out his story. I hope he does.
  • An update on my post here: Anthony Gargano of WIP said that this second interview is mainly to go over what they Eagles didn't have time to with their 90 minute interview with Bradley on Saturday. He said he was told not to expect a deal to get done today but you never know what could happen.
  • Unless a source wishes to be named, reporters have a long history of not revealing sources. Charley Casserly is GREAT for citing "a source close to the story", "GM's I've talked to around the league", and "numerous scouts". He'll probably use one or all of these sometime today if he pops up on NFL Total Access.

    If I were to guess at Jason's agenda, it probably is to write a relevant story, that already has a built-in (read:curious) audience. And the idea that he would develop a vendetta over Roseman simply not confirming something, when the Eagles behavior and decision making has been helter-skelter even by the most generous benefit of the doubt, takes away the focus from the fact that he asked the very questions you too would like answers to , and demeans the whole process, and point of getting at the truth.
  • He asked the questions and put unnamed sources to the answers. I have no problem with that because I do understand that reporters have to do that if these sources do not want to be named but my question would be how many sources? Is he going off what we already have heard with the Belichick rumors and running with it? I find it funny that he says he wishes he had a dollar for how many people have talked to him about this...just how many dollars would he have? One dollar...two dollars?...five dollars? I highly doubt that every esteemed coach in the league is lining up to call the Eagles coaching candidates and advising them not to take the job because of Howie Roseman and on top of that somehow La Canfora is the only reporter on record that gets that information. Throw that together with Roseman getting in his way to break a story and the timing of La Canfora's story on Roseman and something just doesn't fit. I'm not stating that the Eagles are doing everything right here. I wish Lurie would have gotten himself an established GM and started from the top when showing that he means to fix this mess...I wish he wouldn't have absolved Roseman in drafts that we all know he had a hand in and I would think these issues are just a small bit that definitely hasn't helped in the Eagles search for a new head coach but La Canfora's report reeks of bitterness.
  • you find me Birdflipper? a coach in any sport who was so perfect...he made NO, MIS -Q's???
    I look at a great % coaches?? in any sport and any level?? as damned if you do and damn to hell if you dont.....
  • No such animal.
  • I agree
    But I think some times some not all but a great % are looking for that such animal
  • If the meeting lasts 8 hours I don't think Bradley leaves Philly. As with the Brian Billick interview, I think the Eagles are looking (inadvertently of course) to a possible offensive coordinator if they go the Bradley route. I think Bradley and Arians are their top candidates for HC. But Bradley seems more "Philly" given his intense/animated coaching style. We would just need an offense to match. And if the quote Billick gave is true "Never say never" to the right job, we just may see him on the sidelines as our OC (if he fully intends on making himself a HC again, he will probably have to work his way back into the limelight).

    If Love Smith can't get a HC job, who's to say he wouldn't make a good DC? Sure, this sound beyond far fetched given the situation of "Head Coaching" searches. But keep in mind, it's something that both Lovie and Billick excel at (coordinators) and could land them in a better light of becoming a HC once again. Ken Whisenhunt could also be in the mix for DC if no head coaching jobs are available.

    As for the La Confora B.S.: I think Howie is being put in a poor light, and if we can snag a former HC (or two) who excelled as coordinators to be on our staff (along with Gus Bradley as HC) How exciting would that be? I guess we will all know shortly.
  • Realistically I don't think any of the college guys wanted to jump ship to the pros. It was more of angling to get better contracts from their own teams. It's a tactic many of those guys use and frankly the Eagles brass should have known better than to fall for the same trick three times. I think Roseman hurts them most in getting a retred former Super Bowl head coach, because Roseman and Lurie do not wish to give up power. Like I wrote before the bulls eye will squarely be on Roseman if this all fails, but the question then becomes what is failing and how long does the new HC and Roseman get? I don't think anyone can look at the Eagles and ASSume they will be contenders next season. No one knows who will be the quarterback, who will be the coach, how well all of the IR guys will play when they get back, who stays, who goes, who comes in, and how any of these players will react under new schemes. This isn't a quick fix. This team has drafted poorly for several years, is loaded with aging declining veterans, and player who quit on their head coach. Anyone expecting a playoff run next season hasn't been paying attention to how bad they were playing and how mismanaged Reid has left them. That is why a new coach isn't an easy fix. It's going to take some time to get rid of Reid's excuse makers, and softies. This will be another 3-5 year plan. It may take longer or less time depending on how well Foles develops or if they can get a better QB option. So it is clear my time line is how long I think it will take them to become Super Bowl contenders, and not just a team that wins 8-9 games and are possible playoff contenders. The Super Bowl is what counts. Not mediocrity.
  • O'Brien was in a tough situation, Chip Kelly had already spurned a chance to go to the NFL last year and rumors started circling almost immediately that Brian Kelly was only using the Eagles. I agree and have already stated the same...the college coaching candidates were a long shot and the Eagles stated they knew that all along although I believe that they thought they could change Chip Kelly's mind. I think Roseman is more of a hinderance than the actual reason the Eagles haven't found a coach yet. Maybe a seasoned NFL man would be more of an attraction to some of the coaching candidates but if they lock on Bradley I think most fans will be happy.
  • I would agree. Roseman's decisions could become a far greater problem if he's choosing the wrong player in the draft, signing the wrong free agents, and resigning the wrong Eagles. If they get Bradley (seriously if he is their guy what in the world are they waiting for now?) I think some would be happy, but the Eagles look tainted after trying and failing to get those college guys. It makes Bradley seem like their 4th option. It's sad, because they didn't even give Gruden a call.
  • As a university of Oregon sports fan, I think Chip kelly is yea entitled to do what he wants in the off season, But I think with what Greentildeath said??? and is right??? spurned the chance to go the NFL, I think Kelly should be committed To Oregon for that national title and not be "looking" around ?? aka Tampa bay and the other offers he got this year???? If Im a coach?? Am I serious about building a program?? or am I Building a resume for the pros??? is my opinion. hey Chip is single has no family here in Eugene to my knowledge and is free to do what he wants with no children to find schools for if he moves. But Id If I were him....stay committed to Oregon. hey hes a heck of a coach...look at his record????
  • Roseman is a fraud.
  • I heard a rumor that Roseman actually did a survey in the locker room asking players what they thought went wrong with the season, what they thought about the coach, what kind of coach they should hire, who they thought should stay and who should go. Not a good practice.
  • Roseman is not a football guy. In fact, I don't think he's played a down of football in his life. He's numbers and book smart, and a smug con artist that conned his way into being our GM. The players don't respect him and Andy gave him way too much credit. Now we've become cellar dwellars in our own division.
  • Worse than burning down a coach who averaged 10 wins a year, is burning him down without a SOLID plan to replace him.

    There's no shame in waiting for your guy to be freed up. But if that's the deal, you WAIT.

    You don't cat around with every floozy in the bar and then claim the chick you saw through beer goggles at 1:57a.m. as "The One" you were holding out for. Even if she is, even if you BELIEVE she is, to everyone still left in the joint, it looks like you got desperate and were willing to latch onto ANYTHING so long as it was still breathing.

    And that's how the Eagles will look now. They can change people's minds if they win, but if they lose, it'll be: "Well what could they expect? They took home what was left."
  • 8-8
    Nobody misses him.
  • Dude, give it a rest. Reid is in KC now. Let it go.

    I'M talking about OUR coaching search. How about you try to focus on that?

    You don't like how Roseman is doing this either, but you just have to nitpick what I said because unlike you, I disagreed on firing a coach who I know CAN win in this league, for what I was certain would be a lesser product and now almost certainly will because Roseman and Lurie are doing their level best to do the worst job they possibly can. Why else would they string out signing Bradley at this point?
  • your right birdflipper, some cant let it go...sure he has the right to his opinion but? it reminds me of the University Of Oregon and basketball coach Ernie Kent....Kent< when he was fired?? was and still is the winnest coach in mens basketball at Oregon? and took the ducks to the elite 8 twice??? like ive said it isnt what youve done for us latley?? its what youve done in the last 30 seconds???

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Jim Kelly: No doubt Tom Brady cheated

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