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If Matt Poursoltani keeps lifting at this rate, he may be able to find a part-time job hoisting cars or other heavy objects off people sometime soon.

Poursoltani lifted a ridiculous 700 pounds on Saturday — a feat not only impressive because it’s 700 pounds but also because Poursoltani is a 17-year-old high school senior at Pilot Point High in Texas, and because he has increased the amount he can lift by more than 100 pounds in just a year, according to the Dallas Morning News. Poursoltani weighs 270 pounds, making his lifting astounding compared to the NFL bench press record of 705 by 325-pound Larry Allen.

And don't call him a juicer. A recent profile on Poursoltani broached that very subject: 

He has been asked by friends, fans and even by his teammates if he uses steroids. He confidently tells all of them no.

“If you need something to help you work out, you need to get out of the sport,” Poursoltani said. “If you can’t drive yourself that hard to come in here and work out, then it’s probably just not for you.”

The all-time bench press record is 1,075 pounds, by Ryan Kennelly in 2008, but Poursoltani appears to be on track to rival that if he keeps working at it.

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  • Can you spell steroids????
  • Steroids can help build muscle and help lift weights but it doesn't help you lift 700 pounds unless you also put in some hardwork.
  • I was there, and here's a better angle that I took on my iPhone: http://youtu.be/DEXtm5P-NXo

    After it was done the kids coach told him to show his equipment to the judges and the state president to prove he didn't have any illegal equipment. Also, all lifters at the state meet have to sign affidavit stating that they are steroid free, and there is testing. So there ya gol
  • To all these people that doubt or suggest this kid is juicing you shouldn't throw opinions around unless you know what you're talking about. First, anyone that actually put any good time working out in your teens knows that your testosterone levels in your teens are so high you are practically on steroids anyway.

    I did some lifting in my teens and would put on 50-75 lbs onto my benchpress in 3 months without making huge efforts and I was maxing out well over 400 lbs at the age of 15 and at the weight of 155 lbs. So yeah, from my experience it is completely reasonable for this kid to press 700 lbs if he worked hard and busted his butt. CONGRATS MATT!
  • Somebody needs to check him for steroids. You cannot accomplish this feat at that age without them. Not at his age. He does not see it now, but when he is in his late 30's or 40's there will be health issues. When you are a teenager you do not worry about the future, you do not look past today.
  • not true!!!
    I went from a flat 180 bench press to a 325 my freshman year! ALL within that school year! NO roids, no protien cud, no change in my eating habits, NO nothing, but a hard workout every other day. (and only during school days) SO..... If he's dirty, He'll pay for it later.
    If he's clean, Good for him! Congrats!!!
  • There is quite a difference between 325 and 700. If it seems improbable, it probably is.
  • And it seems improbable that you have a brain...Must be.
  • i benched 425 as a senior in high school and weighed only 165 lbs. It is possible.
  • 325 is not 700lbs. You will go a lot faster from 180 to 325 than you will from 325 to 700. He is supplementing. If he's doing it legal and healthy, great. If he's taking steroids then he needs to consider if it's worth it. Of course, everybody in high school thinks they'll live forever.
  • I must say that this is an amazing feat. I have been involved in bodybuilding and fitness, as well as being a personal trainer, for over 25 years. During that time, I have seen some "genetic wonder boys" in bodybuilding and power-lifting during that time who did not take steroids. However, this does seem like a stretch without the use of them. If this student is not taking them then it would be good for him to be tested since it would send out a powerful message to ALL others about how good genetics, coupled with consistant workouts and a strong mind-body connection can make this happen. Perhaps, we will know more, in the future, about how this young man progresses and what the truth really is. In the meantime, I like to think that people are being honest and I hope that he is.
  • Someone should check you for stupidity. Quit listening to the fear and ignorance spewed by the lazy and jealous. You presented not one single fact to support your accusation.

    Good thing the kid was surrounded by people telling him he can instead of fence-sitting haters telling him he's a cheater.
  • He's strong no doubt but unless this is a sanctioned "natural" powerlifting event, he IS on steroids. It is basicaly 2 separate sports, one "natural" and is tested, and the other is not tested and open. To compete in the non tested you basically have to be on steroids or you will get blown away, everyone there is on them. Same thing goes for bodybuilding competitions.
  • It is a State High School lifting meet moron...they do not allow steroids in High School...at least not in Texas.
  • Your jealousy shines through. Why not be proud of the young man for succeeding and excelling? Just because some people win or exceed expectations by cheating doesn't mean everyone does. By the way...they DO CHECK FOR DOPING IN TEXAS...YOU DOPE.
  • He looks like a bloated 30 year old, body is ugly to the girls epecially!
  • are you joking? did u see how short the kids arms are it makes it way easier to bench.
  • Common man don't pick on the guy, he looks like a young Elephant? Even if he takes steroids look 1000's of people have but their fat and its absorbed better, its bad when its a skinny dude like Armstrong and it pretty much contaminated his whole body...
  • He is also wearing a bench shirt. That will add 100-150 pounds on your bench (if you know how to use it properly). Don't believe me, put one on and try it. I would put his raw bench closure to 500-550. Not taking anything away from him, of course. An unbelievable mark, regardless of age. Genetics really plays a big part in strength, so my opinion is that he is clean until someone proves otherwise.
  • Look at his build, naturally stocky and thick to be a naturally powerful lifter. I'm even more surprised by the 925 SQUAT, but look at them thighs! Even roided out bodybuilders can't even bench more than 600 and have a hard time getting to 500. Most of them can't even squat past 750.
  • ammo2277....Envy, you have pure envy of what can be accomplish with hard work. You my friend are probably on steroids and wimped out. poor you
  • Impressive indeed. Waiting for the endless liars who will claim they bench more.
  • An impressive lift none the less but this is in a bench shirt and Larry Allen's lift was raw. You can't even compare the two.
  • My thoughts exactly. I don't have an official number, but the highest raw bench I can find for Kennelly is in the neighborhood of 680. That's 400 pounds less than his world record with a shirt. I'm sure this kid has an impressive raw bench for a high school kid. But let's not get crazy and compare the dude to Larry Allen!
  • What's a bench shirt? Sorry not really up to date with the lifting lingo I guess.
  • A bench shirt is a shirt with special fabric that holds the chest and arms very tight. similar idea in suits that help squaters. This definitely helps the athlete lift more!
  • Man leave the poor guy alone , he that young and can't even chase a skinny dude calling him fat king ! Hell trip on a gum... poor guy and everyone thinks is cool..
  • I think all benching gear should be outlawed in high school PL. I'm not against geared lifting, but I don't think it should be encouraged in high school.
  • Exactly, its like comparing an apple to an orange. The shirt could give him 150lbs. Still impressive though for a HS kid.
  • While impressive don't compare it to Larry Allen....Allen did 705 raw, this guy does 700 with a bench shirt. HUGE difference!Of course by the time he is Allen's age, I'm sure he'll surpass Allen's raw bench. This guy is still a beast as his raw bench is probably in the neighborhood of 550 and more than 99.9% of high schoolers out there.
  • Watch the Larry Allen Video he didn't do 635, without the spotter helping him that was the worst record I've ever seen! If anyone touches your weight while lifting it is a failed atteampt.
    That being said No one can bench 700 without some help from science.
  • false. the world record for drug tested raw bench is 710. However that is the one exception in meets. Theres properly a handfull more that have done it but never did it in a sanctioned meet but not many touch that number raw, and even less do it clean.
  • Lets not forget Lance Armstrong was drug tested more then any athlete ever. He still beat all the tests, testing means little in any sport.
  • Larry Allen is also 6'3" and has to push the weight higher than six inches.
  • cyoung and yep123 hit it. the general public, including the reporter here, don't understand the difference between lifting with and without suits in powerlifting. Wearing a shirt or squat suit can add as much as 300 lbs. to squat or bp. Probably added 150 to 200 here. Still amazingly strong, but not unheard-of. A small handful of (raw, i.e. unsuited) 500-lb. pound benchers come out of high school football senior class most years.
  • Oh come on. He increased his bench by 100 pounds in one year? STEROIDS no doubt. Things are bigger and dumber in Texas. Who does he think he is kidding?
  • Are you kidding? First off this is powerlifting, a competitive sport, and like most sports if you work at it constantly, which in there are a lot of schools in the country and in Texas that train year round for this sport. 100lbs is not really that big of a jump at all considering the strength might have been there before he just needed to tweak his form and motions, much like how a golfer can increase his drive 50 yards or more just by adjusting his swing and stance! Oh and by the way, all top 2 finishers in Texas High School Powerlifting State Championships are drug tested.
  • 100lbs is not much if you're new to the sport. It's huge if you have been doing it a while. I don't buy it was clean. I don't care what kind of shirt or anything else. The proof is in the cup. Was he tested?
  • Steroids?..............Probably, but some people may think this guy is just sitting on his couch injecting steroids and got strong. If he is using, he is still going to be a monster with out them. He's probably getting 150lbs from the suit and maybe another 150 from the roids. That is still a 400 lb bench raw for a HS kid. He may even do 500 natural with out a suit, who knows? Roids ain't turning the 130 lb weakling into this guy.
  • maddog8813

    you are an idiot. first of all Texas High Schools have random drug testing through out the school year. Second of all if you finish in the top 2 finishers you are automatically tested. So take your ignorant comments and go keep the IQ level of your state below average. Don't bring the state of Texas down with you. Just because you are the skinny guy getting sand kicked in your face don't try to take this kid down with you. He obviously works at something to excell while you only work at beating others down.
  • a 100 pound leap in a year isnt nothing in a shirt. guys i lift with have their shirted bench go up by almost that much in a 3 month training cycle and they are much older and their bodies recover much slower than his probably does
  • Plus he is BLOATED looking and ugly! Looks 30, plus has a lot of body hair!
  • Check out 19 year old Matt Sohmer from NY. He recently squatted 800 lbs & deadlifted 738 lbs - all RAW & DRUG FREE. Is there a stronger drug free teenager out there ????
  • Logan Herford 165-181lb weight class depending on how much he eats day to day. DL 600, Squat 560, Bench 380 RAW. He has set numerous APC world records. Look him up on youtube and you will see how easy he pulls 600.
  • i benched 425 as a sr in high school at 165lbs. That's nothing.... I wan't even in the top 5 strongest guys in the school. I just couldn't gain weight.
  • While I agree comparing this to Larry Allen is a pretty bogus comparison, 700 in a shirt is a big milestone at any age. Would be very interested to see what his raw bench is since ive known some guys that can get nothing out of shirts, others that have added 66%+ to their bench with shirts
  • Yeah, but with all the drugs running through his system is he able to get an erection?
  • I have increased my bench in 100 lbs in a year at that age naturally.One thing though, he was not performing the feat, granted a big one without the aid of the suit.Those suits reduce the strain as well as give some spring in the lift itself.I imagine his "raw" bench is somewhere in the 500's.A feat in itself at that age,but not impossible.
  • Arms are too wide. One does not play football that wide. Back is arched as well. Not a valid lift at NFL combine
  • Its the shirt, and it looked like he had a bench shirt under a bench shirt
  • I competed in power lifting meets. And your butt and shoulders have to stay planted along with your feet. Yes you can arch your back takes some of the stress off that is legal. 700 lbs with a shirt is impressive for his age but a bench shirt can increase your bench around 200 lbs. I was doing around 475 raw at 195 but 675 with a shirt which theres no way I could really do. I think these competitions should just be a raw lift then its not what your wearing partially lifting the weight.
  • Not to take any thing away from the kid, but if you notice he got short arms which makes easier to do a rep, he has good form.
  • I thought the same thing, but a great accomplishment none the less
  • thats what i thought, he only had to move the weight 5" lol
  • ever watch the NBA they're mostly very tall with long arms yet nobody says thats why their good.
  • And who really gives a squat?
  • It's good work if it's not steriods. However, I'm sure the lifting jacket / shirt helped with this feet. They can increase by a significant amount (I've heard of up to 50%). It keeps all your muscles from tearing apart off the bone and focus the power to the lift. I haven't seen to many of these power / record lifts without using one.
  • Ryan Kennelly and his 1075 bench was done only because the kid is and always has been a anabolic steroid abuser, just google his name along with steroid and see what comes up, I'm not sure he's even out of jail yet !
  • 700 is impressive and he should be proud. Making the NFL - quickness, speed, knowledge and instinct for the game AND benching anything close to that is a whole lot more. But the kid's in high school. If he works hard enough to bench 700, he'll do well in life whether it's football or not.
  • Ha ha ha...

    Yeah, High School student on a BOAT LOAD OF HORMONES...And I mean A BOAT LOAD!

    Don't even try to argue with me because you'll just sound stupid...And no, it's genetics Ha ha

    It's impossible to do that without steroids...And any age...

    Lot's of Gh, insulin, and aas right there..That's all it is folks..
  • I agree!
  • Yeah, I don't care what he was or wasn't wearing, the help came from another place.
  • 700lbs lifting 700 pounds so what. he's grip seemed to be a bit to wide!
  • He has midget arms!Lol! only had to push like 3 inches!
  • a 20 ton Jack is tiny and it can lift 40,000 lbs ... so true short arms allow for heavy lift !
  • 700 lbs benching 700 lbs so what grip was to wide!
  • Have to agree with the above statements. Lets see what he can do without the shirt...

    If you want to see a real lift, check out John Cooper's AAU records. 485 pounds raw at 18-19, and current record of 529.1 for 20-23.
  • I would expect 700 pounds to have more than 3 45-pound plates on each side. My count is about 360-365 pounds with only three 45-pounders on each side and one 25 pounder. Someone please explain how three plates equals 700 pounds?
  • those are not 45 pound plates,obviously heavier....geeesh
  • Those are 100 pound plates, dude.
  • yeppers ! 6 x100 and 2x50 ! maybe they plastic guys ?LMAO
  • hundred pound plates
  • Strength depends on a lot of different things..i.e. cross sectional area of muscle fiber, tendon insertion just to name a few. The wide grip puts more of the load on the pectoralis major (he is a thick guy). The closer grip puts more force on the triceps and increases the traveling distance, thus making the lift more difficult. My experiences in the bench are the "overload principle" or "neurological adaptations"...i.e. a designated heavy day & a designated light day (i.e. tricking your muscle fiber to respond), Can't use the same type of stimulus, (back to back) or you won't get good results. Some of the smartest people I ever met worked out in gyms. It takes brains to get where this kid is.
  • hes got ceelo green arms. im not impressed at all. hes 270lbs and prolly only able to do twice his body weight with out the suit. big friggin deal. my son is 170lbs and can bench 325 with no suit. pound for pound there are thousands of high school kids that are stronger.
  • And this will help him earn a living How?
  • First of all a 17 males testo is naturally high along with growth hormone levels, but this guy looks like a bloated 30 year old and also has short arms which a lot of top benchers have, plus his body is ugly period! I can't imagine any of those high school girls finding that attractive! NOPE!
  • Short arms definitely help. It's why little guys can life a higher pct. of their body weight than taller guys and why little guys can do a zillion pullups.

    In any event, I can't do that and the kid is really strong.
  • I don't get it. This is the second article I've seen on this kid and nobody even mentions what position he plays! It is nice that he can bench a lot, but there is no Olympic Bench Press. How about some info on whether he might have potential to develop into a decent player? Lame article!
  • Chuck Norris could bench press Mexico by the time he was 17. None the less its allot more than I could bench, good work kid.
  • There is no way this dude is a high school student. Look at his face and body style, not to mention the excessive hair on his chest. If this dude is seriously in high school he has some sort of major problem because he looks like he's 30. His pect muscles doesn't even look tight, they are lose as hell but huge. It's obvious this guy is using some kind of steroids because of it.
  • Impressive no doubt........Wanna see how fast your growth plates stop growing in your body? Take a few Halo's stack it with a good amount of test as a teen. Stop the juice until your older or your going to regret it.....
  • Sorry, hes a juicer, hes just in denial. I hope someone gets him some help or else in 25 years he'll be paying for the roids, HGH, PEDs, or whatever hes taking, cause his kidneys and/or liver will start to shut down.
  • I'm surprised at a lot of these comments! Looking back when I was in high school, anyone being able to bench 700, esp. in high school, would've been phenomenal! I'm guessing a lot of it is out of jealousy. That being said, if 'roids were used, I wouldn't be so proud, but anyone even being able to squat 700 was also unheard of (in high school at the time). And concerning the notion of the boat load of hormones at 17, yeah, I'm sure, but my potential seemed higher in my 20's, maybe even now in my early 30's, than in high school, but maybe that's just me.
  • And this will help him make a living how?
  • Too many haters out there. I go to school with this kid. Completely clean, he works his butt off everyday. He did great and I personally feel honored to be graduating with this guy! People, we are among something great! Congrats Bro!
  • To people that say that its impossible to get up your weight 100 pounds in a year no its not. I increased my weight by 10 pounds in 2 weeks with every other day lifting. Therefore it is nowhere near impossible.
  • It'd be more impressive if he had to move the weight more than three inches. My bench would be over 200 lbs if I could only had to drop it three inches instead of two feet..
  • I believe it to be possible because when I was either a junior or a senior in high school I only weighed 129 lbs and I squatted 636 lbs just to see if I could do it. I was not athletic just an average kid. I weight lifted at home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and only had a 110 lb weight set. I was not a good bench presser for I could never get my arms to hardly bulk up. So don"t be so negative just because you can't do it! Congratulation to the kid who lifted that weight and I wish him the best of luck in the future. Matt Poursoltani, Please be careful that you do not hurt yourself for once you do, chances are that you may have reached your limit. Good luck to you!
  • i do not know why you all are hating on matt cause he has pushed himself so hard and worked his butt off to do this amazing feat. so all of those haters are just jealous that he has an amazing talent and will go far because he knows how to work hard and never quit.
  • I enjoy powerlifting regardless of if it's natural and raw, but natural and raw takes all the bullsh*t out of the game. So kudos to the kid for his press regardless of how it was obtained, it's impressive any which way you slice it. But don't anybody kid yourself, the drug testing at high school level in Texas is a joke. Urinalysis can easily be beaten, and Texas only tests for a very small percentage of illegal aids & most importantly, the athletes can find out which ones they test for. This kid isn't clean, plain and simple. He simply isn't old enough to have put in the many, many, many years required to bench that naturally. You guys all talking about pressing in the 450lb range in high school are not even on the same planet as a 700lb press...you think because you're talking about a similar percentage of body weight that it's the same thing, but it isn't. It's just ridiculous that people keep making comments like that. Any elite powerlifter will tell you the kid is using. Like I said though, I enjoyed his lift regardless, and wish him the very best with his health in the future.
  • Haters haters haters. Some people talking about his body etc?? Lol! Y'all must have a major case of "I'm insecure"!!! He is doing to power lift competition, not a modeling show. If he is bench pressing 700lbs, he isn't worried about trying to end up on GQ! He is training!! Bench press suit or not, very impressive for any age much less a high school kid. I weighed 245 at 19 and benched 505 at a meet without a suit. What's more impressive is I got beat bc it's all about weight to weight ratio. What's impressive is a kid just 17 yrs old beat me. He was 155 and benched 400lbs! The reason the are comparing him to Larry Allen is bc the kids does play football and his way younger and lighter than Larry Allen. If Larry would have done the lift he did at a meet it wouldn't have counted. He had people touching bar on the way down and up. We will see as the kids progresses how he does. But if he plays any collegiate ball they will not allow players to be lifting like that due to injuries. Any division 1 schools strength coach would be fired for allowing that. So he will have to make a choice if he ends up playing football in college. Bottom line is y'all are hating!! Let the kid be innocent until proven guilty. If he is juicing it will come out before long. Just like anybody that sets records they are highly scrutinized. I feel he is clean until I'm proven wrong. Yeah, lance Armstrong passed several tests, but he also had millions to spend in doctors and specialists telling him exactly how to do it. I seriously doubt this kid has the means to piss clean. We will all see sooner than later. But come on people. Grow up and get to where ur innocent until proven guilty. Everybody hating must be that guy that talks hit until he's in ur face, then He is awesome and the coolest guy ever! It's easy to hide behind an email u panzies!! He was tested and that is bottom line. So give the guy his credit unless he is proven a doper, then hate on his ass.
  • Matt or as we call him at school (yes I go to Pilot Point High) "Pourso" is an incredible young man. He no doubt is not doing steroids. His achievement is the product of hard work, devotion, dedication, and simply a blessing from God. He is a normal person, nothing special, he is just blessed by God to lift. He is a great leader in school. As a jock you might think him to be a bully, but Pourso is just a normal friendly guy, friends of everyone as they say. For all who see this, I hope you realize the reason for his achievement; that is its a blessing from God, and that it's because of his devotion towards lifting. I hope you see God has done this young man well. And I hope that you will have devotion and the devotion be to God.
  • I'm gonna tear all you guys who say its not steroids argument apart. Steroids first became available for use in the early 1950's. Before that time the record bench press was never above 400 lbs. in December 1953 Doug hepburn became the first man to bench press 400 lbs. 450 lbs. and 500 lbs. Then as steroids became more powerful and more readily available the press records sky-rocketed until todays record which is 1,076 pounds by Paul 'tiny" meeker. The fact is that as full grown men our bodies are not designed to be lifting that much weight especially not at 17 years of age that is laughable, but you know taking large amounts of testosterone at a young age stunts your growth and allows you to have short stubby arms which makes the lift easier and accelerates puberty. Afterall you guys this kid looks like he's in his 40's. cmon you guys get real
  • Come on people give credit where it's due. This kids genetics have quite a bit too do with this. He is built for powerlifting and combined with the technologies of today's bench shirts this is totally possible without steroids. This kid is probably not a good football player but a great lifter and that is what this is about. Larry Allen is an nfl hall of famer this kid will never be what he was. Allen's strength was far more impressive because it was raw not even a belt and look how close his grip was comparably. This kid is just one of the next great powerlifters a product of hard work, supplements, hormone induced foods and genetics. The 1000+ bench records mentioned now those guys were untested so this kid may end up on roids to compete with them. For now I give him the benefit of the doubt because a bench shirt when used properly can add up to 300 lbs or more and are designed for guys with his body type.

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