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#Mets lineup: SSMurphy 2BWright 3BBuck CTurner 1BDuda LFByrd CFBrown RFMarcum P — (@metsblog) May 3, 2013 Tonights Braves lineup vs Mets: Schafer RF, Simmons SS, J Upton LF, Freeman 1B, Gattis C, Uggla 2B, BJ Upton CF, Francisco 3B, Minor P — Braves Radio Network (@BravesRadioNet) May 3, 2013 Oh god. I just remembered we have to suffer through the god damn chop all weekend. Ears bleeding already. — Susannah (@SoozyWild79) May 3, 2013 #Knicks Starters: PG Prigioni, SG Felton, SF Shump, PF Melo, C Chandler | PG: Bradley, SG Pierce, SF Green, PF Bass, C Garnett — NBA New York Knicks (@nyknicks) May 3, 2013 If David Wright is Captain America for #Mets then can I be Iron Man / Tony Stark? Please??? — Kirk Gimenez (@KirkSNY) May 3, 2013 Braves pull a Mets. Classic. Lets beat these bastards. — Eric P. (@EricTheMetsFan) May 3, 2013 Mets wearing the away blues, looking to end the away blues. — Christopher (@ludichrisspeed) May 3, 2013 Let’s Go Mets! I’m back at it again, with Xanax on standby! — Sheila (@Sheesh1097) May 3, 2013 John Buck keeps on keeping on with his 10th home run of the year. It’s 2-0, #Mets over Braves. — Anthony DiComo (@AnthonyDiComo) May 3, 2013 Bless you, John Buck!! You’re SO my favorite! — TwinkleMets (@TwinkleMets) May 3, 2013 John Buck has almost as many HRs as the entire Marlins team … @marlins you mad? — Joey Stugotz ⚾ (@JoeyStugotz6) May 3, 2013 Why is Ike Davis wearing a red wig? — JLM (@mezzanine76) May 3, 2013 Now Duda goes the other way for his 6th homer of the year. 3-0 Mets. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) May 3, 2013 Duda dood it! 3-0 #mets — Howard G. Cohen (@hgcohen10921) May 3, 2013 Hey Ike, you know how lefties hit Opposite field homers??? They don’t stand in the 1B stands when batting. — E.J. (@TheHappyRecap) May 3, 2013 new guy strikes out. he’ll fit right in! — Mets Fan In Therapy™ (@MetsFanInPhilly) May 3, 2013 Wow, I miss 45 minutes of my lowly #Mets and Buck and Duda homer. Go figure #LGM — Michael Mandelkern (@metsonmymind) May 4, 2013 Oh, that’s right…now we get to hear firsthand Gary’s hatred for B.J. Upton like 18 times a year. — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) May 4, 2013 Why do we insist on saying “Howie is away on assignment” anyway? He is working the Islanders game. #NoSecret — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) May 4, 2013 Time for the racism chop, only about 45 more of those to endure this weekend — Christopher (@ludichrisspeed) May 4, 2013 Juan FranciscOH NO! #Rubin‘d — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) May 4, 2013 owwwwwwwww…….. that didn’t look pretty at all… — Alex Peters (@Alex_Peters_) May 4, 2013 If JV1 hits a pinch hit HR tonight I’ll give a random follower $50 worth of free stuff. — The 7 Line (@The7Line) May 4, 2013 Jason Bay, Josh Thole, Duda & Buck all have hit HR’s tonight. @cantpredictball — Christopher Gamez (@Metsochist4Life) May 4, 2013 TC ASG BallotC-JustinTurner1B-JustinTurner2B-JustinTurner3B-JustinTurnerSS-JustinTurnerLF-JustinTurnerCF-JustinTurnerRF-JustinTurner — Mark Ethe (@TooGooden16) May 4, 2013 @toogooden16 you got RF wrong, Terry #VoteMarkakis — (@metspolice) May 4, 2013 Daniel Murphy’s got an edge — CoreyNYC (@CoreyNYC) May 4, 2013 Is it me or do the red Braves jersey’s make the players look a little fatter? — Julie (@julierubes) May 4, 2013 #METS are kings of breaking teams’ or players’ struggles. This is now BJ Upton’s first multi-hit game since the first game of season. — Mets Fan In Therapy™ (@MetsFanInPhilly) May 4, 2013 Wow…that really was a ****** slide by Upton — Christina M (@ChristinaMets15) May 4, 2013 Hey B.J., 90 feet between bases. Not 89 feet and 8 inches. — Metstradamus (@Metstradamus) May 4, 2013 Bad Fundies — Mark Ethe (@TooGooden16) May 4, 2013 Things were going SO well. Until now.#BRAVES #SlawWatch only 1 out. — Mets Fan In Therapy™ (@MetsFanInPhilly) May 4, 2013 Look on the bright side, Andrew Brown just effortlessly reached the cutoff man on the fly. WE HAVE AN OUTFIELDER THAT CAN THROW!! #Mets — Christopher (@ludichrisspeed) May 4, 2013 14 outs for the bullpen.Gonna be aLONG night. — Mark Ethe (@TooGooden16) May 4, 2013 1 run in, cutting Mets lead to 3-2 in 5th. Bases loaded. 1 out. Bullpen time. How are the Knicks doing? — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) May 4, 2013 Come on LaTroy…don’t be LOLTroy tonight. — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) May 4, 2013 Ok, could have been worse. No further damage. Time for the Tool Race. — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) May 4, 2013 BJ Upton needs a sandwich… #Braves — Rob Patterson (@RobPatterson83) May 4, 2013 I don’t even have anything clever to say– Justin Turner just looks like a hobo. And I’m very familiar with the hobo look. — Katye McCarthy (@myfriendkatye) May 4, 2013 If the Knicks lose this game, it would be the worst loss I have ever seen. And I am a Met fan. — tc (@nymetropolitans) May 4, 2013 Scott Atchison was on the Santa Maria. — Mark Ethe (@TooGooden16) May 4, 2013 For ******** sake, stop walking Jordan Schaefer. — Jeffrey Paternostro (@jeffpaternostro) May 4, 2013 The Mets are acting like Jordan Schaefer is Barry Bonds. Obviously the resemblance is uncanny. — Adam Rossi (@aj16ross) May 4, 2013 Atchison longs for the days when you needed nine balls for a walk. Like when he was a rookie. — Metstradamus (@Metstradamus) May 4, 2013 Byrd flew the coop! — Big Mets Fan (@bigmetsfan1) May 4, 2013 That home run surprised… everyone. — Andrew Vazzano (@AVSNY) May 4, 2013 Byrd HR off O’Flaherty. 4-4 in 8th. #ToldYa — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) May 4, 2013 Byrd just said **** you to the haters and made TC look good for sending down cowgill and not him — Steph (@whutyearisit) May 4, 2013 I see my Metsies have blown their lead. Can’t have it all, I guess. — Christine (@cmonterosso) May 4, 2013 Alderson signed Atchinson because he saves the team money on travel with his AARP discounts on flights, hotels, and rental cars. #Mets — JLM (@mezzanine76) May 4, 2013 “Nice job, big boy.” —Gary Cohen #UnintentionallyWTF — Eric Simon (@AmazinAvenue) May 4, 2013 Gattis HR off Lyon. 5-4 Braves in 8th. Kimbrel for 9th. Ok, maybe a #SmallProblem — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) May 4, 2013 Don’t worry guys, It’s only Craig ******* Kimbrel — TheCatch2006 (@surfingthemets) May 4, 2013 We could just build ******* cyborg relievers like Atlanta. — d’evON (@DevOnSports) May 4, 2013 David Wright homer. Rare blown save for Craig Kimbrel. — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) May 4, 2013 #CAPNCRUSH — Brad J (@BlueAndOrange) May 4, 2013 UNCLUTCH BASTARD!!! — METSKevin11 (@MetsKevin11) May 4, 2013 David Wright giving me a massive boner tying the game in the top of the ninth!! #Mets — Kevin (@KVP_10) May 4, 2013 holey ******* **** tie game who was the dumb ass mother who said wright is not clutch — happy hank (@happyhank86) May 4, 2013 David Wright’s game-tying shot was the seventh home run Craig Kimbrel has allowed. Ever. — Anthony DiComo (@AnthonyDiComo) May 4, 2013 Can’t remember last time I saw 2 blown saves by Brave BPin same night. And oh btw, Wright never gets big hits #blahblahblah — Rich Coutinho (@coutinho9) May 4, 2013 Wow. Wright gets Kimbrel. Nobody gets Kimbrel. As they say in “Little Giants”…all it takes is “One Time” #Mets @mlbnetworkradio — Casey Stern (@CaseyStern) May 4, 2013 IKKKKKe Davis doin his thang. — Eric P. (@EricTheMetsFan) May 4, 2013 The **** Lyon still in — Joey Stugotz ⚾ (@JoeyStugotz6) May 4, 2013 I have a bad feeling about how this #mets game is going to end. I’d be Lyon if I didn’t. — Howard G. Cohen (@hgcohen10921) May 4, 2013 Peña youre stupid. Lmaoooo but thanks. #Mets — JessMess✌ (@BluEyezJess) May 4, 2013 I don’t know what Keith..What?? — Brad J (@BlueAndOrange) May 4, 2013 Buck is wearing a cup.Unlike Jordany. — Big Mets Fan (@bigmetsfan1) May 4, 2013 We’ve got a wild one in Dixie. Parnell enters with the winning run on third and one out, escapes the jam. #Mets, Braves going to extras. — Anthony DiComo (@AnthonyDiComo) May 4, 2013 Allllllllll the WPAz. — Jeffrey Paternostro (@jeffpaternostro) May 4, 2013 Parnell drags the NYM through the fire Lyon started Free baseball at The Ted — Rich Coutinho (@coutinho9) May 4, 2013 What’s worse than watching a Mets game? Watching a Mets game go to extra innings… — Kevin (@KVP_10) May 4, 2013 Phillies. braves fans are just red necks. phils fans are assholes RT @wrightfan05: whos worse philly fans or braves fans — Scott (@Pilam76) May 4, 2013 when keith thinks you’re weird, you should reevaluate yourself. — Steph (@whutyearisit) May 4, 2013 JV1 hits a HR ill buy his jersey. #Mets — Joey (@Meet_The_Mets) May 4, 2013 What is happening Terry? What alien race ate your brain? — d’evON (@DevOnSports) May 4, 2013 This is like a video game where different types of weird situations come up and you – as manager – have to decide what to do. But real life. — Andrew Vazzano (@AVSNY) May 4, 2013 Terry’s managing > #MetsTwitter‘s managing. Sometimes. — TwinkleMets (@TwinkleMets) May 4, 2013 See? If they’d fired Terry on Wednesday, he couldn’t have done that! — Howard Megdal (@lohudmets) May 4, 2013 Mookie Wilspin is fast around third. — JLM (@mezzanine76) May 4, 2013 YEAH JORDANY YOU ROUND THIRD AND CROSS THAT PLATE ANYWAYS — Ty (@tysim19) May 4, 2013 I have absolutely no idea what Jordany Valdespin is doing right now, but he seems to be having a lot of fun doing it. — Jared Diamond (@jareddiamond) May 4, 2013 #HakunaTejada — d’evON (@DevOnSports) May 4, 2013 RISPZ!!!!!! #mets — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) May 4, 2013 RuRu wepaaaaaaaa#11#mets )) — Leslie Ann NYM Ru#11 (@ukis_ann) May 4, 2013 Jordany Valdespin just wants to run and play in the grass and have fun, you guys. — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) May 4, 2013 Wow, I decided to hop in the shower before I go out because Parnell was at the plate…biggest mistake I have ever made in life #MetsNation — Michael Mandelkern (@metsonmymind) May 4, 2013 Valdespin should have slid head first across home plate and then kept sliding until he reached the dugout. #mets #yolo — Joe Pontillo (@JoePontillo) May 4, 2013 #ImWithInsuranceRuns — d’evON (@DevOnSports) May 4, 2013 #ImWithGuysWhoGetRBISinglesToScoreRunsAndWhoHappenToBeIrishAndPlaySecondAndWearNumber28 — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) May 4, 2013 And I already smacked myself in the back of the head for even thinking about Kenny Rogers. — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) May 4, 2013 Jeurys Familia trying for his first big league sav…ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. — Eric Simon (@AmazinAvenue) May 4, 2013 Dan Uggla reminds me of Popeye. — Big Mets Fan (@bigmetsfan1) May 4, 2013 Uggla got Wainwright’d #MetsWin! — Eddie Adlman (@EddieAdlMets) May 4, 2013 Put THAT in your house of horrors. — Metstradamus (@Metstradamus) May 4, 2013 MEANWHILE, OVER AT WFAN… Game 6 foah da Knicks tonight. A Game 7 in Brooklyn tomorrow. Da Isles and Rangahs playawf series continue dis weekend. My #1 topic? HAWSES! — Mike Francesa (@MikeFrancesaNY) May 3, 2013 THE IRRELEVANT FACT OF THE DAY… Utah is the state with the highest number of porn subscriptions and downloads. — UberFacts (@UberFacts) April 24, 2013 The post #MetsTwitter Recap: #JV1 Never Disappoints! appeared first on The Daily Stache.

David Wright, now would be a good time to step up

 Are you giving it all she’s got, Captain? Not that David Wright is having a sub-par year; far from it, as Wright is hitting .308 with three home runs and 20 RBI’s. As usual, Wright is producing at the clip we are accustomed to seeing from him. However, with the Mets having dropped seven out of their last nine games and dropping two games to the pathetic Miami Marlins this week...

David Wright, El Dramático And Clutch Offense Spark Another Rally

When you live on the West Coast, sometimes you have to listen to the other team’s broadcast. It can be excruciating. When your team starts winning, especially in clutch fashion, there’s nothing better. That’s what happened to me while listening to the Braves announcers last night. When the Braves made a move, the Mets had an answer. Clutch offense was the theme of the game...

Mets 7, Braves 5(10)

David Wright hit the tying home run in the ninth inning off closer Craig Kimbrel and the New York Mets scored twice in the 10th to rally for a 7-5 victory over the Atlanta Braves on Friday night. The Mets, who have won two in a row after dropping six straight, scored four of their first five runs on homers before taking a two-run lead off Jordan Walden (1-1) in the 10th. Pinch...

Mets Wrap: Late Magic Beats Braves

As it usually is for the Mets in Atlanta, things weren’t easy as they rallied to beat the Braves in the kind of game they often would lose in Turner Field. The Mets tied the game in the ninth against closer Craig Kimbrel on David Wright’s fourth homer of the season and added RBI singles from Ruben Tejada and Daniel Murphy to win, 7-5 in ten innings. The Mets scored the game-winner...

Mets end 6-game losing steak with win over Marlins

Heading into the final game of a three-game series with the Miami Marlins, both the Mets as well as starting pitcher Dillon Gee must have been aware that the situation was approaching desperation. Having scored a combined five runs over the last three games, the Mets were in the midst of a six-game losing streak and Manager Terry Collins was feeling the pressure.

Mets rally, defeat Braves in 10

David Wright hit the tying home run in the ninth inning off closer Craig Kimbrel and the New York Mets scored twice in the 10th to rally for a 7-5 victory over the Atlanta Braves on Friday night. The Mets, who have won two in a row after dropping six in a row, scored four of their first five runs on homers before taking a two-run lead off Jordan Walden (1-1) in the 10th. Pinch...

Sports and Emotion: Get Over Yourself and Play the Game

Not only with the Mets, but this recent discussion regarding celebrations in sports it totally overblown. This topic was brought up when the Mets were down big and Jordany Valdespin legged out a triple. He celebrated as if he were Jose Reyes, and people around baseball seemed to take exception to it. The self-proclaimed “man” didn’t seem to care all that much, as his comments...

New York Mets over-come two late inning deficits and win in ten

The New York Mets overcame two late inning deficits to defeat the Atlanta Braves in ten innings on Friday Night, 7-5. Solo homers from Marlon Byrd and David Wright erased one-run deficits in the eighth and ninth inning respectively, and pinch-hitter Jordany Valdespin sparked a two-out, two-run rally in the tenth. Pinch-hitting for Andrew Brown — who made his Mets debut — Valdespin...
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