Originally written May 10, 2013 on The Daily Stache:
Friday #Mets vs. #Pirates:Tejada – SSTurner – 2BWright – 3BDuda – LFByrd – RFDavis – 1BRecker – CLagares – CFMarcum – RHP — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) May 10, 2013 Tonight’s catcher @thefortmckenry warming up on the field here during BP. #TheFort twitter.com/Pirates/status… — Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) May 10, 2013   Lets Go #Mets! #DiosMio — Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache) May 10, 2013 #DiosMio #KirkGate #MeantToDM #LGM — Mark Ethe (@TooGooden16) May 10, 2013   Said nobody ever before #KirkGate RT @mitchnym: Can’t wait to watch SportsNite after the game. #LGM#DiosMio — Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache) May 10, 2013 Frantically searching baseball ref. RT @midnightbashem: Shaun Marcum?Remember when he used to be good — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) May 10, 2013   The official scoring for the top of the 1st was K-K-8, or what Prince William calls his lovely wife. — Jeff Lackinghair (@FreeBald) May 10, 2013 a.) City/State b.) Have you been blocked by A. Rubin? c.) Are you interested in the #AmnestyProgram? — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) May 10, 2013   David Wright fouls ball off inside of his left knee. Trainer Ray Ramirez checked on him but Wright remains in game/pops out. 0-0 after 1. — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) May 10, 2013 “Basket catch..Willie Mays style”…#mets #MajorLeague — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) May 10, 2013   Don’t ever ********* do it again RT @dailystache: @ttlsportsblog Nice catch hayes…. — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) May 10, 2013 the ball boy positioned perfectly for that ball — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) May 10, 2013   The ball boy is already a better OF than Justin Turner — Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache) May 10, 2013 That Juan was just out of reach for Lagares #mets — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) May 10, 2013   Based on how long it took him to get into my screen there, I’m guessing Duda was heating a hot dog in the left field stands? — d’evON (@DevOnSports) May 10, 2013 Jose Tabata deserves to be tagged out just for that lip print tattoo on his neck #mets #pirates #ew — Ashwini (@ashwinip) May 10, 2013   RT @anthonydicomo: @mike_vorkunov @marccarig It’s actually the Adam Rubin Re-integration Reformers’ Guild. Otherwise known as ARRRG! / +1 — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) May 10, 2013 You get the sense the other beat writers don’t hold Adam Rubin in the highest regard. — Eric Bienenfeld (@EricBien) May 10, 2013   Thought experiment: If you gave Steph Curry six months of full-time training, would he be a better defensive OF than Lucas Duda? — Anthony DiComo (@AnthonyDiComo) May 10, 2013 #MetsTwitter in the first inning: MARCUM IS GOING TO STRIKE OUT ALL OF THE PIRATES.#MetsTwitter now: TRAID MARKUM ALWAYZ HAITED HYM. — RageWynn (@RageWynn) May 10, 2013   Dammit I wish Marcum got hurt cause he ******* sucks anyway. As usual, the Mets put their starting rotation together with scotch tape — DJ Mister Dior ™ (@DJMisterDior) May 10, 2013 Mixing in the 82 MPH slider now. Keeping ‘em guessing. — Howard Megdal (@howardmegdal) May 10, 2013   Double clutching — Tejada learned that from Wright.#METS already down by 3. It’s ONLY the 2nd! — Mets Fan In Therapy™ (@MetsFanInPhilly) May 10, 2013 IN STUH GRAMZ warming in the pen cause Marcum SUXXX #mets — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) May 10, 2013   Tejada. He’s a borderline backup shortstop, Mets voices should stop apologizing for him. — Tom Watson (@tomwatson) May 10, 2013 Can Kirk Gimenez pitch? — METSKevin11 (@MetsKevin11) May 10, 2013   Lol they are crybabies like Jose RT @phillymetsfan: Cue for Reyes fanboys to crawl out of the woodwork — Murph (@metsfanmurph) May 10, 2013 Ike with a single to left. Shift happens. (Sorry, it was just sitting there) — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) May 10, 2013   Saw Recker in dugout before game. Me: “What’s new?” Recker: “I’m playing.” That’s a true story. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) May 11, 2013 #CheckingInWithKevin “Gare I wanted @amazinavenue to stop making fun of me so I’m doing a segment on SABR, which are swords. #BackToYouGare” — Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache) May 11, 2013   Update: A. Rubin has accepted 2 applicants to amnesty program so far. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) May 11, 2013 So, this is happening… Tune in! twitter.com/AVSNY/status/3… — Andrew Vazzano (@AVSNY) May 11, 2013   #CheckingInWithKevin “Gare BABIP means batting average on balls in play, so if the ball is not in play it doesnt count #BackToYouGare” #Mets — Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache) May 11, 2013   Not on the SNY blackboard, the things that matter: HEART. INTANGIBLES. BUNTS. — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) May 11, 2013 shove your Sabermetrics up your ass…. #mets — Dan Tanna (@danXtanna) May 11, 2013   I love the level of crappiness of @kburkhardtsny‘s chalkboard. It’s like 100 years old or something. Adds character to the SABR lesson. — Michael Baron (@michaelgbaron) May 11, 2013 What the hell is Burkhardt talking about? Man I liked things better when earth was flat and the ocean had dragons in it. — Jeff Lackinghair (@FreeBald) May 11, 2013   Sabrmetrics got us a wonderful outfield and pitching staff huh. All those ******* nerd stats can go to hell. — DJ Mister Dior ™ (@DJMisterDior) May 11, 2013 “WAR, huh. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing”. — Christopher Gamez (@Metsochist4Life) May 11, 2013   I want Kev to explain #DiosMio to me. — Christopher Gamez (@Metsochist4Life) May 11, 2013 Adam Rubin just blocked Burkhardt’s Chalkboard — Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache) May 11, 2013   Not buying that Alexander Mogilny is dead #metsSABR — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) May 11, 2013 Kevin Burkhardt: please explain hasLobby. — Christopher Gamez (@Metsochist4Life) May 11, 2013   I say the #Mets and SNY cancel the rest of the game and just have #JV1 teach us about talking selfies for the next two hours — Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache) May 11, 2013 RT if you want to be unblocked by A. Rubin — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) May 11, 2013   Impeding video review…..#mets — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) May 11, 2013 that’s a HR — Mets Fan In Therapy™ (@MetsFanInPhilly) May 11, 2013   And the Mets game is over. — Brian Canell (@bcanell) May 11, 2013 6-0 #PIRATES — can we send Marcum away now?FOR GOOD — Mets Fan In Therapy™ (@MetsFanInPhilly) May 11, 2013   #BackToYouGare RT @metsher29: Lesscum, please — Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache) May 11, 2013 I picked up Marcum for a spot start in #DAPDOEC. #LOLMitch — Mitch Rapp (@MitchNYM) May 11, 2013   Shaun Marcum out after 4.2 IP. Actually his longest start as a Met. — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) May 11, 2013 11th home run of the season for mets catchers this season, the first by reck-it tony — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) May 11, 2013   Anthony Recker with his first #Mets homer — solo shot in the fifth makes it #Pirates 6, #Mets 1 #alvernia — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) May 11, 2013 #DrunkIke is in charge of that app RT @whutyearisit: Scorecenter really has to get its act together twitter.com/whutyearisit/s… — METSKevin11 (@MetsKevin11) May 11, 2013   Recker’s VORP just exploded #mets @kburkhardtsny — Tom Watson (@tomwatson) May 11, 2013 He may block u RT @adamrubinespn: Shaun Marcum 1st P in franchise history to fail to complete 5 innings in each of first 3 starts with #Mets — Kevin Kernan (@WheresKernan) May 11, 2013   #dead “@mitchnym: Scott Atchison was an actual pirate.” — MsMess✌ (@BluEyezJess) May 11, 2013 My Dad: ‘I hope they pay Gary Cohen and Ron Darling a lot of money to sit there and watch this crap and say nice things.’ — Brendizzle Slice (@BrendizzleSlice) May 11, 2013   Adam rubin amnesty cases have gone to supreme court — Jay Horwitz (@Jay_HorwitzPR) May 11, 2013 That play featured ALL of the LOL’s. — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) May 11, 2013   well, that was a weird play — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) May 11, 2013 Davis saves an error and then tags McDonald trying to get back to 1st base to end the top of the 8th. #Pirates 6 #Mets 1 — Jon St. Laurent (@CITB10) May 11, 2013   Ike was so drunk that his drunkness rubbed off on the base runner — METSKevin11 (@MetsKevin11) May 11, 2013 Well, Gary, I have both Lester and Cobb on my fantasy team, so I don’t have to pick between them. #LDLF — Mairead (Mimi) (@Mairead2112) May 11, 2013   Highly debatable RT @metsfaninphilly: I am fluent in English. — Earl (@ttlsportsblog) May 11, 2013 Is Scott Rice related to Condoleezza Rice? — Josh Batelli (@Josh_Batelli) May 11, 2013   Check #Mets score… vomit… order beer. — Jeff H (@darknova306) May 11, 2013 #Pirates 7, #Mets 1 as we head to bottom of the 9th!Only down by 6!ha — Mets Fan In Therapy™ (@MetsFanInPhilly) May 11, 2013   7 run 9th coming up #Mets — Andy Gustavson (@ajgmets) May 11, 2013 Here’s a look at A. Rubin in the press box right now: youtube.com/watch?v=SubRvg… — Marc Carig (@MarcCarig) May 11, 2013   JV1 will ignite the 7 run rally — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) May 11, 2013 Like to see Valdespin hit a home run here and do a cartwheel in celebration — Kevin Kernan (@WheresKernan) May 11, 2013   Like it says on my Twitter bio, I knew. Valdespin home run into second deck, no cartwheel, though — Kevin Kernan (@WheresKernan) May 11, 2013 JVrun — Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet) May 11, 2013   no body can’t stop meeeeeee — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) May 11, 2013 GIF: Look at all this swaguer in JV1′s swing #Mets bit.ly/11ZvMw8 — METSKevin11 (@MetsKevin11) May 11, 2013   I believe in comebacks #Mets LOL — Mark Ethe (@TooGooden16) May 11, 2013 Give me a break.This is a tease, it’s always a tease with this team — James Gracie (@MidnightBashem) May 11, 2013   bad BABIP luck for lagares. he hit that ball as squarely as any ball he’s hit in the bigs — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) May 11, 2013 Vote #Swaguer #TeamJV1 RT @metsochist4life: Vote often. Vote early. Vote JORDANY VALDESPIN. — Harry C. (@harrycalat) May 11, 2013   OK, #comeback? #mets — Geoffrey Sorensen (@GSorensen) May 11, 2013 Mets with a pair of runs in the ninth against Jose Contreras, so Clint Hurdle going to closer Jason Grilli in four-run game with 2 on, 2 out — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) May 11, 2013   starling marte came into this game 9th in the majors in WAR, 5th in the NL behind only carlos gomez, justin upton, wright and shin-soo choo — Jon Presser (@metsjetsnets88) May 11, 2013 Final – Pirates 7 Mets 3. Missed it by that much. — Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN) May 11, 2013 The post #MetsTwitterRecap: Professor Burkhardt Edition appeared first on The Daily Stache.

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Gordon: Drug policy is harrassment

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