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Found August 11, 2011 on Next Impulse Sports:

Via Cosby Sweaters:

In the top of the fourth inning of the Cubs game against the Washington Nats, Michael Morse fouled off a pitch into the right field stands. A Cubs fan pulled off an incredible catch with his right hand, WHILE he was holding his child in his left arm. Well done sir.

“Give that man a contract,” said Cubs broadcaster Len Kasper.


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  • He catched the ball with his right hand, not left hand.
  • Pretty sure that's his left.
  • If you actually watch the video, he catches the ball with his right hand, it is in his left in the picture, but he catches it with the right hand.
  • Yes, he does catch the ball in his right hand during the video. Child is in left arm. Great catch, but only a Cubs fan would be idiot enough to catch a baseball with an infant child in their arms. Lucky for him that baby wasn't hit by the ball. Real parents would shield their child. Guess we know what is more valuable to this "dad".
  • I'd rather shield the baby with my open palm watching the ball than cover him up and get jumped on by someone else trying to catch the ball. But I'm a Cubs fan, so I must be an idiot.
  • That's his left hand. It's on your right because he's facing forward.
  • look again, at the vid
  • wia, your an idiot. you cant tell your left from your right, you have no business posting comments here, your too stupid to be living!
  • hey now! Are you retarded? Or not watch the vidio? He caught the ball in his right hand.
  • Wow!!!! Look again gunsliner44, he did catch the ball in his right hand! He switched it to his left after the catch! Dude don't be such a jerk with your reply if you're the "idiot"
  • If you actually watch the video, he catches the ball with his right hand, it is in his left in the picture, but he catches it with the right hand.

    Might want to get your facts straight before you look stupid.
  • I could imagine gunslinger44, that you are a lonely person...because with comments as rude as yours, I am confident you don't have any friends. Keep putting people down so you feel better.
  • I could imagine gunslinger44, that you are a lonely person...because with comments as rude as yours, I am confident you don't have any friends. Keep putting people down so you feel better.
  • That is his left hand.Oh my look again WlA321. And Caught the ball, not catched...LOL
  • If you actually watch the video, he catches the ball with his right hand, it is in his left in the picture, but he catches it with the right hand.
  • WIA321 OK I know people are giving you a hard time. I guess thinking you are wrong. However if you watch the video clip you will in fact see that this man caught the ball with his right hand. He then moved the baby to his right side and took the ball in his left. So you are right! Everyone else take that !!!!!!
  • You are correct. He actually CAUGHT the ball with his right hand, then switched and waved it around in his left. All they have to do is watch the video and see him actually catching the ball.
  • You are correct. He caught the ball with his right hand, then waved it around with his left. All they have to do is watch the video to see which hand actually CAUGHT the ball.
  • good catch, wia321, figuratively that is
  • For those that criticize the comment from WIA321 about catching the ball in his right hand, well that is exactly how I saw it too. He switched the ball to his left hand and baby to right arm. However we can bust WIA321's balls for poor grammer in his comment..."He catched the ball?" How about "He caught the ball?" As for the fan being criticized for not protecting his child, well I didn't see him exactly dive for the ball...but did his best...try getting out of the way of a foul ball spinning so fast and not in a blooper type motion...Freaky deal, just be glad that he did catch it...quick hands. Must be a baller...
  • Any man or woman who would bring a baby to a ball game with all that happens at them is a dang fool! And has no regard for their baby's safety! What if that ball had hit the baby in the head??? He's an idiot not a great catcher!!!
  • Kats1951, why don’t you go down to your bomb shelter and don’t ever come out so you can be 'safe' and can keep the rest of the world safe from your fear mongering comments. There is danger everywhere, and to not live your life for fear of it is a shame. Apologies for being a tad rude in my response, but people who respond with comments like that should expect them. Have a great Friday and I hope to see people of all ages at the games.
  • I agree with everyone else there is nothing wrong with taking your baby to a game. He could have gottan hit come to the game or going out their door get real.
  • well kats, by your reasoning, any woman who gives birth is a "dang fool" because child birth is many more times inherently dangerous than taking a baby to a baseball game. Perhaps your the idiot, like wia321. Might be that your to stupid to be living also?
  • Hey gunslinger. Why don't you take a break from calling people stupid. Serriously, you were just proven wrong. Does that make you too stupid to live?
  • Kats,

    Good call. This guy is dopey, though he has good hands. Sad any grown person would endanger a baby to catch a ball or perhaps some attention. A thinking Dad would not have taken such a risk with a baby in his arms.
  • Yet another one who lived in a clean room and wore a helmet and 12 inches of bubble wrap head to toe.

    It's not like this guy threw his kid down to go after the ball, it's not like he even dove for the ball.

    It just happened to go to him, and he happened to reach up and catch it.

    Shut your yapper or go back to barking at the mailman.
  • like i told kats. Babies are giving drugs and beating them and breaking thier legs ams. Shaking them till they stop moving. My boyfriend is a cop and the stories I hear I cant believe as a parent. Nobody is a bad parent for taking thier babies out to learn and grow. How do you know a ball is going to come. every time you drive your car with your child in the back you are taking the same chance he did by taking the baby the game. think about evey day things you do then think about the danger that you are putting your child in you would be surprised
  • You are insane.

    Haven't you heard that Baseball is the American Pastime? That it's as American as Apple Pie?

    As Dad continues taking "Baby" to the games, that child will grow up remembering the fun he/she had with Dad at the ball games.

    By your post, I'm guessing your parents placed a helmet on your head and covered you head to toe in about twelve inches of bubble wrap and kept you in a clean room to protect you.

    Could you really be that special?
  • My daughter was under a year at her first game. Man she loved it clapping and giggling babbling with everyone singing. Its wonderful seeing a child just enjoying life. If for some reason you believe it might hit your baby, i would try to grab it or smack it away. He knew what he is doing. My boyfriend is a police officer there was a couple giving their child cocain. I think taking a baby to a baseball game is not bad compared. maybe kat you should worry more about babies who are givin drugs beaten and killed then a little family outing with dad.
  • First of all...he CAUGHT not catched the ball with his left hand...not his right...second of all, it's adorable that he CAUGHT the ball with the baby in his hand. There's nothing wrong with starting them young and it makes me laugh when people turn such an adorable and positive thing into a negative one, loosen up a bit, the baby is alright.
  • Nope, he CAUGHT the ball with his right hand, then switched and waved it around with his left. Watch the end of the video which showes him actually CATCHING the ball.
  • He caught it with his right. Watch the actual video.
  • WIA321 learn how to spell catched is not a word.

    Also it is NOT adorable that he caught the ball with a baby in his arm. This guy probably brings the baby into bars with him because he is one of those parents who think babies are welcome anywhere. Listen up - when you have a baby there are certain things you need to give up on for a while. Not everyone thinks your screaming child is a pleasure to listen to. Get a babysitter!
  • Yes clearly the people around him are super annoyed with the baby being there.
  • To Speller: Wow! The baby looks cute! The dad caught a foul baall. Why go there with the screaming baby comment. I created an account just to tell you this. Way to be all about you!
  • It is caught and not catched. It's always a good thing to see a parent take an interest in their children and enjoy doing things with them. However, age appropriate things should be done with them. I honestly don't think this baby will remember going to this game or any other for several more years, this is starting them just a little young at baseball. And it was dangerous, be responsible. But I am glad Dad caught the ball and the baby wasn't injured or possibly killed.
  • This is for all you negative commenters out there that takes a simple catch of a foul ball and turns it into a moral dilemma, first of all oviously you have no morals, second of all quit being so ANAL RETENTIVE Who knows you may start enjoying life a little more and maybe just maybe people may start enjoying being around you. And anyway it's not like he dropped the kid for the ball JEEZE, CHILL OUT
  • First of all he CAUGHT the ball in his right hand and switched the ball to his left afterwards. If anyone really cares, it is fun to pick on the word catched though! I see all points, yes, you should still be able to go to a ball game with a baby. You can't live in fear of a million to one shot hurting the kid. That's the chance you take just by waking up in the morning. I also agree that parents of disruptive children (including crying babies) should be considerate of the paying customers around them and remove the bratt from ear shot!
  • maybe he should have left the baby in the hot car ,or with a chain smoking baby sitter.He could have hung him out an apartment window with a blanket over his head.He was with his child and family at a baseball game.He,s a winner .Jealous much??
  • Hmmm? Any chance you are a vicious racist? He should simply have behaved like a mature Dad and sacrificed his craving for a foul ball to the welfare of his child. He needs to grow up.
  • EVERYONE NEEDS TO TAKE A LOOK AT THE VIDEO AGAIN - U ALL OWE WIA321 an apology!! - If you look at the video YES he catches the ball in his right hand.....the pic is a pic of him holding the ball in his left hand
  • Most of the people who comment on this crap do nothing else but this. So the idea of having the hand eye coordination to catch anything seems completely chance/risk to them. Some of us see the sun play ball (even dodge ball), screw and take a few chances. Some day that child will grow up and see his her father had a pair. Besides if the ball kills the kid well thats just natural selection.
  • To jetta43

    Not jealous at all! Never had a baby - didn't want one to screw up my finances and my freedom, so if you have a baby YOU are the jealous one, not me. You are the one who gave it all up.
  • Again with your negative comments about parenthood. Go get some therapy...you obviously have ISSUES!
  • Hey!! No one mentioned the fact that he may have actually saved the baby from being hit by the ball!! I see all ages at the pallpark and we all know the risks but the risks are much higher that you could get hit by a car, robbed and beaten or shot. We cant live our lives in fear of what might happen!! Enjoy your day everyone!! ;o)
  • Can't we all just get along =) Baseball when I was little was a family sport, to bad it has gotten so far away from letting people enjoy the game without judging them.
  • omg, just be happy he caught the ball and the baby is safe...can not tell you how many times my family and I have been to a game and fans are not paying attention, because they are too busy texting, talking, etc,...anyway NICE CATCH DAD!!!
  • Wow, just joining this site and I am really amused at the insults that fly. It's just baseball people! And the dad made an amazing catch, that's all...
  • Yes Nice Catch Dad!! Doubt if the baby will remember the game but I give the dad kudos anyway for even being with his son....so many times in the present dads do not spend any time, let alone one on one time with their kids... It is really nice, even more so for mom at home, to see a dad taking his son out for a few hours, even if it is to please the dad more than the son... this dad probably got his love for baseball from his own father and wants to send it along down the line... I do not knock him for catching the ball either because frankly if it came in their direction and it did not jeaopardize his sons safety than by all means why not? Now his son will have this little video to show his friends when he gets older to show how cool his dad is and to prove he was on TV :) Everyone should expect negative comments on here bc thats just the way people are... I wish more people would take Spellers outlook on parenthood.. honestly some people are just not meant to have kids and there is a reason for it... if some people would stop for a second and evaluate their thoughts on kids and parenting, maybe we wouldnt have all these unwanted children and screwed up parents with the government spending billions trying to keep the families together and paying for support services for parents who are undeserving and should be made to forfeit their rights as a parent (and then in my opinion should be sterilized)... What we have here in the US in 2011 is a WHOLE, HOT MESS. I feel sadly that my children will grow up with a generation of screwed up kids... sooo sad and yet these undeserving resource-sucking leeches (not even deserving of the label parent) continue to have more children... and yet we want to harrass a man for actually being with his and doing something other than screaming at it or leaving it in the carseat all day, etc... oh how I could go on!
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