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There is a better shot at that 5th postseason berth for Chase Utley and the Philadelphia Phillies than the numbers display.  What can be discovered inside the final matchups on the schedule?




I will publish after every battle that is not washed out.  I will have many summer-long highlights of puzzle pieces, especially important after drubbings and defeats. If you were directed here by a feed and this review does not mention yesterday’s contest, please go to the Phillies page for my most recent coverage. (Early morning readers may arrive before the latest post.) Scroll down to Tal’s Handy Links at the bottom. Thank you.


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CAP-SIZE HINDSIGHT:    16-1 Blowout

TYPEPLAYERREASON The Crystal Champagne ToastChase UteyFive-Star Performance
The PenthouseChase Utley

Ryan Howard

Dom Brown

Tyler Cloyd
* An RBI Single To Open A 1-0 Lead In The 1st
During His 4 For 5 Evening With A HBP & 4 Steaks
* An RBI Single In The 1st To Open A 2-0 Advantage
During His 2 For 6 Night With A Grand Slam & 5 RBI
* A Bags-Full RBI Single To Open A 3-0 Score In The 1st
During His 3 For 5 Evening
A Strong 3-Hit 8-Inning Victory Greenhouse Cholley's Bats6 Players, 3 Runs* A Bloop Single (J-Roll), A Bunt Hit (Pierre), An RBI Knock (Utley),
An RBI Single (Ryno), A Single (Mayberry) & An RBI Single (Brown) Rally Tal & Cap8 Starters, 8 Runs* 2 Singles (J-Roll & Pierre), 2 RBI Singles (Utley & Howard),
A Single (Mayberry), An RBI Single (Brown), An RBI BB (Frandsen),
An RBI HBP (Kratz), A 2-Run Single (J-Roll), A Single (Pierre)
& An RBI Single (Utley) In The 1st The WorkhouseHome SP* A 30-Pitch No-Outs-Recorded Frame The BathhouseHome SP* Sent To The Showers After 0+ Innings The Fun HouseTyler Cloyd
Home Defense* Batted Before He Threw A Pitch, Making The 1st 2 Outs In The 1st
Recorded A Ball-Bobbled Force Out At 2nd Due To
A Very Short Slide In The 9th
The Outhouse2B Ump A Questionable Line-Drive Force Out At 2nd For A DP In The 6th The SteakhouseChase Utley
Ryan HowardA 4-Sirloin Game
A 5-Filet-Mignon Performance A House PartyHittersA Singles Party With 19 Of Them A Full HouseBats, Arms & Gloves16 Runs Scored, 1 Run Allowed & 0 Errors


Above Asterisk ( *) = Corresponding Play And/Or Event



GB 2nd WC:  4.0 
2ND WC Pos:  4 
Elimination No:  9


Remaining 3-Game Series:

TEAMSERIES TO WATCH Of LAST 4OTHER SERIES Of LAST 4 Cards@ Cubs (1), Nats (3), & Reds (4)@ 'Stros (2) Brewers* @ Nats (1) & @ Reds'Stros (3) & Pads (4) Dodgers@ Reds (1), @ Pads (2) & Giants (4)Rox (3)

* 4-Game Series



Chase Drives In The 1st Of 16 Runs During The 1st






Dissecting The Schedule:


There is more than math to determine the finish of this campaign. It does not take into consideration rivalries or games between potential playoff foes. Also, there is the health of the players on those clubs. And no pennant hopeful wants to go into serious competition on a sour note. Like the Pirates found out, there is the pressure of September baseball, and roster holes on the contenders become exposed. I broke down the upcoming series into 2 categories for each franchise above.

Firstly, the Cards do not have the full services of Carlos Beltran, who is having difficulty with his balky knees. Their 1st opponent is the Cubs, which is a long-time adversary, and they will do everything they can to cause problems for the Red Birds. Plus, St. Louis will face Washington and Cincinnati to close out the year. Both organizations do not want The Cards to think they are beatable, and the Reds would prefer an October without a squad that sees them a lot.

The Brewers have 4 with the Nats and 3 against the New Red Machine. Both of those postseason-bound squads will not want Milwaukee to think they can go deep in the playoffs. Their 162 comes down to those 7 battles. Los Angeles is headed in the wrong direction, and Washington just took 2 of 3 from them. The Nats will also want to stop the Brewers next.


Series 3: 

TEAMW - LGMSVERSUS Cardinals3 - 03'Stros Dodgers1 - 23@ Nats Pirates0 - 33Brewers Brewers3 - 03@ Pirates D-Backs2 - 13@ Padres Padres1 - 23D-Backs



Recently, the Phils went 5-1 against Washington, and they were 2-1 in Atlanta.  They have also played well against contenders in the 2nd half.  They are 24-17 and 9-2-2 in series against them.  Obviously, if the red pinstripes get past their divisional rivals, it will be important to scoreboard watch.  If you’ve seen their recent contests, certain names pop up prominently:  Jimmy Rollins, Utley and Ryan Howard.  They are the 3 cornerstone regulars of the core 4.


2nd Wild-Card Teams:

TEAMW-L (8/31)W - LGBW-L (SEPT) Cardinals71 - 6180 - 70-----09 - 09 Brewers63 - 6877 - 722.514 - 04 Dodgers70 - 6377 - 733.007 - 09 Phillies63 - 6976 - 744.013 - 05 Pirates70 - 6174 - 755.504 - 14 D-Backs66 - 6774 - 755.508 - 08 Padres62 - 7172 - 788.010 - 07



Kyle Kendrick Fires A Bullet On September 15 In Houston






Kyle Kendrick:


He has lasted 6.1 innings plus in 10 of 22 outings with 4 debacles.  Against the Braves in 2 efforts at the Bank, his ledger reads:  0-0, a 5.23 ERA, 10.1 frames, 11 hits, 6 all-earned runs, 4 BB and 6 whiffs.


STARTERRECORDTMSTARTERRECORDDAY & TIME 1RHP Kyle Kendrick09-11, 3.95 ERABravesRHP Tommy Hanson12-08, 4.33 ERAFriday, Night 2RHP Doc Halladay10-07, 4.03 ERABravesLHP Mike Minor09-10, 4.31 ERASaturday, Late Day 3LHP Cliff Lee06-07, 3.27 ERABravesRHP Tim Hudson15-06, 3.77 ERASunday, Day


Tommy Hanson Delivers His Pitch At The Ted On September 15 Against The Nats



Tommy Hanson:


He has worked 6.1 innings or more in 9 of 28 opportunities with 7 clunkers.  He is 8-4 with a 4.09 away ERA, which is 0.51 lower on the road.  His line against the Phils in both parks (1 each) is:  1-0, a 5.91 ERA, 10.2 frames, 13 hits, 7 all-earned runs, 3 walks (1 intentional) and 9 strikeouts. That stated, he is 0-3 with a 4.62 ERA in his last 5 starts, and he has had control struggles recently.



DELIVERY = PITCHER’S 2012DEFINITION OF SEASON Over The TopExcellent 3-Quarter SidearmGood SidearmAbove Average Short Arm Approximately Average SubmarineBelow Average



Starters’ photos, not described otherwise, are in the 1st inning.


Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

Slot on his club:  1 – 5

Ranking is 1 to 5 & 15 for the less adventurous.

*** = Approximately equal to after plus-and-minus computation


HURLERKyle KendrickTommy Hanson NUMBERA FiveA Three CLUB SLOTFourTwo FOR 2012 SidearmSidearm '12 RANKING3rd of 5 Categories3rd of 5 Categories LAST STARTKnuckleball ***Slurve LAST HIGH OR LOW11th of 15 Categories9th of 15 Categories



PITCHINNER - R- HPITCHINNER 1Gyroball9 (CG)0 - 0 - 310Screwball64 2Fastball9 (CG)0 - 011Knuckleball53 3Cutter9 (CG)312Forkball0 - 4.2Monstrosity 4Split Finger7213Eephus Pitch0 - 2.2Disaster 5Curveball7314*Palm BallEjected 6Sinker6.1315*Spit Ball**Ejected+ 7Slider62*Breaking BallInjured 8Changeup63*FoshRain Interrupted 9Slurve52*Knuckle CurvePitch Count ** = Suspended* = A 2nd Pitch Also




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Phillies Gain a Game With Win Over Braves

As the Phillies continue their hot ways, so does Ryan Howard.  Howard hit his third home run in as many nights tonight to help lead the way against the Braves.  The Phillies used four long balls and some good pitching from Kyle Kendrick to win 6-2 and move up another game in the Wild Card hunt. Carlos Ruiz, Chase Utley, Kevin Frandsen chipped in with solo home runs of their own...

Mets skipper Terry Collins eviscerates team

The Phillies thrashed the Mets 16-1 last night, and New York manager Terry Collins had some choice words for his team in a press conference after the game. Collins answered that he was embarrassed by the team's performance in the loss, and when asked if he thinks the team quit, Collins said "you'd have to ask them", and said he wouldn't express his opinion publicly...

Phillies Eliminated – How Do You Like That Second Wild Card Spot Now?

It occurred to me yesterday that the Philadelphia Phillies string of National League East Championships had come to a quiet end.  They are 16.5 games behind the Nats and 10.5 behind the Braves with just over 10 games to go. Their run is over.  And no one is talking about it. Why? Because the new, second and final Wild Card playoff spot is still in reach (barely) but it is still...

Writer’s Roundtable: Is Jimmy Worthy of the Hall?

Jimmy Rollins is one of the best shortstops in Phillies history, and will undoubtedly be on the Phillies Wall of Fame one day. But will he be in Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame as well? I say that he should get in eventually, though I don’t think he ever will. Our writers take a look: Eric Seidman: Jimmy Rollins has 48.6 WAR in his career, which ranks 12th among shortstops...

Long Ball Powers Phils Over Mets

Jimmy Rollins led off the game with a home run.  And, well, Ryan Howard finished it with one. The Phillies were trailing the Mets 2-1 in the top of the ninth when Howard hit a two run shot that gave the Phillies the lead for good.  Jonathan Papelbon worked the ninth for his 36th save as the Phils tried to keep pace in the Wild Card hunt with the 3-2 victory. Phillies starter...

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Tyler Cloyd of the Philadelphia Phillies is the newest member in the rotation.  How do other recent additions in the NL East match up with him?  The Apocalyptic Horsemen Stats are in my recent coverage linked below. TAL’S HANDY STATS   WELCOME, NEWCOMERS: I am alternating a game-day 2012 ERA For The NL East and a 2012 ERA For The MLB 5. See link section below. In each publication...

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Kyle Kendrick of the Philadelphia Phillies is the 4-slot option.  How does the four for the Yankees match up with the locals?  The Apocalyptic Horsemen Stats are in my recent coverage linked below. TAL’S HANDY STATS   WELCOME, NEWCOMERS: I am alternating a game-day 2012 ERA For The NL East and a 2012 ERA For The MLB 5. See link section below. In each publication, the number...

Hamels Brilliant in 3-2 Win Over Mets

Cole Hamels continued his red-hot season tonight at Citi Field, recording double-digit strikeouts in an outstanding effort which he would later receive the no-decision for. The offense showed up a little late tonight, long after Mets' starter Matt Harvey left the ballgame. Jimmy Rollins started off this ballgame against Matt Harvey doing what he does best. Jimmy launched...

Everybody Hits! Phillies rout Mets, still trail by 4

Juan Pierre helped the Phillies to a 16-1 route of the New York Mets last night with a career-high 5 hits. For the Phillies, this season will be a memorable one. Last night’s 16-1 drubbing of the hapless New York Mets will be one of the highlights. As the season winds down, though, it becomes more and more apparent that the Phillies will probably not make the playoffs. Last week...

Series Preview- Do or Die

Atlanta Braves (86-64) @ Philadelphia Phillies (76-74)Pitching Matchups:Friday, 7:05- Not a Hanson Brother vs. KK the GreatSaturday, 4:05- It's Minor not Major vs. Doc HalladaySunday, 1:35- Hudson Hornet vs. Suddenly LuckLeeHere's The Deal:The Phillies are in do or die mode, and even if they do, they still might die.  12 games remain in the season and their shot at the playoffs...

An eight-run first help leads to the Phils 16-1 rout of the Mets.

Two big innings lead to the Phils routing of the Mets as they win by the score of 16-1. The Phils took the lead in the first as, with two men on, and with nobody out, Chase Utley hits an RBI single, knocking in Jimmy Rollins, who had started the game off with a single, then stopped at second base on Juan Pierre’s bunt single, giving the Phils a 1-0 lead, while sending Pierre, who...

Pregame: Cloyd on the Mound with NO ROOM for Error.

The Cardinals shook their recent slump and are hot right now. They get Chris Carpenter back tomorrow. It almost seems at this point that if the Phillies win out, they'll fall short. That's the hole that series in Houston helped dig. I credit them for making it interesting. We all burried the team at one point or another. Hell, I had a tweet ready to go with two outs in...

The Future of The Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies season is winding down. A season which has been both, injury plagued and mortifying. The Phillies had a great team at the beginning of the season "on paper". However, as Chris Berman says," That's why they play the games". Starting the season with both Chase Utley and Ryan Howard on the DL, along with injuries to Placido Polanco,...

Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Better half

Returning warriors, like Chase Utley, have guided the Philadelphia Phillies to a possible wild-card berth with a strong 2nd half.  Can Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard inspire this squad to compete beyond the regular schedule? TAL’S HANDY CAPS   WELCOME, NEWCOMERS: I will publish after every battle that is not washed out.  I will have many summer-long highlights of puzzle...
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