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Cole Hamels is on the career-decision path toward the Philadelphia Phillies. Are the days of the general manager returning in importance? Is the era of life-long one-club superstars around the corner?



Cap-Size Foresight:


In-House Possibilities:  2

Freddy Galvis had been accumulating the bulk of time at 2nd base, taking hot-corner grounders, and he was providing some offense in the process. Polly Polanco was mostly healthy, Chase Utley needed a fill-in for a number of early games, and Michael Martinez had not been completely sure-handed–albeit not an overwhelming concern. Galvis was solid defensively and could envision a lot of appearances in 3 spots during June. Also, Utley could play first base with Galvis in the 4 field position. In fact, that might be less stressful for Chase. That was the thinking before last Monday afternoon: Utley went to a specialist for prescribed stretching exercises. They are tailored for his balky knees. Tuesday it was Mini Mart who was hit on the right foot by a pitch, and the X-rays revealed a broken bone.

Juan Pierre Swipes 2nd In The 5th On March 24 Against The Sox At Fort Myers

Freddy is solid with the glove, has a quick release, has strong baseball instincts, and he would be batting 8th. March stats aside, he has knocked in runs, but the icy breezes of April have led to frigid performances from youngsters. That said, this is the moment he’s waited his entire life for, and Utley may only miss half of April. Hurlers are not familiar with the rookie, it takes 3-4 months for exposure, and he can create his place on the squad. Pete Orr is probably the best reserve alternative in the present tense. Obviously, Rube Amaro will seek a trading partner, an available out-of-options fielder, or a waiver-wire nugget. It’s only a temporary hole with Chase, but a slick back-up infielder is a preference for aging regulars.


BATSORDER VS. RHPBATSORDER VS. LHP 1 - SSS Jimmy Rollins1 - SSS Jimmy Rollins 2 - R3B Polly Polanco2 - R3B Polly Polanco 3 - SCF Shane Victorino3 - SCF Shane Victorino 4 - RRF Hunter Pence4 - RRF Hunter Pence 5 - R1B John Mayberry Jr.5 - RLF John Mayberry Jr. 6 - LLF Laynce Nix6 - R1B Ty Wigginton 7 - RC Chooch Ruiz7 - RC Chooch Ruiz 8 - S2B Freddy Galvis8 - S2B Freddy Galvis


Juan Pierre Swipes 2nd In The 5th On March 24 Against The Sox At Fort Myers

Joe Savery and Jake Diekman are 2 southpaws with a decent shot for a final seat in the ‘pen. A second left arm would be nice but it is not an absolute necessity. Michael Stutes, David Herndon, Brian Sanches and Raul Valdes are in the mix for a job as well. Savery is determined to make the majors in any capacity, while Diekman is experiencing concrete notice for the first time at this level. Herndon was streaky last year and Stutes struggled after the end of June. Sanches has 3 successful summers in the MLB to lean on, which could be a deciding factor. Valdes is the 3rd lefty in the competition and the only experienced one.



I am doing a weekly Baseball-Fix Monday until the end of March. Also, I’ll publish after every game that is not washed out during the season. The updated format is in 4 sections. Cap-Size Hindsight features highlighted elements, good and bad, from the last battle through a variety of mostly house-themed devices. They are: Penthouse Occupancy with the Crystal Champagne Toast, Cholley’s Doghouse, the Outhouse, the Glass House, Miniature Mansion, the Kangaroo Court House, Fun House Of Mirrors, Rally Tal & Cap, Full House Warming, the Big House Key for The Rising Son, Animal House, and the Frat House. Nitecap Insight, Precap Pitch, and The Apocalyptic Horsemen are the 3 other parts.

J-Roll Steals 2nd In The 7th Against The O's At Bright House Field On March 25






Competitive Balance:


The monetary ceiling is now set at $178M for 2012 and $189M during 2013 through 2015. The Yankees and Red Sox are the only 2 organizations that need to control their payroll by next year. Boston isn’t spending big at this time to hopefully limbo under the luxury-tax bar now. New York can achieve that for ‘13. It’s a combination of expensive players in their walk campaign who may not be back. The Sox will wave goodbye to Big Papi Ortiz and Daisuke Matsuzaka, which will create room under the threshold, and there will be an increase of $11M on the foreseeable horizon. However, that barrier will be the same for 3 consecutive tours. The Yanks, meanwhile, will view the ending commitments to Mariano Rivera and Nick Swisher differently than in the recent past.

***For Incentives Achieved

PLAYERSTOTALSTARTERS'PEN & BENCH ARMS$89.07M$71.23M$17.84M STICKS$81.53M$75.30M$06.23M TOTAL$170.60M($146.53M)($24.07M) PLUS***$3.00M


When I read that New York may not be able to keep both Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano, I saw parity again. Andy Petite only got $2.5M and that required ownership approval. Since free agency entered the baseball lexicon, there has not been a level playing field until now. Originally, the amateur draft of 1965 had achieved that the first time, and both systems were aimed specifically at the Bronx Bombers. The reason for the success of the competitive-balance tax is the over $200M paid by NYY. George Steinbrenner would not have changed his approach, but the hurdles have increased. They are the CLS (1969), the DLS (1995) and now the second wild card, because a third of the World Champions did not win their own division. That has proven to irritate some elite proprietors.


*Prorated 2 Months (Or Scott Podsednik), **Prorated 2 Weeks

ARMS$71.23M'PEN$17.84MREGS.$75.30MBENCH $6.23M Halladay20.00MPapelbon12.50MRuiz02.95MWigginton02.25M Lee24.00MContreras02.75MHoward25.00MNix01.25M Hamels15.00MQualls01.15MUtley12.14MThome01.25M Blanton08.00MBastardo00.48MRollins11.00MSchneider00.80M Worley00.48MStutes00.48MPolanco06.00MGalvis00.48M Kendrick03.75MHerndon00.48MPence10.40MPierre00.16M* Victorino07.33MOrr00.04M** Mayberry 00.48M


1B Jim Thome Swats A 2-RBI Double In The 3rd Against The O's At Bright House Field On March 25.


The Yankees have won 1 title and 1 AL pennant in the 9 seasons with the penalty for overspending. That’s what $22.9M per summer got to essentially compete for October gold. The 7 other years included: 5 AL East flags with 2 LDS advances and 1 wild card. George’s sons are not willing to swallow empty dollars for a lottery ticket, where 2 teams have a 1-game playoff. There are now a handful of clubs (5) that can sit at the whale’s table: New York (AL), Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit and Los Angeles (AL). Chicago (NL), Miami, Texas and Washington might be able to join the upper echelon, as well. Los Angeles (NL) and New York (NL) could end up with deep-pocketed management, which would increase the big-city buyers to 11 franchises. That would make shelling out $20M or more annually a poor business venture.


Jim Thome Mans The Bag Against The O's At Bright House Field On March 25



That is not the only dynamic that has changed. A.J. Burnett’s $33M albatross was lightened by $13M, when taking on salary from rotation-deep franchises is mostly undesirable. That means Joe Blanton might create some interest from pitching-thin organizations, who feel that he is healthy. Roy Oswalt would be able to slot 3rd for the right-left alignment. Both Blanton and Oswalt are 1-tour wings: Each has 6 months to re-establish his value. Personally, I’d like to see the Wizard compete with the other 3 aces. Little Roy has received a couple $5M offers, but he could get those in late June also. That said, Amaro could offer $7-8M guaranteed in an incentive-laden deal with health clauses. Kyle Kendrick is a solid 5 in the event that Vance Worley struggles, while Roy and Kentucky Joe are both injury concerns. There is also 1 emergency possibility with Scott Elarton.

Rube’s style is to maximize his arm strength, which is why he would prefer Oswalt over Blanton in the 4th battle of a postseason series. That is even more important after the last 2 Octobers of slumbering lumber. A bid of $6M guaranteed with $2M in an appearance-related incentive would protect management from barking-back issues. Plus, it would benefit Os under the blanket of 25 starts for $8M. Then, you add $2M for performance clauses, sweetening the pot to the $10M vicinity.

Ryno Stretches From The Utley Stool On March 23 In Clearwater

The top 11 teams will only be able to afford their own superstars, and eventually all of them will be at their purchasing limit. It is also why Cole Hamels, like Granderson and Cano, will stay put. Amaro signs homegrown mega stars, like Ryan Howard and Hamels: It is the philosophy of this front office.


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The Philadelphia Phillies need all of the offensive help that they can get with sluggers Ryan Howard and Chase Utley beginning the season on the disabled list. The team bolstered their bench with the free agent signing of Jim Thome. But can Thome play first base after not playing the position since leaving Philadelphia? If so how many games can he play there? The 41 year old slugger...

Diekman Cut, Lidge Promoted

CutsThe Phils sent Brian Sanches, Scott Elarton and lefty reliever Jake Diekman down to the farm.The first two guys I could give two shakes about, because I don't follow the FeHams closely and we are unlikely to see them in Philly anytime soon. Diekman, on the other hand, might be back in town sooner rather than later. As meaningless as Spring Training stats are, Diekman still...

With Open Day Looming, Questions arise in Phillies camp

There is a race going on in Phillies camp: Who will come back first, Ryan Howard or Chase Utley? When you are five time National League champion, not many question should come from within the camp. But there is one problem. The Phillies are getting old. When your core is older than 30, you are going to have problems. It is why the Mets folded in 2007, why the Braves can ‘t hold...

Red Sox Shut Down Phillies, 6-0

Although it’s Spring Training, this lack of offense is getting scary. I don’t know if there is something in the water down in Clearwater, but the Phillies just are not hitting the ball very well lately.They put up another donut against the Boston Red Sox on Monday afternoon, being shut down by Jon Lester, 6-0. The Phillies managed just three hits on the day; one from Freddy...

Spring Flings

*Roy Halladay gets the Season Opener (April 5th in Pittsburgh) and Cole Hamels gets the Home Opener (April 9th). This means Cole is technically the 4th starter, as The Vanimal slots in ahead of him, but this is merely a formality.*Chooch probably wishes the season would begin today. He's currently batting .481/1.295 in 10 Grapefruit League games. *With Utley down and Michael...

Jonathan Papelbon Clarifies Comments About Boston Fans, Says He Wasn't Trying to Offend Anybody

Jonathan Papelbon caught some heat recently for comments that, according to him, were taken out of context. "The difference between Boston and Philadelphia, the Boston fans are a little bit more hysterical when it comes to the game of baseball," Papelbon told 94WIP's Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team recently. "The Philly fans tend to know the game a little better...

For Phillies, It is Funny How Bullpen Closer Worked Out

If you listen to some accounts, the Phillies were “that close” to signing Ryan Madson to a four year, $44 million dollar contract last fall. Madson denies it, but at the time, there was as much talk of Jonathan Papelbon as their was Ryan Madson, Madson never signed the deal and the Phillies inked Papelbon to a four year, $50 million contract...

Papelbon issues weak mea culpa for Red Sox fan comments

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By: Ricky Doyle/NESN.comJonathan Papelbon caught some heat recently for comments that, according to him, were taken out of context."The difference between Boston and Philadelphia, the Boston fans are a little bit more hysterical when it comes to the game of baseball," Papelbon told 94WIP's Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team recently. "The Philly fans tend to...

Spring Training Gameday: Pirates at Phillies

Pirates (8-14) at Phillies (10-13) 1:05 PM EST–Bright House Field, Clearwater TV: MLB.TV, MLB Network Here is the Gameday The Bucs take on the Phillies today. The Phils will be a familiar foe over the next couple weeks. You can watch on the MLB Network. Chris Resop is starting, as Jeff Karstens will pitch in a minor league game instead.  Cliff Lee will go for Philly. ©2012...

Utley opts for therapy, not surgery

Chase Utley turns to therapy program to overcome knee problems.
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