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Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies is headed for rehab in Clearwater.  However, in Atlanta and Washington, the so-called punch-challenged locals have looked quite different.  Was this to be anticipated, if not expected?




Penthouse Occupancy
 for the 5-4 final:  3

The Crystal Champagne Toast is a salute to Chooch Ruiz.

Vic Confronts The 3B Ump In The 7th After Another Bad Call

He was applauded at the Animal House after his straightaway centerfield poke near the 401’ sign in the 5th during his 2 for 4 night. In the 7th he was robbed of a game-winning RBI twice by the 3B blue. He was joined on the top floor by Hunter Pence and Jimmy Rollins. Hunter rocketed a 2-RBI blast in the 4th, and Rollins accumulated 2 fielding gems.

The House Of Blues featured 2 umpires in a 3-man crew. The one at third blew 3 calls and wasn’t in position for another, while the other behind the dish had a short fuse and a tight strike zone.

The Outhouse was filled by HP ump Rob Drake for immediately ejecting Cholley Manuel, who wanted a 2nd opinion on an unchecked swing in the 1st. Cholley asked for another impression, complained from the dugout, and he was abruptly tossed.

The Big House Key locked in 3B umpire Andy Fletcher for missing 2 plays that would have plated a 4th tally. A 4-3 regulation triumph became a 5-4 defeat in the 11th, when Michael Schwimer ran out of gas after 58 bullets over 2.2 frames. Fletcher ruled a double over the hot-corner sack foul, when it caught 6” of the pillow in the 7th. He rang up Shane Victorino for a caught stealing before the inning ended, but the tag was applied on his back foot, which was followed by a single that would have knocked in Vic from 2nd.

Natitude Is A Good Reason To Take The Series From The Natitudes

The Glass House in the 6th welcomed Joe Savery, who coughed up a walk and a two-bagger with only 1 out against 3 left bats. That is not a way to stick with the parent club.

The Leather Warehouse showcased J-Roll’s glove. Freddy Galvis and Vic had their defensive skills lauded as well. Jimmy saved the bullpen with a 1st-class stop before catching a wayward runner at 3rd to finish the 6th. After the 8th-frame infield came in, J-Roll nipped the runner at home with a laser throw during a one-out, bases-juiced 3-3 tie. Vic converted a running, leaping, crashing-the-fence catch for the final out in the 9th. Galvis turned a slick fielding-and-tag play to stop a thief at 2nd in the 10th.

House Cleaning appeared in the 7th with a 1-2-3 frame from Antonio Bastardo, holding a 1-run lead.



I will publish after every battle that is not washed out. The Phillies finished last summer 42 games over .500, which equaled a year of many positives. I will have many season-long highlights of puzzle pieces, especially important after drubbings and defeats.



If you were directed here by a feed and this review does not mention yesterday’s contest, please go to my author archives or Phillies page for my most recent coverage. (Early morning readers may arrive before the latest post.) Scroll down to Tal’s Handy Links at the bottom. Thank you.

Cholley Gets His Money's Worth In The 1st








The Height Of The Wall:


I had planned on writing about this concept before these 6 battles began. Unfortunately, I was engaged in mind-to-circuitry combat, which took on a life of its own. My thinking is that the red pinstripes are playing up or down to the level of their competition. I felt that they would either go 3-3 or 4-2 against these two rivals.

Pete Orr Readies A 2nd-Inning Tag To Catch A Thief

The Phils were clearly victorious in 2 contests, and the 2 losing efforts were extra innings. Doc Halladay with a 6-0 advantage was as close to a sure thing in the realm of the possible. Last night it was after the bad omen of 2 blown run-costing calls that I first had that uneasy feeling. That is when you first realize that the outcome is not going to be favorable. I experienced it again when Schwimer took the mound. Because he doesn’t pitch frames, he escapes them. Then, he was gassed with no relieve in sight, and you could only hope he had a couple bullets left.

The hometown 9 could easily have won all 4 games. You can expect more of the same, because they are making a statement to the Nats and Braves. The message is that they are a fierce foe even without Cliff Lee, Ryan Howard and Utley. My concern is their upcoming schedule of the Mets (3), the Pads (3), the ‘Stros (2) and 2 in Chicago. Hopefully, they are re-energized and ready to provide a spell of place-climbing excellence.

The Vanimal Hurls 7 Sterling Innings At The Bank Against The Cubs On April 30










Vance Worley:


He has passed the point of being an unknown in the league, and continues to dazzle the other teams.  This could turn out to be a duel with these 2 potent hurlers.


STARTERRECORDTMSTARTERRECORDDAY & TIME 2RHP Vance Worley2-1, 1.97 ERA@ NatsLHP Gio Gonzalez2-1, 1.82 ERASaturday, Day 3LHP Cole Hamels3-1, 2.78 ERA@ NatsRHP Jordan Zimmermann1-2, 1.89 ERASunday, Night 1RHP Doc Halladay3-2, 3.40 ERAMetsLHP Jon Niese2-1, 4.08 ERAMonday, Night


Gio Gonzalez Pictured In LA On April 29


Gio Gonzalez:


He has been outstanding, so far, but he hasn’t been exposed to the NL, which will be around the end of June or July.  He will have the advantage as a new-league arm after 2 MLB campaigns, which has already produced a scoreless streak of 20 innings with 6 scattered hits.


DELIVERY = PITCHER’S 2012DEFINITION OF SEASON Over The TopExcellent 3-Quarters SidearmGood SidearmAbove Average Short Arm Approximately Average SubmarineBelow Average



Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

Slot on his club:  1 – 5

Ranking is 1 to 5 & 15 for the less adventurous.


HURLERVance WorleyGio Gonzalez NUMBERA FourA Two CLUB SLOTFourTwo FOR 2012Over The TopOver The Top '12 RANKING1st of 5 Categories1st of 5 Categories LAST STARTCutter*Slider LAST HIGH OR LOW3rd of 15 Categories7th of 15 Categories


DISPLAY NOTE:  Non-listed results can go up or down by

* 1 notch & ** 2 clicks (This note will only appear when it’s relevant.)

* 1 Tick UP


PITCHINNER - R- HPITCHINNER 1Gyroball9 (CG)0 - 0 - 310Screwball64 2Fastball9 (CG)0 - 011Knuckleball53 3Cutter9 (CG)312Forkball0 - 4.2Monstrosity 4Split Finger7213Eephus Pitch0 - 2.2Disaster 5Curveball7314*Palm BallEjected 6Sinker6.1315*Spit Ball**Ejected+ 7Slider62*Breaking BallInjured 8Changeup63*FoshRain Interrupted 9Slurve52** = Suspended* = A 2nd Pitch Also



The program acronym is for Methodical Algorithmic Computerization or Mac.  That is the feed system that has dogged me the entire month, but it allows me now to probe for a compatible solution.  This only involves readers who were directed here from Fox Sports.  The 2 links–Radar updated to May 2– in this section were recently passed over by a computer’s judgment.  Does the national-and-all-major-sports machine understand Phillies commentary better than local fans?  I discovered that the buttons and lights objected the most to the storyline when I submitted only that part.  So, when the electrodes decide a Nitecap Insight isn’t to their liking, I’ll give my transferred readers a viewing opportunity the next day.  I’ll keep score of acceptable to rejected submissions, because I don’t want a large readership excluded or my time wasted.



TAL 1 – MAC 0


Philadelphia Phillies storyline: under the radar

Philadelphia Phillies storyline: burn rate



If the algorithm okays this article for a full audience, Philadelphia Phillies storyline: first and last is tomorrow’s review.



There are previews–time permitting–of my next storyline at Tal’s Handy Caps on Facebook.  Join for notification of future glimpses, which will be almost daily.  You’ll also know immediately when my isportsweb post goes up.  It might be worth your while because I have seen delays of 2 hours on feeds.

Check out my previous publication (Ruth Or Mays) and the 42 storylines–so far–for 2012 on the Phillies page or my author archives, where there is an excerpt photo.  The Apocalyptic Horsemen Stats are in my recent review.

Tal’s Handy Stats is daily coverage. I am alternating the 2012 ERA For The NL East and the 2012 ERA For The MLB 5. Thank you, to all who bookmarked the Phillies page, because feeds are erratic at times.




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Philadelphia Phillies: best MLB player of all time, 4 options

Philadelphia Phillies storyline: beat the system (Horsemen stats)

Philadelphia Phillies

Tal Venada

Philadelphia Phillies: 2012 ERA for the NL East at game 27

Philadelphia Phillies: 2012 ERA for the MLB 5 at game 26





Phillies' Manuel ejected in 1st; 1 umpire missing

Manager Charlie Manuel was ejected from the Phillies' game against the Nationals in the first inning after an unusual disputed call. Washington's Bryce Harper was batting Friday with one runner on when he checked his swing on Kyle Kendrick's 3-1 pitch. Plate umpire Rob Drake called a ball, and Harper trotted to first. Catcher Carlos Ruiz pointed toward third base, in...

Philadelphia Phillies: best MLB player of all time, 4 options

Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies hit 58 bombs during his first full season, which puts him in the paragraph with 2 superstars.  Who are those 2?  I’ll give you a brief appraisal before a 1-question poll. Howard is definitely not in this small circle and no active major leaguers are either. TAL'S HANDY CAPS CAP-SIZE HINDSIGHT: Penthouse Occupancy for the 4-0 triumph...

Umpires Rob Phillies of a Run Who Lose In 11 Innings

When the umpires become the big story of a game, something is very wrong. But that is what happened in tonight’s Phillies – Nationals game starting immediately in the first inning of an eventual 4-3 Phils loss. With the Nats 19-year old newbie at the plate in the 1st, the home plate ump gave him a walk on a check swing that was not a check swing. Even without replay, you could...

Week In Review – Survival Is the Key

Cliff Lee could start Wednesday against the Mets.As frustrating as this week has seemed, the Phillies can still come out after tonight’s game 4-3 for the week.  A win tonight also helps the Phils avoid the sweep at the hands of the NL East Washington Nationals.  There were a couple bad tasting losses this week; both extra inning affairs with Atlanta and the Nats.There are a lot...

Free Baseball Not Friendly To Phils

The Phillies took Strasburg deep twice, it just wasn't enough.There is indeed something special about these Washington Nationals. They remind me a lot of the Phillies when they finally gave into the call for the youngsters.  The Phillies fought back all night but ultimately fell short 4-3 in the 11th inning.Strasburg’ed – Hunter Pence homered off Stephen Strasburg in the...

IronPigs Host PLAY Campaign

Phillippe Aumont teaches pitching to youth from Allentown's West End Youth Center. Photo by: Dan MokrisOn Saturday May 5, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs hosted the PLAY Campaign. Based out of Ellicott City, MD, the PLAY Campaign is a campaign put forth by the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS) to education children and adolescent athletes of the dangers of living...

Philadelphia Phillies: 2012 ERA for the NL East at game 27

Kyle Kendrick of the Philadelphia Phillies is a temporary starter.  How do the fill-ins for Washington match-up with the locals?  The Apocalyptic Horsemen Stats are in my recent coverage linked below. TAL'S HANDY STATS   WELCOME, NEWCOMERS: I am alternating a game-day 2012 ERA For The NL East and a 2012 ERA For The MLB 5. See link section below. In each publication, the number...

Bad Bullpen

Jonathan Papelbon - 11 G, 11 IP, 11 K, 9 SV, 0.82 ERA and WHIP.  Awesome.The Rest - 2 W, 5 L, 54.1 IP, 39K, 4 BLSV, 4.97 ERA, 1.55 WHIP.  Bad bullpen.A bad bullpen and Charlie Manuel's bullpen management are a recipe for a season without playoffs.  I am not saying that will be the outcome for the Phillies in 2012, just a bit of foreshadowing...

Photos from DC Trip

Despite the Phillies loss yesterday, the Phillies Nation party in DC was a monumental success. A huge thanks to our friends Quimby, Marylin and the crew of Phils Fever for orchestrating the event – 13 buses and over 800 people made the trip. Here are a few photos from the pregame tailgate. (It’s always fun to get a new Phillies tattoo photo!)

Should Cole Hamels be suspended for hitting Bryce Harper?

During last night's Phillies-Nationals game, Phillies starter hit Bryce Harper in the back on the first pitch of the at bat. Harper would later get the last laugh as he'd come around to steal home in the inning. In a post-game interview, Hamels actually admitted that he was attempting to hit Harper, and it wasn't just "a ball that slipped away from him". Matt...

Nagging Nats Pound the Phillies

As if Friday night’s gut wrenching loss was not enough, the Phillies stunk up Nationals park again today. With only 5 hits in the game, the lone RBI came off a sac fly from Carlos Ruiz in the 4th inning. If you fell asleep after that, you missed nothing. By the 5th inning, I found myself wishing I had taken a nap instead as pitcher Vance Worley had his first really bad outing of...

Phillies Have Golden Opportunity to Gain Ground in East

This used to be the part of the schedule that we loved. A 3-game set against our favorite crash test dummies, the Washington Nationals. This is not the same old Nationals team, though. Philly fans are used to the Nats being our punching bag, a team that the Phillies use to pad their division lead. That’s probably not going to be the case anymore though. The Philadelphia Phillies have...

R-Phils’ Ruf Focused on Performance, Not Obstacles

The term prospect is typically reserved for younger players who display considerable talent in the minor leagues and tends to skip those players that might be of a more advanced age.  The omission associated with the way older players can be overlooked doesn’t bother 25-year-old Reading Phillies first baseman Darin Ruf, who has developed into an impact player and has proven to...

Series Spotlight: Phillies at Nationals (May 4-6)

This series with the Phillies has been marked with a bullet on the calendar of Nationals fans since February. The Nationals wanted to pack Nationals Park with their own fans, and not Phillies fans, during this series. We'll see how good they did this weekend, as the first place Nationals host the fourth place Phillies in Washington's first real divisional test this year....
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