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Red Sox blast Bobby Valentine during meeting, after a text message was sent to the owners

We’ve heard the rumblings all year in regards to Bobby Valentine losing control of the team. This comes to nobody’s surprise, as Valentine has already thrown players such as Kevin Youkilis under the bus. Finally the Boston Red Sox players had enough, they blasted their manager during a July heated meeting with ownership.

Via Yahoo Sports:

Boston Red Sox players blasted manager Bobby Valentine to owners John Henry and Larry Lucchino during a heated meeting called after a text message was sent by a group of frustrated players to the team and ownership in late July, three sources familiar with the meeting told Yahoo! Sports.

The owners called the meeting for Boston’s off-day in New York on July 27 after first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, texting on behalf of himself and some teammates, aired their dissatisfaction with Valentine for embarrassing starting pitcher Jon Lester by leaving him in to allow 11 runs during a July 22 start. It was the latest incident in a season’s worth of bad relations bubbling between Red Sox players and Valentine.

Dustin Pedroia, who is a known Terry Francona supporter, has refuted reports of his hatred for Bobby Valentine, although not many believe him. Pedroia and fellow Red Sox star Adrian Gonzalez were among the most vocal during the heated meeting, signaling to everyone pretty much what they already knew; they have a very high dislike for their first-year manager.

Gonzalez and Dustin Pedroia were among the most vocal in the meeting, in which some players stated flatly they no longer wanted to play for Valentine, the sources said. The tenor of the 2 p.m. meeting at The Palace hotel in New York turned ugly almost immediately, according to the sources, whom Yahoo! Sports granted anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about internal matters.

Although many Red Sox players attended the meeting, ownership still supports Bobby Valentine. General manager Ben Cherington, has already told reporters he is the manager and they are not considering anybody else. Cherington also confirmed the meeting to Yahoo.

“The intent of the meeting was to provide a forum for people to express whatever frustration needed to be expressed at a time during the season when things were not going exactly the way we wanted to on the field in hopes that we could put whatever issues were there aside and focus on playing games the rest of the season. That was the intent of the meeting. That was the focus of ownership. It was a productive meeting.

“Since then, we have not gone on the run we were supposed to.”

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  • No suprise with this "revalation."
    In spring training Bobby was all over Yoook, which really frosted some of the veterans. When a guy like Gonzo "speaks out"
    against the manager, you know there's a problem. Gonzo played here all of last season ( his first in Boston ) and never spoke up about ANYTHING.
    Currently the only guys on the team who like to play for him are the kids. They're new to the show and don't want to upset the apple cart.
    At this point, will Bobby make til the end of the season?
    Local feeling here in Boston, don't bet on it !
  • Anyone who didn't see this coming is blind, this guy has always been a monumental JERK!!!! As a Yankee fan it gives me two things to root for...the Sox stinking and valentine eventually getting the boot. There was a reason he had to manage in Japan all those years, because no ML team wanted him. Still can't believe the Sox hired this A Hole.
  • Anyone who didn't see this coming is blind, this guy has always been a monumental JERK!!!! As a Yankee fan it gives me two things to root for...the Sox stinking and valentine eventually getting the boot. There was a reason he had to manage in Japan all those years, because no ML team wanted him. Still can't believe the Sox hired this A Hole.
  • The problem is NOT Bobby Valentine. The last two seasons the underachieving over bugeted highly paid players in Boston Folded two years is a row in the month of September. The Red Sox badly need to do what the Mets did last season. The Mets dumped overpaid underachieving players cutting their payroll from 143-92 million dollars.While they have not had success after the all star break they benefited from the salary & player purge last season.They the Mets now have players from the minor leagues who want to win at the major league level not just collect their salaries like many of the old Mets and Pedroia and many of the present Red Sox players. Sad to say the Prima Donna whiny Red Sox players need Valentine which is why the Red Sox hired the disciplinarian coach(Valentine) who had success with the Mets and in Japan. They need to unload many of the players such as Pedroia and many of their non existant starting pitchers and clean house like the Mets did. The group of whiny pouting overpaid player without the talent to catch Tampa or the NY Yankees are the ones who should go from the Red Sox.In time Valentine will have the success he had with the Mets and in Japan.He needs players not the whiny underachieving overpaid roster he has now.
  • bigedct, I have to disagree with you on this one. Valentine went to Japan because he wore out his welcome in the majors. He had only limited success with the Mets and never won the big prize. And really, success in Japan, who cares. You can run a team in Japan like that because it's a different culture. Hell they bow to the umpires over there and their training camps are more like boot camps. You can't handle major leaguers like that, epsecially veteran players. Face it, they can't stand this guy and he will NOT be back next year.Just watch the dugout when the camera is on it, have you ever seen one of the Sox players shake his hand, pat him on the back or embrace him in a show of support. Players won't even stand near him in the dugout. I'm not saying to win you have to love the manager, but it definitely won't work if you can't stand him as many of these guys do. Oh and Big Papi will be gone for sure if he knows Valentine is back, you can take that to the bank. Today's athlete is a different breed than past generations, millionaires all and they will not take any crap off the likes of bobby valentine. Ownership wil get rid of him when the season ends and consider it a failed experiment. It's always easier to dump a manager than to get rid f dozens of players.

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Bonus Quote of the Day

"I'm not going to blame anything on Bobby, and I don't think anyone else is. It's on the players. Last year wasn't on Tito. I know he took it hard. We all did. I mean, geez. It's on the players." -Dustin Pedroia denying he wanted Bobby Valentine fired.

08-15 Richard Justice columnist Richard Justice joins Rob and Amy to discuss Stephen Strasburg's pitching count and the swirling rumors about Bobby Valentine's jobs security.
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