Found December 15, 2012 on Fox Sports:
George Sotiropoulos vs Ross Pearson Round 3: Well that was over fast. Ross Pearson finishes where he left off in round one. He busts up Sotiropoulos' face with a left jab finishes with a right and Sotiropoulos will not be getting up this time. Pearson follows Sotiropoulosto the canvas and within 2 seconds the ref has to stop the fight. Official result: Pearson via KO in round 3 Round 2: Sotiropoulos opens round 2 with some kicks to maintain distance. Pearson is being a little more tentative which is a little surprising for the amount of success he had aggressing in round 1. Sotiropoulos has now moved into a state of countering letting Pearson come to him and responding with nice jabs. 2 minutes in and neither man has done too much this round, but you can feel that Sotiropoulos has control which is a big step up from the beginning of round 1. Late in the round, Pearson catches Sotiropoulos with a big left hook, dropping Sotiropoulos to the mat, but Sotiropoulos gets up very quickly this time. Despite the knockdowns, Sotiropoulos has put up a good fight. We'll see if home field advantage lets him score the round. Score: 10-9 Sotiropoulos, 19-19 even Round 1: Sotiropoulos comes into this match as the underdog and 1 minute in we find out why. Pearson decks him with a huge hand and Sotiropoulos is bumbling about to Octagon just trying to find some footing. Pearson chases him and throws a damaging flurry, but is not able to finish the job. Sotiropoulos grabs one of Pearson's legs partially trying to balance and breathe, partially looking for a takedown. He gets neither as Pearson forces the break and lands another massive right. Sotiropoulos is still shaken but he's still fighting on autopilot. Sotiropoulos lands a strong left jab and evens control by rushing Pearson and scoring his back. Sotiropoulos is mounted on Pearson while he's standing but Sotiropoulos doesn't seem to be able to sink in the choke. Pearson throws Sotiropoulos down to the ground and shortly after, the horn sounds. Score: 10-9 Pearson Robert Whittaker vs Bradley Scott Round 3: Both men have learned from past mistakes. Scott is weaving a little more to avoid the strikes of Whittaker and Whittaker is circling away from Scott quickly every time Scott approaches for a clinch. Whittaker seems to be getting the better of the early striking even though neither is delivering a finishing blow. Whittaker's bloody mustache and the fact that he is fighting through it shows his desire to win. Scott, the Forrest Griffin stunt double has been absolutely game. Scott eats a series of elbows from Whittaker and blood starts pouring from his hairline. Scott comes back witha flurry, but Whittaker deals him two more. Both men wanted this, but the nod needs to go to Whittaker. Score: 10-9 Whittaker, 29-28 Whittaker Official Result: Whitaker via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Round 2: Scott comes out aggressive early fighting as if he knows he needs these last two rounds. Scott comes forward with a strong flurry and then follows it with more punches and kicks actually chasing Whittaker around the ring. The frenzied pace is doing wonders for breaking down Whittaker's stamina, a primary goal of Scott. Whittaker finally engages and returns fire with a few kicks, but catches Scott int eh groin. Scott take a quick breather before charging Whittaker and sneaking around to take Whittaker's back! This fight has flipped like a coin! Scott's punches have added up to a bloody nose for Whittaker and Scott is looking for a rear-naked choke to close the deal. Whittaker plays moderate defense for the better part of two minutes before finally escaping to the delight of the Australian crowd. Some belabored striking closes out the round, but we are square heading into the decisive round. Score: 10-9 Scott, 19-19 even Round 1: Whittaker and Scott will face off for the seconds UFC contract to come out of TUF: Smashes. Whittaker is fighting like he wants his signature to be that of a knockout artist. all of his punches are thrown with evil intent. Scott is a bit more calculating, bouncing in and out looking for his spot. Whittaker is getting the best of it occasionally catching Scott witha big blow. Scott slows things down backing Whittaker against the cage. After a brief struggle, they break and Whittaker catches Scott with a huge left. Scott backpedals and falls down, and Whittaker jumps on top to level some ground and pound. Whittaker drops another 5-6 bombs that connects before Scott escapes and runs to the other side of the Octagon. Whittaker lands one or two other solid blows in the last minute of the round to secure the lead. Score: Whittaker 10-9 Colin Fletcher vs Norman Parke Round 3: All Parke. All day. For the first half of the final stanza, Parke actually is willing to keep this fight standing . Makes sense when you see the damage he is dealing with his fists. Parke is picking Fletcher apart. A series of well-placed blows cuts Fletcher above the left eye, but Fletcher has no intention on going down easy. With 2 minutes to go, Fletcher is throwing with more force and incorporating some elbows. His corner is screaming that he needs to finish. 1 minute remaining now, both guys are gesturing for more action. And then Parke goes to his bread and butter taking Fletcher to the canvas. Twice. Parke takes Fletcher's back and the horn sounds. Score: 10-9 Parke, 30-27 Parke Official Result: Parke via unanimous decision Round 2: These guys may be good friends from the TUF: Smashes house, but Parke is dominating and Fletcher knows he needs to power through in these last two rounds if he wants the UFC contract. In the first minute, Parke establishes the clinch again scoring an early takedown. From bottom position, Fletcher tries to grab a heel hook, but Parke defends well. Shortly after, Parke locks in a single arm guillotine, but abandons it to pass Fletcher's full guard. Parke is in full control and slips to Fletcher's back. Parke tries for a rear naked choke but can't sink the forearm in. Fletcher pops his head out and quickly rolls to escape and the fight returns to standing. The fighters exchange some kicks, but Parke is getting the better of the striking battle with a strong left and a 1-2 combination. Fletcher tries a spinning kick near the end of the round, but Parke has marked another tally in his corner. Score: 10-9 Parke, 20-18 Parke Round 1: It's the first of our TUF contract fights and Parke vs. Fletcher is an all UK affair. Parke comes in early pulling Fletcher into the clinch and the two struggle for the better part of the first minute. Park eventually fins a trip and takes Fletcher to the canvas. Parke is in half guard and looking to progress, Fletcher is sprawled flat on his back. The submission wars begin. Fletcher looking for a kimura and Parke attempting numerous grips. No one falls into serious danger and Parke decides it might be time to pass on the submissions and deal some damage. Parke lays some strategically placed elbows in Fletcher with brilliant accuracy. Fletcher is try to spin out of bottom position, twisting to north-south, but still no success. A scramble ensues with Parke trying to score a guillotine but ending up rolling to the bottom. Fletcher is finally on top for the last 20 seconds but can't do anything with it. Score: 10-9 Parke Hector Lombard vs Rousimar Palhares Round 1: Welcome to the Main Card on FX! Lombard had a disappointing showing his last appearance in the Octagon. Surely he's looking to dominate and be more entertaining tonight. Lombard is the aggressor pushing the action with leg kicks and leaping punches, but Palhares is not very threatened. Palhares is known for his leg locks and submissions but has not made a big move inside yet. Lombard knocks Palhares down briefly, but Palhares bounces back up. Lombard may be very aware of the submission game and might wisely be choosing not to take combat to the ground. Lombard is living by the right hook, even thought a following left might be more powerful. Lombard with half the round to go lands the massive right, toppling Palhares, and he dives in for the ground and pound. He lands about 7-8 blows before Palhares has to pull Lombard tight to prevent more damage. Palhares is cut badly over his left eye. Lombard ceases action and gestures to the ref to stand them up. Lombard gets his wish... and then he gets another one. Lombard can smell the blood and like a bull seeing red, he fully charges Palhares, laying him out yet again, this time for good. THAT is the Hector Lombard everyone wanted to see in the UFC. Official Result: Lombard via TKO in round 1 Chad Mendes vs Yaotzin Meza Meza is making his UFC debut, and what a way to do it against someone like Chad Mendes. Mendes is gaming Meza early, fainting and faking in order to set upa few early right hands. Neither man is going crazy, but Mendes is the one pushing the action. Meza has been dancing aroundthe ring with his chin a little high and man does Mendes take advantage. Meza thorws a high left which Mendes ducks, countering with a brutal right blast that lands right on the money. Meza collapses to the canvas. Mendes throws a backflip. Official Result: Mendes via KO in round 1 Igor Pokrajac vs Joey Beltran Round 3: Whereas the other rounds started with flurries of action, this one starts more subdued. Beltran takes the action close and against the cage yet again and the first two minutes are spent with Beltran manipulating double underhooks to keep Pokrajac from attacking. After a spell, the fighters split and Pokrajac start to throw some bombs and finds success landing a pair of rights that test Beltran's chin. Both men have shown an amazing ability to take a punch this fight as lesser men would be on their knees. With a minute to go, those aforementioned knees come into play. Beltran catches Pokrajac in a headlock and with Pokrajac bent over Beltran pummels him in the head with knees. Beltran has shown diverse control of this fight with a propensity to want to do damage. That my friends is how you win in the Octagon. Score: 10-9 Beltran. 30-27 Beltran Official Result: Beltran via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Round 2: The difference in the early part of this round is about 3 feet. In round 1 Beltran stayed body-to-body with Pokrajac, but in round 2 Pokrajac has managed to keep some distance. Pokrajac has started to pick some spots and is landing hard punches consistently. At the halfway mark of the round Beltran seems tired of eating Pokrajac's punches and pulls the fight in tight against the cage. Beltran takes control and starts to punish Pokrajac again the same way he did in round 1. Then he slips with a fist and punches Pokrajac in the groin. He complains to the ref as the punch allows Pokrajac a much needed breather. Pokrajac only takes about 30 seconds and continues the fight to find Beltran invigorated and ready to bang. Beltran comes flailing, punishing Pokrajac with successive hooks and mercifully the round ends. Score: 10-9 Beltran, 20-18 Beltran Round 1: Big exchange at the opening klaxon. Pokrajac responds in kind to Beltran's early aggression. Against the cage wall, Beltran starts stomping Pokrajac's feet, then turning to delivers some knees to Pokrajac's midsection. After that comes the crowd-pleaser with Beltran dealing 10 punches left, right, left in rapid succession. Beltran isn't threatening to end this fight, but he is taking the driver's seat. Pokrajac lands an occasional punch of his own and is taking Beltran's assault well, but Pokrajac seems content giving up this round. With 1 minute to go, Beltran wails into Pokrajac's gut, causing what will have to be internal bruising. This round is all his. Score: 10-9 Beltran Mike Pierce vs Seth Baczynski Round 3: Baczynski may have lost the last two rounds convincingly, but Baczynski is game and knows the score. He comes out in round 3 going for the knockout. He's throwing haymakers and knees. All big blows and he's landing some of them. Pierce is cut under his right eye but he's still standing and trading with Baczynski. Baczynski's corner is screaming for more aggression from Baczynski and Seth obliges, but he gets overaggressive and Pierce scores yet another takedown. It's imperative that if Baczynski wants to win he needs to get up off the canvas. That's quite hard when Pierce is putting on a grappling masterclass. With 90 seconds to go, the action slows and Baczynski gets a blessing, the ref stands the fighters up, giving Baczynski a chance... or not. Pierce scores another takedown immediately and closes out the bout in total control. Score: 10-9 Pierce, 30-27 Pierce Official Result: Pierce wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) Round 2: Things aren't getting any better for Baczynski. Yes, he landed a kick and a few punches, but when it comes to takedowns, he is still Mike Pierce's tackling dummy. For half the round, Pierce continues to dominate until Baczynski stands it up and finally starts to take advantage of his size and reach advantage. Baczynski catches Pierce with a few punches, but nothing serious. Proving that Baczynski is in some parallel universe where he just can't win, Pierce lands a stunner of a right,dazing Baczynski. Baczynski is in trouble and Pierce lands a few more. Baczynski throws a flying knee but slips and lands on his back. Pierce closes the rounds on top, controlling Baczynski. Where have we seen that before? Score: 10-9 Pierce, 20-18 Pierce Round 1: Huge height difference here. Pierce is 5'8", Baczynski is 6'3". Pierce goes for the takedown early and Baczynski isn't happy. Pierce succeeds putting Baczynski on his back but he doesn't really capitalize or deal much damage. Baczynski works his way back to his feet and the fight continues. You'd think Baczynski would be taking advantage of being in a striking position, but it's Pierce that is throwing the punches coming dangerously close with a haymaker of a left. Baczynski is on his heels and Pierce takes advantage scoring another takedown. Pierce, while not doing damage, is absolutely owning Baczynski. Baczynski gets up and Pierce almost instantly scores another double legger. This round ends with Pierce on top, just the way it started. Score: Pierce 10-9 Ben Alloway vs Manuel Rodriguez Round 1: Rodriguez opens the bout by putting Alloway straight on the ground. Both of these guys are skilled with submissions, but Rodriguez is taking total control right now. Rodriguez spends the better part of the first half of the round moving into side guard and as fast as he takes that he takes Alloway's back. Rodriguez starts dealing short jabs to try to get Alloway to give up his neck, but Alloway is holding savvy. Alloway finds his way back to his feet but Rodriguez scuffles him back to the ground. Rodriguez may have gotten too aggressive though as Alloway escapes and finally gets to deal some damage. Alloway pins Rodriguez against the cage and delivers a few quick shots and then the unthinkable happens. Alloway goes for an inside leg kick, blasting Rodriguez in the groin, but as Rodriguez hunches to the ground, the ref calls the fight! Rodriguez pleads saying he just took a low blow, and after some discussion the ref allows the fight to resume. Maybe he shouldn't have. 10 seconds after the fight restarts, Alloway delivers his first huge blow of the fight, a devastating front kick and Rodriguez collapses like a pile of jenga bricks. This fight is over adn Rodriguez is out cold. Official Result: Alloway via KO at 4:57 in Round 1 Brendan Loughnane vs Mike Wilkinson Round 3: The action starts furious and Loughnane seems to want to mix it up. He might have gotten in there a little to much as he eye pokes Wilkinson. Wilkinson take s45 seconds to recover and the action continues. Loughnane is still showing some great takedown defense, much improved from round 1. Wilkinson is still chasing Loughnane around the cage and Loughnane seems to be looking to counter each Wilkinson blow with a knee or kick. These guys are both showing excellent chins. Even though those chins, and foreheads are dripping blood in the corner of the cage. Loughnane has Wilkinson up against the cage and is landing some nice punches and knees. He even goes for a takedown but aborts. As they step away fro the cage wall, Loughnane catches Wilkinson with a nightmare of a right hand, flattening Wilkinson. Loughnane dives on to to capitalize, but somehow Wilkinson survives and gets to his feet! Loughnane is looking for one last takedown for late points, misses it, and the last 10 seconds are spent by the guys emptying their gas talking with brutal blows. And they say these guys are friends?!? The horn sounds and the guys hug in a bloody mess. Yeah, they both earned their spot regardless of the result. And that result really could go either way and be satisfying. Score: 10-9 Loughnane, 29-28 Wilkinson Official Result: Wilkinson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Round 2: Wilkinson only takes charge of the fight when he takes the action to the ground. Or maybe we should take that back. In the opening seconds Wilkinson deals a series of 3 heavy rights that force Loughnane to take notice. They scuffle against the cage briefly and Loughnane catches Wilkinson with a left that cuts hime over his right eye. Both men holding steady with plenty of energy. Loughnane's nose is dripping blood and Wilkinson is the aggressor pursuing Loughnane around the cage. 2 minutes to go and Loughnane's leg kicks are being returned by Wilkinson. Wilkinson has found a striking range, but Loughnane has upped his takedown defense, staving off another Wilkinson attempt. In the final minute, Loughnane beats Wilkinson with a deep knee and a strong right, but Wilkinson still refuses to slow down. Another thoroughly entertaining and tight round. We only give it to Wilkinson based on being the aggressor. Score: 10-9 Wilkinson, 20-18 Wilkinson Round 1: Wilkinson and Loughnane and keeping things cautious. Loughnane is working the kicks, brutalizing the inner thighs of Wilkinson. Wilkinson is moving hard and fast toget inside on Loughnane and he succeeds with a takedown pinning Loughnane's head against the cage. Loughnane keeps Wilkinson in full guard, but Wilkinson is stayin very active beating Loughnane with short elbows. Loughnane wraps up Wilkinson's left arm but is finding no luck escaping. With 90 seconds to go, Loughnane slips out and the crowd cheers. Against the cage, Loughnane delivers some knees of revenge and then as they move to the center, Loughnane lands a big right hand. Loughnane has about 30 seconds to make up for all that time on his back, and while this has been a very even round, a few late plaster shots from Wilkinson may get him this round Score: 10-9 Wilkinson Nick Penner vs Cody Donovan Round 1: Donovan and Penner touch gloves and the night has begun. Donovan pulls Penner into the clinch, but Penner reverses if and puts Donovan against the cage. They work out of it and we're back to the center. Donovan charges and Penner catches him with a hard right hook on the temple that rocks him to the canvas. Penner pounces and gets some good blows in but Donovan comes to and works him into an arm triangle. Penner escapes and we return to standing. Donovan charges again and this time Penner catches him with a brutal uppercut! Back to the ground where the ref mistakenly stops the action and is forced to reset the fighters. Donovan is miraculously surviving and after a stoppage due to a low blow on Penner, Donovan rushes Penner against the cage pulling a double-legged takedown. He does little with it. 30 seconds to go and Donovan is starting to feel it. He ducks a jab from Penner and blasts Penner with a left hook. Donovan hulks over Penner, lowers some huge punches and this is all over! Official Result: Donovan wins via TKO at 4:35 in Round 1 Main Card George Sotiropoulos vs Ross Pearson Robert Whittaker vs Bradley Scott Colin Fletcher vs Norman Parke Hector Lombard vs Rousimar Palhares Prelims Chad Mendes vs Yaotzin Meza Igor Pokrajac vs Joey Beltran Mike Pierce vs Seth Baczynski Ben Alloway vs Manuel Rodriguez Brendan Loughnane vs Mike Wilkinson Nick Penner vs Cody Donovan

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