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Deion Sanders
is involved in a divorce with his wife, Pilar, that has become nasty at times. Pilar has made some damaging accusations about her soon-to-be ex-husband, and Deion has shot back. But things got really bad between them recently if the following two tweets sent from Deion’s account on Monday afternoon are true:

Pray for me and my kids now! They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She’s going to jail n I’m pressing charges!

— DeionSanders (@DeionSanders) April 23, 2012

I’m sad my boys witnessed this mess but I warned the police department here that she was gone try n harm me and my boys. This is on my mama!

— DeionSanders (@DeionSanders) April 23, 2012

Sanders then tweeted that he and his kids were filling out a police report, and he included a picture:

If you’re wondering why he would take this information public, it’s probably because he’s looking to gain a favorable judgment in his divorce. He’s also sacrificing some public embarrassment for himself and his family over the incident.

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  • I am Prosper where this is all happening. Please quit using my tax dollars on calling the Police because you can't get a civil divorce. You are being a cheap ass because you don't want to pay her and she is being greedy. Please look at the picture of your kids looking at each other because they have to fill out a police report on their mother. You 2 are pieces of work. Pack both of your bags and move out of Prosper.
  • Collin County can afford it I am sure the local police were thrilled to visit the mansion. I just got to ask, they are still living together? Really??
  • I believe the police have had to visit the "Mansion" a few times because of the child like behavior of the 2 adults getting divorced. I don't care if Collin County can afford or not. But it is Prosper police and my tax dollars. But the point of my post was what are 2 adults behaving that way in front of children. I am sure that either one of them can afford to rent a house that would be more than adequate to live in while this divorce process is going on through the legal system.
  • you probaly dont pay a tenth of what Dieon pays in taxes so stfu about taxes they can live any damn where they choose to live....just like any other crazy couple anywhere in the US so dont trip
  • And "U" must be "STUPID" for saying the **** you just said! IDIOT!!!!
  • Go fu*ck yourself, bigot.
  • You must be kidding with that type of comment, Id say on average white people waste tons and tons of more tax dollars on stupid **** then any other color. Black people never, neevver ever ever ever call the cops lets be serious... white people first reaction to everything is to call the cops.. stop being a dumb racist
  • How did this become about black or white's spending more tax dollars. This is about adult parents acting like idiots in front of their children. How sad.
  • Really uncalled for to dig in on a person's color. so the person responded with something you did not like. Why rip over rest... You just showed your own bigoted ignorance... Pull your head out of your a@@.
  • well the you must me raciest? How does that person sound black thats just crazy!! It's the 21st century catch up too it when arent in the 50s.
  • You spelled Deion and probably wrong.
  • Let's get "U" straight!!!! where do u get off telling someone to pack up their **** and move! U don't have that kind of power, so plz go and clean your own closet and shut-up with the "bull-****"! Prosper is not all that!!!
  • Let's see, he lives in Prosper, you live in Prosper, which means you both pay taxes in Prosper, which means you both pay taxes inoder to recieve theservices you pay for like for an expample, to call the ploice whenever you feel it necessary to do so. sonds like a tax paying citizen doing what he was suppose to do.
  • Always interesting to see people's opinions that are based on prejudice. Sanders has been doing positive things in the community for years now yet you see him as obxious. I wonder why. He tried the to take the high road in this but she went public with all kinds of stuff. They had a prenup that would give her a 6.5 million dollar house a million dollars. Yet, she won't leave the house. How is he being obnoxious. I know don't let facts get in the way.
  • I concur. He is a big liar.... He wants the sympathies of the public and all he is going to get is more grief. I know she got tired of his obnoxious, show off behavior that was probably an embarrassment to her....I put that on my mama.
  • He has been sticking his third leg in many other women for many years. I would attack him also. Should have been castrated a long time ago.
  • Not to justify his role in all of this, bcuz 2 wrongs don't make a right, but were u there and was one of those legs in yours???!!!! There's nothing worst than a bunch of judgemental characters that seem to get waaay too involve in situations they know nothing about and act as if they are right there within the mix!!! Granted, they are airing waaay too much of their business out in the open, but not enough for you hater-aid drinkers to get drunk off of!!!
  • Not to justify his role in all of this, bcuz 2 wrongs don't make a right, but were u there and was one of those legs in yours???!!!! There's nothing worst than a bunch of judgemental characters that seem to get waaay too involve in situations they know nothing about and act as if they are right there within the mix!!! Granted, they are airing waaay too much of their business out in the open, but not enough for you hater-aid drinkers to get drunk off of!!!
  • Apparantly she was ok with it until he decided to leave her!
  • I am with you on the castration. He is as stupid as he looks in his yellow suits and the third leg always looking for a lift...
  • My gosh dude your an ex NFLer poor baby!!!!
  • Anyone with an ounce of class would not air their intimate personal dirty laundry in public to the whole damn world like this, but this clown doesn't care what part of the spotlight he is in, as long as he is in it. He is, and will forever be a loudmouth.

    He is also a lound dresser and as far as I'm concerned his wife has every right to beat the hell out of him for the way he dresses himself in those loud, ridculous, pimp clothes he wears every Sunday during the pregame show! NO CLASS!
  • dang he cant win for losen he did the right thang calling the police an now yall want to dog him out for doing the right thing now if he would have put his foot in her an her friend tell yall be saying he was wrong for tht she knew wht she was getting herself into when she married a pro football player she didnt care all she wanted an was thinking about was the good life now to yall thts put him down yall wouldnt have been able to keep it in your pants nether so chill out with tht
  • I couldn't agree more for all u PILAR supporters she knew what she was getting into she is a complete GOLD DIGGER and for her to ATTACK HIM is CLASSLESS shes going to get whats coming to her it OH IT WOULD BE A BIG DEAL IF HE ATTACKED HER but hes doing all the right things and DANG IF U DO & DANG IF U DON'T i hope he gets CUSTODY of those kids b/c she certainly dosen't deserve them PERIOD!!!!. Shes making a COMPLETE FOOL of herself & acting like a SPOILED GOLD DIGGER! dosen't she realize that this is all going on her POLICE RECORD?! WHAT A FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well, we can tell that you're a superficial wantabe hater!!! I definitely wouldn't call this a matter of class, but I am going to agree with you and say it's a matter of "Dignity"! On the other hand, public figure or not, no one is telling your how to dress with the money that you make!!! It's a judgement call, with Deion being the judge, jury, financier and the only person that has to wear those so called, as you want to put it, "pimp" clothing!!! REALLY PEOPLE!!!
  • When your the greatest ever at your craft, you may do as you please fall back clown, haters gonna hate
  • Not only did his mom dress him ugly, she must have dressed him like a pimp! Apparently, he hasn't moved on.
  • So...Deion is really a wuss??? He got into the Hall of Fame for this???
  • Why would you post your private life on Twitter. Unfortunately attending a college can't make you smart or give someone common sense.
  • He can air his DIRTY LAUNDRY on air if he wants to this is AMERICA FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Your DA!!! Everything has to be based on COLOR with you! No I'm not black, white, brown, yellow, etc... I'm HUMAN!
  • ive followed deion from his college days and always thought he was a stand up guy,a player of women but a guy with his head on straight.its really hard to believe pilar is acting in such a way without being provoked disrespected and humilated,which ive truly believe this A***hole deion has been to his wife...whatever happenend to respect and protect...
  • You're just mad! LOL & how do u know he PROVOKED her DISRESPECTED & HUMILIATED HER do u live w/them?
  • Deion ! good luck dude !

    So hard to find a woman that has forgivness in her heart these days, well, were there any days for that, I wonder ? ''Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned'' has been a saying thats been around a while.
    Word of advice gold digger types are everywhere these days, pre numps are the main words ..
    Also, perception is a lost art !
    Look into the eyes and question the soul, with your own eyes.
    Percieve within, finding inner beauty is an art form..
    finding exterior outer beauty is just lust..anyone can do that.

    The ol sayings are true today, seek and ye shall find, but define well, how and what you seek, and you can find happiness.
    I have 38 years of happy marriage to speak from. nuff said.
  • GODBLESS u and yr marriage ! i also have a Beautiful Marriage From(GOD)I only speak out to help others when i c them crying out and this is what my spirit is picking -up . i dnt c it 4 a show but 4 someone n need , I live and have leaned.....i cnt tell it all but i can give u what u need-(CHRIST)- Read yr BIBLE)God dnt care abt yr money, house ,cars, looks, bank account, HE CARES ABT THE (HEART) and yr heart needs to be in line with the word of GOD.....Matthew 6:33 and Judges14...The marrige of Samson.Samson was Blessed thru GOD n many areas utill he went against the grain more concern on makeing his (Flesh) happy and lost it all includeing his life and had many Signs from GOD!!! Be around 4 yr childern they need u (Ican only Preach and teach on what i know! Ihave been thru and has made it thru by Seeking GOD.....Take me at my word u need GOD WHEN ALL HAS BEEN SAID AND DONE.....Either u will be Blessed or Cursed ,PLEASE TAKE HEED,This is REAL and the only woman or man who can forgive has got to be in tune with Christ.....AND b sure to READ abt king Solomon) the BIBLE has all u NEED!!!and every man and woman can learn off (KING DAVID)and all he went thru and came thru!!! I am a woman and learned off him and happy with what i have learned!It is not too late , I will keep u an your family in (PRAYER) GOD-B-WITH-U-ALL!!!-PEACE
  • I for one am offened by this remark bc NOT ALL WOMEN WANT TO GET EVEN WITH THEIR EX'S!!! You act like it's all the WOMAN'S FAULT! There are GOLD DIGGERS OF ALL KINDS MEN AND WOMEN! If a couple truly loves each other a PRENUMP should not have to be placed in the Marriage at all! Just like Creator stated this would be a true marriage from GOD!
  • Domestic violence is domestic violence regardless of who does it. As long as we attach a man's masculinity to not being able to have it happen then we teach our kids its OK for women to do it. It took along time to teach the message men are not to and plenty still do it.
  • I agree that women should not get away with violence either..BUT...he's an azz for posting pics of his children filling out police reports. This is crazy...and he should be ashamed of himself and not worry about what money he might lose in a divorce and focus on his children. Post a pic of him and his kids and he probably never spends quality time with them. What a pathetic sad excuse for a father.
  • They always try to give the woman custody of the kids, that is why he is showing how she is. He probably wants his kids. Think before hating.

  • TUG is absolutely right. Domestic Violence is WRONG, regardless of gender, and whether you are straight, gay or whatever. Violence is violence, and wrong is wrong.

    In my state, physically attacking a spouse or other person living within the same domicile is a FELONY offense, punishable with jail time.

    IF his wife DID physically assault him, then he should file a complaint as the police very likely will not file charges as they should. (Publicizing it by using his children is wrong, and is going to cost him in divorce court however.)

    I make this comment to bring to your attention that several states have "Mandatory Arrest" laws that are often abused by the police and these laws need to be changed. They are most often used to arrest and prosecute the male VICTIM as though he were the offender.

    How do I know this? Because it happened to me. My wife became physically more aggressive every time we had a disagreement. She became violent and escalated to a higher level of violence each time.

    When she started to use weapons that could be fatal, I warned her to stop the violence. Eventually she escalated to the point that I called the police to intervene and de-escalate her. Instead they arrested ME because I was the man and said, "That's the way we do it in this state!"

    I was arrested, physically abused by the police and the jailers, fingerprinted and locked up without being allowed to contact an attorney. I was refused medical care for my injuries and medications that I need every day. I believed I was going to die in that jail (2 others have died there in similar circumstances).

    In a "Mandatory Arrest State" you are going to be denied your civil rights. The police DO NOT have to show probable cause to arrest you, jail you and prosecute you!!! They can and do make some terrible mistakes in their judgment.

    I am 60 years old and have never struck another human being in my life. I have never been in more trouble with the law than a speeding ticket for 5 mph over the limit. And yet the police that responded to my 911 call DESTROYED MY LIFE!

    With a conviction, I would loose my professional license and along with it the ability to make a living. My wife and everyone around us just said to take a plea in abeyance (essentially a guilty plea without having the expense of a trial - you still pay the court costs, fines, bail, and do parole, if not jail time).

    Five months of hell later, I was acquitted of all charges by a jury trial, even though my wife perjured herself by telling an entirely different lie than she originally told the police when they responded to my 911 call. The jury saw right through the lies that she and the police were telling and only deliberated long enough to assure they all found me not guilty.

    I now have an arrest record that will not go away. The police "made me their case" that day, and will do it again now that I show up in their arrest records. I live in fear of them every day! When they walk into the 7-11 store, I put down what I have in my hands and leave.

    Over a year later and I still can't sleep through the night. I wake up having vivid, haunting flashbacks of that day and how I was physically and mentally abused by those men in blue who are sworn to "serve and protect". I wake up with a jolt, hearing them laugh at me and torment me. I feel the physical pain over and over and over again. These police are simply hoodlums with immunity! (Please note that I do not say that ALL police behave like this, but one only has to read the headlines to see that it is not at all uncommon for them to abuse their police powers.)

    When I was arrested, the police placed their handcuffs on me so tightly that my hands turned blue below the cuffs from lack of blood. They left them on this way for almost one and one/half hours, and the resultant nerve damage caused me to loose my job, as my hands now shake and I no longer have the dexterity to perform my job.

    My ability to practice my profession and earn a livelihood was decimated by the police, in order that their statistics would show an arrest for their response to a "domestic" and THEY would look like they were doing their job.

    While I was in jail, my wife closed out all of our bank accounts and deposited the money into accounts in her name only. She also cancelled all of our joint credit cards and insurance policies and did other damage that cannot be undone. She left me with $20,000 of her debt that I cannot pay.

    At 60 years old, I no longer have a full time job to support myself. I had to use my retirement funds to pay for my legal fees and medical expenses. I have an arrest record that will show up any time a prospective employer does a background check. I was thrown out of my home into the street with the help of the police and my life was DESTROYED because my state has a "Mandatory Arrest" law that ENCOURAGES the police to arrest SOMEONE, so that they don't have to fill out the extra paperwork to show why they did NOT make an arrest if they had done the right thing.

    Whether you live in a "Mandatory Arrest" state or not, I beg of you to learn how the Domestic Violence laws need changed in ALL states. When these laws were passed, it was to "protect women" and they remain with that noble purpose in mind.

    The fact is today, that male and female offenders are very close to 50% / 50% in frequency. The laws that were designed to protect women are now often used by women as a weapon to harm men! There is a tremendous amount of money poured into the Domestic Violence pot that goes to some very powerful women's rights groups. (There is not a single shelter in my state that will accept a male victim of domestic violence.)

    Mine is only one of THOUSANDS of stories of male VICTIMS of domestic violence whose lives are destroyed every year in the United States (and far more in other countries abroad) by once well-intended laws that need to be changed to protect the real VICTIMS of Domestic Violence, REGARDLESS OF GENDER or sexual orientation.

    Violence is violence, and it should NOT be tolerated, regardless of who the violent person is. The Constitution and Bill Of Rights are being trampled into the ground by these laws and the people that enforce them. NOW is the time for change.

    And one more thing please. Don't think that you, or one of your family members, friends or someone else close to you can't be the victim of these outdated laws and the people who are sworn to protect and serve you, the citizens. It CAN be you, or someone you love.

    If you would have asked me just 18n months ago if I could be arrested for a crime I DID NOT COMMIT, for which there was NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE, that I could be physically and mentally ABUSED by the police, JAILED like a criminal and be treated WORSE than one - I would have said "Hell no!"

    If you would have asked that one zealous police officer had the power to totally destroy my life in less than 60 seconds, I would have said "Hell no!"

    If you would have asked me if I could loose my livelihood, my retirement, have medical bills I can't pay, have medical and dental needs that I can't afford, be practically unemployed and living in the streets, I would have said "HELL NO!".

    But here I am, along with thousands of other victims of domestic violence of BOTH GENDERS, needing help and protection that I can't get. YES, it COULD happen to you or someone you love, and it will continue to happen until we REALIZE what is happening and DO something to change the Domestic Violence laws to be fair, equitable and do what they are supposed to do.

    I implore you to visit the site of "SAVE" and learn more. Engage those in your communities and educate them. It will take a lot of time and money to make these changes because of the power of the groups getting the monies under the current law - bit IT CAN BE DONE! (Just don't expect much help from the politicians as they don't want to loose their power or popularity by doing the right thing.

    May God bless us all.

    a Victim of Domestic Violence

  • I don't know what state you’re living in but the state I live in see it as a TWO WAY STREET. If the police officer see a marking of any kind on the Victim (Male or Female) they take the attacker! Even if it was in self defense! My EX husband pushed me down and hit me in my front yard in front of my neighbor. I was able to get up and make it into the house to get away from him only for him to come after me. That was his last mistake I grabbed the first thing I could find which was a bat and yes I hit him! When he called the police they arrested me. Thanks to my neighbor who witness the entire attack outside. He told the police officer that if they did not take my ex in too that he the neighbor was going to file a compliant against the CITY AND THE POLICER OFFICERS THAT WERE AT MY HOUSE!!! After this happened I decided that it was time for my kids and me to leave. I have since had that plea expunged from my Criminal Record.

    You need to check into having this expunged from your record and contact the Legal Aid Service in your area for help. Good Luck
  • Let me tell all you haters something. All of these NFL and NBA wives are all the same. They are greedy azz gold diggers. They have never earned a dime of their own money in their lives. The only talent they have is being beautiful and bomb head game. That is all.
  • booohoooo booo hoooo poor men so mistreated boohooo booohooo awww crybaby
  • cry some more..come on..boo hoo let's hear it..cry some more..boo hoo..come on you can do it, cry cry cry cry cry LOL
  • My God! If Deion had fought his wife and her friend back people would be saying he is not a man because he fought back. Most express their opinions as if they have seats in Deion's home. The honest truth is not all failed marriages are the fault of men. Another truth, women have affairs and cheat on their husbands too! That man worked hard and was committed to his profession. Stop hating on this man because of his success
  • Sorry Deion your track record speaks for itself, Everyone knows you kicked the sh**it out of Carolyn on a regular basis. You have been abusive to every woman you have been with.Why would Pilar be any different. This is a joke.
  • Really? Sorry Deion, if I were your wife, not only would I attack you, I would tie you up with one of your grotesque neckties, put some tape over your loud and obnoxious mouth and ship you to china in a crate full of footballs. You may have been a great player once upon a time, but you are an ass of a man. The woman deserves a medal for putting up with you for however long she had to endure.
  • I am not a Deion Fan by far, but he is a talented little bitch that during his day made people change their game plan. This is a wake up call for "DUMP SHEETZ," when is it exceptable to physically attack anyone, noless in front of the kids. Seriously if life was so bad for Pillar she should of got out long ago...but She liked the $$$$$. Violence is violence and it sent the wrong message to her children. Pillar brought this on herself by dragging the children into the situation...Unfortunity, Texas does have a problem of siding with women in these cases, for once I am on Deions side.
  • Another gold digging ex looking for a payday. Why do you think these women latch onto these athletes ? It's not for love !!!!
  • Dion, You back sing in the Choir. Real Men do not call the police on the wife, baby momma or whatever you now consider her to be. You tricked it off and now you wanna play it down to the level of BS. Turning your Sunz on their momma? Wow you are on some real girlie stuff dude, neon Dione/ I'm sure they have heard and seen it all from you and her, but don't teach them to be dry snitches on their momma. What kind of &^^&A(#$($#)( are you. Dude turn off the Hollywood Drama Dion & Pilar show and keep it real. There are some things that should be kept in the home. Try teaching your sunz the rules of the game on house keeping. Everything that goes on in the house is not to be told to the public. you have money and don't have the game in check> You was just Mister Bible preaching a few years ago, after youR "must be the money Video" Was you in MCHammer Video too, i just know you are a straight up country dude and now you writing documents on someone you took the Godley Vows with. DUDE CHECK YOURSELF. You obviously are dissing your wife so bad that she needed to open up a can whoop $$$. That's cold blooded that you are turning your sunz on their momma, they know their momma just like you do. But its obvious your head is so big, you probably can't make it out of the doorway. But again are you the guy, that had that cornball video, then turned into a preacher ? not sure or are you the guy that fought your home boy 9Andre Risen)during a NFL game with equipment on, now that was BS. Grow Up Dion, pay your wife to step to the left and keep your kids out of your BS, play that" must be the money video for them and then they will see you for who you are. You have publicly humiliated your wife. Your kids are going to hate you when they become adults for that one.
    I'm sure this is not the first time she has had to bust you up, you barely walking any way I'm surprise she had to bring a friend. Take off those clown shoes tweeting people that's for kids, not grown crusty men who got kids who got and friends that got to hear all this..You look foolish not her. All women or man will latch on to someone with money, especially when the person is willing to trick it off. You are going to have to answer to the Lord and this you must know. i don't know you or her but Pilar, press on, any man that will try to put you in jail and worth the $$$$ and he is Country & Ghetto and know Class can not be bought.
  • Real men call the police if they are smart where did get that BS from? if that chickenhead hit me her ass would be headed for the gray-bar hotel.............
  • You sound like you don't understand something. In a divorce, they ALWAYS try to give the woman custody of the kids. If the man tries to check his woman, he goes to jail, making all the more likely the woman will get the kids. Maybe Dion want the kids himself. I feel boys should be with their father, anyway. Women were never boys, men were. (Yes, some still are, but still, boys should not always be given to the woman.)

  • first of all if any of you arent in their house with them you dont know what goes on so what if he tweeted about it if his wife had been the one doing the tweeting you guys wouldnt say nothing and i dont see anybody complaing about what she did in front of the kids and as my granmom used to say he may be dog in the street but he a hell of a dad meaning he can be bad husband but a good dad and she never said he was a bad father and ask any one of the so called bad boys of the NFL or the NBA where they met their wives i mean gold diggers they will tell you at a club or video shoot and it seems the only women complaining are women scorned anyway.
  • I figure anyone that can run a 4.29 40 should be able to get away from anyone.
  • Deion, Read revelations chpt 12 the devil is not after you or your wife he is after your seed. You guys better wake up before its to late this is a warning from God to you both. I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against every spirit that is operating in the both of you. If you had any God in you at all you guys would not put your kids on public display like this. Any man or woman having a difference would have encouraged there children to leave the room especially if they were in a heated conversation. You both need prayer and help and any judge that look at this is going to think you are nuts for putting your wife out like this even if they dont say it. You stood before the world on Bishop TD Jakes platform talking about God. But satan have decieved you and your wife the bible says in the last and evil days that children were going to turn against there parents. Why are you both being a instrument for satan to use against you. AGAIN SATAN IS AFTER YOUR SEED YOU BETTER TAKE HEED. THERE ARE PLENTY OF STARS IN HELL RIGHT NOW BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO SHINE AND GOD TRIED TO GET THERE ATTENTION BUT THEY WOULDNT LISTEN. GOD HAVE MERCY UPON THIS FAMILY AND SEND YOU MIGHTY ANGEL MICHAEL TO FIGHT ON THERE BEHALF. LORD IF YOU DONT DO FOR DEION AND PILAR PLEASE DO IT FOR THE CHILREN IN JESUS NAME AMEN.
  • Domestic violence is domestic violence if he had attacked her the police would've locked him up.I say Deion do what you have to do to protect yourself.Since none of were there we should keep some of the comments to ourselves especially those from the Bible.
  • Get a life fool
  • gotta love when white folks use "black" as a noun and not an adjective! seems like it makes ur requesting of the black family's ousting from a predominantly white community a little too convenient, id say... i bet ud welcome george zimmerman with outstretched lily white arms! lol!!
  • yo godzilla u need to read more often... and the reason texas "sides" with women, for once, is due to the basic fact of who can obviously defend themselves or avoid the situation more easily generally speaking in this type of situation? a man of course...obviously deion isnt in the wrong here..outside of not downplaying the situation and preventing this type of outcome altogether...period...its hysterical hearing white people complain of a black couples domestic violence issues...i must say
  • Both parties share blame in this mess but as in most social disputes there's always one party who really doesn't want to do the right thing to fix it.Lawyers,Polititions and the Judicial system all fail when it comes to help aliviate human strife and discord.We become case files and numbers.Everything is set up to make the male the bad person and create auto-responce sets to deal with it.Do your own research and you will see.Men are way less protected in this country than women today.Yes they still have to fight for their freedoms and fairness as much as they ever did but as with all drawn out conflicts both sides get twisted and caricatured.No one knows the true issues that led to this so how can we comment on anything other than the sadness that what appeared to be a loving relation ship is no more?
  • Divorce is ugly. no matter how you slice it. Most women truly want till death do us part and men with as much opportunity as Deion has, want this is my life you are lucky to be part of it. Pilar should have known better this is not his first family. Hope she finds the ground on her electrical cord and gets it together for herself and her children. No one has to worry about Deion, he is a true narcissist. He will always spring back onto his feet.
  • It's like damned if you do & damned if you don't, Deion & Pilar both got what they signed up for, he wanted a trophy like wife and she was gold-diggin but however children were born into their foolishness, one of them should leave the residence for safetys sake, now I agree he should have called the police on her and her friend for jumping him but had this been the other way around & he had put his foot up both of their azzes we'd be having a different conversation now wouldn't we?
  • Having been in two relationships were my girlfriend in one relationship was physically abusive to the point of throwing things,punching,kicking,slapping, simply because i disagree and the other my ex-wife mainly same MO. I'm 6'1" weigh 245 will be affected by the assaults, but as a former boxer if i wanted to fight i'd step inside the ropes or go to the gym and spar. It works both ways, know from experience, there are two sides to every story and for those who speak on skin pigmentation, "your weakness is showing".

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Report: Gregg Popovich plans to fulfill five-year contract

4-Star LB commits to Kentucky, zings Louisville

Clay Buchholz not worried about trade rumors

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Odell Beckham doesn't want to be known for 'the catch'

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A brief history of non-star All-Stars

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Obama Administration: Change name if Redskins move to D.C.

Deciding what the All-Star Game means

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