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Joe Flacco is knee deep in contract negations with the Baltimore Ravens so he and his agent are busy trying to convince you and the Ravens that Flacco is deserving of a substantial contract. The madness began when Flacco’s agent, Joe Linta decided to fix his mouth and utter “Joe Flacco” and “top five quarterback” in the same sentence. We all laughed and disregarded the comment as just an agent trying to get the most money for his quarterback. Because there was just no way that Linta or even Flacco believed that Flacco was really a top five quarterback. But alas, we were wrong. So wrong that not only does Joe Flacco believe he’s a top five quarterback, he believes that he’s the best quarterback in the league. And said as much in an interview with WNST in Baltimore. On if he believes he’s a top-five quarterback, as his agent stated he was earlier this offseason: “Without a doubt. What do you expect me to say? … I assume everybody thinks they’re a top-five quarterback. I mea...
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    OK JOE we can judge by SUPERBOWLS wait you have none

    OK JOE we can go NFL MVP Awards wait you dont have any of them either

    OK JOE LETS GO BY PROBOWLS None of themn either

    YOU BUDDY ARE NOT #1 Your not in the TOP 5 YOUR NOT in the top 10 YOUR IN THE 15

    Rodgers,Brees,E Manning,Brady,P Manning, Big Ben, Rivers ARE ALL WAY BETTER QB's THAN YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few more i dont feel like typing you get the POINT Guess alex smith is the best QB as well he went to Champ game and lost...
  • I think everyone has taken Joe Flacco's statement out of context. I think he meant to say that he is one of the top 5 Quarterbacks in the AFC North. LOL
  • what a joke. if the raven were smart - they'd go get mcnabb and sit him behing flacco, cause at some point in the playoffs he will choke- against ne, yeah evans dropped the ball but he could have easily ran anf got that first down the play before - some have it and some dont in moments like such - he doesnt - raven should have been in the bowl last year. hurts dont it?
  • I hope everyone actually read what joe said and thought about it for more than a second, he's saying you have to think your the best to play your best, you cant go into a game thinking you suck and everyone is better..lol give me a break, typical media ********.
  • Basically hes saying you have to think your the best to win...ime sure everyone will just read the title and assume hes an arrogant prick. Thats how these article writers get viewers =D
  • Totally, totally I agree with you. Any pro player must think he is the best in order to succeed. What's the point of competing if you don't think you are capable of beating anyone?
  • What the?!?... I'm assuming he's going the Eli Manning route. Eli proclaimed that he was a elite quarterback and everyone laughed and said bullsh*t. I guess he proved them wrong.

    Sorry Joe, lightning only strikes once Sucka.
  • Good one. I was thinking the same thing.
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  • No Jack439 I don't think he is an arrogant prick...I think do think he may be quite delusional though...I guess if by the best you mean you are better than say Blaine Gabbert...then Yes Joe you are the best...
  • HERE WE GO AGAIN with another sport's writer including quotes to fit his "controversial" article in order to have everyone believe he is an "in depth" kind of guy.

    I don't even like the guy that much, but I know when something has been taken out of text. WE WERE THERE! He simply said you have to believe you are the best QB, every QB has to feel this way or you can't go out there and perform against class defenses. This was not mentioned in this article. He said he couldn't just consider himself a top 5 QB, but has to see himself as the best, thereofre I am the best.

    These "Super Duper" SPORTS WRITERS seem to be copying their styles from the sensational rags you see at supermarket check out lines. They just want to make everything they write sound like they hit exclusive jornlaism gold because of their wit and determination. GET OFF IT, and stop trying to make this guy and other players around the league, fit your ambitions.
  • Maybe he meant he was the best qb in the nfl left for the ravens to get a deal done with?
  • Flacco is nothing but a wannabe QB...he only dreams of being the best but will never happen..he needs up from that little dream he's in right now and come to reality that he sucks big time and i would put him in the bottom 40 top qb's and i'm being nice and what an arrogant @$$ he is to..
  • Keep telling yourself that Joe but imo u suck you can`t git anything with cocistency beyond five yards. I cuss at you more than anyone in NFL because I`m a Ravens fan and I hate you
  • It's not just Joe who's lying try chokebaugh
    who uses his braun over his brain and the has been offensive cordinator and Ravens fans let's be honest there's some b.s. going on when your rookie is a standout and the screw up vet stays in a game against the Chargers. I just wish mangement listened to fans.How many years do we have to accept almost superbowl contenders. I know the superbowl would have been better with the ravens than the pats. I'm a good fan like the rest but tred of being ignored.
  • It's not just Joe who's lying try chokebaugh
    who uses his braun over his brain and the has been offensive cordinator and Ravens fans let's be honest there's some b.s. going on when your rookie is a standout and the screw up vet stays in a game against the Chargers. I just wish mangement listened to fans.How many years do we have to accept almost superbowl contenders. I know the superbowl would have been better with the ravens than the pats. I'm a good fan like the rest but tred of being ignored.
  • hay,u gotta have confident.
  • Iam sure he will wake up from his dream soon
  • You people are so stupid. Why don't you actually watch a game. Put his first 4 years up against anyone and he stacks up. Even with the great defenses that the Ravens have had how many times before Joe Flacco did they make it to the playoff's 4 years in a row, the AFC championship 2 out 4 (and don't forget 1 perfectly thrown pass that was dropped/stripped away from the SB), oh yeah never. He's not the best quarterback in the NFL but he's damn good and getting better. No doubt he's top ten and moving up. So before you just go writing stupid crap do a little a research and maybe even watch a football game.
  • If you're going to get paid to write an article you should have enough of an understand of the topic to do so intelligently, and without claiming Flacco said something that he definitely did not say.
    I think the authors of this article should delete it and apologize to the readers, since this is total bull. Do they really not understand what he was saying?
    This is exactly the same as last year in the Super Bowl when Tom Brady was asked if they were going to win, and he said yes. The headlines then screamed how Brady said the Patriots were better than the Giants.
    What were they supposed to say morons? Brady should have said, no, I think the Giants are better and we're going to lose. He would have then been crucified in the media.
    Same thing here. Of course you have to think you're the best to compete at this level. I guess Joe was supposed to say "No, I'm a meidocre bum."
    Personally as far as it goes I think Flacco's one of the most underrated QBs in the league and definitely top ten if not top five. If he comes to the Redskins, I won't be complaining.
    The writers of this article are either morons who cannot understand nuance and subtlety or comprehend what they're hearing, or they're creating news, which is what most people who are supposedly "reporting" these days.
    The guy never meant it they way these fools are portraying this. Idiots.

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