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Ray Rice was spotted with a Terrible Towel draped over his head after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, and Pittsburgh linebacker LaMarr Woodley is not happy about it. Woodley apparently felt it was disrespectful of Rice, and he took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to warn him about it and remind everyone about two players who have done it in the past. Bad idea rayjust ask lendale white and tj whosyourmama twitter.com/LaMarrWoodley/… — LaMarr Woodley (@LaMarrWoodley) November 20, 2012 For those who are wondering, Around the League reminded us that Lendale White stomped on a Terrible Towel in 2008 while T.J. Houshmandzadeh used one to clean his cleats back in 2005. Woodley was still in college for the Housmandzadeh incident, but he is apparently well-read in Terrible Towel history. In this particular photo, Rice was simply walking to the locker room. Perhaps he needed a towel after a hard-fought game and that’s all that was available. In any event, it obviously rubbed Woodley the wrong way. “If you’re not a Steelers fan, don’t put your hands on a terrible towel,” the sixth-year linebacker also wrote on Monday night. As shirts like this one Terrell Suggs wore and comments like this one that Steelers safety Ryan Clark made remind us, there is no love lost between these two division rivals. Woodley’s tweet simply adds fuel to a fire that has been blazing for years.

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  • Lamarr should quit worrying about a terrible towel and get a petition to change those ridiculous uniforms. They look like big, nude bumblebees. Go Ravens.
  • Worst uniforms ever.
    Things are getting worse in Pittsburgh.
    Charlie Batch? Uh-Huh.
    Worry about your O line and Qback.
    See you in Baltimore in two weeks.
    Not gonna win there either.
  • Lets see if you get by the chargers first, 6 big show wins, and how many do you have, need to say anymore.
  • LMAO!How many times did the Squeelers beat the ravens last year,nobody gives a **** about the past and those 6 rings,it's all about RIGHT NOW and your sorry ass bumble bees ain't looking too good.Can't wait "til the blowout at our house in 2 weeks!
  • GO STEELERS !!!! :)
  • Funny thing ray rice got shut down by our defense. Oh and the ravens played like ****. The only reason they won is because number 7 wasnt there. If ben was there they would of blasted the ravens. How bout steelers D didnt allow a touchdown. Ravens keep playing the way they did this past week pittsburgh has nothing to worry about bc they will beat themselves.
  • I wonder is it the cleveland ravens or the baltimore browns, 6 super bowls need to say anymore.
  • Yes you do. But since you won't , I will. The Steelers were founded in1933. They have a miuch longer history than the Ravens, who came into the NFL in 1996. It only took the Ravens 5 years to win their first Super Bowl. There are many more coming.
  • Go to bed,you have to get up early for school or your Mom will be pissed
  • The disrespect is his concern.(Unprofessional as well) As far as the uniforms, its about honoring the history of the team and the organization.The Ravens organization hasnt been around long enough to have this privelege, so Im guessing that's where the ignorance from the above comment stems.
  • I wonder if he was proud of his 40 yards. haha At least he's trying to take the emphasis off the horrible game by the rats. Everyone in Baltisuck should be lighting candles for that win. A used-up, injured backup had the rats crossing their fingers all the way to the end of the game.

    I remember at the beginning of the season how great the rats were supposed to be and how old the Steelers were supposed to be...
  • I was a Baltimore Colt fan untill they were dragged out of town along with our history. So who became my team? The Steelers, they play my kind of football as do the Ravens. I am a Ravens fan now and this kind of stupid crap pisses me off. Ray has a towel on his head its not like he wiped his ass on a Ward jersey. It's the same towels that end up on the floor of the stands by the thousands so dont tell me to respect a stupid towel. Lets all worry about how bad both teams stunk up the place. Lamarr grow up and worry about important things.
  • I read through all these stupid Ravens comments. What goes around comes around Ray Ray. Totally classless! Ben would have torn that terrible defense apart and you all know it.
  • Hey Lamarr when you come to Bmore ask Ray for the Towel so you can cry in it after the Ravens kick yall a$@%s again!
  • Don't count your eggs before they hatch,you just might end up
    having to eat CROW!!!!
  • Pretty COCKY for someone who's team just barely beat an injury depleated team. That dosen't say much for your team.
  • Ok so the Ravens was without Ray Lewis and both starting corners in Ladarius Webb (our topcover guy) and Jimmy Smith. A win is a win!
  • Lamar.....Dogs that bark dont bite! Next time the Steelers play the uneducated,no repect Ravens....Hand him a Baltimore towel full of ****!
  • Yeah, now thats an a$@%s kickin to be proud of! Only touchdown was by special teams. Your offense didnt even score.Woo Hoo! LOL!
  • a touchdown by special teams is the only touchdown we needed yoi see who got the two game AFC north lead
  • How many Superbowls have the Ravens won ? How many Superbowls have the Steelers won ? I think that speaks for itself. Now mow your front lawn because you are bringing down the property value of the trailer park.
  • maybe rice should try to get more than 50 rushing yards in that matchup. Rice had no reason to brag he got shut down completely.
  • well the funny thing about it is the last like 5 times he played yall he then gave yall 150 at least per game
  • Ray was using the towel to cover his brainless head in shame for having such a "huge" game!
  • I guess bumblebees were suits in baltimore. Where was Ray Lewis when Joey Porter got shot????
  • Guess Ray was out stabbing someone... again!
  • wow.. if only ray lewis. or the whole damn ravens team had 1 tenth of championship heritage behind them that any,,,,any any pittsburgh steeler player has..yeah they really need a towl.. to boo hoo in compliments of the steelers ,oh yeah arnt these retards the x-x x not good enogh to be the browns. hell ill buy them a towl he he he he he
  • How many superbowls do the ravens have? maybe ray rice is going to take the towl home and worship it..no, hes not worthy
  • hey b more fans enough. we go for it on 4th&1 at the one you lose. and we did out physical you
  • Just the way a professional should represent his team and organization! Stay classy B-more!
  • It was such an accomplishment to win a well respected team such as the Steelers and this jerk just didn't know anyother way to show it off so he made a not so good choice! However, Keep up being disrespectful and this just give the Steelers more motivation to kick your asses the next time the two teams meet up! just take a look back in time...It motivated Pittsburgh to take it all the way and win the superbow! So keep it up you uneducated lil boy....add fuel to the fire!
  • Go back to the kitchen and make your man a sandwich and leave the football talk to the men little girl
  • You better watch out, because I bet all of the women in Pittsburgh could run circles around your ass in football talk. Just being a woman doesn't mean we don't know football. Bitch please, I live and breath football.
  • hell.. im a farmer from pittburgh ohio,bad uniforms?why does every one try to copy pittburgh?purrrrple and black? teil and black?red and black?orange and black?all ill let the okland raiders slide they have a classy tradition yeah
  • my names forest gump..im not a smort man ,but i know this..id never be caught dead in white pants and a purpl shirt
  • Super Bowls Pittsburgh 6 Baltimore 1. Enough said! Ravens Fans, just like Heinz, you need to KETCHUP before you talk!! Win at least 3 more Super Bowls, and we MIGHT put you in the conversation! When grown folks talkin' close your mouth!!
  • Ravens have only been around since '96,how many years have the Steelers been around,*******?
  • From 1996 through 2011 Steelers played the Ravens 35 times. Steelers won 21 times. Ravens won 14.
  • Six super bowls...wow. How many years in the league before first championship, 40+ years. You guys want to brag about the past? Brag about that! Ravens, 5 years first championship! Give us another 30 then come talk to us, little man. Let's talk recent history. All the Steeler wins against the Ravens in the last 2 years, ZERO! Next time you beat the Ravens, talk smack. Until then, go back down to your Momma's basement and play nice.
  • hey meathead how many Super Bowls do the Steelers have since the Robins (not quite tough enough to be called a Raven)won thier ONE Super Bowl?
  • Typical Raven move, lot of class - all low and a lot of it. Ler's face it a raven is NO MORE THAN A CROW. Get use to it you will be eating alot of it. The ONLY time the Ravens won a SB is when they BOUGHT IT, then you had a fire sale and haven"t returned since.
  • Bought It? You obviously don't know S*#T about history. And being a Pittsburgh fan I'd be careful with the whole "buying a Super bowl" talk. You know Super Bowl XL. People have LOTS of questions about that one.
  • right how much mr ref get
  • ray rice of all people,he did his part in that sorry victory,he ran all over us with his 2 yd. per carry avg.20 carries for 40 yds.and you still have the nerve to try to rub that in someones face.half our teams missing and you still barely got out with a win,you should feel real proud of your self.if we had any semblance of a qb that game would have been a blowout.
  • ay well you didnt and if I remember the ravens swept ben last year hes a non factor
  • All you steeler fans who sound like a bunch of little girls stop your wining and crying!! BOOHOO!! Stop always bringing up what you guys have done years before. Sports is all about NOW and IN THE MOMENT. It's a new era and The Ravens own your butts NOW...NOW NOW NOW NOW. Only sore losers remind people what was done before by them. Ravens were a team for 5 years and won a superbowl. Football isn't about making people feel fuzzy and warm about one another. Yes, there is respect throughout the players and teams, but the steeler players are just as bad. Steelers SUCK and THE RAVENS OWN YOU ALL!! Get used to the feeling. STEELER FANS CRY SO MUCH!!!!!
  • How many Superbowls do the Ravens have? Wait, 1. Let's just compare since the Baltimore Ravens were moved to Baltimore.
    Appearance 1
    Division Wins 3

    Superbowls 2
    Appearances 4
    Division Wins 8

    So let's look in the end that's 5 to 14. I think the Steelers will always bring the spirit to their fans, not sure I can say the same for the Ravens.
  • Ravens 8-2..........Steelers 6-3....Need i say more ??
    Mr. Woodley, do you think the offensive line will NOT have Rays back....
  • Ok Steelers fans You won 4 Superbowls when there was no Ravens. Since then you won a couple and lost a couple. Congrats now back to the present...See you in Baltimore when we go for our sweep of the Steelers for a 2nd year in a row
  • haha 35-7 if I remember started the winning streak
  • To all you steeler fans stop wining and crying BOOHOO!! Football is about the moment and NOW. Only little sore losers remind people of what they've done years past. Talk about NOW and people will talk about how The Ravens OWN the squeelers. So, stop crying just because we own you and whoop up all over your team every time we play you guys. Sorry steeler fans but time for you to go home and get excited about the new steeler and Bengal rival...you guys don't deserve the division and we have proved up 2 years in a row. GO RAVENS!!
  • The only one that looked great in those stripes a few weeks ago was Rothlesburger because he should be in stripes, State Pen stripes!!!!!!!
  • joewillie_7...You're the typical Squealer fan bandwagon jumper that everyone who's not a member of "Steeler Nation" loves too hate. You probably don't know because you only finished 1/2 of the 3rd grade but Black is a primary color. It's used all over the place. It wasn't invented in Shitsburgh. Your dumbass team took like 40 some years to win a Lombardy and without the refs dressing in yellow and BLACK (there's that color again) your team wouldn't have won against the Seahawks. Get over yourself! Your boy Lamard needs a life to, why don't you go cuddle.
  • Go back to 3rd grade yourself. Black is NOT a primary color. You can't even get that fact straight.
  • You better check back into 3rd grade yourself...Black is NOT a primary color. You can't even get that fact straight.
  • Guess somebody's proud of themself! So much so you had to post the same thing twice...good for you! I know it's not a primary color(red, green,or blue),I was kind of using it to make a point. Because your retarded cousin Joewillie_7 seems to think black was invented in Pittsburgh. Then again a lot of you dumbass Pittsburgh fans seem to think football was invented in the Steel City. It wasn't...get a life!
  • By the way, it's funny! You Squealer Nation idiots go from "We'll beat you with Leftwich" to " Yeah but he's our backup QB". Which one is it? It doesn't really matter since MOST of you only started routing for Pittsburgh a couple of years ago and are probably in the process of changing you affiliation as of right now. And come up with something new other than "Got 6?". It sounds kinda lame and everybody knows you bought the last two.
  • That was disrespectful and unnecessary behavior Ray Rice. Show some class, that was the action of a bum.
  • I don't get all this foofaraw about "disrespect." It's a TOWEL, fer crying out loud. Woodley is acting like Rice desecrated the American flag. If Rice was trying to make a statement about using it, that statement would be, "You lost. You're two games back, and we get you back in our place in a couple of weeks - so you will be even FARTHER back after that. Suck on it! It's not like I wiped my ass with it. Man up, and live in the REAL world instead of the symbolic world."
  • that towel has more than a symbolic meaning to those of us from around here,and im sure a lot of steeler players too.all the proceeds for that towel goes to the allegheny valley school,a school for disabled people,myron copes son had severe autism and belonged to that school,i also have a son,hugh,who has cerebal palsy who also resides there.some of the players do alot of charity work and visit there often,so thats another reason to take it personally,so when those players who wipe there feet or whatever with it,there not just disrespecting the steelers but a bunch of innocent handicapped individuals.and when someone like ray rice,who did absolutely nothing in that game ,just made himself look all the more foolish and unsportmanlike.to some people like myself,that towel is part of the real world,as its givin my son alot better life than i couldve provided him.
  • I wish you knew what the towel represents as you so bluntly called it. That is the hope people have because you will never know the feeling of togetherness until you see thousands of towels waving in the cold winter. And the proceeds of "the towel" goes to Allegheny Valley School, which helps to provide care for people with disabilities. So no it is not just a TOWEL. It is a symbol of togetherness and a chance to help others. Next time you think of stepping on it or disrespecting it, then you might want to think of what it represents. It's just like saying it's just a flag.
  • All you Bitchburgh Fans STFU WE rey sweep yall two years in a row a win is a win come to baltimore in two weeks were crabcakes nattyboh and football is sunday after church and win then come see us plus yall 4 of ya superbowls came prior to creation of the ravens so u have nuffin to brag about
  • What's with this yall stuff, try spell check bet you won't find it. At least not in the english language portion!!!!!!
  • Well the Ravens have been around for more than 6 years so there was 6 oppertunities to catch up with the Steelers BUT YOU DIDN'T. That pretty much says it all. Case closed.
  • Let's see in the past 10 years how many division wins do the Ravens have, 3. Steelers have 5, plus two Superbowl rings to add to their collection. And since they started playing each other the number of games won is 21-15. If that isn't enough then try 4 Superbowl appearances, 8 AFC North Division wins, and 2 Superbowl rings. Ravens have 1, 3, and 1. Weak in comparison. And we played with a busted up team. You'd think that the Ravens would have been able to mop the floor with us instead of just winning by 3.
  • Hey the Steeler lost, end of story...Rice only put the towel over his head,no big deal right? Let not get sensitive over this OK? What the Steeler should think about is changing their bumble bee uniform to it orginal style...The only thing missing from this bumble bee uniform they didnt have the bee antennas on their helmet...ridiculous looking outfit...too feminine looking...
  • but when u think about it tht wat the steelers are females
  • And Ray Rice is thier Bitch!!!
  • The Steelers lost end of story...Rice wearing a towel on his head is no big deal right? Lets not get sensitive about this trivial stuff OK? What the Steelers should be concern about is changing their bumble bee uniform back to their original one...They didnt even have the bee antennas on their helmet with this uniform...
  • Didnt think my first comment made it so I made another one, just in case you all wondering...
  • Just to clarify the issue -- the Terrible Towel is more than just a fun fan accessory. The proceeds from the sale of the towels provide funds for a school for handicapped individuals. Myron Cope(who designed the towel)had a son at the school and left the towel to the school as a permanent kind of endowment. So, to those of us who know the history, it is more than just a towel. It is part of a legacy to help those who are less fortunate. God bless.
  • Cope played a large role in the invention of the Terrible Towel.[22] Needing a way to excite the fans during a 1975 playoff game against the Baltimore Colts, Cope urged fans to take yellow dish towels to the game and wave them throughout.[21] Originally, Cope wanted to sell rubber Jack Lambert masks, but realizing the high costs for the masks, opted for the inexpensive option for the Terrible Towel. The Terrible Towel has gained much popularity since its invention and "is arguably the best-known fan symbol of any major pro sports team".[22]
    In 1996, Cope gave the rights to The Terrible Towel to the Allegheny Valley School in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.[16] The school provides care for more than 900 people[23] with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities, including Cope's son who has severe autism.[3] Proceeds from the Terrible Towel have helped raise $3 million for the school.There is the history of the towel and why it was disrespectful.
  • Both teams suck this year. 13-10. If you take away the special teams touchdown by the Ravens, they had 2 field goals. Hardly Super Bowl material.Perhaps throwing flames on the rivalry will promote ticket sales and viewing.
  • ray rice is a little sawed off half pint ape that wants to act tuff when hiding behind his big baboon butt buddy ray lewis! Bet he wouldn't be near as cocky on his own without his protector in the wings...Hope Lamarr and the rest of the Steelers' squash him like the slug he is when they play again in two weeks!
  • And a real man like yourself would have lots of balls to say it to his face or Rays face. Not that either would retaliate. Ray and Ray have too much class and do a lot for the community around Baltimore. Better yet, put on a uniform and have at it. Post your hospital room # and I'll send flowers.
  • What everyone needs to remember is that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team in the NFL that have to use 2 hands to wear all the Superbowl rings that have been won but all other teams can fit them on just one hand. How many Superbowls have the Ravens won ? I think that speaks for itself.

    Pittsburgh Steelers = 6

    All other NFL teams = Less than 6

    Nuff said.

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