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To many, Ndamukong Suh has the bad guy label stamped in bold across his forehead.  According to a report in the Indianapolis Star, he may have perpetuated his already severely tainted reputation with more monkeyshines. Colts right guard Mike McGlynn told the Star that multiple Lions players, including Suh, were dancing and pointing at Colts tackle Winston Justice as he laid on the Ford Field turf obviously concussed. “Totally ignorant on their part. Just childish stuff. We’re all battling out there. I don’t know if the hit was legal or not, but clearly he was hurt, and they’re out there dancing and pointing at him and laughing. Just blatant disrespect. They’re good players but there’s no room for that. It’s disgusting, really.  If that had happened to one of their players, we’d never do something like that. But that’s what makes this even sweeter. That’s why they lose. I hope they never win another game.” Well Mike, that isn’t the only reason why the Lions lose (below average secondary, inconsistent running game), but the lack of discipline is indeed a large part of it. It wouldn’t be the first time Lions players have been accused of taunting an injured player.  Last year Suh was said to be taunting Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan when he was on the turf being looked at by trainers. Is Suh really this troubled?  Is McGlynn simply piling on considering Suh’s reputation?  There is no video currently available with Suh or any Lions players “dancing” around, but that would tell the story.  Either way, the guilty party in this case has major issues.

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  • I think it is time that the NFL starts giving Suh something other than a find. Players like some of those Lions that do stupid thinks like thinking it is funny that a player got hurt, they need to loose the game. I don't think that if it were refersed that the other team would have done that, and I'm sure that a Lion player would not like it if another team did what they did yesterday to one of their players. Get a life start respecting other players maybe you all could win some games. Ans in my eyes their coach is no better than his players otherwise he would put a stop to that . Saints go in trouble for what they did well to me what the Lions ans Suh do is no different.
  • First off please learn to spell, a five year old could do better. I mean the misspellings make you look even more ignorant then you probablly are. Second until there is some evidence that this even happened, I would just shut up. While Suh and some of his teammates track records are not great that does not mean that every accusation is true. So please think before you say something stupid
  • If you're going to call someone out on spelling, it's better if you spell and punctuate correctly. Otherwise, you appear as ignorant (which I'm sure you are not) as the person you are calling out.
  • Thank you spelling police, where have you been! Thanks for your stupid response to (according to you) a stupid post.
  • You've no right to call anyone stupid or ignorant if you can't see what DUMBO SUH has done and is doing then it makes you the stupid and ignorant one!!
  • Spelling is probably right, but typing is a little off. I have that too on my keyboard.
  • So do I.
  • Did you mean to use the word than, where you used the word then?
  • *probably
    *Multiple punctuation errors
  • "Probablly"??? It seems you're the idiot!
  • First off, you are the dummy to ignore Kipperjoe's message. He is correct, Suh is a real jerk and to try to overlook it is stupid. Excuses for Suh's actions is pathetic. He is a real loser and shouldn't continue to get a pass. Fines are not a consequence, he needs to be supended in addition to the fines. I'm no pansy but there are too many concussions in the NFL and too many clowns beating their chest when they succeed on one play then suck most of the game. Besides, how can you ignore it when you actually see replays of the cheap shots?
  • you might need to use the spell check yourself..Suh is bringing bad luck on the Lions, and the outcome of the game proves it.
  • Wowyourdumb. Stupid is as stupid does...Your lack of mastery of written word isn't much better than kipperjoe's. I won't take the time to point out the six errors you made, but they're there. I wouldn't expect anything different from a Lions fan.
  • I can't believe that nobody has even pointed out the error in his handle. Hey genius, your means "your", you're means "you are".

    Beyond that Suh is nothing but a ghetto thug. He fits right in where he is, the lovely Detroit.
  • um you can't even spell "probably" lmao
  • And you need to learn how to use punctuation properly.
  • i have trouble spelling too - mainly caused by memory problems i have to do head truama. so yes, concussions are hilarious. comedy gold. but yes, thank you spelling police. that is what this article is all about.
  • yes good job, telling someone to "shut up" on the internet. brilliant. oh WHERE did you learn your debating skills? yale law school?
  • Who cares (except you) how he spells. He got his message across. Seems to me like your dancing and laughing at someones shortcomings.
  • A little misspelling is okay here and there, but when it is so bad that it makes it difficult to read then it detracts from the post.
  • How to you know they were mis-spelled and not mis-typed. From the letters that are incorrect, it could be either one. maybe just someone in a hurry.
  • “It is better to remain a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”
    To which grammatically word and or phrase was no subjugated to abuse by any of us? I, myself do not exclude from the occasional deviation from proper spelling or improper grammar. Thus is the paradox. Can any of us truly critique the musings of someone we truly do not know, or are we as a whole, present ourselves as “Word-Grammar Omnipotent?

    "We all need to stop throwing stones at glass houses from within our own glass homes."
  • Same thing so suspend him for the rest of the year and all next year or just kick him out of the NFL. No place for punks like him........ but, look at him and go figure he don't look too smart either nothing between the eyes there.
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  • all you people look at is what he did wrong. also you never see him helping players up on the other team becouse the meida doesent want to show his good side. he started off with a bad strek and now he is labled as a bad person but he is a great player also the lions are having bad calls on them and the players dont like that. (i dont care about my spelling)
  • Why is everyone so darned worried about spelling and grammer? I have yet to see anyone on line that can spell properly all the time anyway. Intelligence went out the door after my generation. Thankfully I do not visit these conversations often. As for Suh, he is a jerk and needs his butt kicked.
  • The Detroit problem begins and ends with its leadership. They have a coach who must be encouraging this type of B.S. Also, it is the age of the NEW NFL player who believes that acting badly is ok when you have a lot of money. It is classless, senseless, and when it gets right down to it, ineffective. Just check Detroit's record. The new Lion Slogan might be: "Win if you can; lose if you must; but ALWAYS cheat and take the cheap shot."
  • I agree with this sentiment. Jim Schwartz has both been the coach the team needs and doesn't need at the same time. He inspires them, but they have gotten worse with taking cheap shots. As a Bears fan, I have never forgotten the dishragging D.J. Moore suffered at the hand of Matthew Stafford, and only Moore got fined an exorbitant amount of money. Let's not forget how many cheap shots Suh and Fairly have taken. While I would wait for proof that this was taunting and not concern (but with how the team has been playing, it would not surprise me if it was taunting.) But, on the flip side (going to play Devil's Advocate for a moment) because of how they have been playing recently, maybe the other teams want to make them look worse and "have it out" for the Lions. (I don't believe it, but there's another thought) But, on the whole, I agree with you.
  • Suh is an immature, undisciplined, dirty football player. There is no arguing that fact. It really doesn't matter if this latest incident happened or not. If he keeps it up, he will get his whether it comes down from the NFL or he gets a little on field justice. What a punk.
  • You forgot TALENTED*
  • Come on people!! Ed Reed is right! The NFL is going Powder Puff. I remember when Lyle was screaming for LIVE MEAT and all we did was tell him how awesome he and the Raiders were!! Take off the short shorts and lets play BALL!!!
  • You got that right
  • Not when it causes great players their careers. Suh isnt playing football, he's playing "dirty pool"...he brings bad luck to Detroit.
  • How many penalties for dirty hits. Sure Detroit is having bad luck. I think the defensive backfield could take some blame.
  • Finally a worthwhile comment. How many fans want to watch two hand touch or maybe we should put the QB's in red jersey's and skirts. They are grown men in a physical sport that is focused on contact...........
  • It begins at the top. Their coach is a sad excuse for leadership.
  • Shu has already used up his 15 minutes. Throw the bum out of the leage and let him play Canidian football.
  • Hey mole man crawl back in your hole. Go get em Suh
  • Watch out wowyourdumb above will call you ignorant for your mispelling of CANADIAN football. I say just put SUH out to dry or completely out of football!! No place in the NFL for idiots like him...........
  • Why on earth do you think anyone in Canada would want a decidedly dirty player here. Take care of your own trash!
  • Suh has been a good football player from the start. You know how many dirty football players there are? It's in NFL and it's in College football. Anyone who wants to say Suh is the issues it an idiot.
  • Watched game and saw no such an act by any of the Lions players. And as stated in the article, there is not any video of this taking place! If this had happened, don't you think that the announcers would have been all over this. Wake up!
  • TV does not show anything that isn't nice while the boys are playing. They allways cut away when a good fight starts. Need to have some NHL people in charge.
  • You know the media has to pick on they don't know how to write anything worth while anymore.
  • Send him to the marine corp, a 9 weekbasic training will teach him whats right and whats wrong....trouble is he couldn't pass basic intelligence test.
  • coyote hunter needs to return to Arizona and hunt coyotes near the border. This statement about Suh not being able to pass the intelligence test shows his lack of intelligence himself! Suh graduated from the College of Engineering with a degree in Construction Management. And what was your degree in?
  • Seems like Suh is the guy you hate unless of course he is on your team. If you people don't like pro football then why not start your own two hand touch league. Leave the NFL to real men like Suh.
  • Good Call!!!!
  • I think Suh and the lions are getting a bad rap, for a guy that has only been penalized during a game only twice all year, he can't be playing that dirty and getting away with it that much. Cmon if he was that dirty he would be getting caught more often and you u know the refs are watching him just because of the bad boy name everyone else is giving him, and if there is no video of the lions players taunting then it didn't happen cause they get everything on video these days, not too much misses the camera when they have the whole field covered including the sidelines. Seems to me it's one guys word against a whole team and the cameras
  • With everyone having their eyes on Suh and being as he is such a dirty player he should have multiple personal fouls called a game. Everyone hates him but every owner and coach wants him.
  • True that! Thank you for looking at statistics instead of just reading the junk on the internet.
  • When I signed up for this blog your form asked for my e-mail address and then asked for a valid one. My e-mail is (xxx.x)@wp.pl and it is valid. Wp.pl is a Polish we site. Try it before you reject it please.
  • There are probably a whole lot of pro football players that couldn't pass that test. Go Suh kick some more a_ _.
  • Ya got that right!
  • hey why is it that the dirtest player in the league only has one! get this one penalty! (whichis off sides)for the whole season.you guys are just bunch a whinners football is arough sport quit acting like abunch sisses.oh he made fun of me hey! quit get into floral arrangements or somenthing all these crying quarterbacks.i hear you ED REED
  • How can anyone be sure that that's what they were doing? Isn't there a chance that they didn't know the injuries. Seriously folks, they guys get paid to be brutual. I think that there are a lot of you that have forgotten what sport this is. I don't buy the "bad guy" for him. He's a player that does his job. The spelling guru references are really immature. I think folks are reading way way too much into this story.
  • exactly how is taunting someone with a concussion "part of the game?" do you get a first down for being the biggest idiot on the field?
  • Real credit to his team the NFL and his race. After this if the gutless Roger Goddell doesnt step up sit this POS for the year without pay then I'm done. This guy is what the NFL is trying to stop people out to hurt other people on purpose. Bet he is real tough on the field wont be long till we read about him like Ray Caruther or the late Blecher. Suh I guess you fit in Detriot real cess pool of a city and leader of crime for what a decade now. Gotta love it.
  • Bye we will miss you.
  • Maybe you should watch soccer or DWTS!
  • Why don't you come to the D before you start making comments like that .
  • Oh brother... I seriously can't stand this guy!!!
  • Good football is one thing. There is nothing manly or good about Suh. Stomping, kicking in the crotch, taunting injured players? If this is your idea of good football then you are surely not a sports fan.
  • You mentioned three plays in three years. Only one was a penalty(and uncalled for). If you don't like how rough he plays, I hear Dancing with the Stars will be on again next year.
  • 3 plays 3 plays the first was from taunting and bad calls the 2nd yes intental and not right. the last there is no proof. he has helped up the people he had tacked and held up some after they threw the ball trying not to get called becouse he hates his lable
  • get over it! the man has one penalty all season(and it was off sides)football is arough sport you guys are crying like abunch of sisses.maybe all these whiners should get into floral arrangements or some other non contact sport! oh he laughed at me. wow has gotto this!hey suh is doing his job scaring the hell out of these QBs .I hear you ED REED is this the powderpuff league or what. kbvdet
  • Suh is a JERK......can't wait till someone put this no life player on his A$$. If he was only as good as he thinks he is.
    Dirty player....just a dirty player.
  • He must be the good enough to have everyone focus on him. You must know every team he plays against plans for him but yet he is still a factor. He is under the microscope of the league, officials, and every so called football fan. But yet he only has two penalties. Even the announcers, who love to hate him say he is one of the best in the league.
  • NadumbmonkeyKong Suh is a POS. Fine his dumb ass and kick him out of the league.
  • This is what you get from a team who's coach still crys about a hand shake that was to rough! A player is not at fault here this is management all the way, you get what you percieve!
  • Suh is NOT my favorite player, I don't like the Lions, and Roger Goodell is trying to make the game playable for a bunch of *******. That being said, there are WAY too kany cameras all over the field for any liklihood of this story being entirely true. When you've got 250lb+ bodies colliding at running speeds bad things can, and do happen. Imagine what it's like to have 3 or 4 defensive linemen on top of you, and you will understand why so many concussions occur.
  • Ftooblal is a voilnet soprt . Taht deosnt maen it has to be drity. The caoch is to balme for msot of the bhevaoir. I dnot need a slpelchcek . I konw erverynoe can raed tihs. Good night happy people. LOVE YA
  • Hey, ease up, life ain't easy for a boy named Suh. (LOL)
  • Some opposing player needs to "Charley Martin" his ass.
  • Players like Suh need to be replaced! Doesn't matter how damn good he is, he is a child and has absolutely no respect for others. Take away their dream and let them end up like others, IN JAIL!!
  • this man is what he is of the stupid people he is not a good player he is a animal of performance may he be caged
  • Wow....what an incredible group of idiots...the man has a JOB...reviewing the tape...no way this was intentional...and yeah...it's the NFL...grow a pair y'all. Suh4EVER!!
  • "oh my god, he is so dirty" "oh the NFL need to kick him out" or check this one out, he needs to be in jail".......what a bunch of clowns!!! The NFL is rooted in break them and knock them out....oh Im 350 pounds plus with A 500 pound bench press coming at you full speed and i dont intend to hurt you..verybody on th field is trying to bring pain to somone.
  • Yeah outlaw that's called football ......... most of them are over 300lbs some 6'6'' some 5'10''........ OUCH that's gotta hurt...... that's why were typing and there playing
  • I just can't believe football has become so wussified!Everytime I turn around all these monday morning experts are piling on Suh.Wish we had more players like him or say Dick Butkus,Conrad Dobler,Jim Marshall,Deacon Jones,Lyle Alzado,Junior Seau,Alex Karras,Jack Lambert,John Matuzak.Or defenses like the DOOMSDAY,STEEL CURTAIN,PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS,ORANGE CRUSH.At least back then it was areal contact sport and we did have to listen to this constant whining!!!!
  • The body count game...the greatest knock outs...the steel curtain..the ice game. These are some of the most praised about eras and games in the NFL, even to this very day by the NFL itsef, look at the NFL network...guys outright said and say Im gone break his leg or break his ribs and meant it...it was praised. But now that it cost money cause of the injuries in old age its a problem.....internet clowns listen..just say you like the new soft NFL and agree with the new rules that intends to make the league a quarterback league with alot of passing so the people can stay entertained.
  • Will someone PLEEEEASE test Suh for steroids before he kills someone. Excess roids can cause behavior like this. Oh, thats right, only baseball has this problem. Put your heads back in the sand and keep calling him a jerk.
  • They said the same thing back in the fifties but it didn't get publicised the way it does now no facebook or tweeting or 24/7 news channels Hell you were lucky if you even got to see your team play live. They were ought to get each other and they still are nothing has changed but the rules and the people running the show
  • I could not have said it better myself. PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS!!! forgot about them!
  • THE NFL SHOULD BE ASHAME OF THE LEVEL OF WEEKNESS THAT IT HAS ALLOWED IT self TO FALL INTO. I read every week about some player that is noted to be a dirty player, if that be true all the players of the latter years were dirty players.This is a rumble tumble game and one will get hurt. In the old days a player would get nocked out of the game and a new player would come in. The player that made the hit to take that playler out of the game would get suluted by his team because he took the player out of the game that could make them lose. It was part of the game. He was not suluted bacause he hurt the player, but because he could no longer stop the other in what they wanted to do and that was to win the game. What is dirty play? Those are throw back players and I think if you can't you take it quit it. It's all about the money now and the owners are afraid t let the players play. They may as well start a tag football leauge in the future.

    Update: December 03, 2012
    Pretty it will be illegal to talk at the line.
  • Hey ya know, they could have some really colorful flags too!!!.......but then what you might have to touch a guys rearend in an attempt to get the flag, oh boy there goes a whole new set of sissy rules! Wonder what Alex Karras would have to say about that?
  • Here is what I have to say. Don't like Suh's behavior after his hits, like the stomp etc. Don't pretend to know him or how he behaves off the field,but I understand that he it a top charity giver and tries to do things for the youth of Detroit. So he is not all bad folks. However he is also accountable for his actions even in the heat of beserker madness or blood lust or whatever you want to call his insane moments... I think he should be suspended if anything outside of the normal rough and tumble happens again. Especially after the crotch kick a couple of weeks ago. I think we can all pretty well see what is a normal tackle and what is an after the fact dirty play. This of course in not just aimed at Mr. Suh, but at any player who is caught being unsportsmanlike. I also don't think it should be up to the Commish. I think they should be tossed immediatly after the infraction is reviewed by the Refs, and the ref should run their A--es not only off the field, but straight to the locker room. Do this a few times and not only will the Coachs take a hand, so will the owners... cause it will be hurting their bottom line, oops I mean their IMAGE.....
  • What happened to the days of when a players nickname was Mean Joe Green. The game was played much harder back then. Pretty soon it will be touch football and all the players will cheer for the other team. Fear is part of the game.
  • Ndamukong Suh:Pure Nasty Player, unintelligent man hasn't proved anything butbeing a bad player, bully. The only way he can beat someone in a game is to hurt, cripply, take them out of the game. This player doesn't respect the game, his team, other players. His conduct on the field is repulsive, unsportsmanship behavior should be not tolerated by the NFL. The NFL should not let this type of behavior of the field or off. Come on someone who does this has no morals, respect, no character, raised in a uneducated background. This player thinks its okay to hurt someone (wouldn't this be called assault off the field). Just wait what comes around goes around big boy!!!!!
  • What player are you watching ? The Suh I've been watching is a great team player and someone who respects the game as well as his pears.
  • Try again. Do your research before you comment. His mother is a teacher, his father a machinist. He attended a large high school and major college. When you play a physical sport you have to be physical. There isn't a coach or owner that would want him on their team.
  • His parents should have taught him better than going out to intentionally hurt a person who is doing the same job as himself. I know this is a fast paced stressful competitive sport. I know when grown men who are 250-360 lbs. there are going to be injuries. It is football not linedancing. There is respect, honor, integrity, character, sportsmanship behavior on and off field. Play rough but, not intentionally take someone out with head trauma, broken backs, intentional head punches, kicking in the groin,come on he is notorious for doing sneaky, nasty punches, totally wrong. NOTORIOUS BIG NASTY HITS. His MOTIVE is to take a fellow player out. He is pure THUG!!!!!!! All out AWFUL player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Say what you want he is terrrible.......................
  • Cool-Aid drinking time people!
  • The NFL should ban a player several games, fine them an extreme amount, penalize the team the player plays for yardage, hit the team with a big ass fine. The NFL should make an example.
  • Suh is under a microscope, the whole game is on tape. If this happened it would be all over the media, and you know the Ref's have been given a heads up to keep a sharp eye on him. Why no flags on Suh, figure it out. He's the Shaq of football, to big and stong for the others.
  • Yes, I agree Suh and the team should be fined and NFL should make the coach responsible for his so called team. The NFL does not need dirty players anymore. I agree let them play but not at the expense of getting hurt because a player thinks he is cool. To bad he can't still play for Nebraska, they probably wouldn't take him back. With a rap he is getting if he doesn't like it than change your way of playing.
  • I do not think the hit is in question here. It may have been legal, may have not. what is in question was the taunting over an injured player. yea football has gone soft in a lot of ways. but come on guys, even in the days of Butkus, or Jack Tatum, the assassin. Did you see them stand over a player they just whacked and taunt them? no, they walked back to the huddle, done next play. Suh needs to be disciplined for his antics. this in my opinion is no different from having bounties.
  • What's with this reckless idiot Suh on the field? And why isn't his behavior being addressed by the Lions head coach or defensive coordinator? Are those two morons asleep during games? Maybe so based on this team's skill at losing. Undisciplined teams in any sport are typically bottom feeders in the win-loss category.
  • You said it He is purely reckless. He is the true meaning "THUG". I can't stand him. Unsportsmanship all around. Don't worry he will get his ass clocked one of these days and I hope it flat out knocks him out cold. Look at him he looks like he just got out of prison. His smurk on his face, his cocky attitude. His stare is cold and calculating. His intentions are to go out there and hurt, and take someone out of the game. AWFUL Player I hope he get it someday soon.
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