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The Baltimore Ravens defeated the New England Patriots to punch their tickets to Super Bowl 47 on Sunday night, but the conclusion of the game has not resulted in the conclusion of smack talk. Terrell Suggs blasted the Patriots after the game and seemed beyond thrilled to knock them out of the postseason. Bernard Pollard ripped Tom Brady for sliding into Ed Reed with his cleats high. On the New England side, it’s once again the wives who are doing the talking. Check out this message that Wes Welker’s wife, Anna Burns Welker, posted on Facebook after the game (via The Big Lead): All fair points, but didn’t Anna learn anything from Gisele Bundchen’s comments about New England’s receivers after last year’s Super Bowl loss — in particular her husband? Personally, I’m dreading having to listen to Ray Lewis for two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Is he one of the best linebackers to ever play the game? Absolutely, but his over-the-top drama can be too much to handle at times. Nevertheless, Lewis has earned the right to preach for 14 more days before his career comes to a close. The post Wes Welker’s wife Anna Burns rips Ray Lewis after Ravens beat Patriots appeared first on Larry Brown Sports. Related posts: Tom Brady and Gisele vacation with Wes Welker, Anna Burns in Costa Rica Gisele Bundchen rips Patriots receivers in response to heckling Giants fan Wes Welker Reportedly Engaged to Anna Burns

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Comments 1-100 (of 323):
  • She told the truth, why take it back????????
  • Shut up you weak CRACK-ER
  • I actually had some cheese and crackers just a little bit ago.
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  • Why don't you address him instead of me. NEE-GROE is equally offensive, so talk to him because I really don't care to hear it.
  • No need to reply to a bunch of rednecks, I have enough of them out here in Nv. Rednecks are just bitter that they don't have what Lewis and crew has worked for. (and probably never have it) This is one cracker to another, spare me AH, maybe I will catch u speeding one day!
  • mpdad414, no problem responding, trace away my friend. bla bla bla, report BS. first of all I never said I was a cop, so I doubt very much if u are one. Second I don't like rednecks and the racist remarks, and ashamed for some of the actions of a select few of my race. Anyway I treat people the way they treat me, sooo get ur little FBI friend (hee hee) and come after the big bad cop!! By the way, I do talk the talk but also walk the walk.
  • One law enforcement officer to another THAT WASN'T VERY PROFESSIONAL AT ALL,Do you have a CODE OF ETHICS that you're suppose to uphold?
  • You can be a Hall of Fame player and still be a self centered, spread your seed across the nation a hole who doesn't really care about raising his kids. What's the problem?
  • It wasn't right for truth 478 to respond the way he did,But you should've adressed napa whatever he call's himself in regards to the remark that he made!!!
  • LOL...USAFPJ.. That is wrong,,,Your a Neegro.
  • wow what a loser @napalirick you have to be a racist and bring politics into it. sounds very strange oh wait nvm thats it your still whining that america is changing poor poor man. never have i seen so few spend so much and get nothing poor karl rove hahaha its sad sir you havent realized ppl like you are instinct and dying off.
  • Spoken like a true American,Love it!!!
  • napaLICK, thank god u can hide behind a keyboard. u remind me of the yo yo's I took lunch money from!
  • Napalirick it's people like you that gives your Race a very bad name,what planet did you come from w/your RACIST self? Go back where you came from.
  • What makes you think Camilo is black? BTW there's no such word as re-inaugurated. He was inaugaurated today...careful your ignorance is showing. So everybody that voted for Obama is lazy, and does nothing? That's like saying every white man kills his wife, sometimes his kids, then shoots himself. If only that were true in your case...at least the shooting yourself part.
  • That's just like saying every black guy has several children with several women, none of which he's married too and is a drug dealer.
  • You crying ass bitches always talking about someone getting something free. Free what? The only ones getting something free is your sorry as you pos trash.
  • The Pat's coach is a little bitch who can't handle loosing so why would the wives of players or fans act any different? White people are the most hateful sore losers on the planet. You never hear black players wives crying about how their husbands team lost. They got man handled by the more physical team then whine about it? What a class act those Pat's are..........
  • And your race is?
  • Really? Have you ever watched Basketball wives???? I suggest you watch it then rethink your above statement. These women, which are black are so full of venom it is amazing how some people once they get a little money can become so arrogant. Yes white people can be the same way too, so it is not a racial thing like everyone wnats to paint it.
  • I believe it was Jennings (w.r. for the packers) sister that was just doing some crying via. twitter a few weeks ago. Everyone does it, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, wives, white, black, red, yellow. People will always open their mouths, or type something in the heat of the moment that they will regret later and then again maybe they won't regret it.
  • and white players shoot their wives dead they cant type either.
  • Lewis is not in the same league as Butkis..Cheap head shot
    on Ridley. I hope Pollard breaks a leg. He has a reputation
    for cheap shots. I hope SF beats Ravens and knocks a few of their dirty players out. Serve them right.
  • Check the film out again! You will notice that RIDLEY himself LOWERS HIS HEAD!!! If anything, he helped to knock himself out of the game!!! The officensive player needs to take responsibility for his actions. He went in HEAD FIRST!!!Enjoy The Pro Bowl!!!
  • You are absolutely right, Ridley lowered his head, but remember that it is easier to blame others than to take responsibility for what actually happened. It seems as though the wives of the Patriot players have some issues, last year Giselle blamed Welker and now Welker's wife, come on. The Pats lost and The Ravens won, deal with it! Oh, maybe Welker's wife should double check all her facts about Ray Lewis before shooting off at the mouth. I am sorry, but Patriots and Pats fans are sore losers and fyi race makes no difference in who is more of a sore loser and who is not. I live with a Pats fan and sore loser does not begin to describe it. I am not a Pats fan and never will be. Ravens all the way!
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  • You are the crybaby....whining because the Pats always beat the crap out of your team
  • Not one damn thing and I for one am getting tired of people using anything they can for getting their political agenda out.This is about foot ball you f ing idiots.Take a drink and hug your ak47 to sleep.
  • The problem is that she's right. Ray Lewis is a good player, there's no denying that. He's also a despicable human being that got away with murder. People should not idiolize him and instead see him for what he is--a big guy that can play football well. He's no hero so people should stop acting like he is.
  • Its football. Its about how the man plays and not about his outside life.
  • Where is the report spam option for mikehhuhsj here? Hey this is a conv about football, and wives flapping their gums and making their husbands look bad. This is NOT about get quick rich schemes/scams, spamvertising some BS marketing thing, or what have you. Most definite spam...
  • Exactly. Everything she said was the truth. He may be a great player on the field but hes a piece of cr@p off the field. Another NFLer that got away with a crime, in his case murder. Plus, he's a freakin drama queen when the cameras are on him. Good riddence to him after this season. I hope the 49er's kick his felonious butt.
  • What language is this gibberish? Really if you have a point to make. Do it so people can understand what your saying.......
  • Shut up CRACK-ER
  • Hey, I just had cheese and crackers a little bit ago, how bout dat.
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  • You have a point fnbundy,, Maybe he could have used the translation button..
  • Please use a language people know on this planet please?
  • Only loser around here seems to be you. My 9 yr old is more literate than you. Learn how to put words into sentances before you comment on anyone being a loser.
  • When you're blasting someone for how they put words into sentences..PLEASE LEARN HOW TO SPELL SENTENCE YOU STUPID COW.
  • exuuuuuuse me ravenssuck. at least you could read what i was trying to say. a typo is a typo but that bafoonery? wow go back to kindergarten.
  • ask your 9 yr old how to spell sentence correctly...please
  • Really Camilo?? Can you be that illiterate?? Stop blogging and finish mowing my yard---you missed edging my pool screen gato.
  • Camilo seems to be a true reflection of education today. That said, the reality is that the 49ers are going to destroy Baltimurder. Patrick Willis is twice the linebacker RL is, and that's a fact! As far as Welker's wife, she said it...so friggin what.
  • You all are just pissed that Wes Welker and Tom Cry Baby Brady didn't win this year. All punk ass bitches who cry everytime they lose a game just like their fans. Bottom line you all aren't going to the Superbowl this year...WE ARE. Ray Lewis is the best Linebacker ever. What do you do for a living? Hmm Probably live off the Government and collect your Welfare, that's what most New Englanders do.
  • Hey,I don't really like either team,but as for winners New England has what 3 rings,how many does cleveland/baltimore have 1,ray was a great player,but he got by with murder,just like oj. you mention live off the government in New England are you insane baltimore city has a higher welfare peasants per cent-age than any place in almost ALL America,and the murder rate to go with.My self I have a JOB,everyone you know are welfare peasants,I know it's a black thang.
  • thang? fuc**** idiot.
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  • You tell them. Bunch of "CRY BABIES"
  • camio are you just stupid or what,can any fool write any thing as bad as this statement,is that ebonics, with fools like you it's always about race,a guess you are a member of the naacp,O my that says national aa colored people, so what are you,colored or just stupid,who is your daddy colored person
  • who the F*** is your daddy vanilla ice
  • Camilo please if you don't have something correct to say,Please just shut all the way up!!! Words have power and you along w/the others who know not what to say are some very sad people!!!
  • you are a asshole and you would fall to your knees if you met face to face with ray lewis
  • You are a loser and Lewis was involved in murdering/butchering two people. Shut up. Oh, wait. Your mouth is already busy giving Lewis a bj!!!
  • You sound like Brady/Welker's women-JEALOUS because you got your arse stomped. She should try handling it like Brady did, with some class.
  • She spoke the truth,regardless how much you like Ray Lewis the facts speak for them selves.Personally I'm not a Ravens fan or Patriots fan(I do think other than their coach they're a class act)The Ravens are one of the dirtiest teams out there.Nuff said.
  • What a shame people,do you have to drag this man's personal life on to the field of play? The better team won and that really should be it unless,the reason some of you are on here is to be Racist and Polunatics,the things that are being said in regards to peoples personal lives,politics and RACISIM really has absolutely nothing to do w/football Pointblank period!!!
  • Do you know the facts or just what Fox News tells you??? Did you know that he only left the sence of the shooting? Did not do any shooting???? Of course NOT! You want to know only the little minded things you want to know! Enjoy your life as a hater! Your life could be a much happier one if you only changed your outlook. Life can be good! But, only if you want it!
  • Thank you! You said exactly what I was going to say. I wish people would get the facts straight before shooting off at the mouth.
  • truethat do your f***in research before running your mouth. Also,Lewis has done alot of good off the field.
  • kick their a** Ray Lewis.
  • Uh... Ray was never aquitted of murder

    ... because he was never on trial for murder.

    Ms. Welker < loser.
  • Because he sold out his own friends you FU*%ing doucebag. You must be a real class act yourself for defending trash like him.
  • Please learn how to spell Douchebag. Thank you. Stupid ass New Englanders.
  • Get your facts straight idiot, Ray Lewis was NEVER on trial for murder. So he never got away with anything. He told the truth of what really happened.
  • Because he narc'd out his homies and begged for his life back.
  • It's all real - why apologize? He is scumbag. I am so sick of the media treating him like royalty. he should be in jail.
  • The Reason Tom Brady isn't arrested yet is because he gives bad head in Prison and nobody wants his ass back in there.
  • Question,if he should be in jail,where should you be?
  • in hell bitches
  • Why try to pull somebody down when they're on top of their game ???? We all have done things that we regret...I'm sure whatever happened in Georgia, Ray regrets... I'm sure the families of the deceased don't want to hear/read about this anymore. Let's live for today and be happy for what we have. Life is tough enough!

    Was she that bored that she went to Ray's Wikipedia page??? Should be consoling your husband and be grateful for what you have.
  • no joke. lol
  • Nothing is more dangerous than a scorned woman...
  • The truth hurts and in his case was an assessory to murder.
  • She should stick to what she gets paid for and hit her knees. Maybe even wear her Hooters uni. I know the loss is hard to swallow Anna, but I'm sure you've swallowed worse. C**t, just like your b***h husband & Brady.
  • Do all bitter women live Mass. and are married to Patriots players. Last year Brady's wife criticizes the Patriots recievers. Now the wives of the recievers are running their mouthes. It was her man who dropped the ball when it was 3rd and 7 late in the game. So Mrs Welker if you want to run your mouth, you can start your bitch session with the person who sleeps next to you. Let Ray Lewis go out in peace. Throwing stones is never a good thing when your house is made of glass.
  • Nicely put!
  • nicely said
  • What truth,not a murderer,never married so what six kids w/four different women,I'm white and know men and women with multiple kids with each a different partner.Despite want may have gone on in Ray's younger years he was not found guilty,no prison time so he has found God if we were talking about tebow everyone would be so proud of how he turned his life around.Welker's old lady needs to take a long look in the mirror before casting stones.Give Lewis his due he is one of the best LB's of all time and one of the best players of all time,so sorry he's black maybe he should do a Michael Jackson and bleach his skin because thats what the real supject is and I as a white man am disgusted with the whole thing,in this time period and today of all days we have jackasses talking crap about a black man that has found his way,what you see with Ray is what you get he speaks from the heart and keeps his faith on his chest,he is a good man despite what these inbread rednecks say and that includes Welkers wife,everyone should take a page from Lewis's playbook and find a better life and soul,so to all haters out there no matter what Ray or anyone says you will still HATE a sucessful person who has overcome heavy odds to be a great player,man and most of all person.Suck on that you hatefull bastards and bitches,just remember look in the mirror before talking crap about someone else!!
  • Factsb4judging and others like you,are you guys or girls really that ignorant? If that's all you got to say well SHUT THE H--- UP and do your race proud and cut out your tongue,because you are successful doesn't keep you from knowing GOD you JERK!!!
  • And that is how you silence HATERS in that order,Point Blank Period!!!!
  • Race shouldn't cloud judgment of a person's true qualities,Horns12 and myself are really trying to get IGNORANT PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF RACE,COLOR OR CREED TO JUST TAKE A MIRROR AND LOOK IN IT,IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU SEE WELL,EITHER CHANGE IT OR SHUT UP!!!!
  • It's been 13 years. Obviously they have nothing or they would have proceeded to prosecute. Her boy dropped the ball, not Ray or anybody else that plays for the Ravens. Get over it haters. Your team lost. Nobody talks about Rothlesburger's alleged rapes when they win. He's another golden boy who may not be so golden either but nobody remembers his mistakes.
    I just think it's funny that the Pats need their women to fight their battles for them!
  • Is this Suky Jones..Crazy Horse Saloon?
  • Suky Jones?
  • Because the Patriot players do not have any balls. By the Ray Lewis is going to the Superbowl. GO RAVENS!!!
  • she may have been correct with her response,but what does that have to do with the lost football game? I am sorry you wont get that extra money, but it is your husband who is a good football,player what do you play? sounds like you're a hater.
  • Because there is more to Ray Lewis than what she posted. We all have things in our past we are not proud of. I was a Ray Lewis hater after reading the specifics of the shooting he clearly was involved in. But over the years I have learned to respect him as a player and as a person. Why? Because he has given so much back. I don't know if the run in with the law scared him or what, but he took full advantage of the second chance. He has done so much with charities and his community that he should be commended for turning a really bad negative into such a positive. He clearly has cleaned up his act, as that is the last legal run in with the law he had, and since then his actions have been stellar (other than maybe so many wives, but that is not criminal). The charity work he has done will continue as he has established long term associations that benefit children and person's in need in his community. Also, look at the positive influence he has on his teammates. He has become much more than what Mrs. Welker posted.
  • Apparently, she didn't watch the trial all those years ago. I did and none of the three of those men, including Ray Lewis, should have even been charged. By the end of the trial it was pretty clear who had the knife and did the stabbing. Lewis pled guilty to a lesser charge on the advice of counsel, if he had not, he would have also been found not guilty. Welker is a great football player who will probably not be a Patriot next year because of his drops in that game. She is just angry, but she needs to understand when to keep her thoughts to herself. As far as his children, he may have 6, but unlike so many others, he supports them and is a father to them. In todays world of young women who are willing to "put it out there" and become "baby mamas" to anything that comes around just so they can have a boyfriend and society thinks this is okay, at least these children are cared for by their father!
  • Its called a sore Loser. and a piece of Sh** comment. hate when people oo that. they sit there and talk all that **** then apologize the next day. BS. too late. we now know how u feel about ray lewis. the bitch aint sorry
  • Bee-otch needs to look in her own "backyard." Tommy-Boy Brady has a "baby-mamma" who won't talk to him, and won't let him see his own kid. Rodney Harrison was suspended for using HGH a couple of years ago, and at least one current member of the Patriots has a police record, Leigh Bodden, who tried to play "tough guy" with the cops when he got a traffic ticket a couple of years back.
    Also, what about the cheating scandal (stealing opposing team's signals) that the Patriots were involved in a couple of years ago, and how many of their super bowl wins can we attribute to that?
    The point is, and I'm not defending Ray Lewis here, everybody and every team has some sort of "blemish." Lewis, for as much as we may not like him, was acquitted by a jury of his peers. For whatever each of us thinks individually, the court said he was not guilty.
    I can understand Mrs Welker being disappointed. But, tweeting something like that is beyond the pale. Especially mentioning his kids, They should be kept out of whatever "cat-fight" she's having, with whomever she's having it. Because of that, I hope that her husband and whatever team he plays for, never wins a super bowl again.
  • typical pats fan , wife . sore losers .
  • true true
  • I'm tired of people saying what is on their mind and then immediately appologizing. Say what you mean- mean what you say. Thats how I was raised at least. I believe her comments were right on and that she was forced to appologize. If she was not Welker's wife the comment would not have made news and she would have stood by her words. We do have a thing called freedom of speech in this country. No one should have to have to take back their words, especially if they mean them.
  • If you are going to reply to people at least learn how to spell a*hole
  • Again what language is this?
  • think camilo might be a tard
  • naplirick can't spell.
  • Camilo, WTH are Republicants? Are you as dumb as you look or do you look as dumb as you are? If you're gonna post at least use a spell check you idiot. If you want to be taken seriously learn how to spell, use punctuation, and stop all those run on sentences.

    I could care less who won the AFC Championship I just wish Ray Lewis would shut the hell up...his diarrhea of the mouth gets a little overbearing. Plus he really knows how to "put on the dog" when the cameras are on him...and he knows where the cameras are at all times. What a clown.
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