Johnny JamBoogie, don’t quit your day job

Johnny “I’m not starting a Football Game” Manziel will not be the Browns starting quarterback, at least initially, but luckily he has other endeavors to keep him busy: I fear that Manziel is going to become the new Peyton Manning. Off the field, that is, taking whatever endorsement deal is thrown at him. If he’s not going to make it as a QB though (and we know that is yet...
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August 28, 2014  |  Discuss

Oreo’s Lick Races are incredibly pointless

We’re a fan of Oreo’s marketing. In fact, they’re usually on the short list of companies who we think do an admirable job when it comes to advertising, particularly through social media and reacting to current events. Unfortunately, their Lick Race concept is just too bad to ignore. If you check out Oreo’s YouTube page, you’ll find a ton of videos where different people...
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August 26, 2014  |  Discuss

Rob Schneider reprises “making copies” SNL character in State Farm ad

Steve and Sandy, making copies! Rob Schneider is back as The Richmeister from SNL in a new ad for State Farm. The king of nicknames dishes out plenty in this 30-second spot which even includes a nice ode to the past by using the familiar names Steve and Sandy. Unfortunately, SNL clips can be pretty hard to find these days. Hulu placed copyright claims on just about everything and...
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August 24, 2014  |  Discuss

Mall commercial may make your ears bleed

There’s bad singing and then there’s whatever this is in a local ad for a mall in St. Joseph, Missouri. Apparently the mall decided to market all of their stores and Back to School products by allowing their employees to sing. Big mistake. If you didn’t smash your computer in order to get that awful noise to stop, let’s take a moment to discuss this. We fully expect local...
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August 19, 2014  |  Discuss

The strange Saved By the Bell Movie promo

Have you seen the promo for the unofficial Saved By the Bell movie? If not, it’s a bizarre 30 seconds. You’ve probably heard the story of what allegedly took place behind the scenes on Saved By the Bell. Now there’s an unofficial movie which takes actors who kind of resemble the old cast and place them in a movie which appears to have all of the color sucked out of it. Weird.
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August 18, 2014  |  Discuss

Alleged jewelry ad from India says you can’t pick your husband, but you can pick your jewelry

This is going to get the Internet buzzing. A post on Reddit details that the photo above is a jewelry ad from India. Next to the picture of the charming couple is some copy which awkwardly reiterates the lack of women’s rights in other countries as well as the topic of arranged marriages. If you can’t make it out, here’s what it says: “I did not choose my husband, but I can...
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August 16, 2014  |  Discuss

Awful Classics: When Party Poker ads ruled the TV

It wasn’t long ago that commercials for online poker dominated the airwaves. If you flipped on ESPN, you were met with ads for Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker and of course the crappiest one of them all, Party Poker. Party Poker was one of the most popular poker sites out of the gate, but it was soon surpassed as its competitors developed better programming...
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August 12, 2014  |  Discuss

Fruit of the Loom celebrates Back to School season with horrible dancing

Here’s a Fruit of the Loom ad you probably never want to see again. In an effort to celebrate the fact it’s Back to School season, Fruit of the Loom shows a woman awkwardly dancing. It’s probably pretty accurate that parents are thrilled to send their kids back to school, but is this supposed to make us want to buy Fruit of the Loom products? She certainly has awkward mom...
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August 10, 2014  |  Discuss

The infuriating McDonald’s Jalapeno Double Eco-nom-nom-nomics ad

Once upon a time, nom was a word you only occasionally saw online while browsing cute pictures of animals or you may have heard while watching a video of the Cookie Monster. The word has since grown in popularity and is now used in normal, yet annoying, conversations as well as ads for McDonald’s. It’s supposed to be a cute way of saying something is delicious, but it usually...
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August 07, 2014  |  Discuss

Scottie Pippen forgets Michael Jordan in Foot Locker ad

Who is the greatest player in Chicago Bulls history? That depends on whether you have short term memory or not. Scottie Pippen’s answer is Scottie Pippen.
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August 05, 2014  |  Discuss

Froot Loops ad with Super Maro Bros. has one big mistake

This Froot Loops ad where two parents enjoy a bowl of cereal and video games after their children go to sleep is actually pretty good. It’s not annoying, it has a fun message and it probably rings the nostalgia bell for a lot of viewers. Unfortunately, it has one mistake which is tough to overlook if you know anything about the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Did you catch...
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August 04, 2014  |  Discuss

Youtube users destroy Bret Michaels’ Nissan ad

If you’ve ever wandered through a Youtube video’s comment section, you quickly realized it’s a cesspool of vile, ignorant and insane thoughts. In some situations, such as Bret Michael’s Nissan ad, you find some real gems among the crazy. Here’s the four-minute remake of Endless Love titled Tough Love, featuring Nissan vehicles. There’s a good chance that you may have...
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August 03, 2014  |  Discuss

Video: Ray Hudson stars in Dairy Queen commercial

Ray Hudson, one of the best and most entertaining announcers in all of sports, has taken his talents to Dairy Queen. The verbal gymnast (as his Twitter bio correctly proclaims) expresses absolute joy over the wondrous, magisterial Chips Ahoy! Blizzard from DQ. The world needs more Ray Hudson.
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July 29, 2014  |  Discuss

Value City Furniture makes us hate the word “Chaise”

“Chaise” probably isn’t a word you use on a daily basis. In regards to chaise lounges, you probably opt for words such as couch, chair or thing where people only occasionally sit because they’re usually pretty uncomfortable and placed in rooms where no one sits. Courtesy of Value City Furniture, here’s another reason why you should remove “chaise” from your extended...
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July 27, 2014  |  Discuss

This Wheat Thins commercial does not fly

I get that trying to pitch Wheat Thins cannot be the easiest job. I mean, come on. They’re crackers that don’t really go with anything. That being said – why make a commercial that makes no sense about crackers that make no sense? Nevermind, I think I answered my own question.
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July 20, 2014  |  Discuss

Old Spice’s robot on the beach commercial is pretty creepy

Old Spice may have given us a creepy glimpse of the future with their robot on the beach commercial. As we all cautiously prepare for the inevitable reign of Skynet, Old Spice insists on showing us this horrifying humanoid basically crushing a woman to death. The description of the ad points out that Old Spice can make robots smell like humans. No, Old Spice! That’s a horrible...
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July 20, 2014  |  Discuss

Awful Classics: Call up the New Kids on the Block

Nothing quite says the ’90s like New Kids on the Block and phone numbers which start with 1-900. This incredibly awful trip down nostalgia lane combines those two ideas as the New Kids urge you to call their 1-900 number in order to join their fan club. So much ’90s, so little time. We can’t even keep count of how many New Kids songs are mentioned during this 30-second spot...
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July 14, 2014  |  Discuss

NFL players want to be in charge of your lady business

The 1992 Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills would like to talk to you about abortion. So they are going to use dumb football analogies to do so. Joe Gibbs opens this video talking nonsense about some controversial call that was reversed, so good for the Buffalo Bills, which “gave them a second life.” Gibbs then says, “if only we had an instant replay on abortion.” That...
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July 12, 2014  |  Discuss

Anti-gambling ad backfires due to Germany-Brazil blowout

If you’re going to make an anti-gambling ad, you probably shouldn’t make betting on sports look attractive. Unfortunately, this anti-gambling ad looks pretty silly following Germany’s domination of Brazil. The ad above shows two children talking with the one stating his dad bet all of his savings on Germany. Great bet Dad!  
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July 09, 2014  |  Discuss

Commercial for Pawnography is probably as dumb as the show

Remember when the History Channel actually had programming about history? Your answer will vary depending on your age, but the channel has all but abandoned programming with any sort of educational value for quite some time. The closest thing to historic discussions may be on Pawn Stars when they’re analyzing (Hold on, I’ve got a guy that’s an expert on that) a given item....
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July 06, 2014  |  Discuss

Know Your Demo: Doritos Loaded from 7-11 edition

Quick – Come up with an ad for a new Doritos item which is filled with warm, melted cheese and is primarily sold at 7-11. If you took a stab at the target demo for this new product, you’d probably come up with something like this: It’s a dumb ad, but odds are that this ad isn’t meant for you unless you’re a bit loaded yourself. Loud colors, even louder noises and an overuse...
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July 03, 2014  |  Discuss

Progressive’s “The Birds and the Bundles” is so dumb

Progressive has deemed it necessary to explain to you how you can connect and bundle your auto and home insurance. Evidently the best way to do that it through something called “The Birds and the Bundles” which gives some strange sexual innuendo between a car and a garage. Only Progressive, the King/Queen of annoying and bizarre commercials, would try and explain their services...
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June 29, 2014  |  Discuss

Kit Kat’s commercial with an air horn is irritating

Kit Kat has deployed plenty of annoying songs and noises in their commercials. Most fall into the tune of their “Give Me a Break” tune, but that’s not enough to save them from producing plenty of headaches. Here’s one of their latest where someone thought it’d be a good idea to blare an air horn through your TV. The commercial is pretty annoying as is even without the...
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June 25, 2014  |  Discuss

Samsung Arabia doesn’t know Landon Donovan isn’t at the World Cup

If you’re going to wish players at the World Cup good luck, you probably should make sure they’re actually competing. Samsun Arabia sent out an embarassing Tweet wishing Landon Donovan and Team USA the best in Brazil. The obvious problem is that Donovan isn’t on the USA roster. Oops!   They also attached this weird photo which makes about as much sense as wishing Donovan...
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June 22, 2014  |  Discuss

Hello Flo is back with another ad about that time of the month

You might remember this ad from Hello Flo which featured a young girl at summer camp dishing out advice about that time of the month. It was a huge hit and to date has racked up almost eight million views on YouTube. Hello Flo is back and this time they’re tackling a different problem. Two lessons to learn here: 1. Periods don’t have to be a subject everyone ignores. As Hello...
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June 22, 2014  |  Discuss
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