Chris Mortensen Bails On WEEI Appearance

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was scheduled to appear on this morning’s Dennis and Callahan/Minihane show, but cancelled in the wee hours of the morning. WEEI said that Mortensen sent in the following message: “You guys made a mistake by drumming up business for the show and how I would address my reporting for the first time, I will not allow WEEI, Kraft or anybody to make me the...
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A Reminder About John “Rollo” Tomase…

“Rollo Tomasi’s the reason I became a cop. I wanted to catch the guys who thought they could get away with it. It was supposed to be about justice.” – Ed Exley (Guy Pearce), “LA Confidential” This is the lede question in Peter King’s Mailbag today: WHERE’S BELICHICK’S SUSPENSION? With all the recent talk of Deflategate focusing on Tom Brady, I’d like to revisit...
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The Flat Balls Society

By Dan Snapp Peter King in successive weeks: July 13th: “My best guess: Officials will chart the weights of all footballs before the game, then spot-check some at halftime and after the game.” July 20th: “Basically, depending on which physics expert you believe, it’s either a stretch to think the Patriots’ footballs deflated as much as they did by halftime of the game...
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Lies, Damn Lies, and NFL Leaks

The NFL has controlled the flow of information since the start of this whole Tom Brady football psi nightmare. Through their media leaks and through the Wells Investigation, the NFL has systematically manipulated matters to lead the public towards one conclusion: Tom Brady – perhaps the face of the league, the posterboy for what the NFL should want to represent, is a cheater. Why...
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My Offer Is Nothing

Roger Goodell: I want your answer and the money by noon tomorrow. And one more thing. Don’t you contact me again, ever. From now on, you deal with Vincent. Tom Brady: Commissioner? You can have my answer now, if you like. My final offer is this: nothing. Not even the fine for non-cooperation, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally. Everything comes back to The...
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The Character of Chris Mortensen

Guest post from Mike Walsh. Wondering when Roger Goodell will air the next episode in the league office’s embarrassing DeflateGate drama pales in comparison to wondering when the Chris Mortensen character will make another cameo, especially since he may have played the biggest role in this entire affair. This stupid story has been going on for so long and has had so many aspects...
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That Song By Queen And David Bowie

Come on. You know what song I’m talking about. As Roger Goodell and his NFL ilk try to figure out the ruling on Tom Brady’s appeal with the smallest amount of P.R. damage, it’s time to bring up the one aspect of this foolishness that hasn’t been called into question: The NFL has to ditch the football inflation rule. Listen, they can do whatever they want with the Brady appeal...
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Sox Ready For Second Half Surge?

The Red Sox begin the post-All Star break portion of their schedule tonight in Anaheim. Pawtucket Red Sox play-by-play voice Josh Maurer will call the games for NESN in this series and the following one in Houston, as Don Orsillo is on his scheduled (mandated) in-season break. Red Sox Beat: A look at 5 guesses for Sox’ second half – Michael Silverman has some interesting predictions...
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The old Fenway Park taunt of Roger Clemens seems appropriate here as we await NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s ruling on the appeal of Tom Brady. The rumblings have been that Goodell could issue his ruling today, which would be just perfect for Goodell, as this is the so-called “deadest day in sports” and Roger can have the spotlight of the entire sports world all to himself...
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Wednesday In July

A scattering of observations, thoughts and opinion for a week many people are on vacation… The Red Sox are continuing to creep back to respectability, though that could all go out the window in the next few days as Rick Porcello takes the mound tonight, and then the AL East-leading Yankees come to town for the weekend. We’ll know quite a bit more about this  team by the time...
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Red Sox Showing Signs Of Life

Winners of seven out of their last ten games, the Red Sox are showing some life here as we approach the last week before the All Star Game. At 39-45, things aren’t great, they’ve still got major issues with guys like Rick Porcello and Mike Napoli, but slowly, things are improving. The talks shows must feel good, they’ve been able to bring out all their old material on the Dominican...
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Boston’s Other Sports Stars

Boston’s contributions to sports history are hard to ignore. Names like Bill Russell, Larry Bird, David Ortiz, Bobby Orr, Tom Brady and Ted Williams have set records and made contributions to their respective games that will endure forever; in doing so they have made Boston sports fans some of the most loyal in the world. The superstars of Boston sports have set the bar for...
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Mind. Blown.

“I have come to appreciate the strength of Roger’s character that causes him to rise higher than the ethics of the current environment that all to often seeks to justify and defend indefensible acts.” Troy Vincent on Roger Goodell “Somebody has to protect the integrity of the game,” Vincent said. “That’s my responsibility, to protect and preserve the competitive fairness...
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Just Another Sunday For The Globe

Yesterday’s Sunday Boston Globe was AWESOME. If you’re into marveling at a lack of self-awareness, I guess. We’ll start with the top story: Baseball pitchers want a better grip, not a competitive advantage Oh, the irony. baseball players would rather not cheat, but they’re FORCED to because of the slickness of the ball. Everyone does it. They joke about it. The column (by...
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Area GM Criticized For Selecting Player In Draft

I’ll be honest. I didn’t see guard Terry Rozier (Louisville) as the Celtics first pick last night. I didn’t see them staying where they were in the draft. I didn’t see them making all four picks, and none of them being stashable Euros. Then again, I am not the president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics. Danny Ainge is, and he made the decisions last night....
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More Corrupt – FIFA or NFL?

It’s hard to imagine a sports organization more corrupt and lacking integrity than FIFA, but Roger Goodell and the NFL seem determined to give the Fédération Internationale de Football Association a run for its money. When someone like Mike Florio is making statements like Goodell Underling(s) Were Out to Get the Patriots you know things are out of control. (It’d be nice if...
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Ted Wells Is A Cheater, And Other Monday Thoughts

As we prepare for the Tom Brady appeal tomorrow, I’m hoping the irony isn’t lost on people that, in trying to prove that Brady and the Patriots were cheating, Ted Wells and his team, (Exponent) cheated by presenting incomplete and misleading results from their scientific analysis. I honestly have no idea what is going to happen at the appeal tomorrow. The way this thing has gone...
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Sox Still Scuffling, Patriots on Vacation

Braves 5, Red Sox 2: Minor lapses add up to an eighth loss in nine games – Tim Britton looks at the latest Red Sox loss which included a John Farrell ejection. John Farrell needs to be tougher on Red Sox players – Peter Abraham says that the manager needs to be more like Bill Belichick when he had Malcolm Butler sit out OTA practices. Wait, no, he doesn’t actually say that…...
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Red Sox Don’t Lose.

The Red Sox finally got back into the win column yesterday, scoring a 9-4 win over the Atlanta Braves at Fenway Park. Brock Holt was the star, playing second base in place of Dustin Pedroia and hitting for the cycle in the victory. Boston Red Sox should have identified Brock Holt as an everyday player before signing Hanley Ramirez – Christopher Smith thinks that the team should’ve...
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June 15th, And The Red Sox Season Is Over

It sure feels that way, doesn’t it? School’s not out yet, but Red Sox done – Scott Lauber has the team out of contention before they can even launch their “Calling all kids” campaign in earnest. It’s time for the Red Sox to call for a changeup – Chris Gasper says “We’re officially in Bobby Valentine, avert-your-eyes territory, people.” Red Sox’ chosen path...
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Quick – which is the bigger story: A) David Ortiz benched again against a lefthanded pitcher amidst a deep slump. B) Malcom Butler has to sit out offseason field drills in June for a few days because his flight was cancelled. Based on reaction yesterday, it was B, definitely B. What does that say about the state of the Red Sox and Patriots, respectively? For all the insistence...
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Is The BuzzFeed Era At Over?

When the separation of and was made, it seemed the aim of was to become something of a buzzfeed clone. A whole lot of clickbait, not a lot of substance. Over the last year, many changes have been made. Bloggers have been let go. More recently the layout of the site has been undergoing changes – right now if you want to read Chad Finn’s latest...
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Free-Form Friday

A couple of media columns to lead things off this Friday: Bob Neumeier has a rooting interest in Triple Crown – Chad Finn has the CSNNE anchor and NBC horse racing expert back in the saddle and ready for the Belmont Stakes. Mark Jackson analyzing, not coaching these NBA Finals – Bill Doyle has the ESPN/ABC analyst in the position of calling a championship round for a team that...
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Red Sox Still In Deep Hole, But Rodriguez Offers Hope

The Red Sox split a doubleheader with the Minnesota Twins yesterday, but the biggest story of the day was the performance of Eduardo Rodriguez in the first game. Coming off his ultra-impressive major league debut in Texas, the young lefty was equally as impressive yesterday, going seven innings, allowing two hits, one run and striking out seven. Eduardo Rodriguez gives desperately...
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Changing Things Up A Little

So, as you can see, things look a little different around here. The design I had been using had been in place since 2008, I believe. This is not a finished product, however. For one thing, the comment section is not working at the moment. I’ve got a ticket in to troubleshoot that, and hopefully that will be resolved. I still need to move some things around in the sidebars and after...
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