The Case for Tyvon Branch

Should the Eagles go after Tyvon Branch?Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images A few days ago I wrote about possible trade targets for the Eagles as well as under honorable mentions I had players I would be watching for if they got released. Well, the one I personally hoped would get released, did. On Feb 18th the Oakland Raiders asked safety Tyvon Branch to take a pay cut after two injury...
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February 27, 2015  |  Discuss

Possible Trade Targets For Eagles

Possible trade target? Photo: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports I have spent some time looking around the web and reading mock drafts to get an idea of who certain fans want their respective teams to try and trade or release. No the Dolphins aren’t trading Dion Jordan. This is a list of realistic targets the Eagles could possibly consider. I AM IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM SAYING I...
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February 25, 2015  |  Discuss

Free Agents That Could Interest the Eagles

Davon House could be a main target for the Eagles. AP Photo/Mike Roemer Before the NFL Draft takes place, there’s this crazy time period between March 10th and mid-April called “free agency.”  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  It’s a time when mediocre players get paid like studs and studs get paid like Gods. Much of the attention right now is on the NFL Combine, the upcoming...
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February 19, 2015  |  Discuss

2015 Eagles Mock Draft With Trades Involving Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy

In the immortal words of Dee Snider from Twisted Sister: “I Wanna Mock!”  Or was that “Rock!”?  Meh, mock, rock…doesn’t matter, I like to do both but since this is an Eagles blog I suppose we’ll just stick to the mock for now. The NFL season is officially over so it’s time to start really focusing on free agency and, of course, the draft.  Doing a mock draft before...
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February 12, 2015  |  Discuss

What New Contracts for Maclin, Kendricks and Cox Might Look Like

Photo: Chris Szagola/AP Jeremy Maclin is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent while Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks will be eligible to receive contract extensions.  These are three important contract situations that the Eagles must address this offseason. They don’t have to extend Cox and Kendricks but it would behoove them to do so.  They are good young talent and...
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February 07, 2015  |  Discuss

Free Agency and Looming Decisions Will Quickly Test Eagles’ New Power Structure

Photo:David Maialetti/ The Eagles’ new front office power structure will face an early test in just over a month.  If things remain status quo between now and March 10th, we’ll get to see pretty quickly how Chip Kelly, Ed Marynowitz and Howie Roseman work together once the bell rings at the start of free agency. As we now know, Kelly and Marynowitz will be in charge...
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February 04, 2015  |  Discuss

Who Should the Eagles Draft?

As of Super Bowl Sunday, the Eagles currently sit at number 20 on the NFL’s first round draft board. However, whether they remain there is another story. Reports from multiple NFL circles indicate that Chip Kelly is not satisfied with going into 2015 with Nick Foles as his starter, and may be interested in bringing Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota on board. Kelly was himself famously...
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February 04, 2015  |  Discuss

Lessons to Take Away From Eagles’ 2014 Season

Whether you saw the Philadelphia Eagles live at Lincoln Financial Field thanks to, or just watched the season play out from the comfort of your couch, it’s an unfortunate fact that the 2014 Eagles season was a bittersweet affair. It’s not often that a team goes 10-6 and still misses the playoffs, but that was the unfortunate truth for Chip Kelly’s squad in 2014...
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January 31, 2015  |  Discuss

Who Are the Eagles’ MVPs?

10 wins is a major accomplishment for an NFL season, but it’s a bittersweet one for the 2014 Eagles because it didn’t bring about a postseason berth. That’s life in the rough and tumble NFC, folks. Nevertheless, there was a lot to like about this Eagles team in 2014. Here are three team MVPs who deserve special mention.   LeSean McCoy was his usual stellar self this year...
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January 31, 2015  |  Discuss

Five Great Plays In Philadelphia Eagles History

When you’ve been around since 1933, like the Philadelphia Eagles have, you’re going to have a mile’s worth of highs and lows. And though those lows may be excruciatingly low, those highs are even more impossibly high. Once you’re done buying great Philadelphia Eagles tickets over at, take a trip down memory lane with us. Here are five of the greatest plays in...
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January 30, 2015  |  Discuss

“Super” Reasons Eagles Need a First Round QB

Being that it’s Super Bowl week and that the Eagles’ biggest topic of discussion is about the QB position, I thought this would be a good time to look at some stats and history as it relates to quarterbacks and the Big Game. Please note that this article is not about the Eagles drafting Marcus Mariota in particular as much as it’s about them taking the plunge on a first-round...
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January 29, 2015  |  Discuss

Eagles News and Rumors Galore Regarding the QB Position

Photo: Matthew Emmons/USA Today There have been multiple rumors surface recently regarding the Eagles and their QB situation so I felt compelled to break them down one by one.  But remember, these are rumors, not reports. The first “big” one to pop up came from Mark Eckel of where he heard that “a person familiar with the Eagles’ offseason plans says the team ...
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January 22, 2015  |  Discuss

Moves Eagles Could Make to Mitigate “Giving up the Farm” For Marcus Mariota

Change to an Eagles uniform and Lombardi Trophy! Photo from Are you worried about the Eagles “mortgaging the future” in order to trade up for Marcus Mariota in the draft?  Well, let’s take a look at how the Eagles could prepare for such a scenario if the offseason was centered around getting Mariota. As you may know by now, I’m all aboard the “whatever it takes”...
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January 16, 2015  |  Discuss

Eagles Should Trade Up for Marcus Mariota: The “Why”, the “How” and Past Precedent

Should the Eagles trade up for Marcus Mariota?  That is the million dollar question that will be debated endlessly until draft day. It’s a fun topic because it is one that seems to be mostly divided between three groups: The “whatever it takes” group, the “it’s just not realistic” group, and the “no way would I give up the farm” group. The “whatever it takes...
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January 09, 2015  |  Discuss

Chip Kelly Must Make the Right Choice on Personnel Guy

Chip Kelly better pray he makes the right decision. AP Photo/Michael Perez Chip Kelly has now officially been handed the keys to the Eagles’ franchise.  His next move is to hire what’s initially being termed as a “personnel executive” to help him scout talent in both free agency and the draft. It’s unclear whether this person will be titled as “General Manager” or...
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January 05, 2015  |  Discuss

Chip Kelly in Charge of Personnel: The Good, the Bad, the Questions

Photo credit unknown After the surprise firing of Tom Gamble on New Years Eve, all the talk surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles was that of front office disharmony and a power struggle between Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman. Then, around 2:00pm EST yesterday, Pro Football Talk set Twitter and talk radio on fire by tweeting this out… Plugged-in league source senses there could be...
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January 03, 2015  |  Discuss

How Chip Kelly Can Sway Things Back to His Favor

The recent news of Tom Gamble, the Eagles’ VP of Player Personnel, being fired came as a bit of a shock.  To me, it’s also more than just a shock, it could very well be a sign that Chip Kelly’s time in Philly could be short. After reading the numerous reports and insights of several Eagles beat writers, I’ve come away fairly convinced that this move was about a power struggle...
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January 02, 2015  |  Discuss

How About Josh Gordon or Torrey Smith For the Eagles?

We all know that the Philadelphia Eagles’ biggest needs are in the secondary.  And yes, they need to resign Jeremy Maclin and determine if they’re rolling with Nick Foles in 2015. But, there is another argument that even if we resign Maclin, we could use an upgrade at the No. 2 Wide Receiver position. My guess is that they’ll want to keep Jordan Matthews in the slot as much...
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December 31, 2014  |  Discuss

After 2 Years of the Chip Kelly Era, Eagles Have the Same Questions

Photo: USA Today Images Chip Kelly is about to enter his third offseason as Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  While his system and culture are starting to take root, he still has the same two biggest issues to resolve as he did upon taking over… Who his Quarterback will be and giving the Secondary another major overhaul. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie was interviewed yesterday...
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December 29, 2014  |  Discuss

Chip Kelly’s Eagles: Why the Offensive Stats Don’t Match Observation

Photo: Lori M. Nichols/South Jersey Times Eagles coach Chip Kelly seemed to be somewhat snippy in his last press conference.  He was being pressed about the overall problems with the team but kept making it a point that he was only focused on the Giants this week. I suppose he has to be but the rest of Philadelphia has transitioned into offseason mode. One of Kelly’s responses...
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December 23, 2014  |  Discuss

Eagles’ Most Optimistic Path to Super Bowl XLIX

Did I just mention “Eagles” and “Super Bowl” in the same sentence without the words “not going” in it?  Yes, yes I did.  And no, I won’t put the pipe down! After the most completely and utterly deflating loss of the season last week, just about all of the talk around Philly has been negative and bitter.  And rightfully so after watching the Eagles lose two big games...
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December 20, 2014  |  Discuss

Eagles Are Multiple Pieces Away From Being a Legitimate Contender

Photo: David Mailetti/ After watching the gut-wrenching loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night, it has become crystal clear that Chip Kelly’s Eagles have a ways to before being a legitimate championship contender. As I’ve pointed out a few weeks ago, Chip’s Eagles just cannot compete against the upper echelon teams in the NFL.  They’ve proven that over and...
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December 15, 2014  |  Discuss

Eagles vs. Cowboys Part II: Dispelling a Few Myths

Photo: Leading up to this week’s Eagles-Cowboys rematch, sports radio talk and Twitter chatter has focused on a few extraneous factors that some people believe favor Dallas in this game.  In other words, some fans and hosts of these sports talk shows think the Eagles could lose merely based on these non-football-related variables. The biggest one seems...
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December 13, 2014  |  Discuss

Eagles vs. Cowboys Preview: 5 Questions With Chat Sport’s Tom Downey

Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports The Eagles are set to play the Cowboys for the second time in three weeks.  As you know, LeSean McCoy and the Eagles defense had quite a feast on Thanksgiving. Will things be different this time around?  To help gain some insight from the enemy, I posed five questions to Tom Downey who helps cover the Cowboys for Chat Sports. I also answered five questions...
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December 12, 2014  |  Discuss

Jason Kelce With Some #Analysis and an Updated Playoff Outlook

  AP Photo/Matt Rourke If there’s one thing we can all agree on after the debacle against Seattle, it’s Eagles Center Jason Kelce’s assessment of the play by his offense: Jason Kelce: "I woudn't necessarily call this one ‘competing’ on offense. We sh-t the bed pretty much as much as you could." — Geoff Mosher (@GeoffMosherCSN) December 8, 2014 After investing several...
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December 08, 2014  |  Discuss
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