Opinion: No Way Jose

I woke up to the news this morning of the reported (and now confirmed) trade of Troy Tulowitzki to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes. There, of course, are others involved but for Mets purposes, it is Tulo for Jose. The trade put an end to one major question – will the Mets be able to acquire Tulo? – and started another major question – Can the Mets reacquire Reyes? The way I see...
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The NLeast You Should Know Vol 2.11

The Mets begin this week with the largest deficit between themselves and the first place Nationals but they do have a little bit of momentum after taking two of three from the Dodgers in Los Angeles. After bring swept by the Cubs at home, the Mets packed up, flew across the country and won a game started by Clayton Kershaw. After a Saturday comeback came up short, there was a Sunday...
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The NLeast You Should Know Vol 2.10

Photo: NY Mets It is quite fitting that the Mets ended the month of June with a 1-0 loss at the hands of the Chicago Cubs. That score told the story of the entire month and much of the regular season, to date – awesome pitching (even from Jon Niese!) and awful hitting. The Mets ended the month where they began it, in second place in the National League East but this time they...
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The gang’s all here

So the gang’s all here… at least anyone from the minors that can have a significant impact this year. The New York Mets announced yesterday that there will be an announcement today (?), yes weird we know. Bottom line is that Steven Matz will be joining the Major League rotation, most likely making his first big league start on Sunday. We do not know officially what will happen...
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Don’t steal pieces from the puzzle

The New York Mets are one move away. We hear it all the time. “Go get a bat! This team can’t score runs!” This statement holds merit. “Go get Todd Frazier! He can fill the shoes of David Wright! Who knows what Wright will wind up doing? We need to think ahead!” This statement is not far fetched. “We need to trade for Troy Tulowitzki! We need a shortstop!! Wilmer Flores...
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The NLEast You Should Know Vol. 2.9

photo © 2013 slgckgc, Flickr By the skin of their teeth, the New York Mets have held on to their lead in the National League East after a .500 week at Citi Field. They began last week with a slim half-game lead over the Washington Nationals and after both teams posted 3-3 records, they begin this week with the same lead. The club was a double-play ball away from a weekend sweep...
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The NLEast You Should Know Vol 2.8

Despite fielding a lineup that would struggle in Triple-A, and only managing a 3-4 record for the week, the New York Mets have found themselves back in first place in the National League East. It’s debatable whether the pitching staff or the Nationals deserve more credit for the jump in the standings but take it for what it is. As we start the second week in June, the Mets began...
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Pitching should trump all

Pitching. It is clear that this team is built around pitching. As obvious as the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening is that the Mets are a team that is all-in with their terrific young pitchers. The issue here is not depth, but who is above who on the depth chart. The Mets were planning on going to a 6-man rotation all offseason, acknowledging their goal of cutting...
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The NLeast You Should Know Vol 2.7

Photo: NY Mets The New York Mets were able to make up two games on the Washington Nationals and begin a West Coast trip just one half game behind the division leaders. Let’s take a look at how things played out in the National League East over the last week. Here is how the division looked on Tuesday, May 26th… Washington  27-18New York  25-21  2.5 GB Atlanta  22-22  4...
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The NLEast You Should Know Vol 2.6

Photo: NY Mets   As the calendar moves past Memorial Day, it is the first official checkpoint for the 2015 Major League Baseball season. By now, we have an idea of how good teams are and how poor they may be. There is still plenty of time to get better or worse, but by now, you are who you are. In this version of The NLEast You Should Know, we’ll take a look at how good teams...
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What would a Troy Tulowitzki trade look like?

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki had a meeting with his agent, Paul Cohen, early last week regarding the All-Star shortstop’s future with the team. The media has reported that Tulowitzki is looking for a way out of Colorado, given their last place start of 13-21 in the National League West division. Troy Tulowitzki is denying the notion that he is looking for a trade...
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The NLeast You Should Know Vol. 2.5

Photo: NY Mets The New York Mets used a 4-1 week to stay in first place and maintain the same distance ahead of the surging Washington Nationals. The club was able to put more distance between themselves and the other three teams in the division. Here is what the standings looked like on Tuesday, May 5th… New York  16-10 Washington 13-14  3.5 GB Atlanta  12-14  4 GB Miami...
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The NLeast You Should Know Vol. 2.4

Photo courtesy of Hazboy (c) 2014. All rights reserved.   The Mets enjoyed a much needed day off on Monday while the rest of the division faced off against each other. That meant that half of the division would gain a half-game on the Mets while the other half would lose that much.  Despite the 2-5 week, the Mets still find themselves in first place and are the only team with...
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Don’t panic, it’s only May 1

While the Mets 15-5 start through 20 games may have been the most surprising start in baseball, what has been less surprising is that the Mets have seemingly come back down to Earth since they won 11 games in a row. After losing a series to the New York Yankees and the Miami Marlins, they dropped another game last night to the Washington Nationals by a score of 8-2. The Mets are...
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The NLeast You Should Know Vol 2.3

Photo: NY Mets The Mets were able to extend their lead in the National League East by virtue of their team-record tying 11 game winning streak, all against East opponents. Despite splitting their last four games, the Mets remain atop the division with the best record in Major League Baseball. Here is how the standings looked on Monday, April 20th… New York  10-3 Atlanta  8-4...
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The old Mets reared their ugly head

Yesterday’s game was bad. There’s no getting around it. In the rubber match of the Subway Series, the New York Mets had four errors in a 6-4 loss to the New York Yankees in the Bronx. Beyond the errors were double plays that should have been turned, base running blunders and the lack of timely hits. We are all too familiar with this, and it’s what we’ve come to know and hate...
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It’s time for the Mets to show their worth

The New York Mets are off to one of the hottest starts in franchise history, beginning the season 10-3, including a three game sweep of archrival Philadelphia Phillies and a four game sweep of the divisional rival Miami Marlins. The last two times the Mets started 10-3 were 1986 and 2006, and all Mets fans know how those seasons finished (damn you, Yadier Molina…). However, ever...
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The NLeast You Should Know Vol. 2.2

Photo: NY Mets The New York Mets put together a memorable week although the memories were both good and bad. It was a week that saw seven victories in seven tries but also saw two more key cogs go down with injuries that will keep the players sidelined for quite some time. The club was able to turn a two game deficit into a 1.5 game lead however with clutch hitting and pitching...
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The New York Mets have a chance to make an early statement

The New York Mets are now 6-3 through the first nine games of the season, and have won their last four. The Mets took two of three from the rival Washington Nationals to open the season and lost two of three to the Atlanta Braves before coming home to sweep the Philadelphia Phillies. The Mets begin a four-game series tonight with the Miami Marlins to finish off their first go-round...
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Mets win proves costly, highlights issues

When does a win not feel like a win? When the pitching staff gives up four home runs and your backup catcher is forced to play a position for the first time in his life. The Mets pulled out a 6-5 victory over the Phillies on Tuesday in what was an up and down start for Matt Harvey. The Dark Knight was brilliant at times, striking out eight over 6.0 innings of work, but surrendered...
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The NLeast You Should Know Vol. 2.1

  Another season brings with it another chance to take a look around the division to see how the Mets stack up against the competition. The first few weeks of the season will give a great look at just that considering the club opened up with division foes and will play the other two in the second week. After one week of the 2015 season here is how the standings look… Atlanta...
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A Storm is Coming…

“There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.” – The Dark Knight Rises Photo: New York Mets As Mets fans eagerly await Opening Day, tonight is a preface to the hype as ESPN releases its recent E:60...
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Can the New York Mets overcome Zack Wheeler’s injury?

By now, everyone has heard the news. Zack Wheeler has a torn UCL and is likely going to get Tommy John surgery and miss the 2015 season. This news is devastating for the New York Mets, who finally had their young promising pitching prospects ready for the big leagues. A top three of Matt Harvery, Zack Wheeler, and Jacob deGrom was up there with any top three in the league. Photo...
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What About Matt Harvey?

A colleague wrote recently that he would like to see anybody but Bartolo Colon on the mound for Opening Day. Terry Collins has made it clear throughout the spring that the honor could fall to anybody but Matt Harvey, which leads to another question: What to do with the Dark Knight? For a while, it appeared that the Mets were going to delay the return of Harvey by a week or so. If...
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Bartolo Colon, Opening Day Starter?

The decision of who starts Opening Day is not a big deal. Really, it’s just a title (and perhaps an honor) and nothing more. In the end, everyone will start the same amount of games whether he pitches in Game 1 or Game 5 of the season (barring an injury of course). With that being said, it’s disappointing to read Adam Rubin’s latest report that the Mets are strongly considering...
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