2015 Fantasy Hockey Commenter Leagues

Hey guys!  The hockey season is only a couple days away and that means time is running out to join, or even better, create, a Razzball Commenter League.  The first league is full but there is still room in the second and we'd like to have multiple drafts that go on Tuesday night before the season starts on Wednesday.  Please follow the steps below to join or create a league to...
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Fantasy Hockey Top 200 Cheat Sheet

People were asking for the rankings to be placed in one list so here you go. The only note is that Marko Dano is starting the season in the AHL (damn you Chicago!), so keep an eye on him to see if he's recalled but he's undraftable in 12-man leagues now.  Hope your drafts go well, look forward to drafting with some of you the next couple nights in RCL's! If you'd like to join...
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Marv vs. Pesos: Pre-Season Truce

In 2016, the Honda Civic will be getting a small redesign; upgradable turbo engine, higher fuel efficiency with a more stylish/sportier look. Now I’m all for saving some money and buying an older model, but with all the benefits that comes with a new car (reliability, new tech, streamlined power, next generation knowledge) would you blame me if I went with the new over the older...
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2015-16 Fantasy Hockey Rankings, Top 200

Hey guys!  The season starts in two weeks, so I wanted to power through these rankings so you have them in time for your upcoming drafts.  I am going to keep the comments to each player shorter than in the past unless it's someone I feel most would be surprised at the ranking, but as always, feel free to ask anything in the comments section below.  I will do these rankings through...
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2015 Fantasy Hockey Razzball Commenter Leagues

Hey guys!  For those of you who have been reading the site for some time, you know that the other fantasy sports do Razzball Commenter Leagues.  They are a way for everyone in the Razzball community to show their skills against each other, talk the sport they're playing and even talk some smack.  It has been a while since there has been a hockey RCL, but we're bringing it back...
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I like Eich

As a Sabres fan, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After two years of tanking, they ended up with Sam Reinhart and more importantly, Jack Eichel.  In the Sabres first preseason game, Eichel showed why he was worth tanking for scoring a shorthanded goal and adding an assist.  Sabres coach Dan Blysma has Eichel currently slated to be the second line center...
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2015-16 Fantasy Hockey Rankings, Top 100

Hey guys, hope your weekend went well! I'm back to get you through the top 100 of my rankings. After this, the player pool is going to thin out pretty quick, especially at goaltender, so this is the range where you should be getting your second goalie if possible.  I'd also make sure to get out of the top 100 with at least one defenseman as the dropoff after the top 13 is pretty...
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Marv vs. Pesos: Targets and Avoids

Marv: My friend Pesos and I are pretty big into hockey (it's a requirement up in Canada). We are very excited for the new hockey season and we hope you are too. Pesos, you’re really sticking with that name eh? Alright, there have been worse names I guess (Maple Leafs). Pesos: Really? With a name like Marv you’re going to chirp me? When did we travel back to 1977? Anyways, the...
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2015-16 Fantasy Hockey Rankings: Top 75

Hello all! I'm back with the next addition of my rankings getting us through the top 75 overall players.  At this point in the draft, you should still be targeting best player available.  While I'm a proponent of waiting on goalies, unless your entire league is reaching for goalies, you're probably best off getting one goalie at some point in the top 75.  At this part of the draft...
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2015-16 Fantasy Hockey Rankings, Top 50

Hello all!  I’m taking over the rest of the fantasy rankings from Polka.  I would have some minor changes to his list, but his rankings are very solid so I will leave them alone and start at number 26.  You can find the top 25 under the rankings tab here.  While you are still targeting the best player available this early in the draft, you have some maneuverability if you’re...
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2015-16 Fantasy Hockey Rankings: Top 20 Defensemen

The second installment of this series will bring us through the top 20 defensemen.  In case you missed it, here is the top-10.  If you didn't end up getting any in the top 10 in your draft, it's important to get at least two players on this list.  If you can only get one, make sure it's someone in the 11-13 range since these three players all have tremendous upside plus a high...
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2015-16 Fantasy Hockey Rankings, Top 10 Defensemen

Hey guys! My first series of articles for Razzball will be on the Top 30 Defensemen in Fantasy Hockey this season.  For years, my basic strategy was to get one top notch defensemen in my drafts and then wait until the later rounds to take high upside guys.  Now, with more teams rolling their top pair for massive minutes, there are a plethora of defensemen worth taking in the middle...
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2015-16 Fantasy Hockey- Top 25

With the Fantasy Hockey- Top 12  players are seemingly interchangeable based on your preferences, the Fantasy Hockey- Top 25 are going to be mixed a bit more. The further on down the road we go everyone’s player list will differ based on scoring systems and personal preferences. 
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2015-16 Fantasy Hockey Top 12

This past offseason there was plenty of intrigue and surprises to go around for everyone; however, the biggest fantasy news and most intriguing of all surprises was Phil Kessel getting traded to Pittsburgh.  The rich got richer, and the immediate benefactor of Toronto ridding itself of its "problem children" is the Penguins' power play unit.  It was only 8th in the NHL last season...
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Down To The Wire: Tracking Games Remaining And Healthy Scratches

It’s Thursday in the final week of the regular season and that means you not only have to keep an eye on how many games each team has left over the next 72 hours, but you also have to track who is riding the pine and the opportunities that may create for streaming success. Oh yes, the brutal reality of those of us in leagues that use the final week of the season as the championship...
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With Streaming Options Dwindling Stanislav Galiev Might Be Worth A Look

At this point in the season the wire has been picked clean and then picked clean again like so many bones days after Thanksgiving. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and an owner who dumped some key guys who had no games remaining last week but lost so they’re still sitting there for you to bolster your roster with in the championship round, but normally there isn’t much to work with...
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It’s Time To Win That Title: Tracking Games Remaining In The Finals

So here we are folks. It’s been a great year and some of you are reading this and feeling just as salty as I am after having been burnt by Pekka Rinne’s horrible week and wondering what might have been otherwise. Ah yes, the fickle mistress of fantasy hockey has lured you in with her siren song with high hopes in October only to dash them on the rocks of despair in April while...
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Dustin Byfuglien Suspended Four Games For Dirty Hit, Now What Do You Do?

If you hadn’t already seen or heard about the hit yet you’re about to get a heavy dose because the league has levied a four game suspension against Dustin Byfuglien today for his brutal cross-check to the back of the head of the Rangers’ J.T. Miller earlier this week. No one can deny it was a dirty play. It happened away from the puck and Miller was completely defenseless...
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Keys To Victory In The Playoffs: Tracking Games Remaining (Midweek Update)

As promised we’re halfway through the week and I’m back with a quick update to help you track games remaining this week for all 30 teams. What? You think Wednesday is halfway through the week? Wrong you are, math majors! I’ll let you figure that one out but in the meantime pay attention. If one of your guys on a team with only a game or two left this week are hurt you have...
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Need Some Blue Line Help For Your Title Run? Rasmus Ristolainen Is Worth A Look

For most of the season Rasmus Ristolainen, D (1 G, 2 SOG, +2) has been largely forgettable on a forgettable team. His season line currently sits at 8/9/17/-29 in 73 games played and that’s going to make most owners laugh and look elsewhere for blue line help at this point in the season, but if you did that you’d be making a mistake. As my mantra goes, at this point in the season...
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Keys To Victory In The Playoffs: Tracking Games Remaining (Update)

So you’ve survived the first round of the playoffs and you’re feeling good, but the game isn’t over so don’t slack now. Last week I touched on a few key bits of strategy to help you win your league and promised an update on one of the most important aspects to victory in the playoffs, tracking games remaining for all 30 teams. Since its Monday it should really be “games...
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Keys To Victory In The Playoffs: Knowing When To Cut Bait

It can be hard to pivot away from the strategy that helped carry you this far and into the playoffs, but often you have no choice but to leave behind the ways that got you this far and adopt a more drastic approach in the playoffs. It’s do or die and the moves you make are all critical and one of the most important skills you must develop is learning when to cut bait on a guy you...
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Keys To Victory In The Playoffs: Tracking Games Remaining

One of the most important variables to consider when making moves during the fantasy hockey playoffs is games remaining. How many games are your guys playing this week? You might be feeling confident with Vladimir Tarasenko slotted in on your right side, but he only plays two games this week and one of them is already done and gone so unless Vladdy blows up against the Jackets on...
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A Resurgent Drew Stafford Is Loving Life With The Jets

Through nine seasons with the Buffalo Sabres Drew Stafford has mostly been a yawnstipating, forgettable skater that shows intermittent flashes of solid play but quickly regresses to his usual bleh. He did have a couple 20-goal seasons and even a 30-goal year back in 2010 when he potted 31 goals in just 62 games and it seemed like he might be poised to take a step to the next level...
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Charlie Coyle And Thomas Vanek Are Lighting It Up Lately, Worth A Look In All Leagues

When the season started no one expected much from Thomas Vanek, RW (1 G, 1 A, 3 SOG) after he crash-landed to end his 2013 season with the Habs. It was so bad by the end that the Habs were giving Vanek fourth line minutes or just flat out benching him during the Eastern Conference Finals, so if you expected a move to Minnesota to instantly fixed what ailed him, you were cray cray...
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March 24, 2015  |  Discuss
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