It seems as though the market for one-handed eating has expanded to monstrous proportions as of late. A few years ago there were only a few products out there but it seems in just the past year we have reviewed and tried out a number of plates that hold your food and your drink all in one place allowing your free hand to eat, take a drink, shake a hand or give a high five all while...
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Team Cocktail Tailgating Shirts

It’s that time of year again. Time for you to assess what tailgating gear needs to be purchased, what tailgating gear needs to replaced and what tailgating gear needs to be repaired. The same goes with your tailgating clothing. We recently discovered Team Cocktail, an apparel company out of Lenexa, Kansas that offers a wide array of clothing that promotes drinking, partying and...
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Jerry King Tailgating Cartoon #189

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Canopy Cooler Price Reduced

Do you remember last year when we introduced you to the Canopy Cooler? You probably thought it was an awesome way to weigh down your canopy on windy days and to also elevate your cooler off the ground. You probably didn’t buy it because you thought the price was a little high. The good news is that the price has been lowered on the Canopy Cooler and is now available via our online...
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Video: Drunk Dude at Luke Bryan Tailgate Gets WWE Remix Treatment

Image of drunken ******* tailgater falling down courtesy of Deadspin Concert tailgaters tend to be a different breed. Concert tailgating is a lot more of high volume and rapid delivery of alcoholic beverages and not a lot of grilling and food consumption like you see for sporting event tailgating. Those in Pittsburgh were treated to a Luke Bryan concert and with it came a lot of...
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Product Review and Giveaway – Ball Park Park’s Finest Hotdogs

Hot dogs are among the many staples of fare found at tailgate parties.   Most of us develop a taste for them as children, and carry it well into adulthood.  However as we grow older our palates usually become more diverse, and as a result some move away from the simple ketchup and mustard dog, and towards something more adventurous.   We’ve all seen the advertisements for the...
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Product Review – nyne BASS

Every good tailgate has a few things in common.  You’ve usually got tasty food, fun games, and plenty of great people.  You might also have some good music just to bring everything together.  In the past you might have dragged out the old boombox or even just turned up the radio in the car as I’ve done.  However, the old methods may not be useful anymore.  Let’s face it...
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Koolernaut Digital Beer Insulator and Chiller Kickstarter Campaign

It seems like there are quite a few Kickstarter campaigns going on that the product would be a good fit for tailgating. Here comes another one and this time it is for a can koozie that has a digital thermometer embedded in it and also a device that chills your beer in the koozie. Check out their Kickstarter video. The Koolernaut is a potential new product but the inventor is a...
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Tabletop Tailgate Beer Pong Card Game Kickstarter Campaign

Regular old beer pong gotten boring? Are you a player that doesn’t take the game too seriously and wants to add a new wrinkle to the game of beer pong? If you answered yes, then you might be interested in this new way to play beer pong. They are calling this new way to play beer pong the Tabletop Tailgate Beer Pong Card Game. Of course they are looking for funds via Kickstarter...
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Dihydromyricetin – Another Hangover Cure?

Here at Tailgating Ideas, we have tested a few hangover cures and remedies. Some have been rather effective. Others have not and we chose to not publish the results of those hangover tests here. More importantly because we did not want to give said hangover cure a bad reputation but also because we were probably too hungover to get ourselves to the keyboard to blog about it. We were...
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Cheap and easy DIY tailgating air conditioner

Summer is here and later on in a couple of months, you will be sweating in some parking lot tailgating before a football game. This handy DIY video will show you how to make a simple air conditioner out of a bucket purchased from a home improvement store. Stay cool out there.
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Johnsonville Road America Sweepstakes

Just a quick post today to let everyone know that our friends at Johnsonville have teamed with Road America to create a new contest specifically aimed at tailgaters.  As you may know Johnsonville sponsors an annual NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Road America. Looks like they have 20 prize packs up for grabs, and each includes a portable grill, grilling tool set, and 2 folding...
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Great Plate

Over the years we have tested out a number of “one handed eating” plates. All of them somehow manage to have a plate holding food that also supports your beverage. Now comes the Great Plate to add to the mix. Great Plate upside down As you can see in the above photo, The Great Plate is circular with raised edges resembling a moat that surrounds your drink holder. The center drink...
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Adjustable Bag Buddy

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But when it comes to tailgating, trash for one tailgater is pretty much trash for the rest of us tailgaters. Finding an easy and convenient way to dispose of that trash while tailgating has been the hard part. You really don’t want your tailgating space to resemble North Campus at the University of Georgia after a football...
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It’s one of those food items that seems to make the world go round. In fact it’s among the worlds most traded commodities, and a multi-billion dollar industry many times over. So what does coffee have to do with tailgating? For those of us who have gotten up at the crack of dawn, or even before dawn, to head out to the lot after getting to bed late because you were preparing...
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Johnsonville Big Taste Grill

440,000, yes that’s four hundred forty thousand, BTU’s. Thats the amount of propane produced power pumped out by Johnsonville’s Big Taste Grill. Combine that with enough grill space to hold 750 brats at a single time, and you’ve got the recipe for a machine built to spit out 2500 piping hot brats in an hour. This thing is a tailgaters dream. (Although I bet the cost to park...
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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #132 – Isabella Hartman Edition

Spring has sprung and it looks like mother nature is gradually coming out of winter kicking and screaming. And with Spring upon us that means two things. Baseball tailgating and country music festival tailgating. Two of the biggest country music festivals happen out here in the Southwest. Stagecoach in California and Country Thunder in Arizona bring out the biggest crowds and some...
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Shot Straws

Some people love to take liquor shots while out tailgating. The purpose of liquor shots is usually not because you enjoy the taste. If that were the case you would wander around the parking lot with a scotch on the rocks. Most tailgaters taking shots are doing it for the end result of catching a buzz. Willy Wonka said it best when he said, “Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker“...
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Sunscreen Flasks now available in a 2-pack

Do you remember back in July when we discovered the Sunscreen Flask? We even took it to Hawaii and field tested it out by the pool bar and never was caught smuggling our booze and our bar bill was a fraction of what it could have been given the level of intoxication we had achieved. Yeah, that Sunscreen Flask. We have good news. Sunscreen Flasks side-by-side We were just recently...
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Jerry King Tailgating Cartoon #188

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Grill Easy Lump Charcoal in a box

As tailgaters, we all seek out tailgating gear that is convenient. How else can you explain the proliferation of zipper lock plastic bags and the wide use of single use and disposable items taken to tailgate parties? Convenience and portability are two huge factors when deciding what to buy and bring tailgating. Unfortunately the way charcoal and particular, lump charcoal, is packaged...
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Fan pleads guilty in stadium bottle attack

Back in October of last year we posted a video and wrote a commentary, Video: Tailgaters, This Is Why The NFL Hates You Part 2. In a nutshell, it was a bunch of idiots getting into a fight in the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium and one guy decided to break a glass bottle over one of the other combatants heads. Here is the video. (Warning: The video does contain swear words, blood...
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Fanatic Lights

Even though the calendar has turned to March, that doesn’t mean that winter is over. Because winter is not over, that means it is still getting dark earlier and you will need some lighting for those tailgates that last until the evening games start. We recently had the opportunity to test out Fanatic Lights. Fanatic Lights are high-grade, custom, super bright, alternating...
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March 04, 2014  |  Discuss

King of Beer Pong Stainless Steel Beer Pong Cups

Most tailgaters have heard the tailgating anthem by Toby Keith, Red Solo Cup. The red Solo cup is a staple at tailgate parties whether to drink out of or to play beer pong. We recently discovered stainless steel party cups from King of Beer Pong and decided to put them to the test in a real tailgating environment. As you can see in the photos, these 16 oz. cups are an exact...
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March 02, 2014  |  Discuss

Jerry King Tailgating Cartoon #187

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