Game 2015.128: Tigers at Blue Jays

Matt Boyd returns to Toronto, and takes on his former team, as does Anthony Gose. David Price is there, and not doubt will be renewing acquaintances, but we won’t see him pitching this series. Justin Verlander’s near no-hitter was a tough act to follow, but crafty veteran Randy Wolf did a pretty good job of it. He has now had two good outings, which is probably as much or more...
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Game 2015.127: Angels at Tigers

I wish I had more time to give JV his full due, and to apologize in part for some things I may have said earlier this year…but I doubt he’s reading. But you know who is…billfer. Check out his thoughtful post on JV this morning. 1. Ian Kinsler, 2B 2. Tyler Collins, LF 3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B 4. Victor Martinez, DH 5. J.D. Martinez, RF 6. Nick Castellanos, 3B 7. Alex Avila, C...
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JV Reminds Detroit Baseball is Fun

The 2015 Detroit Tigers season will go down as a failure. A constant stream of faint hope drowned by a deluge of disappointment. At a point in the season when most of us are watching games with a detached interest, just passing the time until football season starts or classically “waiting ’til next year” Justin Verlander gave us a reason to care again. What might have been...
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Game 2015.126: Angels at Tigers

Only 36 games to go. If the Tigers go 36-0 they likely won’t win the division. Btw, we’re in last place. LAST PLACE. 1. LF Rajai Davis 2. 2B Ian Kinsler 3. 1B Miguel Cabrera 4. DH Victor Martinez 5. RF J.D. Martinez 6. 3B Nick Castellanos 7. C James McCann 8. SS Jose Iglesias 9. CF Anthony Gose
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Game 2015.125: Angels at Tigers

Not gonna lie, I’m more into football season now. 1. Anthony Gose, CF 2. Jose Iglesias, SS 3. Miguel Cabrera, DH 4. Victor Martinez, 1B 5. J.D. Martinez, RF 6. Tyler Collins, LF 7. Nick Castellanos, 3B 8. James McCann, C 9. Andrew Romine, 2B
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Game 2015.124: Tigers at Reds

Coleman is at the game. Off to a good start…
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Game 2015.123: Rangers at Tigers

Ian Kinsler continued to be hot, and hit a 2-out, 9th inning home run to save the Tigers from being shut out in back-to-back games. Randy Wolf really did quite a decent job, only giving up 3 earned runs in 7 innings. They could hardly have expected more. Wolf said he used his experience to keep the Tigers in the game. Scratch one tool off the list of things Ty Collns brings to the...
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Game 2015.122: Rangers at Tigers

Last night may have been frustrating and disappointing, but you can’t say it wasn’t a classic 2015 Tigers game: Pitching or hitting but not both: Justin Verlander easily pitched well enough to win, but once again was the tough luck guy, losing on a 1-earned run performance. Of course, the 2nd run was his fault, but it may not have made any difference. The offense was Miggy and...
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Game 2015: 121

A 1-hitter by Mr. Eephus, the Big Pasta? I did not see that coming. What it means is that the Tigers are now on a 3-game winning streak for the first time in 2 months,  when David Price picked up a win on June 23. It sure would be nice to have a David Price to send out there every 5 days right now, wouldn’t it? The last time the Tigers won 4 or more in a row? The first week of...
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Game 2015.120: Rangers at Tigers

Hmm. Kevin is apparently still stunned by 38 hits in 2 days. Hard to blame him. Unfortunately, Babe Norris is on the 15-day DL with an oblique strain. I’m calling shut down for the season. Anibal Sanchez is also on the 15-day DL with a rotator cuff strain. Oh. Did I mention: oh? The Tigers went out and bought LHP Randy Wolf from the Blue Jays for 25 delicious sandwiches, enough...
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Game 2015.119: Tigers at Cubs

I didn’t think I’d get to watch the Tigers last night, but thanks to a 2-hour plus rain delay I got to see most of the game, and see a little of everything. The lowlight of the game for me was Iglesias–again–being thrown out at the plate. The Tigers still lead baseball in runners thrown out at the plate, and it looks like they won’t be caught. Meaning they will be caught...
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Game 2015.118: Tigers at Cubs

The Tigers stop in Chicago for a couple, but not with that team with the annoying announcer, for 2 with the Cubbies. Tonight Anibal Sanchez will try to keep the ball within the friendly confines, and Brad Ausmus will match wits with Joe Maddon. who goes weeks without changing his socks. I’m off to watch the Royals and Reds, a game that I assumed way back when would be an important...
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Game 2015.117: Tigers at Astros

Taking a series from Houston would be nice. Props to JV for putting us in a position to do it.
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Game 2015.116: Tigers at Astros

And the season sludges on.
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Game 2015.115: Tigers at Astros

Jason Beck posted an insightful article on Ausmus and expectations today. I think he’s gone at the end of the season. I’m traveling this weekend, so these will be brief. Miggy is back tonight. That’s fun. Someone please post lineups when available.
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Game 2015.114: Tigers at Royals

When the Tigers only got 4 hits on Monday, all you could really do was shrug; it’s not like Johnny Cueto hasn’t done that before, to other teams. A different feel after a 2nd 4-hit night last night, an “oh this again feel. And it didn’t help that the Tigers made more outs on the base paths again. Remember when the Tigers were leading the league in a lot of offensive categories...
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Game 2015.113: Tigers at Royals

It looked like another blowout in the making yesterday with Boyd’s first inning, but he pulled it together and ended up pitching a good game, and giving Detroit a chance to win. Unfortunately: Johnny Cueto vs. Detroit bats. Even Ian Kinsler was blanked. You know Norris and Boyd have a little bit of a competition with each other. Boyd just pulled in front. Brad Ausmus complained...
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Game 2015.112: Tigers at Royals

If things weren’t bad enough in Tigertown, it looks like there’s a glitch in the feel-good story about building a recreational field for kids at the old Tiger Stadium site. It turns out people have gotten wind that the plan is to replace the grass with…artificial turf. Anyway, tonight Johnny Cueto takes on Gas Can Boyd. That’s mostly a nod to Oil Can, for us old timers, but...
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Game 2015.111: Red Sox at Tigers

A win today would be the first back to back series wins since Cle/Chi June 22 – 28. In his last 6 starts, Verlander’s K/BB ratio is 8.25/1. That’s just sick. Baseball-Reference game preview here. Verlander vs. Henry Owens in Owens’ 2nd career start. Rajai Davis, LF Jose Iglesias, SS Ian Kinsler, 2B Victor Martinez, DH J.D. Martinez, RF Nick Castellanos, 3B James McCann,...
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Game 2015.110: Red Sox at Tigers

Now that the dust has settled a bit on the Dombrowski firing, and there’s been plenty to read about the subject, I’d like to offer up a few thoughts: A. This was a win big or go home year for Dombrowski. It’s been revealed that Dombrowski never got any indication of an extension during the season, which we would have expected for someone with his tenure and past success. I...
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Game 2015.109: Red Sox at Tigers

These last few days have been fun. It’s exciting to watch the new kids perform. Daniel Norris on the mound tonight. The Tigers added some assistant GMs to the fold. Tonight’s Lineup Anthony Gose, CF Jose Iglesias, SS Ian Kinsler, 2B Victor Martinez, DH J.D. Martinez, RF Tyler Collins, LF Nick Castellanos, 3B Alex Avila, 1B James McCann, C
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Game 2015.108: Royals at Tigers

Impressive debut number two was nice to watch, and even more impressive, and surprising, was the way Rondon-Hardy-Wilson came out of the bullpen and slammed the door shut. We may have something with these two lefties, although, as our Hong Kong correspondent pointed out, we felt the same way about Shane Greene. Still, maybe their performances will inspire the veterans. I’m looking...
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Game 2015.107: Royals at Tigers

“I respect that when you own the team you can run it however you like.” Thus David Dombrowski finally spoke to the media about his departure, and made it clear that it was a firing and and not a resignation or mutual parting. I imagine we haven’t heard the last of the saga yet. Here is Jason Beck’s interview with Dave Dombrowski, and here is a look back at the major moves...
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Game 2015.106: Royals at Tigers

Well today is the first day of the Al Avila era, wasn’t expecting to be saying that. It is also a chance for Justin Verlander to try for a third straight dominant outing. If he does it will be a pretty exciting sign that we have at least one dependable starter in the rotation. I wasn’t expecting that one guy to be ol’ JV. The Tigers have also announced that LHP Matt Boyd has...
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Dave Dombrowski Fired

Breaking news, Dave Dombrowski is out as General Manager of the Tigers. This was unexpected, I figured me may be allowed to move on after the season, but not now. Al Avila is the new GM. Here are more details.  
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