2014: The 5th Inning (13-5)

The boys are back in town. And the name of the place is “I Like It Like That.” So the Detroit Tigers are now: SP Verlander SP Scherzer SP Sanchez SP Porcello SP Smyly RP Nathan RP Alburquerque RP Chamberlain RP Coke RP Hardy RP Smith RP McCoy C Avila C Holaday 1B-DH Cabrera 2B Kinsler SS-2B Romine SS Suarez 3B Castellanos IF-OF Kelly RF Hunter CF Jackson LF-CF Davis LF-RF J....
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2014: The 4th Inning (9-9)

Your fingers may freeze, worse things happen at sea; there’s good times to be had. Nothing’s easy. So the Detroit Tigers are now: SP Verlander SP Scherzer SP Sanchez SP Porcello SP Smyly RP Nathan RP Alburquerque RP Chamberlain RP Coke RP Knebel RP Reed RP Krol C Avila C Holaday 1B Cabrera 2B Kinsler SS Romine SS Suarez 3B Castellanos IF-OF Kelly RF Hunter CF Jackson OF Davis...
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DTW News and Notes 11-3-14

Catching you up on a few things as the disappointment begins to fade away. See if you can find the theme below. - Alan Trammell is back with the Tigers. Trammell said “it feels right.” It would feel more right if the Tigers hadn’t just been swept in the first round of the playoffs. - The Tigers tendered qualifying offers today to Max Scherzer and Victor Martinez ($15.3M each...
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2014: The 3rd Inning (7-11)

Tigers and Zubaz don’t mix. So the Detroit Tigers are now: SP Verlander SP Scherzer SP Ray SP Porcello SP Smyly RP Nathan RP Alburquerque RP Chamberlain RP Coke RP Miller RP Reed RP Krol C Avila C Holaday 1B Cabrera 2B Kinsler SS Romine IF Worth 3B Castellanos IF-OF Kelly RF Hunter CF Jackson OF Davis OF J. Martinez DH-1B-C V. Martinez Game 37: Scherzer v. Lester. Tigers 1, RED...
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2014: The 2nd Inning (14-4)

Were it not for that sweep-for-the-taking, regrettable Twins series at Comerica, this is a 16-2 run… So the Detroit Tigers are now: SP Verlander SP Scherzer SP Sanchez SP Porcello SP Smyly RP Nathan RP Alburquerque RP Chamberlain RP Coke RP Miller RP Reed RP Krol C Avila C Holaday 1B Cabrera 2B Kinsler SS Romine IF Worth 3B Castellanos IF-OF Kelly RF Hunter CF Jackson OF Davis...
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2014: The 1st Inning (10-8)

While this is partly inspired by the old Sam Hoff season-as-innings feature, I’m not going to go into statistics too much, least of all cumulative team stats. No, I’m going to recap the games, because the games are what happened. (You might be surprised at how clearly you remember some of them.) I am, in fact, going to avoid too much summarizing of the “innings” in general...
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2014 Playoffs Thread

The Royals’ run is too incredible not to discuss it. We’ll let this thread serve as your learned DTW discussion thread for the next two weeks.
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2014 Playoffs: Coda

It’s with a great deal of angst and frustration that I write this. Admittedly, I’ve browsed a few articles here and there, and forced myself to stay with a sporadic MLB highlights before changing the channel to something less kick me in the gut, but the sting of the 2014 playoffs still remains. I know you feel it. As Tigers fanatics, we have entered into that dangerous limbo...
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2014 ALDS: Game 3

The Tiger looks about ready to settle down for a long winter’s nap. There is a game today though, and for the sellout crowd who shelled out for tickets, I hope they don’t go quietly into that nap. Hey, there are fans of 22 teams out there who wish they got to watch their team play today. And the Tigers are actually in a better position, if you can imagine, than the two teams...
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2014 ALDS: Game 2

Quick (and unusual) turn around for game 2. Which is exactly what we need. Win this game and we’re going home, tied 1-1, with David Freaking Price pitching game 3. That’s right, DAVID PRICE. To get us there, Verlander will have to be Playoff Justin, and not 2014 Regular Season Justin. By “Playoff Justin” I mean the guy with a 30-inning scoreless streak in the division series...
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2014 ALDS: Game 1 Wrap-Up

I’d love to pretend that I can forget last night’s game, and the complete exposure of every weakness this team has. I’d like to act as if I can brush off the concerns that T Smith nailed in his comment last night, as easily I would sweep aside the fall twigs and leaves on my doorstep. But that’s not going to happen. Let’s be candid. Last night sucked. The Tigers played...
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2014 ALDS: Game 1

I had been wondering who, or what, to use for the Game Post picture for today, and then Miguel made it easy. Miguel threw down the gauntlet. In case you haven’t seen the story yet, when Max Scherzer was going around collecting signatures to receive playoff share money on Wednesday, Cabrera wasn’t interested: “I just want the ring.” And with those 5 words, the tone for Detoit’s...
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Playoffs?! Playoffs?!

Yes, playoffs! I figured I would throw out a new post for pre-ALDS talk. As you may have heard by now, the Tigers have announced their starting rotation for the playoffs, which goes: Scherzer/Verlander/Price/Porcello, ending the speculation/hope of some that they would buck tradition and go with a three-man rotation. Chris Tillman (13-6, 3.34) is going for Baltimore in the opener...
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Game 2014.162: Twins at Tigers

89-72, 1 game up, magic number is 1. It’s pretty simple here friends. Thanks to the White Sox, the Tigers still control their own destiny, even if those evil baseball schedule makers did force us to end the seasons against the Twins. Win and we win the division. Lose and we can still win the division, if the Royals lose. If the Royals win, we are playing in Comerica on Monday for...
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Game 2014.161: Twins at Tigers

88-72, 1 game up, magic number is 2. Alright everybody, get your game faces on. The playoffs start today. We can’t sit around and wait for the Royals to lose the division. We have to take control ourselves. The task won’t be easy. Even if the opposing team is 22 games under .500. Here is the Tigers’ record and runs allowed per game against all MLB playoff qualifiers: Baltimore...
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Game 2014.160: Twins at Tigers

89-70, magic number is 2. Up against the clock today, so I’ll just make one quick point. Are the Tigers the hottest AL team entering the playoffs?… Swarzak v. Porcello tonight. Game preview here. 1. Ian Kinsler, 2B 2. Torii Hunter, RF 3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B 4. Victor Martinez, DH 5. J.D. Martinez, LF 6. Nick Castellanos, 3B 7. Alex Avila, C 8. Andrew Romine, SS 9. Rajai Davis, CF
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Game 2014.159: Twins at Tigers

“Hey man – the playoffs are that way.” 88-70, 1st place, magic number is 3. Playoffs clinched. Whether Sale will admit it, plunking VMart yesterday ignited this offense, provided some emotion that this team can really build off of, and assured a playoff spot. That said, can we all agree that a wild card slot would be immensely disappointing for this team? It’s a little different...
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Game 2014.158: White Sox at Tigers

Now that was some Septober baseball. It didn’t begin that way: for the 2nd consecutive night the Tiger bats were having trouble, and Detroit went into the 5th with 18 consecutive scoreless innings behind them. One single by Rajai Davis changed that. After moving to 2nd on a ground out, he stole third and then scored on the throw, and just like that Rajai had run the Tigers onto...
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Game 2014.157: White Sox at Tigers

Apologies to Torii Hunter, but last night looked like Septaugust baseball. Kyle Lobstein continues to be a very promising rookie: he made one mistake, but rebounded with composure and pitched 7 strong innings, after which Joba Chamberlain pitched a good 8th, and Soria came on looking like a closer in the 9th. Unfortunately, rookie Chris “Cy” Bassitt hounded the Tiger bats into...
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Game 2014.156: White Sox at Tigers

The Tigers are now, just now, 2 games up in the Central Division, which reduces their magic number to 6. Let us begin the Magnificent Seven! There are still 7 games left, and all of them are at home, which is a pretty serendipitous way to end the season. Although, there is the skeptical version–the Tigers are slightly better on the road (45-36) than at home (41-33). No matter,...
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September 22, 2014  |  Discuss

Game 2014.155: Tigers at Royals

Yesterday’s 3-2 victory had a bit of everything going, turning points and momentum shifts all over the place, the baseball gods frowning upon first one and then the other team. It was really something. Good thing the Tigers won, or I’d be sickened by it and unable to speak of it. It scher was a maxtastically pitched game (Zer Kommissar was in town) on both sides of the shields...
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Game 2014.154: Tigers at Royals

I had to think about it, but I’ve decided I like winning 10-1 better than losing 8-4. Justin “Ricky” Verlander dominated KC without really being dominant. Pretty darn good. He didn’t seem too happy about being lifted from the game rather unnecessarily, or maybe he was just upset with Ezequiel Carrera’s nonchalance in allowing a runner to tag and advance to 3B, but that...
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September 20, 2014  |  Discuss

Game 2014.153: Tigers at Royals

It’s Kansas City again and another three-game “showdown.” I’m not worried about the Royals. I’m worried about the last 4 games of the season. Pitching. It’s become quite the liability. The next few games might make it look like it’s all better, but then there are 7 more against two teams that can hit Detroit. I’d rather see 10 more against KC, myself. But it’s September...
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Twins Series Coda

Tonight’s loss was a nice mix of all of the ingredients which drive us nuts about this team, served together as a big fat loss sundae. Poor pitching from a supposed ace, terrible base running, mediocre fielding, letting a bad team come from behind twice, and the icing on top – an awful bullpen performance. So obviously, lots to gripe about. But let’s get a few facts straight...
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Game 2014.152: Tigers at Twins

84-67, 1st place, 1.5 games up. KC lost last night to CWS, which allowed the Tigers to keep their slim division lead at 1.5 games despite another 9th inning implosion. The Royals face Chris Sale tonight, which sounds nice on paper. But you never know with #Sep-Tober (no matter how hard I try, this isn’t really becoming a thing, is it?) There was a lot of discussion on yesterday’s...
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September 17, 2014  |  Discuss
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