What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Cougar Victory

Remember Gabe Marks? Good evening and happy Thursday, Cougar nation! I’m snuggled up in my new comfy WSU sweatpants enjoying the fact that today there was real, honest-to-goodness football going on. I committed to myself that I would go a little more in depth on a prediction post for game one against the Viks (Their word not mine). My prognostication skills are already in midseason...
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Football Friday on a Thursday: Week 1 2015

Hello Followers.  Hope you all are doing great! So, tonight marks the start of the 2015 College Football Season!  And so we thought it timely to post our predictions about this weekend’s games. Because time is a bit short on my end, I’ll make this brief. First, everyone and their mother knows that the Cougs are going to win this weekend. The question is “by how much?”...
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Start Your Engines

Hello Followers.  Hope you’re game week is off to a terrific start. Many early September moons ago (2001 to be exact) I got an email from my good friend and colleague Hooty McBoob.  The topic of that email thread was the Seattle Mariners, who at the time, were well on their way to their historic 116 win season. And let me tell you, me and Sedihawk were beside ourselves with...
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Oh Hey, It’s Football Season

            Hello? Is this thing on? Is there anybody out there? It’s been a while since my last post (One year and four days, if you’d like to be specific). The particularly astute among you will realized that I posted in the preseason of last year, but a depressing 3-9 later kept me away from the keyboard. It did keep me close to the bottle, though, so at least there...
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2015 Pre-Season Ballot

Hello Followers.  Hope you all are doing great. Well, its been a long time since I have graced the pages of this hallowed and now fallowed blog.   And while I have been away, things have been quite busy on my end.  The biggest news on my end is that me and the brood now live in Patrick Porter’s hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  And so beyond my work related responsibilities...
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Washington State Cougars Finally Look To Maul Their Way Up Standings In ’15

The Washington State Cougars haven’t exactly been a powerhouse in the Pac-12 conference or college football, in general. That isn’t about to change suddenly in 2015, but there is plenty of reason for Cougars fans to hope for a positive step forward this season, as new defensive coordinator Alex Grinch shakes up the team’s base 3-4 defense to include an extra defensive back...
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Washington State’s Most Expensive Games Are All On The Road

Mike Leach and his air-raid offense will represent the Washington State football program for a fourth season after a disappointing 2014 that resulted in a 3-9 overall record (2-7 Pac-12 North). It can only go up from last season, which ended abruptly for senior quarterback Connor Halliday, who was leading the FBS in passing yards before a leg injury against USC abruptly ended his...
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Can We Score?

Hello Followers.  Hope you’re doing great! As of this minute, it is an hour and a half  from the start of today’s game against the USC Trojans.   And even though I’ve lost the time I need to put up a decent post, I did want to pass along a few thoughts. To begin, I think that there’s a really good chance that we’re going to win this game today.  And the reason for...
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Fundamental Football Facts

Hello Followers. On Saturday night, our Washington State Cougars bowed down to the suddenly mighty Arizona Wildcats by the score of 59-37.  And as a result of the loss, we lost all hope of returning to the post-season for a second consecutive year. And while last night’s loss was certainly disappointing, the fact of the matter is that there was virtually nothing that was surprising...
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No Defending This Season

Hello Followers.  Hope you all are doing great! As this past week or so has indicated, the bye week has all-but mirrored a “goodbye” week for me and the blog.  And the reason for my absence has been simple: Work has been taking a toll.  So much so that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find the 30-40 minutes needed to put together a post. But, since I haven...
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Tough loss, tougher season

#457031800 / Well, another tough loss for our Cougs.  Things started off slowly, then they kind of got settled and even cut it to a 7-point game early in the 4th quarter.  But for most of the night, I think all of you who watched it can probably come away with a similar feeling – the Cougs hung tough, but for the most part were manhandled up front on both...
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Washington St. football tickets averaging just $18 for matchup with Stanford

The Stanford Cardinal (3-2), who rank No. 25 in the most recent AP Poll, will look to bounce back after a devastating, last-second defeat to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. With just 1:01 remaining in the fourth quarter, Stanford’s stout defense, which is allowing just 8.6 points per game, allowed a 24-yard touchdown pass to give the Fighting Irish the win. Stanford’s top playmakers...
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Hogan’s Heroes

Hello Followers.  Hope you are doing great. Tonight our young Cougars take on the three time defending conference champions—and on the road no less.  And while this game represents a near certain “must win” for our bowl hopes, this one is equally critical for the Cardinal.  Simply put, with a loss tonight, Stanford will fall to 3-3 on the year and 1-2 in league.  Not good...
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First or Worst?

Hello Followers.  Hope you’ve had a fantastic week! As you can probably tell from my absence, this week has been crazy for me. And with a host of deadlines looming, this post is going to be unusually short. Anyhow, while I wasn’t able to watch the second half of the Arizona-Oregon game, the outcome of that contest was shocking.  For me, the most shocking result wasn’t the...
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Well that was fun!

  Our own Longball was at the stadium in Salt Lake on Saturday night.  Here is his “at the scene” recap: First off, I got to watch the replay on TV last night and I gotta tell ya, the TV does not do justice to the weather situation. Some of the most clutch drives of the night were right into the face of stiff winds. I saw more than one hat leave the stadium on a gust of wind...
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Shoot the Moon

Hello Followers. Four score and forty years ago, I was a pretty big fan of the Washington Huskies (FYI, there are quite a few Cougar Bloggers out there who also started their lives on the dark side).  And the reason for my Husky fandom was simple: As a child, my dad was an Assistant Professor at UW doing what Assistant Professors do:  Working really hard and make absolutely zero...
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The Next Big Step?

  Greetings Cougs, and a happy Humpday to you and yours.  As always, we hope things are good as we continue to grind our way through another week. Personally, well, I’m stressed.  Work for me is usually pretty steady in full, billable weeks, but my crazy time as we push for revenue is always the biggest in the 4th quarter (kind of like football?).  But it seems the really busy...
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Win Out

They Remain On-Top, But Barely Hello Followers.  Hope you’re doing great. As we all know, Saturday night witnessed what was almost a legendary night for Cougar Football.  For 56 minutes, our shining group of upstarts hung with the #2 ranked team in the country; and did so in front of a sold-out, vibrant, and beautiful Martin Stadium.  And the reason they hung in the game was...
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Track Meet

Hello Followers. Four score and more than twenty five years ago I was pretty good at sports.  I played the soccer, I played the basketball, the baseball, bit of the tennis, and even a bit of the golf.  In fact, I was good enough at soccer to be offered a (half) scholarship to a Division 1 school in the Midwest, where I played for one year before transferring to WSU for my sophomore...
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Golfing for Columbine

Rat Fart!!!!!! Hello Followers. Four score and nearly twenty years ago I was a golfer.  Not a good one mind you, but a golfer nonetheless.  In fact, hardly a weekend went by when I was not hacking it up with my beloved Uncle and his buddies at Jackson, Willows, Snohomish, and all points between. And like I said, I was never a good golfer.  In fact, for nearly all of my golfing...
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Will a leader emerge?

Greetings Cougs, and a happy Humpday to you and yours.  As always, we hope all is well in your neck of the woods. So, last week happened and the Cougs are 0-2.  Things are already looking bleak at this point, this sudden feeling of hopelessness that appears to be working it’s way through many corners of the usual stops on the WSU interwebs.  Not all corners, mind you, and in...
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How Did We Get Here?

Hello Followers. After Friday night’s horrible, but unsurprising loss, Cougar Nation is left with a pretty basic question.  How the hell did we get here?  Today’s post is focused on answering that very question.  And because that question elicits a whole lot of issues, answering it is going to take a while.  So, pull up a chair and let’s get to it, shall we? Part 1.  How...
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RENO 911

Hello Followers. Well, GameDay has finally arrived for Week 2.  And boy am I nervous! At start of the off-season (post spring), I had this game marked down as one of the games that could really derail our bid for a special year (like 8-4 or better).   Little did I know that we would drop the Rutgers game and that this game would represent the first major “Must Win” of the...
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Rise and Grind – One last look edition

  Happy Thursday Cougs, as we here at WSU Football Blog wish all the best to you and yours. So like many of you, I have been trying to really figure out the week one loss vs. Rutgers and what it really means as we roll forward in 2014.  And when I say figure it out, what I mean is that I’m trying to decide what to really “glean” from what we saw and, further, if there’s...
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Terrible Twos Day

Hello Followers.   Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. Yesterday, I had just enough time to jump on the old treadmill… And take in the Pac-12 rewind of last Thursday’s game against Rutgers.  And after watching that game, I didn’t know if I should jump up and down with excitement or throw myself on the ground and have a fit a la a two year old. So, of course, I decided...
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