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Busted Coverage’s Wrestling Week rolls on the 19 Greatest Divas In Wrestling History. Of course wrestling is awesome yes, but it can get a little hard on the eyes watching these sweaty, half-naked men grabbing each other throughout a show. WWE brass knows this and that is why they introduced divas to the world of wrestling. Some are pretty talented wrestlers, but on the whole divas are on the show to be eye candy…not that there is anything wrong with that. There have been divas that wowed us, divas that bored us & divas that made us drool.

Wrestling Week would have been a giant disaster if we didn’t weigh in on the ladies that will never let you even remotely get them in a figure four leg lock.

History of ‘Diva’ term as used in WWE lexicon:

Sunny, who debuted in WWE (then known as the World Wrestling Federation, or WWF) in 1995 as the manager of The Bodydonnas (a bodybuilder-themed tag team) and went on to manage several other tag teams and singles wrestlers, has claimed to have been the “Original Diva”, although this is widely disputed. Sunny’s character was at first a continuation of the female manager that had been popular throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Over time, the character was significantly sexualized, whereas prior female managers, such as Miss Elizabeth, were depicted as being involved in either platonic or romantic storylines. Despite Sunny’s reinvention of the female role within the company, the term “Diva” was not used to denote females working for the WWF until long after she was released in 1998.

var omGallery = {'info': '19 All-Time Greatest Divas in Wrestling History','options': {'id' : '123502'}, 'photos': [{"ID":125249,"post_title":"19. Layla","post_content":"Layla got her shot as a diva after winning the 2006 WWE Diva Search. Looking at her, you can easily see why she won the competition because she is a stone cold fox. She used to dance for the Miami Heat and even for Kanye West, and clearly her dance skills have translated to the ring. Even when she isn't wrestling she still looks sexy as hell and although she's injured currently, she can sit ringside as often as she wants. Still not sold? Watch this video and I guarantee your mind will be made up.","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/layla.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125250,"post_title":"18. Eve Torres","post_content":"Eve has her moments with me. Sometimes she is stunning and sometimes she leaves more to be desired. But put it this way...those times when she is looking stunning, she is right up there with the best of them. Like Layla, she is a former NBA dancer (L.A. Clippers), and although she is still a fantastic dancer, she has become a pretty good wrestler too.","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/eve-torres.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125251,"post_title":"17. Kaitlyn","post_content":"Okay, I must admit that Kaitlyn does intimidate the sh*t out of me. She is straight up jacked! Biceps aside, she does have a pretty cute face and a butt that I would put up against anyone's. In the ring, she hasn't accomplished much but that doesn't mean she isn't a pretty face. I'm quite jealous of Hornswoggle in this video, not gonna lie. Kaitlyn just seems like a nasty girl, the type of girl you don't want to mess around with, but the type of girl you'd do anything to get a shot with. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but that's my verdict.","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/kaitlyn.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125252,"post_title":"16. Miss Elizabeth","post_content":"Probably the sexiest manager in the history of professional wrestling, Miss Elizabeth was known to turn a head or two throughout the 1990's. The announcers had no idea what to say when she debuted as Macho Man's manager and can you blame them? That image of her in the sparkling dress is forever burned into my memory. Every time she escorted Macho Man to the ring she dazzled the crowd with that million dollar smile of hers. It's too bad she got in the drugs and alcohol a little to hard and died way too young. RIP Miss Elizabeth, you were a special one.","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/miss-elizabeth1.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125253,"post_title":"15. Terri Runnels","post_content":"As the manager of Goldust, Terri brought some beauty to the ring. The blonde bombshell may not have been the prettiest, but she had that swag, that attitude that you just loved seeing in a diva. She knew she was attractive and she let you know it. As she sat there ring side puffing the cigar, the younger version of you probably drooled. Looking back, she is definitely not as hot as I remember as a youth, but you can't exclude her from this list. Can't forget her infamous appearance in the Diva bikini","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/terri-runnels.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125254,"post_title":"14. Melina","post_content":"One word here. Butt. She has an extraordinary heiney. Combine that with her unbelievably sexy entrance to the ring where she does a jaw dropping split, and you have yourself a pretty incredible diva. As a two time WWE Divas Champion and three time WWE Women's Champion, she was surprisingly quite successful in the ring. Apparently that wasn't enough for the WWE as they let her go this past April. I can't imagine why the WWE decided to let this babe go, I mean isn't it worth keeping her around for reasons like this?","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/melina.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125255,"post_title":"13. Mickie James","post_content":"Mickie James was in the WWE from 2005 until 2010 and made quite a splash in her five years with the company. Not only is she really hot, she was one of the better female wrestlers the company has had recently. Her career in the WWE culminated at Wrestlemania 22 against Trish Stratus in which she won the WWE Women's Championship. The promo was pretty great and involved a sexy obsession James had for Stratus...check it out for yourself here. Oh, and she has quite the booty!","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/mickie-james.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125256,"post_title":"12. Bella Twins","post_content":"What is better than one really, really hot diva? A second that looks exactly like her. With twins, sometimes you can make if they are kinda hot, you are still amazed by them because they are twins. The Bella Twins are both incredible which only makes the fact that there is two of them even more mind-blowing. The fact that they were dueling over Daniel Bryan made it even more frustrating, because he's a dork. The fact that they both wanted him, made me feel like I had a chance, however irrational and ignorant of a feeling that is.","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/bella-twins.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125257,"post_title":"11. Candice Michelle","post_content":"Candice Michelle was not very accomplished in the ring, but who really cares. Granted she wasn't too strong a wrestler, which is why she was released in 2009, but with a body like that why would you ever let her leave? Vince seemed to like what he saw in her, so maybe there was something else at play. Sure, she did have recurring injuries, but come on, at least keep her on board as a manager or something!","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/candice-michelle.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125258,"post_title":"10. Tiffany","post_content":"Tiffany has done quite a bit in the industry and actually served as the GM of ECW. I'm pretty sure it is clear she is the sexiest GM of all any industry. Not the most talented wrestler out there, but again nobody seemed to notice. She was good for a catfight here and there, but overall she served as eye-candy as a GM, not that there is anything wrong with that. You'd be lying to yourself if you weren't hoping Tiffany made a return to the WWE.","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/tiffany.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125259,"post_title":"9. Torrie Wilson","post_content":"What isn't there to say about Torrie Wilson? Well for starters, she won the WWE Golden Thong Award in 2002 and will always be remembered for her sexy Playboy shoots. This bikini contest with Trish was memorable too. Seems the only thing not very memorable about her was her wrestling skills, but Torrie did have longevity in the business. She was a part of the WCW and WWE for nearly ten years, which is impressive because so many divas are in and out. We miss you Torrie, but the good thing is we still have that Playboy issue to look back on the golden days.","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/torrie-wilson.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125260,"post_title":"8. Michelle McCool","post_content":"McCool used to be a middle school teacher. Imagine, first that your middle school teacher is that hot, and then she leaves and becomes one of the hottest divas in the WWE. She is now married to Undertaker, so your chances to get with this babe are long gone...unless that is you want to take on the Deadman. That doesn't mean we can't look back and take in how beautiful Michelle McCool was back in the day. On top of that, she has a maters degree from Florida State so not only is she gorgeous, she might in fact be smarter than you.","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/michelle-mccool.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125261,"post_title":"7. Kelly Kelly","post_content":"Kelly Kelly is the most successful diva currently in the WWE. She is a not a great wrestler, but what she lacks in skill she makes up with in pure beauty. She plays off of her sexiness and just wows the crowd every time she comes to the ring. A one time WWE Divas Champion, she constantly feuds with fellow hottie Eve Torres for Diva glory. Matches with those two beauties are matches we don't mind seeing. Her diva days go back to the ECW where she was equally as stunning. Kelly Kelly, you and your sexy, squinty eyes can stay in the WWE for as long as you'd like.\r\n","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/kelly-kelly.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125262,"post_title":"6. Lita","post_content":"Lita is one of those girls that you are just scared sh*tless to even talk to. She has that look to hear and seems like she would just be mean. This only added to how hot she was, and combine that with the fact she always seemed to be taking her clothes off, Lita constantly stole the show every time she was on TV. The steamy segment with her and Edge on Raw even resulted in a boob slip on live TV. The fact that the video showing that doesn't even have 1,000,000 views continues to blow my mind.\r\n","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/lita.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125264,"post_title":"5. Maryse","post_content":"Maryse was a two time WWE Diva Champion and is probably the sexiest Diva the WWE has had in the past five years. So why the hell would you ever release her from her contract?! It seems like Vince wants to get the hottest divas out of the company for whatever reason. She was a pretty talented wrestler and was known for the occasional wardrobe malfunction. She also had a pretty memorable Playboy shoot in 2007. This French-Canadian beauty is forever missed by WWE fans across the\r\n","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/maryse1.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125265,"post_title":"4. Sunny","post_content":"Sunny. Oh Sunny. True fact about Sunny, I once won a signed picture of her from a charity auction and it is currently on my mantle. Does that make me a loser or does that make me somebody who appreciates beauty. In my opinion, it's the latter. She had the ultimate strut out the ring and knew how good she looked. She pulled off the school girl look better than almost anyone else in the industry. What Sunny wants Sunny gets! She is widely considered one of the first official divas in WWE history and what could be a better way to start the diva legacy with Sunny.","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/sunny.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125266,"post_title":"3. Sable","post_content":"Sable was every boys dream in the 1990's. She would come out to the ring and everything would get quiet in the room as you and your friends just watched in awe. She went on to be one of the most successful and sexy divas the WWE has ever seen. Her success in the ring led to multiple Playboy appearances, only further wowing us.\r\n","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/sable.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125267,"post_title":"2. Stacy Keibler","post_content":"The way she entered the ring says it all. That sexy, slow, bent over entry would just make every guy in the audience drool. The WWE knew how sexy she was and just continued to tease fans with segments like this and this...and this. Who am I kidding, we all know just how hot she is, and she continues to turn heads to this day. She was rumored to have been with George Clooney recently, and if that means more Stacy in the public eye, then it's alright by me.\r\n","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/stacy-keibler.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125268,"post_title":"1. Trish Stratus","post_content":"Trish had it all. On top of being gorgeous, she was one of the more talented diva wrestlers the WWE has ever had. She brought her sexy back on this past season of Tough Enough...this time as a brunette. This is a true testament to her beauty, where after years of being a blonde bombshell, she comes back and rocks our world as a sexy brunette. Oh, and she has a new-found love for yoga, which is never a bad thing. We are thrilled to have her back in the WWE, and although she is not on the show that often, any extra exposure to Trish is welcome.","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/trish-stratus.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"},{"ID":125270,"post_title":"divas","post_content":"","post_excerpt":"","guid":"http:\/\/\/2011\/11\/divas.jpg","post_mime_type":"image\/jpeg"}]};initiating the gallery...
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