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Via Larry Brown Sports:

Anytime a person without pads on goes against someone in full pads, it would be safe to assume the person wearing the pads wins, right? Wrong. When the pad-wearer happens to be 13 years old and the padless is a full-grown adult, the laws of physics can be tweaked slightly.  According to, a 13-year-old from the Roseville school in Southfield, Mich. suffered a broken collarbone when his coach put on a helmet, grabbed the ball, and ran straight at him.

“The coach decided to put on a kid’s helmet, and so I was picked,” Alex Androsuk explained. “It was me and two other kids were picked by the head coach. So, we had to go out there and try to tackle him. The coach has seen the video and said I was faking my injury.”

Faking a broken collarbone, huh.  I guess that’s one accusation to throw out there if you’re looking to get yourself out of a heap of trouble.  Check out the video of the incident:

The victim’s father, Bernard Androsuk, was understandably heated after he found out what had happened.

“He was crying and holding his shoulder real funny, and I asked him what happened,” Bernard said. “The first thing out of his mouth was Coach Joe hit him. Now, him crying, I had to get him to settle down to find out what actually happened. You don’t want to know my true reaction. I’m not going to say it on TV, but I’m just going to say, at the least, really disgusted with the whole thing.”

In an era where coaches of amateur football programs feel the need to put bounties on opponents heads, stuff like this can’t be happening.  Even if the coach didn’t intend to harm the players, you have to be smarter than to put on a helmet and start trading hits with 13-year-old kids.


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  • Obviously this guy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He not just stupid, he's dangerously stupid.
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  • Wow, what a "real man" you and some others here are. Not. You ridicule a boy with a broken collar bone, and do so by equating him with girls and women, whom you obviously view as being weak and inferior to men. Pity your wives, girlfriends, daughters, mothers and sisters! LOL!!!
  • I pity your wife nuny.

    By the way, have you stopped beating her yet?
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  • stop you jerk off he broke a bone . what the hell .
  • DUMB comment. You have NO how easy it is break a collarbone. It's not a case of being "tough". My son fell and broke his collarbone at 13 just from "rough-housing" with some buddies. 13 yr olds bones are still growing and they are fragile. You're a dope!
  • I'm with Nuny on this one. This kids a puss. The coach is smaller than him and it was being tripped by the other players that put him on the ground, NOT the coach. What a little baby this kid is!! Toughin the F&^k up junior. My sister hits harder than that.
  • You're a dope as well!!!
  • If that was my kid, I'd take him off of the Football team and set him up with the Drama Coach.
  • What a tough guy, taking on a 13 yr old. Pads or no this dudes a loser.
  • Screw you all. This kid is learning a new skill. He doesn't need some a-hole coach trying to relive his glory days by putting on a helmet and playing the kids. I hope this father and the school ripe this coach a new one!
  • the coach saved this kid from a serious injury. That wasn't even half of the velocity you can expect in a Jr high game.
  • I hope the coach could hit harder than that in his "glory days." This was not even a full on hit! It was a measly run through. If the kid had been in the proper position to take the hit, maybe he would not have been knocked on his rear from barely being pushed, and the impact of the ground would not have broke his bone. There is NO way the force from the coach caused the bone to break! Wow! Some people just love screwing with other people's lives and careers at any cost. It is just pathetic. Take the weak kid off the team and let this coach get back to coaching players that can take a hit on the field!
  • In no way do I think this kid deserved to get hurt but I seriously don't see anything wrong with this....Well besides the fact that the kid doesn't know how to tackle. The kid is lucky this hasn't happened to him before in a game. You guys act like the coach is 6'9 350 pounds. The kids father needs to get off his high horse and tell his kid to toughen up!! instead he is "contacting" a lawyer. So basically they are gonna sue the school district for a crap ton of money and make this guy lose his job....Then they will be ran out of town once the school files Bankruptcy. This is pathetic and anyone who thinks this guys should be fired needs to pull your leotard out of your a$$ and wake up!!! If that was my son i would have watched the video and said "well son....1. it is a contact sport and you had full pads on your should have knocked the coach on his butt. 2. Son i think after you heal you need to learn how to tackle. 3. ...remind your mommy to place your tampons in your purse before you leave for practice next time. Sorry nuny i had to steal that line....That was great!!!
  • Well said!
  • You must be a idiot that supports idiots. First, I'm a football coach and you never ever touch a kid. Second, when the hell a junior high kid will ever see a grown man tackling him? You type of idiots favor the game too much and think some stupid **** like this helps make kids tougher. ******* loser.
  • I feel sorry for the boys on your football team. Do you coach flag football? You guys act as if the damn coach picked up this kid spit in his face then body slammed him and then stood over him and belittled him. The coach put himself out there and this kid wasn't the only kid out there but you don't hear them crying like babies. But then again I am sure once this kids parents sue and see the money involved they will then come forward and try to collect. This is just all a bunch of crap and an easy payday. That's my opinion and obviously the opinion of many others. If you don't like it fine...i just can't believe there are people out there...especially a football coach that think this guy should lose his job for ...doing his job. Sad sad world!! Good day :)
  • If that kid doesn't know how to tackle jedade, then why wasn't that coach teaching the proper technique in the first place? Putting on a helmet and running at you players and saying "tackle me" isn't teaching - that's screwing around.
  • maybe he was teaching him how to tackle..?? and it makes me laugh listening to you guys talk about how a FOOTBALL coach should sit in a chair on the sidelines and not show his team what to do?? Seriously? Just put the group of kids in a room put on some game film and then pray to god they picked up everything they seen on tape because god for bid the coach go out on the field and help them in practice. IT IS A CONTACT SPORT, MORE THAN LIKELY YOU WILL GET HURT PLAYING THIS SPORT! This kid could have broken his collar bone by running into a practice shield.

    Aren't you running late for your Ballet practice?
  • I'll bet that S.O.B. voted for Obama too!
  • I think that if you want to play a contact sport you should put that candy and Coca-cola down and drink some milk. Coaches do this for every team I've ever played for, and if you think that hit was hard you have no business on a football team.
  • I you think that that was the proper way to coach somebody then there might be a reason why you are not playing anymore.
  • I agree with Plumlee ONLY with the first statement. I have seen a great many more bone fractures occur with my children's generation than when I grew up in the 80's. My son played football, as well as baseball, basketball and track all through high school. It didn't matter what sport it was, he was pulling, straining, or breaking something. But, NEVER, was he ever criticized by coaches for saying he had an injury. The opposite was true, he didn't like to tell them because they would hold him out or not work him hard so he could recuperate so he would be healed for the game.
  • when i was a kid playing football, and our coach would jump into tackling drills like that, we would all get pumped and excited to finally have a chance to punish that "old man." usually it was towards the end of practice, and it was fun. nobody ever got tenacious or violent, just good old fashioned fun and a way to give the coach some of the same bruises we recieved throughout the season running his plays. this was just a fun drill gone wrong. in the video its pretty obvious he wasnt intending to decapitate or hurt anyone. it is unfortunate how the coach reacted after the fact though. although, the fact that he said this kid was faking kind of makes me think the kid had a history of playing possum.
  • I understand that football is a contact sport and you have to take what you give, but the fact is that the coach is there to COACH and condition his players. This is not a team of Pro, college, or even high schoolers; this is a 13 YEAR OLD BOY who is in middle school. Why did the coach go full force instead of gradually integrating harder tackles. As a parent I have a son who excels in high school football, but if this happened I would pull him out immediately. Playing football is not worth receiving broken bones, whether or not the player is good/bad. Shame on those of you for blaming this kid, I can only hope you don't have children who play football because this is not acceptable.
  • You are a MORON!!
    The Coach wasn't wearing pads... The kid was in full pads...
  • I guess I must have missed where other football teams suffer broken bones on a regular basis. This is NOT normal. So before you start name calling maybe you need to use some common sense. Hopefully if you do break a bone the MD treating you gives you a little more compassion than you are showing this KID. Grow up.
  • No, this does not occur all the time, which is why it is called a freak accident. However, injuries happen all the time, on a daily basis, in practices and games between players that are far worse. Coaches do what this coach did daily! The kid has weak bones and did not take the "hit" properly which is why he has a broken bone. He is lucky this did not happen in a game where a larger player took him out full force. This should be a learning experience instead of a lawsuit. I can’t believe there are people who would actually go after this coach’s career over something like this. I pray his district and teacher union support him 100% and make sure he is protected. In no way should a parent be able to do this to a teacher or a coach over something so innocent. Unbelievable!
  • If the kid didn't "take the hit" properly then that is on the coaching for not teaching him the proper technique in the first place - which is what is supposed to be happening at that level.
  • hey big daddy dumbo,

    he is trying to teach the proper techniques and sometimes to do so is get out there and show them. Coaches do this all the time and as unfortunate as this accident was, it is better that this happened with an unpadded adult running at 1/4 speed than another padded player running at full speed to which the child could have worse injury than a broken collar bone...I doubt you have played any competitve sport and if you did you probably coward and said "don't hit me"
  • This was not a full on hit, and I have never seen a decent football team that had a coach that did not practice with his players and show how it should be done. It is football, a contact sport! This is not the Chess club, and even then, a good coach actually participates with his players and doesn't just stand there and dictate what should be done.....
  • There is a right way to show players how it should be done and there is a wrong way.

    I have never been part of a winning team where a coach did not actually teach his players the proper technique from day one - no matter what the level. This is not the MMA and a good coach does not throw his players into a pit and say "have at it boys".
  • Playing football is not worth broken bones? Really do you think it doesn't happen and if it did during a game you would make your kid quite. How lame is that maybe he should try ballet dancing. The kid tackeled reprase that the kid turned and put his shoulder down with the look of oh crap I am going to have to hit someone. No wonder he got hurt. Its to bad but not the coaches fault it was an accident. The 2 ohter kids didn't get hurt or complained. Dad needs to man up his son and stop talking about getting a lawyer.
  • You act as if the coach was in a 3-point stance and catapulted himself at this kid intending to cause an injury. The guy was in jeans and a sweater, he done nothing wrong. He put himself out there to show these boys how to properly stop the opposing player. CSinOhio can you seriously say you have never seen a coach put himself out there for his team in practice? Are you playing flag football?? two hand touch???

    In highschool during softball practice our coach would have us take the field and drill line drives at us in order help us improve our defense....Is that wrong? I remember one time he drilled one to our shortstop and she was not paying attention and the ball hit her in the eye and she ended up needing stitches. But our parents didn't go crazy.

    I am just tired of money hungry parents it seems as if everyday there is a new lawsuit out on coaches/teachers. No wonder no one wants to be a teacher. You don't make much money and you run the risk of getting sued everytime you open your mouth or set an example.

  • I hope this sappy coach has deep pockets because if the boy's folks don't sue, he'll never learn to think for making some stupid decision and hurting another boy. Just for good measure he should have his collar bone broken to see how it feels..,.,,not good!
  • Wow, you are a very sad individual!
  • one more thing...a few years back I read about a basketball coach getting fired and sued because during his high school girls basketball practice he was demonstrating how to play defense and the girl he was guarding "felt" like he was violating her......thank god after an investigation and all the other girls coming to the coaches defense the case was overturned but not before this coach was drug around in the mud for a couple weeks. there comes a time when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...put on your big girl panties and suck it up!!
  • Let the kids play against kids. Coaches need to stay on the sidelines and instruct through their knowledge, not through their brawn. what a moron. Did he accomplish his mission? Maybe boasting his own ego by taking out his own player and making himself look like a total jerk to the rest of the team.
  • Man, you have got to be kidding me!!!
    This is how you teach kids to tackle!!
    The coach did NOT put on shoulder pads!!! He had a helmet on and the kid was in full pads... This kid obviously did not drink enough MILK... and from the looks of it, he has been eating too much fast food and sodas making his bones weak!!!

    The coach did nothing wrong!! The parents are the ones to blame here NOT the coach... This kid was not even hit hard...

    All of you screaming that the coach was too tough on the kid are delusional!! Grow Up and get a life... you probably think that kids should not keep score either... It is called football, it is a violent sport and those who play it need to know how to take a clean hit, which this was...

    Good Lord, the coach hit the kids shoulder pads!! And the coach did not have pads on! Just a helmet... What a PU**Y!!!
  • I'm sorry, I am the mother of an 8 year old son, and I have seen my husband hit him harder than this, without pads on, while wrestling around. It was an unfortunate accident, but in no way was this the coach’s fault. Maybe he should have not accused the child of overreacting, if that is even true... Can't see that in the video, but I can't believe this father is humiliating his son like this by making this seem like the coach did something abusive to the child. The football player clearly needs to start playing tennis (when his collar bone heals) or toughen up! Drink some more milk boy!
  • Its because of stuff like this that we loose good teachers and coaches. Those that are out there don't have parental support like they should and run the chance of being sued if little Johhny or Suzy get offended or hurt. You're child plays a rough contact sport, there is a good chance he will get hurt! There is a differnce between intentional and accidental. He did not intentionally go out there to hurt his players. Dads, dont you dare go outside with your kids and his friends and rough house around or wrestle and tackle with them for fun because if one gets hurt by accident then you will be crucified. It's a shame the kid got hurt, I feel bad for him, but his dad is teaching him a shameful lesson that if anything bad ever happens, he needs to search for blame and compensation. Crap happens in life, you pull your boot straps up and keep going. I am the MOM to a 13 year old boy and 2 daughters that all play sports. I attend most of their practices and know what drills they are doing. If you intrust someone to coach or teach your child, be informed and aware of what they are learning and don't fault the person that is doing a good thing for your child when an accident happens!
  • the head coach hit a kid here he was gone , fired
  • the team we have now nobody can come close to beating 60 to o about every time
  • The majority of the posts here just confirms for me what is wrong with youth sports these days. It's not the kids that are the problem - it is the so-called adults that are the problem.

    First off let me just say that I am a coach myself. I've coached at the College level and even had a stint in the NFL. Through the years I've won more games then I lost and I've seen a lot, and I'm here to tell you that those of you who are making fun of and blaming the kid need to take your heads out of your a**es!!!!!!

    The kid was not hurt because he didn't know how to tackle or because he is a pu**y, he was hurt because his coach made a poor decision and failed to teach the kid how to properly make a tackle. I am willing to bet you that it was not the first time that coach didn't use his head. For that player to be hurt and then to have his heart questioned by the coach by accusing him of "faking" an injury tells me why he is coaching middle school and why he will never move up to the next level.

    Its guys like this that make us all look bad. For every 50 good guys who know what they're doing at a high level there is always one idiot like this that makes us all look like Roy Turner from "The Bad News Bears". See we coaches all talk to one another and we know who is going to move up the ladder and who is not. We all know who the good guys are in the profession and which ones need to stick to coaching their fantasy team, and this guy sounds as if the only team he needs to be coaching is his franchise team in "Madden".

    I am also willing to bet you that most of you have never either played or coached a down yourselves and have no idea what you are talking about. I can guarantee you that if any of you came to my practice facility and were put through what we go through every day that the majority of you would be puking your guts out after five minutes or you would be crying yourselves. It doesn't take guts to sit behind a keyboard and cast aspersions on a 13-year-old for getting hurt - that takes cowardice.

    At that level that coach should actually be teaching his kids proper technique. From looking at the video its obvious that the kids hadn't been taught the proper tackling technique and that's why this kid got hurt. Guess what? That is on the coach!!! It is his responsibility to make sure that those kids are taught how to tackle properly and how to protect themselves when making a tackle. The fact that they don't have that knowledge is on the coach - not the players. It doesn't make you a man or a good coach to put on a helmet and go up against fully-padded middle schoolers - it just makes you an idiot. This is why this guy is stuck in middle school and will probably never move to a higher level. He just does not know what he is doing.

    All of you armchair coaches need to do the rest of us a favor - stick to whatever it is that you do and leave the coaching to us real professionals. And while you are at it, think about if this was your kid and some moron was questioning his manhood on some internet site. How pissed off would you be right about now? If you say you wouldn't be - then maybe you should not only leave the coaching to someone who knows what they are doing, but maybe you should leave the parenting to someone who knows what they are doing as well.

    I have three kids of my own - two boys and a girl. One of my boys is going to play football at the Naval Academy next fall if things work out. My daughter (with any luck) will be racing in Formula BMW next year, and my other son has helped build her cars and might be the second coming of Smokey Yunick. Its not as if I or my kids don't know what it is like to compete or to teach.

    It looks as if some of you just don't know - or you've forgotten.

    Like I said, you need to take your heads out of your a**es - you don't know what you're talking about.
  • The only person with a head up their a** is you. How dare you make middle school coaching seem meaningless. There are many middle school coaches that would never consider moving to what you call the next level because they love doing what they do. A well developed professional athlete doesn't become one because of his professional coaches. He got there because of hard working and caring coaches that sometimes never even got paid who helped the player achieve his goals. Sometimes these players don't even have family support and therefore these coaches take on the responsibility of becoming life coaches. I can't believe you, as a coach, could sit here and judge this man so harshly after reading an article and watching a clip.
  • Nope... The one with the misplaced head is still you. Your comments just dont make any sense. Obviously middle school coaches would move up to higher skill levels if they had more potential (but nevermind about your latest rant).

    This guy took a 7-10 yard sprint at a 13 year-old kid, lowered his shoulder, and literally hit this kid as hard as he could in an effort to prove that he is some sort of superior being(or maybe the "i wish i was in the nfl" complex). The fact that he didnt have pads on, if anything, made it worse since the point of contact from the coach would have been concentrated to a smaller area (think about it for second) and the pads provide more shock absorbtion on both ends. This is not the way to coach a 13 year old how to tackle. I have played football all the way through college and have never seen anything like this. its disturbing really.

    My question is... what goes through the head of people defending this guy. Are people really that barbaric. Yeah if you rough-house with your own kids, thats fine. If you break their bones your gonna be paying for it anyway, financially and legally.

    The coach made a bad decision... we all do it now and again. I know he wasnt trying to hurt this kid, but i cant believe that he shouldnt have known better. Now he needs to take responsibility for it.
  • I doubt very much you played in college and will bet your measely paycheck against my house that you never played a down in the NFL!!!!! Here's a clue that I know you didn't. The coaches get out in the field and demonstrate on other players what they expect from you and that starts in youth right up to the NFL!!! The do this on the side lines as the game is going on so you can take your lies and shove them up you a$$. All of you sh@t are total lies and no one here believes an ounce of the crap you're spewing...This kid shouldn't be playing football but he is and if he is going to play then he should learn how to hit and tackle and how to take a hit. Stop babying the children and maybe they will grow up to be something otherwise all they will look for is the easy way out
  • wow...
    There is a lot of anger in these comments. why is everybody so pissed off. its like you're personally invested in this. I admit i was a bit upset when i saw it... enough to actually make a comment to show my distaste (which i usually never do). no i didnt lie, and your right i never even attempted an nfl combine. truth is, i would never want to go to the nfl. That was never the life for me.

    I do see football as a game that should be ejoyed. Yeah its a rough sport where people break bones, and ive had plenty of football coaches teach me how to play. some of them were exactly like this guy, and those were the coaches that i respected the least. And This drill was obviously for his pleasure, he wasnt teaching them anything, or trying to coach them at all at that point in time. Seems to me he just wanted to show the kids how strong coach was. Why else would they have taped it.

    Obviously the coach is "young" so i can see how this all could happen. Especially since im sure every other player on the team was cheering the coach on.
    but when the worst occurs and you do actually break a 13 year olds clavicle then there is gonna be a backlash, that shouldnt suprise anyone.

    Thats just my opinion. Sorry i offended you.
  • I'm a coach too and always have to deal with these type of idiots that emerge. You want to give these type of guys a chance to gain some experience but then I walk over to the Freshman practice and I see this type of ****. These idiots on this comment section that favor the coach knows nothing about the sport and are the same ones that preach discipline, tackling drills, and spread offense but doesn't know how to teach it.
  • Why do so many of you assume the worst or best about either the coach or MS player? There are no absolutes here. If those of you who have played football have never seen an odd or freak hit or landing, then lucky you. However, it does not take much force at all to break a collar bone, and pads are shoulder pads (usually not closly fit ones), not collar bone pads. It is a case of poor judgment by the coach to assume the kid was faking, poor (but understandable) judgment by the kid in directing his accidental injury on the coach, and over-judmentalism of many of you who project your own angst upon either of them, or upon a normal father bothered by his son's pain and coach's blase dismissal of the son's pain or occurrence of the injury.
    I have no doubt they will tough it out and get past it, but I worry more about those of you who find it easier or more satisfying to criticize and demean than to to demonstrate understanding and compassion.
    Sometime stuff just happens, and it's not really anyone's fault.
  • The coach was completely without wisdom and the same with some of you who made the most amazingly stupid ******* comments on here. You are probably the sameones who would if your son asked for an egg would had him a viper and laugh about it and tell them to toughen up. The kid wasn't practicing to play against any men on the opposing team, he was going to play against some near his own age. Maybe the kid would get hurt in the real game, but then that is the nature of the game. I am sure to raise the muchismo tempers of the morons on this thread, I don't care. I don't care. For the record, you don't beat up on anyone to toughen them up, you direct them to be smart and look for the opportunity to take their opposition down and you do it cleanly. What goes out will come back.
  • As I understand why this is unsettling to people, Football is a rough game and the coach was going against three boys. He was only trying to train them, an opponent on the field would be a bit rougher. I am sorry his collar bone broke I am sure it was painful, but such injuries are to be suspected in such a rough game.
  • I watched the vidio. The coach was running partial speed. He had his head up so there were no headbutts. He bounced off several players because they hit him high. I saw no abuse or intent to injure. Coach was not a moose of a guy. I think it was a sports injury period. There is risk to playing football and the training that goes into it. This could have been a big opponent in a game with the same outcome. Too bad it happened but I do not fault the coach not his teaching style. Sometimes it is what it is, bad luck.
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