Found November 12, 2013 on Fox Sports Wisconsin:
Wisconsin football coach Gary Andersen spoke with the mediaTuesday morning on the Big Ten's weekly coaches teleconference ahead of theBadgers' game against Indiana.Andersen discussed Wisconsin's BCS conundrum, the effortrequired to vote in the coaches Top 25 poll and the impact of running backsMelvin Gordon and James White.Here is the full transcript of Andersen's conference call:Andersen: Obviously it was a great game, greatvictory for us out of conference. To play the way we played against what Ithink is a very talented BYU team was a great victory. Great for the kids to behome. Individual efforts, I thought Chris (Borland) was well deserving of theaward that he received for the week.He had a tremendous game coming off a hamstring injury and playing the way heplayed. He adds a little extra juice and energy to that defense from a leadershipstandpoint. It's great to have him on the field and get him back where it needsto be.I also thought that Dez Southward and Nate Hammon also camein and did a lot of things against tall receivers to play some man coveragethat we haven't really asked those kids to do this year on defense, which wasimportant for us.Indiana is a spread team. Very different than BYU as far asthe moving parts. It's still a spread team. It's still a pace team. Butathletes on the outside. A lot like we faced last week were very impressive.But the run game is very impressive from Indiana. Has been for weeks and weeksthis season. They have a pretty good offense line. Those running backs aremaking big plays for them. So it will be a big challenge for us.Defensively, as far as our offense goes, we've got tocontinue to do what we do. We've got to continue to work to get that third downratio up. We were better last game. But that's big for us is staying manageabledown and distance situation.If we do that, we seem to play pretty good on offensive sideof the football. We've got to take care of the football better. We lost theturnover battle last week 2-1, and you can't do that if you expect to win everyweek.Q: Do you own a soapbox? If you do, do you plan to starttelling people how good your team is?A: No soapbox on my end. We're just going to keep ongrinding away and do what we do. I guess I kind of sound like a broken recordwhen I say it. But I think this team will be known as a good team. They have anopportunity to be known as a great team, but they've got to go out on Saturdaysand win.We've got three more regular-season opportunities to dothat. I think they'll get the recognition they deserve if they continue to besteady and play against very good people week in and week out and find a way towin games.Q: So campaigning is not up your alley?A: Nope. It's not my style. It's not my deal. I'lllet the other people that handle that stuff handle it, and we'll try and justplay on the field the way we play and represent Wisconsin well.Q: Can a spread offense wear a defense down, and how doesit compare to a traditional power running game?A: I think one of the keys, if you're going to besuccessful in a football game against a fast-paced, spread offense, you've gotto believe that you can somehow, some way try to control tempo and dictatetempo a little bit, if you will.It seems like a little bit of a weird statement I guess formany people. But I believe you can. The coordinator, the signaler, the kids onthe field, it all works as one to get lined up and get in position to not beout of position when the ball is snapped.You can't buy into the, "Hey, we're going to get worndown" factor. They're on the field, too. So they're going to get worn down,and if they're subbing, we should have time. The officials in this conferencedo a great job of allowing us to be able to sub when they sub. So that helpsus.On the offensive side of the ball, the best way to deal withthe spread offense is to find a way to keep them off the field. It's hard toscore when your offense is not on the field. That's kind of our recipe forsuccess. Does it always work? No. But that's what we try to put into kids'minds and the coaches minds.Q: How much does the NCAA limitation on practice hoursduring the week limit what you guys can do? Do you feel like there is more youwant to practice?A: It works great for us. We don't even quite use allthe hours during the week. We try and do everything fast and quick to getthrough it. But the number of hours is a non-factor for us.Q: What's worked so well with Melvin Gordon and JamesWhite getting both carries?A: First off, their unselfishness and their carefactor for each other. They're not in there saying, "It's my turn. I'vegot to get 25 carries or whatever." As it comes, it comes. They deal withit. They don't count their reps. They make their reps count. The credit goes tothose kids, and the credit goes to coach (Thomas) Hammock as far as coachingthem that way.Their success comes because I think they're tremendouspractice players. They're tremendous preparers. They take care of their bodies.And they listen to what they're coached and the direction they're supposed tohead and I think they're tremendous team players over and over, week afterweek, day after day.Q: From a physical standpoint, which makes each playergood, and how do their styles work together?A: I think Melvin learned a lot this year dealingwith learning how to run between the tackles and dealing with running betweenthe tackles. And James has really helped him. It's helped Melvin understandprotections better and better. And James did some tremendous things last weekin protection. So I think it's a great complement for Melvin to be able tolearn from James and then James to be able to learn from Melvin the way Melvindoes some things on the outside. And what he did last year he's continued to dothis year.They look at each other and they definitely learn from eachother. They learn from their coach. Their styles are different, but they'realso the same. Because our offense doesn't have to change with either one ofthem playing. They both have big-play capability, which is really a viciousweapon when you're a running back.Q: Do you prefer not to be involved in the coaches pollduring the season?A: I've been on it a few times. I'm not going to sayit's a grind. It's a responsibility and I think it's a responsibility that whenI have it, I take pride in it and do my best to make sure that I'm at leasteducated on the teams that I'm voting for. But it does take time. It's not aburden. It's a responsibility like I said earlier. But it is something you haveto plan for. You have to take time and invest some time in being able to do it.It's not something you can sit down in five minutes and justput a bunch of names down on a piece of paper. It's a big part of the deal.You're not always right. People are going to disagree with you, with the wayyou vote. But you just have to do your best, and if you accept responsibility,I believe you should put the time into do your best and make your best effortand put your emotions and feelings aside and vote for the people you believeare the best teams. It is difficult because you don't get to see everybody.Q: Is that something you would do personally? And howmuch time does it take?A: Last time I did it, I was at Utah State. You'vegot to get it in. Many times we played night games. So we were flying home,sitting in airports or wherever we were. And we tried to get the scores off theInternet. Yes, I did do it myself with the support of my DFO (Director ofFootball Operations) as far as giving me the scores. What they've done in thepast and where they were. The hardest thing to really look at in my opinionwhen you're doing that is the teams that are kind of the up-and-comers. Thereceiving vote teams and those teams that are on the backside.You're from Toledo, correct? Obviously they're a team that'splaying well and doing some great things. We were right there a year ago.Giving those guys the credit with who they play, sometimes they get lost in themix I believe. You've got to be careful with those teams that are trying tobreak into the top 25.Q: What has Brendan Kelly meant to this team, and whathave you seen from his progress?A: Brendan is a big part of this football team andhe's shown that especially I think the last four, five, six games. He's gottenmore. He was hampered with some injuries earlier in the year.He's really learned to manage his body and understand how topractice to give him an opportunity to get out on the field. He's a veryathletic young man. He's a good pass rusher. He's good against the run. He'svery intelligent. He can get into his zone drops when we ask him to drop andmove.He's done some very good things for us. He' a big part ofour substitution defense. Depending on who we're playing, he may be a starter,he may be a rotator. But he's accepted that role very well and I'm proud ofhim.Q: How important is it for a guy like Warren Herring tobe in the mix?A: Warren has done a great job. Him and Beau (Allen)are a great complement to one another. They continue to rotate through there.Warren brings some athleticism. And Beau brings the athleticism and a bunch ofstrengths. They're a good complement to each other at that nose guard spot.Warren has played a lot of good reps for us this year and hewill continue to do so. He wants to make every play, which is a great thing tohave when you're a defensive lineman. His want-to to make plays is very, veryhigh. Follow Jesse Temple on Twitter

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