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Tony Stewart is one of the most bold drivers in NASCAR, so it’s no surprise he conducts himself in a brazen manner when he’s around the track. Take for instance the screencap above. Yes, that’s Stewart playfully grabbing a handful of Kevin Harvick’s wife’s behind.

Stewart is good friends with the Harvicks and drove for their teams many years at Daytona until they shut down the team, so he obviously felt comfortable enough to sneak up on DeLana Harvick and get her with the grab. No word on what Kevin thought of Tony’s hands-on approach, but I know I wouldn’t be cool with another man grabbing my wife’s behind regardless of the circumstance. Maybe that’s one of the privileges of being the defending champ at Chicagoland.

DeLana later tweeted about the grab and seemed to find it funny:

And for the record if uncle tony wins today it’s not my fault!!! #sneakyassgraber

— DeLana Harvick (@DeLanaHarvick) September 16, 2012

Photo via Setinvestigates/Twitter

  • That's ignorant and disrespectful and her husband doesn't mind?Myself I wouldn't allow it and probably would slap the **** out of him.This is acceptable but when Serena or was it Venus did that little happy shuffle after her win,negative remarks galore.
  • This is definitely over the line. This is sexual harassment and assault. Did you see the look on her face and her body reaction? She was not cool with it but felt pressured not to say anything because it is "Uncle Tony". That is exactly how molesters bully their victims. If I were this woman's husband I would give "Uncle Tony" a knuckle sandwich.
  • Wow. Get a grip. This is all done in fun. Why make it a federal offense?
  • I guess you must let other people grab your spouses ass, uhh?
  • well let me tell u something i wonder how would u feel if someone did that to your mother i know u dont have a wife or girlfriend because if u did that wouldnt say some stupid sh-t like that u r a coward for saying that sh-t
  • Sexual harrasment? Get a clue. They're old friends, and this is a regular occurrence. Not everyone is a hypersensitive namby pamby who sees a violation of the law in harmless horseplay. If you can't distinguish between this and Sandusky-esque behavior, you live in some odd alternate reality.
  • or this is over the line, nascar sucks, and its not a sport..
  • I agree 1999999% How did Nascar and sport get in the same sentence?
  • Racing definitely is a sport. What it is not is a game.
  • It's not a sport or a game. It is more like a full time job, with constant R&D to beat the other 43 drivers every weekend. So if you think it sucks, you should probably go watch some grown men chase a ball around a field. Oh, and none these drivers or teams have ever had a strike or lockout.
  • "Oh, and none these drivers or teams have ever had a strike or lockout. "

    The drivers don't have a union. Therefore, no strike no lockout. That is something by the way that the drivers want very much.
  • Ok..let me get this straight.....A hedrosexual "goose" to a friend(s) is a national security issue and nascar "becomes" not a sport(or in your word never was)----but ass grabbing and patting each-others ass in baseball and football MALE PLAYERS is seen as a good buddy/buddy system that I need my young son to see????--and we call that a "national past time"....What answer do you give your son when he asks you about patting other MALE members ass????..."SON, that's normal"--WOW

    My son loves nascar and only wonders why schools dont promote driving at younger ages--simular to ass patting baseball and football!...

    One last thing, my bets are NASCAR does'nt promote a single shower for a whole team!...Oooo, but the past coach's just loved it!
  • Luck?! Come on man! Her husband is weak, there is no way in h*@l will I allow another man grop my wife..at anytime. That would cost him a trip to the dentist!!!
  • What I want to know is why NASCAR is not taking steps to stop this and put Tony Stewart on suspension for conduct unbecoming of a Nascar Driver, as there are rules that must be followed and Stewart seems to think he is exempt. I also think that charges should be press against Stewart by the Harvicks, regardless if Stewart drove for them or not. This action is totally UNACCEPTABLE !!!!
  • Shut Up!
  • Zzzzzzzzzzz....
  • OMG!!!! Really? Delana, Kevin and Tony have been friends for YEARS. Tony even shared a house with them. GET OVER IT bit everything is bullying or molestation she looks more suprised then offended and trust me if she were offended she would have turned and given him a knuckle sandwich. I got to meet her once and she is a tornado in the midwest.
  • If another man touched my wife (or girlfriend) anywhere, he would not be able to walk let alone drive a race car. I don't know who is more pathetic Stewart for being so far out of line, or Harvick for being so weak and letting him get away with it.
  • bro u r so right he has to b the weakest man alive
  • maybe they do the group thing. you dont assgrab some dudes wife on camera no less unless you know for sure that he/she is down.
  • Harvick is weak for not defending his wife, and if anything look at his racing career thus far..... extremely weak
  • Ook ook ook me tough man. Me in secure and make up for it with tough talk. Hulk smash!
  • OMG....I would sooooo kick ANY GUY'S ass myself for doing this if I didn't want him to......
  • If you dont watch NASCAR then dont comment tony was playing around and DeLana and Kevin are good freinds with him. and also if you would have read the above story you would get it
  • as long as he is not sticking his face in her crotch what is the harm
  • As long as his face does not touch her crotch what is the harm
  • I think that is completely out of line, why doesnt he grab a guys junk before his race for luck? Again that is completely upon the husband of this young lady, me him i would talk to stuart in private, if they are friends,unless the husband likes his wife being felt on by his friends, i would like to be this guys friend ,than.lol
  • Funny...not bullying or molestation...those comments are ridiculous.
  • People need to lighten up!!! If ESPN had a 10 sec delay, no one would even know about this! Smoke is right....ESPN is all about DRAMA! They have let the F-bomb make it on air twice this season that I've heard and now this. Apparently the Harvicks don't have a problem with it.
  • Very good point.
  • i GUESS it depends on the relationship between all parties-- it's not the 1st time this has happened and what kind of IDIOT would think it was a sexual harassment/assault ----if Tony had grabbed Kevins butt it would have been only commented as a good old game of graba$$---too many morons try to read something into everything thats just not what it's truly all about----with friends it is NOTHING more than playing around!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Welcome to the latest World Order Pandemic: the New Hyper-"Inapporpriate" & Oh So Easilly "Offended Everyone." Note especially the Modern Patriarchial Guys of big "knuckles" (..."dragging" as Feminists like to call them,) but not much in the upper thinking areas. One remebdy for this hyper macho problem--go out and enjoy a few laughs at your Comedy Club--where you can desensitze with some Really Inapporpirate deconditioning.

    Who is judged, shall be judged. Leave Friends to their own comfort zones. There are enough intrusions in our lives already.
    Have you self a good laugh at the world, and maybe people will join in.
  • Not funny really. It's the hillbilly kind of funny.
  • Yeah, hillbillies play grabass for fun.............and born-rich nobodys invite young girls to their ocean yachts and have their way where nobody can see it then dump them overboard. Overall the two types of people aren't much different other than the fact that rednecks have balls enough to do things in the open, mainly because their intentions aren't as sinister.
  • I guess no one saw (or everyone forgot about) this interview. Of course, no one makes a big deal out of it when 2 guys are involved.

  • This is inappropriate conduct. NO man has the right to touch a woman without her permission. This is sexual harassment. Only a man would think otherwise. Any man that finds this behavior funny should allow the daughter to be grabbed by some man this way. FUNNY NOW??
  • Really? This is nascas, not a school yarde.
  • If you are a follower of NASCAR you would know that Tony is a pranster and grabs everyones butt. In an interviews last season while he was on camera two of his fellow drivers did the same to him. In fact there is a picture of Kevin Harvick grabbing Tony's butt the night he won the 2011 Championship!! Get a over it people it's just in good fun.
  • well tell stuart to grab my balls , smuck
  • I don't give a rats A.. if this is nascar or the play ground. If somebody grabbed my wife, we would really have a problem....
  • No one has mentioned Delana actually likes it. Her expression was for the camera then you see her putting her arms around Tony afterwards. She says it feels better without her firesuit on :)
  • well it wasn't your wife so shut the hell up
  • Stewart and Harvick's may be friends, but inappropriate in such public activities. But, this could have been prompted in this case by DeLana's comment at enterview. The drivers DO watch what is being aired before races start. Teasing comments can produce such acts. Besides, as a Tony Stewart fan and a woman, I would like to think he would have had a little more gental hand. That's why I believe it was prompted by her enterview. Kind of - ask and ye shall receive. It was all between them until her comments.
  • Looks like Tony Stewart needs a beat down by Kevin Harvick. No man has the right to touch another man's wife. And no woman has the right to touch another woman's husband. Unless it is to save a life, a medical event, or a judicial/legal event. This is just going too far.
  • What does a judicilal/legal event have to do with it?
  • If this guy allows other guys to grab his wifes ass, well thats on him, i would like to know what this young ladys dad feels about this.
  • Has anyone who is commenting on this heard DeLana speak? She is very opinionated, and can very much stand up for herself. If she didn't think it was funny, she would have turned and said something to him or punched Tony in the face herself. She doesn't need her HUSBAND to take care of business.
  • You know it, Mullet!
  • Oh please, people! They were just having a little fun. Get a sense of humor. Does everything have to become a legal/moral issue? They are friends off the track, obviously if DeLana calls him Uncle Tony. If she and Kevin don't mind why, should anyone else. I've worked in a shop my whole life and if I cried abuse everytime one of my guys here made and off color remark or gesture towards me, we would all be unemployed. They are adults, if they want to play grabass, let em. If you don't like it, maybe you should be spending your Sunday afternoons sitting in Church, instead of watching Nascar and Football, what is it they do in football? Isn't their ass pat called a "GOODGAME"? You're alright with me Tony!
  • She likes a little touchy feely. Being a dad I would not appreciate it and would sit her down and have a little talk with her
  • Does anyone notice that Kevin is about 10 feet away and along with two other people are watching Tony before it happens. It was probably perpetuated by Kevin. They've all been friends for years on and off the track. One of the great things about NASCAR is the average fan gets to hang out in the pits and garages with their heroes.
  • If that concerns me, I would cut the balls off that inbred and hand it to him!
  • Stewart would break you in half.
  • that's not what your mama said
  • What??? hahahahahaah
  • Is this for the betterment of the sport. Time to get the fines and the point deductions out. This is embarassing behavior that is not appropriate. It demeans women and the sport.
  • Your comment demeans the sport.
  • This guy was born a jerk, lives like a jerk and will die a jerk.
  • Spoken like a jerk.
  • Get over it people!!!! Theyre all friends.....in baseball, they grab themselves, in football they grab other men....NASCAR they grab women.....you figure it out!!!!
  • Look, the way to handle any unwanted grabs is to place an elbow right where it would hurt him the worst, then quickly deliver a punch to the gut! That would give him a friend to friend surprise.
  • Butt grabbing aside, Tony Stewart is an a-hole
  • With a hell of a lot more money than you.
  • Come on, anybody on here that thinks this is over the line is a complete idiot and has absolutely no knowledge of how "real" people can cope with friendly gestures. Has the negativity of all the liberals ruined this country as badly as some comments above suggest. Better yet, let's keep NASCAR in the south and let all these twisted yankees watch soccer or some other gay-ass "sport." If your azz is as tight as your post suggest, maybe you ought to stick some coal up it and make diamonds.
  • I'm a Yankee and that offends me. I moved from Indiana to the South 5 years ago, big mistake...Luckily for me I can and will move. Tony can grab my bum anytime......
  • He can grab my butt anytime, or anything else for that matter. Go Tony!!! And for those of you that are protesting...trust me, if Kevin Harvick minded he would be the first to punch him out. Or Delana for that matter,she does wear the firesuit in that family.
  • Since Kevin was watching him approach, and he knew what Tony was going to do, he would have stopped him or warned her, if he had a problem. Since he didn't do either, and DeLana did not object, then there is no problem. Believe me, if she had objected, she would have knocked Tony out right then. No elbow, no screaming "inappropriate behavior" - just a 'Good Night Tony' ka-pow. Too many people are jumping on the 'sexual harrassment' bandwagon. If there is no objection from DeLana, then everyone else needs to mind their own business. Don't tell me you have never done something with a group of friends that may have 'offended' someone who was watching you. Because they were offended, did that make you wrong or a molester or predator? I didn't think so. If you hug a friend in public, you run the risk of offending someone. LET IT GO.
  • All you guys that would get mad if someone patted your wife's butt must not trust your wives of your friends. I have been with the same man for 16 yrs and I pat other male friends on the butt and sometimes they pat back. We do it in fun and only with good friends but there is nothing wrong with it at all as long as it doesn't go any farther and it wouldn't. I would hate to be with somebody that is that jealous and dumb. either you trust me or you don't and if you don't then hit the road.
  • i would return the favor and grab his wife or girlfriend or sisters asses every chance i get.paybacks a bitch :)
  • Seem to recall that Stewart lived with the Harvicks at one time also or at least when on the road. They have been friends for years and Stewart probably started this when he was driving for them. Must work because he does win on a consistent basis.
  • Come on people get over yourselves. If nobody there was bothered why are you.
  • You go Tony,I heard DeLana on sirus radio the other day and how she admires you and that you are the baby's Uncle. What ever it takes to give you luck go for it, wish you the best of luck in the Chase.
  • I wish people would step back and think a moment befre they rush to judgement. No man wants another to grab his wifes butt or whatever, but come on there is a thing called sincere friendship & trust among each other,& as long as the friendship known boundaries are not crossed then let it be and get over. you can't change the world and what you think is offensive to you may not be to others. stop intruding into lives and actions that you can't change,,my god lighten up before we all become monitored robots...
  • Tony Stewart can grab my ass anytime he wants to!!!!
  • That was more than a goose. He goes full undercarriage. No wonder Nascar gets such a stereotype. You have "uncle tony" givin a meat hook to a woman in front of a camera. Hey kids and women out there. This is not OK. What if some dumb male (maybe say 18) sees this and thinks its maybe something he should to to a female co-worker. If repeat with the same eunthiasm as Tony's, well said hypothecal kid might loose more than his teeth. He might ruin his life.
  • Here Kitty Kitty!
  • Well pilgrims......Got to get big brother involved, have a senate debate, call the authorities, get u-tube to send it world wide and have a muslim society revolt.....Other than that,,,,,it ain't our concern.............Harvick rules and the Smoke lights the fires...................
  • Whether she allows him to touch her or not is not the issue. It is not appropiate behavior to be shown on television. I don't want my 8 year old grandson to think it is okay to touch a female in that manner.

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