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The Celtics defense was there but they missed too many shots.  They need to quit with the long jumpers and go to the basket.  Hopefully they will do it more when the new guys (including a yet to be named big man) get acclimated.    The officiating wasn't all that bad.  They let a lot of stuff go, but they let it go both ways.  My favorites are in bold.  What are yours?  The refs will screw us again. Lillard's going to have his hands full with Bradley. Did you guys see when Boston beat PHX the other night KG didn't play and wasn't even there...... What was that about? He was busy with LaLa. Lakers "game" took it's emotional toll on me. I'm not ready for tonight at all. (except Maynor, I’m ready for him) If I'm Coach Stotts tonight, I'm telling the team to pretend we're playing the Laker game refs. 60-point win, easy. The Ol' Sixth Man Play was Greg Oden's greatest play of all time. i think maynor will boost our bench more offensively than defensively To boost something, it has to exist in the first place, I.e. You can't "boost" nothing Now Crawford can kill us in a different color Damn. I forgot he was traded to Boston... We won't get railroaded by the refs tonight. That call is dumb I don’t care if it’s not against us. It’s still stupid. We just made Avery Bradley look like Rondo Are there actually a lot of Boston fans at the garden tonight? I keep hearing a lot of cheering for Boston So many Boston fans in the crowd. Funny because you'd be hard pressed to find a dozen Boston fans seven or eight years ago in Portland. What a shot by batum haha. 2 fouls on pierce Hilarious. And worth noting Nic ran into him. I dislike that call. I hate that call Batum jumped sideways into pierce. Foul on Pierce? It is funny that it’s against pierce, who I see as a guy who does that a lot I've been told twice thst Boston doesn't offensive rebound They should have to give the ball back just on principle Turns out that if you don't give these guys layups they can't score That was an epic flop Definitely a moving pick, but he did not need to go down like that It's like he was a battle droid in Star Wars: Episode 1 They blew up the mothership and he straight up died Leonard should be allowed to pick him up and Throw him to the floor for a flop like that Oh, they have Terry now ... Too bad for him…. Refs trying to makeup for the lakers game tonight? Nothing makes me happier than a KG derp Put a tall hat on Kevin garnett, he would make a great Abraham Lincoln We are playing best D of the season right now. Garnett gets away with so much contact Bench just looks better with Maynor in there. It's amazing what a backup point guard can do for a turrible bench unit Even maynors turnovers are better That's BS Green was clearly inside the restricted area. Feet were on the circle Boston announcers lie with fact rightin front of them "we're not counting heels tonight, haha" -Boston anouncers. They´re pretty good I want to mute it, but if I listen I can complain more. JJ doing a nice job on KG. KG's getting old. I'm already annoyed by these refs. Boston is pretty good at this thing they call defense Our team should try doing that Ref calls the ball off the other team when its off us and hasnt even been out of bounds yet We getting make up calls for the LA debacle? The Blazers are up 8 and Lillard has 0pts Bradley has a lot to do with that. He wasn't getting by him at all. Another Boston turn over forced by us. Our D is best it's been this season. Paul pierce is making batum look really bad on d LILLARD not having anything easy Expected Bradley is a terrific defender Blazers' backup bigs couldn't get a call if they owned Verizon. Too many Celtic fans in the RG..makes me sick. I must still be mad from the Lakers game, already want to throw something at my monitor in disgust at these refs. The Laker game was blatant cheating by the refs. This game seems like a lot of close calls against us. Avery Bradley is a maniac on defense. What is up? Paul playing like an All-Star I think he might be a pretty good player He's got a lot of potential, hopefully someday he can be the player the Celtics hope he can be I'm thinking he might even get 20,000 career points, but He should stay away from the clubs… might get stabbed. Yikes! If he gets stabbed 9 times someday, that’s the end of his career. You don’t come back from that!! I think he forgot that he is old Anyone watching the Mavs/Lakers game? I heard there were some shady calls tonight. Watch for a fine for Cuban tomorrow I’m told. The NBA WILL get their golden boys into the playoffs...…I have no doubt! The NBA wants the Lakers in the playoffs I guess Bradley is a defensive beast Refs letting Bradley get away with a LOT of contact I suppose that’s what a rep does for you Bradley needs to be knocked out Or called for a handcheck. One or the other If you're gonna beat Boston, it's gonna be ugly. KG helped up LMA? Is this real life? he's nice to people his own size Avery is a bug on Lillard KG seems super easy to guard now Leonard rebounding well, or maybe its becuz its the Celtics Pierce is heating up. Uh oh Bradley is Lillard's kryptonite. Absolute OWNAGE in every way. I knew Lillard would struggle against Bradley. Every PG does. I guess Garnett is just allowed to hold people on screens He also sets many illegal and moving screens and never gets called for them. Man Boston FLIES around on D Pierce still annoys me Lee called for foul. I swear I see him raise his lip like a little ***** again in his "where did I foul" face I will fly my happy little *** to Boston and knock his teeth in. Lillard's shot looks shakier than a massage chair at a strip mall. Bad calls going are way... Whoop! I keep getting Wilcox and Pierce confused. Wilcox just looks like a bigger Pierce Pierce is the one that can shoot. Garnett doesn't miss Bradley is a really, really good defender. Boston is still one of the better defensive teams in the league I'd rather listen to this Boston crew than M&M anyday. Scal replacing heinsohn Makes them far more tolerable I like how KG cares and holds himself responsible though. Would love to play with a guy like that It's the dog barking and calling people cancer patients that doesn't sit well with me. Some reason Jason Terry really annoys me. Id take him on our bench though ;) At least he hasn't brought-out the Jet. How do you let Pierce shoot 8-11. Sad. This is turning into a dogfight Oh no, that's how KG likes it Has KG ever been in an actual fight in a game>? paul pierce looks old He is old. Didn't think Garnett could jump that high He's fairly athletic And old. But an alien. Hope he retires soon Love his game hate his attitude I'd like it if he was on our team. So much green in the crowd there Ya it's like 1/3rd Celtics Garnett will never again be called for an illegal screen Makes it so much easier for Pierce What the heck, I just tuned in, and it sounds like half the crowd are Celtics fans. I didn’t know there were that many Boston ex-pats in PDX. True story: Portland was almost named Boston Garnett moves, and sticks his arms out to grab every time he sets a pick I guess being a HOFer has its perks Bradley is putting on a clinic. There were like 6 fouls on Garnett during that sequence Garnett and Doc disagree with you sir Is it just me or does Pierce look REALLY old? Garnett sets picks like an offensive tackle. WE WON A GAME I wish I was there TO RUB IT IN THE CELTIC FANS FACES... I'd rub their tickets in their faces And KG is disgusted. He didn’t even stick around to say ‘good game’. Nothing beats listening to the Celtics announcers dissapointed. Bradley did a number on lillard tonight. That dude is a pest We could use a perimeter defender like Bradley EAT CROW HEINSON Tommy Heinsohn says Batum manhandled Pierce Impossible, unless it was a menage a trois with Garnett Tommy is a bigger homer than Mike Rice. Rice is comical, but admits when he wrong Heinsohn is bizarrely celtocentric Hopefully the celtics don't end up with hickson next year.. [Discuss on CG Forums!]

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