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I'm convinced that the best way to evaluate a player is to see what the fans of the team he last played for say about him. So, I went to the Wizards fans to see what they had to say about their departing guard.   For the most part, they were angrier about what they didn't get back than losing Crawford.   Steez gon light it up in Boston y'all When the Crawford for Melo rumors were coming out we all said, “He couldn’t possibly make a deal that bad.” Suddenly we hear “Crawford to the Celtics” and our stomach’s sink, but wait, the article says it’s NOT for Fab Melo! Rejoice! What did we get, instead? Oh, something worse. SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE SOME GOOD NEWS. SOME The chance to make another entry on firegrunfeld.com? I made the mistake of watching the Crawford interview after The Miami game they won. He was genuinely thankful the fans hadn’t given up on them and stuff…Made me sad =( Jordan Crawford was shopped to every team in the league. He gets paid no money. Anybody could have had him for a 2nd round pick and a guy or two on the minimum salary. He’s an inefficient gunner who plays no D. HE HAS NO VALUE. If you’re going to complain about the Wizards, the problem isn’t this trade. It’s that they utterly failed to develop someone with evident talent and then managed to make even that talent valueless within the space of a couple weeks. That’s a far bigger problem than this trade. The cat was way outta the bag. Everybody and they mama knew the Wiz were gonna dump steeze if the other GM’s just waited they could grab him for free. And the C’s did The guy wasn't very good he only carried an entire team for half a season I mean he wasn’t worth much he really only proved he can dramatically improve your team through scoring and assisting. Not very important in the NBA, should have gave up Wall and Beal as well for Mike Ruffin and a 6 pack of PBR. "carried the team"... to 4 wins? I hope ppl at Fridays game chant Jordan Crawford's name when we get down by 20 Barbosa makes $850K What kind of expiring deal is that? Man, do not let Ernie draft this year’s pick! Crawford was a worthless player anyway, only mistake was that they didn't trade him when he was putting up good empty stats two months ago They waited until they started winning some games with him not playing at all and decide to trade him, instead of doing it when he had some positive press. But he showed his true colors with his immature actions from not playing at all, he’s probably gonna ride the bench in Boston. DISAGREE DOC AND garnett will set him straight. he will develop. just like javale is Yeah... and I think Crawford's game will really open up with the depleted backcourt of BOS and their talent on the frontcourt… this has the potential to be one of the worst trades of all time Doc is not a good coach. What happened with Doc is exactly what would have happened with Wittman if Wittman suddenly got Pierce, Rondo, Garnett, and Ray allen. I disagree, while I get your point that Doc may be overrated you can't compare him to Wittman Doc still knows how to win games when his star players go down. Wittman does not, huge difference in this league. He will probably play (just like eveyone else that leaves this God forsaken ********), go on a tear at the end of the year and become a solid 6th man. Being benched for garret temple Would make approximately 100% of players furious. Worthless? @JLundbladESPN: Crawford is 1 of 7 avging 18 pts, 5 ast & 4 reb per 36 minutes (Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Harden, Westbrook, Manu) He's probably the only one of those guys with a Ortg below 100 And a godawful efficieny rating with a DRtg of 108(!!!) As much as you can point them out it doesn't completely disregard how well JC has been playing this season Has he shown improvement every season? Check Has he shown the heart to play hard even when losing? Check Has he shown care for the fans? Check Is he on a cheap rookie contract for another year? Check All that equals to… horrible horrible move. My problem is with the statement or idea that Crawford is a GOOD player. He has improved, but he improved from 1 month expired milk to 1 week expired milk. He is still not good. His actions over this past week send a message to Ernie that he didn’t want to be on the team, so he got rid of him. Was it stupid? Yes. Was Crawford playing minutes helping this team win? No. CRAWFORD HAS SO MUCH UPSIDE. GETTING BETTER EACH YEAR. 10 GAMES AGO HE WAS PROVING EVERYONE WRONG NOW HES TRASHED FOR NOTHIGN. I think everyone knew Earnie was going to mess things up somehow and….what does he do? Give’s away a solid scoring combo guard with potential for NOTHING…..FREE!! No draft picks….NOTHING!!! He will kill it in Boston, you watch. at least Steez is going to have a chance to shine on a team that actually matters. Im so mad i cant even be truly happy for him yet too much rage If you truly loved the Steez Then you’d know to love him is to let him free April 7th is the next game against us. Hope he lights us up That team is getting blown up pretty soon. But its the Celtics.. The league wont let them be down for long. Tank next year with the blown up team and get Andrew Wiggins. Voila! Celtics back in contention. Spread your wings, JCraw And let your 7 feet behind the 3-point line shot fly I admit, I will miss seeing his 30ft jumpers! I wish we had one more Boston home game this year So I can were Steeze Jersey, and chant FIRE ERNIE Ahhh back when JC was freakin off the Clippers I have no problem seeing Craw go But I would have thought we would get something back. This doesn’t make sense. Crawford definitely had his faults. But what the hell. Dude was, for all intensive purposes, one of our best players. And we dumped him for less than nothing. This is not only bad basketball sense, it is bad business sense. You don’t give away something of value for something of ZERO value! I seriously don’t want to believe we gave JC just for Barbosa, I mean no matter how long I’m trying to make sense in my head it just doesn’t. We must have at least a second round pick and cash considerations or SOMETHING right? Whats wrong with this organization? Let’s bench and kill the value of the guy who actually has a skill that’s quite essential to playing basketball (a skill that every actual recent EG pick hasn’t had until Beal). Now let’s trade him for a guy who will never play a game for the Wizards… Why? The only thing that could logically cause the Wizards to trade a player for nothing is if he was worse than nothing, i.e., bad on the court, and a cancerous locker room presence. I’d never heard that about JC, though. He got buckets, and he actually seemed like a sweet guy. Hope he does well with the Celtics. He was the only guy who didn’t mope through large chunks of the first 30 games. Then he botched that Nets game..the way the team reacted when Steez sunk the Blazers tells you everything you need to know. He tweeted his stats (when the team went 3-11) And then he ripped his jersey off. They wanted to get rid of him ASAP after those actions Okay he threw his jersey into the stands After laughing on the bench when his team lost a competitive game on Tuesday. Based on the pics on the Sports Bog page, he didn’t think he was going to get in the game, so he just lounged and didn’t seemingly care Last year, when Swaggy was slumping and got benched for the worse Crawford, he was always cheering his teammates on from the bench. Why can’t Crawford do that? Because he thinks he’s not just better than Wall, but on the same level as Michael Jordan? Then again, he may be right. He probably can beat a 50 year old MJ. You'd think he set his jersey on fire in the middle of the Verizon Center whilst denouncing the Wizards as a terrorist organization with the way people talk about that incident I suspect he knew he was gone before those actions... he is steez…not stupid Crawford was a fan favorite showing steady improvement every year. NO ONE in the Wizards has shown steady improvement EXCEPT Crawford has, and that’s including Wall. Crawford loved taking pictures with fans pre-game, and fans chanted his name at the end of the Toronto game. Crawford could have simply taken off his jersey as a sign of appreciation. Sometimes, you've got to just bite the bullet and trade someone for nothing, just to get rid of them Like Jordan Crawford. And Nick Young. And Antawn Jamison. And Caron Butler. And Brendan Haywood. Every other Wizard player is so pissed they arent the ones going to the Celtics now Even though I’m on the record saying that I thought Crawford should be moved eventually, I’m still kinda sad to see him go. I always admired his unlimited confidence and that he would never back down from any challenge. While it was probably his biggest weakness, in some ways it was also his biggest strength. Best of luck Jordan! I hope you do well in Boston! I guess the Celtics still have the Midas Touch, ah' rah' should I say the Red Auerbach Touch. But on second thought, to paraphrase a popular icon here, ole Craw ain't much, he's a non-team player, shot jacking gunslinger, disobedient fella, can't and won't follow the gameplan. So, the Celts essentially did a nothing for nothing deal, or did they? I can see Crawford now coming down the court in that Celtic green, in his unorthodox kind of way, full of confidence and swagger, and ready to give the ball up to any of his new Teammates, or not, and jack one up from whereever he pleases kind of shot and it will be alright, because it will be in the flow of the offense, because he will have a Team and a coach that gonna explain how it is all gonna work out. Hail to the Boston Celtics. I think I saw that on Craws' twitter. Ha! Ha! More like he'll do what they tell him or KG will beat him until all that's left is a small swagger stain on the parquet.... I mean, honestly, do you think Doc, KG and The Truth are going to let Crawford pass up a look inside to shoot a 28 footer? And not hustle on defense? I'm sure Craw's crowing right now, but he's going to have to put his big boy pants on and go to work. Mind you, had he done that here, he might still be here. Would Doc Rivers be the coach there? That Doc Rivers with the hoarse voice. That Doc Rivers that has earned a ton of respect all around the League. That Doc Rivers that still has his Team winning, though his point guard went down to injury. And you question what Craw is going to do under Doc Rivers. Why? Is there any question in your mind that Jordan Crawford is going to do just fine in Celtic Green? Is there any question, Sir? The kid could pass when he wanted to and had entertaining unconventional moves, in spots he was fun to watch but as an integral component on a team like the Wiz Craw's game had too many drawbacks, starting with his misplaced sense of himself. Lately he's been comparing himself to Michael Jordan and describing his offensive game as a 'dominant force.' As it turns out the Wiz are probably better off with Crawford in Boston and maybe he is too. I would very much enjoy witnessing the exchange between KG and Craw when Craw fills in KG on his 'dominant' offensive game and has to remind a skeptical Garnet that, "I'm like better than Michael Jordan." No loss. Shooting hog that never played any defense. Worst defender on the team, and possibly in the league. I mean, pathetically inadequate. But Lord he was fun to watch on offense sometimes. Second-coming of Nick Young becomes the second-going of Nick Young. And, along with the reaction of the Wizards fans to the trade, I'm going to add John Hollinger's analysis of Crawford's game. Hopefully, if anyone can get the best out of an underperforming defensive player, it is KG and Doc. I mean, they even made Ray Allen look semi- competent on defense. So, there's that. Crawford is the most superficial of basketball talents, a high-scoring gunner who takes terrible shots and barely tries on defense. Last season he averaged an impressive 21.4 points per 40 minutes, but only by dragging the offense to its knees -- Washington, the league's 29th-ranked offense, barely improved with Crawford on the floor. Crawford can actually score fairly well inside the arc: He shot a respectable 40.1 percent on long 2s, drew a fair number of fouls and finishes well in transition. But his wayward 3-ball (28.9 percent on four attempts a game) killed him. Given that this actually raised his career average, I'd suggest he needs to dial it back on the long ball and only shoot off the catch when he's wide open. The between-the-legs, off-the-dribble stuff with 18 on the clock needs to result in an immediate benching. If his defense doesn't get him benched first. By every metric, Crawford was awful on D. Synergy rated him in the bottom quarter of shooting guards, and according to 82games.com, opposing shooting guards had a 16.6 PER at his expense. Washington gave up a whopping 9.0 points per 40 minutes more with Crawford on the court. It's easy to see why: As an undersized 2, he needs to offset his weakness with superior effort, not with cherry-picking and gambling. And, finally, perhaps Crawford's finest hour. If you go to about the 30 second mark of the video below, you'll see Jordan Crawford, then still at Xavier, throwing down a two-handed dunk over LeBron James. The dunk came during a pickup game at the LeBron James Skills Academy in 2009. Nike, the camp's sponsor was so upset about Crawford showing up LeBron that they confiscated much of the video of the event. But, obviously someone escaped with a copy because here it is. [Discuss on CG Forums!]
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