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Knicks fans have to be the most classless in the league.  They even have the Lakers and Heat fans beat for having the least class in the league.  They even beat the Nets fans even though they are now in the same city.   Any time you see fans wishing death or injury on a player, all class has left the building.   They really had no room to complain about the officials either because they got more than their share of the calls.  And I saw Carmelo bump the ref last night just as much as Rondo bumped the one in the Hawks game.  Of course Doc isn't petty enough to call that to the league's attention.  Not likely they would do anything anyway,  just as they never do anything to Kobe, Wade or LeBron when they manhandle the refs.  I love reading fans complain about Celtics fans in their building.  It was a very entertaining game and the good guys won.  Enjoy today's comments.  What are your favorites?  Mine are in bold.  Please step on their throats and beat them by 20, send them a message that the division is ours and not theirs anymore. I want to embarrass them and make Rhonda cry. I really, really, really hate the Celtics. We have nobody to slow down Rondo,I'll be surprised if we win this one. If Pierce is on the court against the knicks I never feel comfortable. Stop Pierce. Anyway you can. That's all. I hate the Celtics. I can somehow tolerate getting blown out by the Rockets,or Blazers killing us on the home court. But one thing I can't stand is Boston beating us. With Rondo out the Knicks should definitely win this one. Damn, now those clover smoking leprechunts have an excuse when we whup dat a**! Rondo is fake. Just like pretending to fight with Humphries. Rondo out, When I last looked, our starting PG was out too.. Good teams can win without their star players so Celtic fans have nothing to say unless there admitting the Celts suck! Honestly Rondo should be suspended more than one game becuz he obviously didn't learn his lesson the first time. The play was just about nothing..have seen a ton worse than that...looked like the ref barely even noticed it He's a headcase. You shouldn't touch an official period, he knows this he was suspended for it. He's a great talent, but the C's have been dealing with on court behavior issues with him for a while. He should be lucky its only one game. Him leading Cousin would be awesome. Make it happen DA Could that even by classified as a bump by Rondo? Lol It was a crap suspension but his reputation precedes him. Thanks Stern I wanna see Paul pierce beg for mercy Kill Paul Pierce. The man has ice water for blood. He always plays big against NY, no matter what. I hate the Celtics probably more than any other team in the league, including Brooklyn. No Rondo is huge. That guy kills us. I wish Sheed was playing guaranteed double techs taking **** with KG RonDONT I’m happy he isn’t playing. I don’t care about the spirit of competition and all that when it comes to the Celtics. I don't loathe Jason Terry Should I? I hope Bradley eats a mothball accidentally after mistaking one for a peppermint! The rondo suspension was kinda garbage. He barely touched the official Scumbag Celtics fans at the game That ref needs to go back to the kitchen. Call me crazy but if I was starting a Franchise the first PF I would pick all time is KG. 2 on Pierce. Good call. Get that fat slob outta here They better box out Sullinger...Dude can be annoying with the boards. When are these refs going to give us some $@%!$@% calls Why do the refs always take 'Melo out of the game vs Pierce... I swear to god it happens every time. I really can't stand the Celtics....everyone on their team is a ****ing whiner. Shut the **** up and play. Damn Green is aggressive for the first time all year once he sees Novak in front of him HA Tech on Pierce!@ Rondo is so proud A nice hand for Pierce Oh no. The Knick Killer. That old man wishes he could still do that ****. Those days are over. The Celtics have done their homework and are cutting off the passing lanes while doubling him. Thank you refs for not calling the ridiculously obvious Melo carry C's are lost without Rondo. Oh, the irony. The Celtics got a player named Green and he sucks. Leave it up to the Knicks to play like crap against a bad Celtics team even with Rondo, but they are without him. Kinda pathetic. Kill Paul pierce You can't kill him he's a demon. He's undead. The C's are just not as dangerous as they used to be. I know they are without Rondo but man they seriously lack the depth the use to have. Man I didn't know Bradley could play D like that. I said Bradley is a tough defender Bradley is good Knicks defense is officially the most overrated pathetic defense ever. Paul Pierce is the guy even more than Melo that you know the 3 is going in when his team needs it Yea, only against the knicks for some reason Paul Pierce, you chubby old bastard...DIE If PP played the way he plays against the Knicks for his whole career, he'd be a top 10 player all time. Seriously **** Paul Pierce. Just won't miss against us Bradley looks like a retired boxer. We better not see the Celtics in the 1st round Celtics match up against us oh so well, and they don't even have Rondo, its just one of those things. And I agree you don't want to face them in the playoffs. They always overachieve against us. I have to say the officiating is poor and mostly in our favor tonight Dick Paveta isnt calling ****. He doesn't even have the strength to blow his whistle I want to find the guy who stabbed Pierce and punch him for not finishing the job. That color means I'm joking but not really. Can;t stand pierce, but..really dude? I want to snuff Pierce so bad. KG is getting Melo really mad now. 'Melo might knock this dude out. We can't afford it Honestly, that would be worth a loss tonight, and a suspension for Melo. I've been hoping someone knocks that punk-*** out one day. When the **** is Doc gonna get T'd up? Terry should get fined for flopping. I mean I guess it's okay for Doc Rivers to scream at the refs all game. The sound of the Boston fans cheering at the garden is like nails on chalkboard for me Wow. Jet is garbage Give Doc Rivers credit for coming up with a good defensive scheme. YO VIOLET PALMER GTFO with that late ass call. Even though it's for us, that **** is embarrassing. Is it just me or does Doc Rivers looks like hes preaching at church on the sideline? Terrys Brick house is unbelievable Celtics do a good job of making the game ugly I despise Pierce Pierce is a ****ing scumbag I will say this one more time. I do not wanna face the Celtics in the 1st round Kg won..... He made melo lose his cool tonight. Amare has no place on this team, losing to a bad sub .500 team without rondo is a joke. Now green wants to try to earn that pay check? Give them credit, they play physical defense and Bradley annoys me with his defense and I am just watching... Dick Bavetta. He is 73 years old. He would be fired from old age if he had any other job in the world. KG hasn't stopped flapping his gums the whole game, I'm glad Melo told him to shut his mouth. Garnett is getting into Melo's head. Refs trying to fix yet another knick game and once again its getting out of hand. SMH Bradley is a ****ing stud though... How do we lose to a pathetic Celtics team without rondo? No way is this team a contender, they keep losing to bad teams, I mean who loses to the lakers? My biggest fear is getting Boston in the first round Jared Sullinger is the new big baby...I wanna punch that guy in the mouth. This is a real rivalry, not that manufactured sh*t with the Nets. How was that even a foul these are the 3 most anti knick refs they put in one game And I have to listen to the Celts announcers say what a great defender Bradley is after head butting JR. Knicks need to just hammer the next Celtic going to the rim flagrantly. The Pierce clutch shot followed by the scumbag taunting Wait til we get to the TD Garden See that kiss Paul **** is blowing? That has to be enough to shut him down for life. How do you let him come into the garden and do that crap? I really hate **** Paul Pierce. It doesn't matter how old this guy is, he always shows up against us. Melo got completely owned by Pierce tonight. It's official I hate Pierce more than any other player this season. Can't believe this ****head did it to us again. Someone really needs to kill Pierce. I hope Pierce tears both his ACL's. Yeah I said it, **** you. I hate pierce. I hate this game. I hate this thread. I hate this board. F*ck everyone. Pierce taunting us in our own building. How can you not take that personally. Imagine if Rondo played? We woulda been killed. Lol rondo is cancer. At the end of the day, Boston is still garbage. **** them. i really wanna stabb someone right now and i swear im not joking No matter what at the end of the day we lost to a team without their best player on our home court, so no its not good. Celtics new they were not going to win this game unless they got into it and disrupted our game and they did just that. I credit Doc all the way, he just knows how to coach Well now I have new pierce nightmares to haunt me Celtics are the rare team Which are equally hatable as individuals and as a whole unit. This was the year to sweep Boston Instead we lose to them at f***ing home without their only decent player. There is no God I can't wait until Paul Pierce retires. Won't be for a while the way he's playing. That was a 2 hour long agony Like being murdered with a dull saw. You are concious, feel everything but just know it is not going to end too good. [Discuss on CG Forums!]

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